News & Results 2002

8.12.2002 Stockholm Sweden,  Winner-2002. Judge Frank Bjerklund, Norway (4 dogs)
From Helsinki next day to Stockholm, which ended the show season this year. Today was Rico's (Buffalo Soldier) turn, and he was Best Male and BOS and got Swedish CAC, CACIB and Swedish Winner-02 title. In bitches Rumba (Besserwisser) was Best Bitch-3. BOB was Coffee's Spektrolitti who became CH, and Best Bitch-2 was Bairakki's Double Diamond.

7.12.2002 Helsinki Winner-2002. Judge Paul Scanlon, Ireland (12 dogs)
Great day for all Catankas, as three of the four titles given today were awarded to us. Best performance of the day was absolutely Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) as he left daddy Arthur (Winnie the Pooh) 2nd in Best Male competition, and Hamlet is now bith Winner and Junior Winner-02. In bitches the winner and BOB was multi titled Akvavitix Oleaginous Olga. Best Bitch-2 was Rumba (Besserwisser), who became FIN MVA, and Best Bitch-3 was Hamlet's litter sister Helga (Home Sweet Home), who also became Junior Winner-02. Catanka Breeder's group was BOB.

9.11.2002 Kind of 'puppy news' in Catanka, as our baby girl was born, and she was 3490 g and 50 cm. Big brother Axel is very proud of her.

19.10.2002 Finnish Spaniel Association's Main Specialty. Judge Per Iversen, Norway (16 dogs, of which 9 were pups, a record which will be really hard to break)
The best performance of Catankas did Rumba (Besserwisser), who was Best Bitch and BOS. Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) got HP from Junior class.

17-20.10.2002 Circuit in Canada B.C., where Belle (Belle of Madrona) was every day and these shows were either hers or Ch Myctic Torin's.
On Thursday at Sporting Spectacular Belle was BOB, Torin BOS
On Friday Torin BOB and Belle BOS
On Saturday Canadian IWS Club's Booster entry and it was Belle's turn to be BOB
On Sunday Torin was ROP and Belle BOS

26.9.2002 Melbourne Royal Dog Show, Australia. Biggest show, where 'everyone' are trying to go. 13 dogs were shown in the IWS ring.
Temppu (Hat Trick) first time out as a Junior and she won her class.

8.9.2002 Spaniel Working Test in Espoo. Judges Harry Vilkman and Risto Janne. Rumba (Besserwisser), Manta (Havis Amanda) and Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) passed and got their Working Certificates.

1.09.2002 Dalwood Childrens Home Dog Show, Australia. Judge Svend Lovenkjaer, Denmark
Temppu (Hat Trick) BOB

31.08.2002 Dalwood Childrens Home Dog Show, Australia. Judge Mr C Anderson, USA
Temppu (Hat Trick) BOB

25.8.2002 Sammamish, Seattle, USA. Supported Entry, 29 dogs in the ring
Belle (Belle of Madrona) BOS

11.8.2002 Turku all breeds. Judge Colin Reed, Great-Britain
Helga (Home Sweet Home) BOB and CAC

11.8.2002 Victoria City Dog Show, Canada. Judge Jean Bateman
Belle (Belle of Madrona) BOB

10.8.2002 Victoria City Dog Show, Canada. Judge Mrs G. Cook, Australia
Belle (Belle of Madrona) BOB & Group-4

4.8.2002 Somero all breeds. Judge Tarja Hovila
Helga (Home Sweet Home) BOB and her 1st CAC

4.8.2002 Australia. Judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti, Finland
Temppu (Hat Trick) BOB

3.8.2002 Valkeakoski all breeds. Judge Rune Fagerström
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) BOB

3.8.2002 Junior Kennel Club International show, Australia. Judge Tamas Jakkel, Hungary
Temppu (Hat Trick) BOB

27.7.2002 The T & G All Breed Dog Club Show, Australia. Judge Mr T Haas
Temppu (Hat Trick) BOB

21.7.2002 Helsinki all breeds. Judge Rune Fagerström
Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) BOB and CAC
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) HP
Rumba (Besserwisser) Best Bitch-2

20.7.2002 The North Of The Harbour International Winter Classic Show, Australia. Judge Mrs Immelman, South-Africa
Temppu's (Hat Trick) first show in her new home country. Not a bad start, as she was BOB and earned the first points towards to the Australian title. 

7.7.2002 Hyvinkää Spaniel Specialty Show. Judge Merja Järnstedt
Rumba (Besserwisser) BOB and CAC

7.7.2002 Amsterdam, the Netherlands. World Winner Dog Show
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) excellent and 2nd in his class

8.6.2002 Greenwich Kennel Club NY, USA.
Quinn (Blarney's Quinn) Best of Winners, BOS and 3 Point Major!

2.6.2002 Framingham Districk Kennel Club MA, USA. Judge Betty Joanne Duding
Quinn (Blarney's Quinn) Best of Winners, BOB and first point towards her American title.

1.6.2002 Ladie's Dog Club Inc. MA, USA. Judge George J. Heizman
Quinn (Blarney's Quinn) Reserve Winners Bitch

26.5.2002 Hamina All Breed Show. Judge Paavo Mattila
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) BOB

26.5.2002 Jamestown, VA. Glocester Kennel Club of Virginia All Breed Show. IWSCA Supported Entry. Judge Dolorez H. Maltz
Belle (Belle of Madrona) Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and 5 point Major, and she finished her Am Ch!

23.5.2002 Jamestown, VA. Irish Water Spaniel Club of America National Specialty. Judge Bonnie P. Threlfall.
Belle (Belle of Madrona) and Quinn (Blarney's Quinn) were shown in Open Class and Belle was placed as third.

4.5.2002 CLUB SHOW in Lammi. Judge Connie Hurup-Philipsen, Denmark
Arthur (Winnie the Pooh) Best Male-2 and the Best Temperament and Coat in the Show
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) Best Male-4
Alma (Waltzing Matilda) Best Bitch-2
Hulda (Bevelrock's Slany) Best Bitch-3 and BIS-Veteran
Rumba (Besserwisser) Best Bitch-4 and the Best Head in the Show
Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) first in males and BIS-puppy
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) second
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) third

28.4.2002 International Show in Lahti. Judge Tarja Hovila
Alma (Waltzing Matilda) BOB
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) BOB-puppy

21.4.2002 All Breed Puppy Show in Hyvinkää. Judge Jarmo Vuorinen
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) first in males and BOS
Temppu (Hat Trick) first in females and BOB
Manta (Havis Amanda) second

14.4.2002 All Breed Puppy Show in Vantaa. Judge Tanja Ahlman-Hallikas
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) first in males, BOB and GROUP-3
Santtu (Hard Day's Night) second
Temppu (Hat Trick) first in females and BOS
Helga (Home Sweet Home) second
Manta (Havis Amanda) third
Catanka Breeder's Class BIS-5

24.3.2002 All Breed Puppy Show in Hollola. Judge Eeva Resko
Temppu (Hat Trick) first, BOB and GROUP-5
Helga (Home Sweet Home) second
Manta (Havis Amanda) third
Kerttu (Hurly Curly) fourth
Catanka Breeder's Class BIS-4

18.-20.1.2002 Belle was in Pullyap in USA
Fri: Reserve Winners Bitch
Sat:  Winners Bitch and 4 points!
Sun: Reserve Winners Bitch