6.3 2002    

Nyberg Sven-Erik Arvid


Leppamaentie 3, 02820 ESPOO
Tel. +358-9-8635 437 (home), +358-50-67035 (gsm)

 Date and
 place of birth

May 13, 1945

 Marital status

Married, wife Leila, laboratorian


Bachelor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, 1970, major subjects Statistics/ Marketing
Army service corps Lieutenant, Finnish Armed Forces, 1968
Graduation from business college (course for senior secondary
school graduates), Svenska Handelsinstitutet, 1966
Matriculation examination, Andra Svenska Lyceum, 1965

 Knowledge of

Fluent written and spoken Finnish, Swedish (mother tongue), and English.
Rusty German and Italian.


A wealth of experience in information technology. My duties have consisted of sales promotion for partners, and for development projects in the field of electronic transactions and for information management. The following terms describe me as a person:
independent thinker, responsible, pragmatic, encourager in human relations, applicatively creative, and analytic - in the broad sense.

1.10.2000 -
Ministry of Labour Systems Manager area: IT admin

Overall responsability for all the electronic communications in the Labour Administration. Case promotions in electronic transactions. Internet consultancies, expertness in networks and infrastructure. Case promotions, development and implementation of Web Design and Net Publishing. Experience of Data Security, strategy and implementations.

8.5.2000 -
Hufvudstadsbladet Project Manager area: IT admin

Enhancements in the process of purchasing advertising space in the newspaper. Development and implementation of electronic booking, payment transactions, easliy accessible to the advertiser. Experience in Web Design, visualization and functionability, and in Net Publishing.

1.6.1999 -
Nedecon Internet Consultant area: IT admin

Overall insight and experience of business management in Web Tech. Thorough training in electronic network communications. An excellent insight in projects: consultancies, formalizations and implementations of electronic management in Net Communities, and in Net Publishing.

1.1.1993 -
ICL Client Manager, Sales Promoter area: IT sales

Overall responsibility for sales of products and services to major key customers (Labour Administration, etc.), and for sales promotion in cooperation with the sales personnel. I was responsible for turning around the negative business results of selected key customers. Control of sales was rationalized by use of electronic transactions.

1.12.1978 -
Nokia Data Project Manager, Sales Manager area: IT sales

Overall responsibility for a labour exchange IT project and for sales of products and services to the Labour Administration. Experiences of consultancy in telecommunication and telecommunication networks and in implementation of projects. I was responsible for developing retailing and the company's own channel sales and logistics.

1.1.1971 -
Olivetti Sales Manager, Development Manager area: IT sales

Overall responsibility for sales of products and services to major key customers, and for development, marketing, and sales of software products in connection with office computers. I got a very thorough training in telecommunications and an excellent base in information technology. I spent more than half of my time in assignments of varying length in different European countries, mainly in Italy.


Several courses in projects management and information technology and several courses in data communication and data communication network infrastructure, at the employers' expense.

8.5.2000 -

HUT Educational Institute Dipoli: OVER45 Project Managers with academical background (Project Manager: Hufvudstadsbladet Ab)

1.3.1999 -

HUT Educational Institute Dipoli: Data och Communications, means in the marketing of the technology (Internet Consultant: Nedecon Oyj)

1.1.1993 -

Private studies: pc-information technology, the Internet and IT net services and infrastructure, projects management

IT skills

MS Exchange, TeamWare, Lotus Notes, the Internet and IT net services and infrastructure,
MS Frontpage, MS Office, MS Project

Special skills

Excellent negotiation skills, well-developed social skills

seen especially in launching and maintaining of projects,
in situations in which persistence and patience are a must.

Other skills

Mastery of information technology and electronic communication


Trivial philosophy, IT excellency and tutorage, voluntary labour