News 2005

***11th December we travelled to Sweden with my "Cara" Scheik's Cara Sposa to participate in Stockholm International show. She won her Open bitch class (15 entered) with EX and later she was Best bitch 3rd with CAC. This means that when she gets her qualification CAC in Finland she will become also Swedish Champion. Whippet bitches were judged by Mr Jean-Luis Grünheid from France***

***5th November -05 "Cara" Scheik's Cara Sposa was entered first time in open class in Lahti Sighthound Show. She was 2nd in class and later also Best Bitch 4th. The judge was Mr Harry Tast, Finland***

***Today, 4th October -05 we have a sad day here in kennel Scheik's as we had to say goodbye to our much loved "Pontus", Scheik's Royal Bond, after a short time sickness. He wasn't a showstar but a much loved pet in our family. We miss you "Pontus"***

***3rd September -05 "Clea" Scheik's Chanticleer, won her third CAC in coursing competitions, this time in Mikkeli. Thank you Meri for your wonderful job with "Clea" both in coursings and showrings this year***

***27th August -05 Scheik's Caruso was entered to a national show in Kouvola. He won intermediate class with EX, then placed 3rd in Best Male -class and won resCAC. Judge was Mrs Saija Juutilainen, Finland***

***Puppies are born 17th August 2005. We got 4 males and 5 bitches. More information on Puppies-page***

***31st July -05 "Clea", Scheik's Chanticleer, continued her excellent coursing career by winning second time National competition with second coursing CAC in Osara, Finland***

***23rd July -05 "Emerson", Ch Adagio My Culture, was BOS in a Sighthound Speciality in Helsinki. Whippet judge was Mrs Sandra Bridges, USA***

Clea in speed, photo Antti Ruotsalo

***10th July -05 Finnish Sighthound Club had a Coursing Competition in Mustiala. "Clea", Scheik's Chanticleer, won national competition and got her first coursing CAC. This was her second competition ever, so it was well done Meri and "Clea"***

***9th July -05 Finnish Sighthound Club had it's Speciality Show in Mustiala. Whippet judge was Miss Margaret Martin, kennel Barnesmore, Ireland. "Emerson", Ch Adagio My Culture, was 2nd in champion class and Best Male 2nd, "Viri", Scheik's Comando, won intermediate class and was Best Male 3rd with res CAC. In bithces "Cara", Scheik's Cara Sposa, was 3rd in intermediate class and "Clea", Scheik's Chanticleer 4th in same class***

BOS Ch Leyendas Spongebobsquarepants, BOB Scheik's Chanticleer, photo by Anita Sandqvist

***3rd July -05 Scheik's Chanticleer, "Clea" won CAC, BOB and BIG4th in all breed show at Hyvinkää, Finland. Breed and group judge was Mr Kari Salminen, Finland***

*** "Enya", FIN & S Ch FINJW-02 FINW-04 Carmodey Tattoo, has been mated with "Emerson",   S & FIN Ch Adagio My Culture, 17th June -05. Hopefully there will be puppies in week 33***


***5th June -05 we were in all breed show in Tervakoski. Whippet judge was Mrs Annette Bystrup, Denmark. S FIN Ch Adagio My Culture, "Emerson" was first time in champion class here in Finland and he was BOS, when his "bride"  Ch Peperone Partyline was BOB and later also won BIS!!! "Cara", Scheik's Cara Sposa, was 2nd Best bitch and won her second CAC***

***4th June -05 Finnish Whippet Club had it's National Speciality, judged by Mr Joachim Kiack, kennel Almansor, Germany. The entry was 119 whippets. Our team did very well in there. Males intermediate class (15-24 months) was won by "Viri", Scheik's Comando and his brother "Caruso", Scheik's Caruso, was second in same class. Males open class winner was "Emerson", S Ch Adagio My Culture, later he was also 2nd in Best male class, won his CAC and he become a Finnish Champion. In bitches "Cara", Scheik's Cara Sposa, was third in bitches intermediate class and his sister "Clea", Scheik's Chanticleer, won an huge bitches open class, was 3rd in Best bitch class and got her first CAC.*** 

***23rd May -05 "Emerson" S Ch Adagio My Culture mated "Honey" FIN Ch Peperone Partyline. If you are interested about that litter, please contact kennel Whiptails,***


***19th May -05 we got a new member to our family. "Emerson" S Ch Adagio My Culture arrived today and joined our family. I will show him here in Finland and hopefully will get one litter out of him and my "Enya" FIN S Ch FINJW-02 FINW-04 Carmodey Tattoo. Thank you so much Heléne and Anita for making this possible, I will take very good care of "Emerson"***

***23rd April -05 Scheik's Cara Sposa was shown in Lahti International show. She was second in intermediate class (15-24 months) and Best Bitch 3rd with res CAC. The judge was Mr Matti Luoso, Finland***

***26th March -05 "Enya" Ch Carmodey Tattoo, won a big open class in Stockholm Int Show in Sweden. She was later Best bitch 3rd, won her Swedish CAC and become an Swedish Champion. The Judge was Mr Hans Lehtinen, Finland***

Scheik's Chanticleer, photo Kirsi Aalto

***12th February -05 Finnish Whippet Club had an Open Show in Lempäälä. The judge was a Swedish breeder, Mr Christer Wik, kennel Fennaur. Scheik's Chanticleer, "Clea", won a big junior bitch class (13 entered) with prize of honour, later she was also Best Bitch 3rd and Best Junior in Show. The judge also gave her a special prize for Best bitch head and expression***

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