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This is a Self-Flipping GalleryWalk - You have 3 minutes time onto the first presentation. Any presentation can be activated by the links "1-9" below - or by the lefthand shortcuts. You'll have 30 seconds time for every presentation. The GalleryWalk is also an experiment in optimizing visuability without loosing too much effectiveness - and of course without expressing too poor a taste.

The GalleryWalk is my experimental Play Ground. It's a collection of different expressions in colors, backgrounds and textures. Colors of texts and links have to be optimized - and fairly tasty. Colors of pictures and icons have to match different backgrounds. Some texts might be biased by the browsers and will be better off as pictures. Transparent Gifs is a blessing with hefty textures. Borders and Rulers gives the page a cool facelift through text and link colors and areas can express visuability through the background colors of pages and tabloid areas.

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This page is a framed version of the GalleryWalk. The initial Sidebar does not include any newest navigational aids. The Sidebar is a blackboarded table with all the same shortcuts as the basic tabloid version of the GalleryWalk has. Besides the black background the only new feature is in the two separate windows. In case You have a java enhanced browser You can activate the new javascripted navigational aid. The javascripted Sidebar is activated from the top java-branded shortcut. The new Sidebar is loaded upon the basic Sidebar. The basic Sidebar can be recalled from the bottom of the javascripted Sidebar. By naming the frame windows by the same names in another framed surrounding You can create quite an interesting Wormhole. While You cannot address any other Sidebars from either one of the visual Sidebars You still can activate a completely new and strange Sidebar which will open quite new aspects in navigational aids. This new strange javascripted Cascading Menu not only opens possibilities to activate presentations in the same GalleryWalk but it offers You a much wider range of links to be activated.


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