Esittelyni / My introduction

Tracking session just about to begin with Slany and her sister Shamrock.

Cross-Country skiing "tandem style" with Slany and Alma

Here with 7 weeks old 'Rumba' from my second litter

Our son Axel 1 year, and my breeding 'Alma'. November 2001.

Helsinki Winner Show 2010. In the group ring with Catanka Knock On Wood.

I'm a Irish Water Spaniel breeder from Finland, and became involved with this lovely breed in 1991, when I got my first IWS Bevelrock's Slany. I was looking for larger dog comparing to my Bedlington Terrier. I also wanted to have breed who is easy to be trained, but also has ability to think and do things by its own way as well. When I first time saw an Irish Water Spaniel in flesh, who was at the same time so intelligent, but also so clownish, I knew this is my breed! That particular dog I met, was the sire of my Slany, FIN CH Riku Boy Wonder who had been imported from the UK. I also liked the type of coat what an Irish Water Spaniel has, the long ears, and the rat-tail. I have learned that usually people just like or dislike the look of an IWS, it's nothing in between.

Since the arrival of Slany, my amount of interest and also knowledge of this breed has naturally increased. I became interested in anything which concerned the breed. I learned more breed history, the pedigrees, and did want to know as much as possible. And now, after many years, I think I have learned something. Almost every people who has been involved this breed much longer than I, and who I have met, have said that Irish Water Spaniel is not the easiest breed, but certainly the funniest! I agree.

Irish Water Spaniel is breed, who needs much exercise and "brain-training". They are easy to be trained and are very willing to do things, but as an owner of an IWS you must have much sense of humour as your dog has it a lot! The breed was originally made for wildfowling and still has much natural abilities for that. Nowadays, in addition to the show ring, hunting and tracking tests, you can see this breed competing as well in obedience and agility.

My goal is to breed sound, excellent breed type Irish Water Spaniels, with good temperament, good health and true to the standard. All my dogs, despite are they going to be bred or not, will be scored for hips and elbows (FCI-scala). I have bred Champions in three continents, as in addition to Finland and rest of Europe, Catanka dogs can be seen in USA, Canada and Australia.

I've several years been Chairman of our breed club in Finland, and I'm a member of most foreign Irish Water Spaniel associations. I've travelled much abroad to see the breed in specialty shows.

I would like to receive feedback of my pages by e-mail, thanks. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Champion of Champions & Veteran of Veterans gala, February 2011. Catanka Havis Amanda and her son Catanka Knock on Wood pictured with their proud breeder.