exless Angels?

ngels are always depicted as men but looking effeminate. Raphael supposedly incarnated and took form to walk with the boy Tobias, calling himself "Azarias the son of the great Ananias". Angels were traditionally depicted as androgynous, sexually ambiguous looking youths (as are the earliest pictures of Jesus). Perhaps this is because Jesus had explained that angels were sexless beings. He said when the Righteous Ones rose from the dead, they "neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels which are in heaven". As our knowledge of our material world increased, the spiritual realm was pushed farther away. The idea of the angel was becoming more detached from its religious foundations. Angels became more romanticized, more secular. The word angelic applied to women and an angel was seen as epitomizing womanly grace. Most of us, when we hear the word angel think of either an elegant looking female with very youthful features, smooth skin, with two wings and long locks of hair, or we think of a small child, perhaps two or three years old, androgynous, with two tiny wings and a rosy face.

Sometimes Angels were not shown in human form at all, but as a Dove, or as the hand of God, implying their role as the messengers of God. God Himself is plainly masculine in all His attributes, yet all his servants and hosts androgyne. It is a lonely business running a cosmos without a wife. The ancient Israelites, of course, were not so unkind as to leave their god without a wife. She was called His Asherah. In Jewish occult lore, female angels are rare (Asherah is one). In Gnostic lore there is, pre-eminently, Pistis Sophia ("faith, wisdom"), a great female aeon or archon, or angel. In Arabic legend, female angels are not uncommon and were often objects of worship or veration; they were called "benad hasche", that is, Daughters of God. Modern Jews and Christians are so patriarchal that they will not let Yehouah have a sexual companion. He only has all those sexless angels. Marriage only has purpose for sexual procreation, and immortals do not need to reproduce.

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