Kennel Sarantais, Finland Peruvian Hairless Dog

History and present day, briefly

The history of Peruvian Hairless Dog (PHD - Perro sin pelo del Peru) started a long ago at the south coast of Peru. So, already before the most blooming time of Inca culture.

From Inca time there are lots of evidence of this breed, for example the markings, drawings on old bowls and other dishes. The Peruvian Hairless Dog is a good runner - that's why the dogs have been used as carriers; they delivered mail from village to another.

There are nowadays very few Peruvian Hairless Dogs even in Peru. The breed was accepted by FCI in 1985. There are Peruvian type (mixed breeds) dogs and purebred Peruvian Hairless Dogs which are bred to the rules of FCI standard in Peru.

Peruvian Inca Orchid (PIO) is an American variety of Peruvian Hairless Dog The FCI standard is not the same as the PIO standard.

There are nowadays very few Peruvian Hairless Dogs even in Peru. The breed was accepted by FCI in 1985.

Appearance and character

There are three different sizes of Peruvian Hairless Dogs: small, medium and large. The different sized dogs can be crossbred. The colors vary from very pale to coal black - colors may be solid or spotted. There can be some hair in the head and tail but the body must be hairless. The skin is washed and creamed a couple of times in a month. Very pale dogs also need sunblock to avoid burning in the sun. Nice skin is soft and elastic.

The set of teeth is nearly always abnormal - there are seldom premolars. A dog ought to have canines.

The litter of a Peruvian Hairless Dog has normally 25 - 50 % coated puppies. Finnish Kennel Club registers coated dogs and they are used in breeding programs. However, they are not accepted to enter official shows in Finland so far.

The character of this breed is rather peaceful but very alert! The dog loves its family very deeply and in the same time he is very/rather reserved towards other people. Of course the dogs are individuals, they may differ a lot from each other. The Peruvian Hairless Dogs, as well as other breeds, need to be socialized very well, so that they feel comfortable in different situations, places and with strange people and dogs. This socialization should continue throughout the dog's whole life.

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