FINW-99-01, SW-99, NORDW-99-01
Catanka Waltzing Matilda

Date of Birth 30.12.1997
Hips: A  (FCI scala)
Elbows: 0

Sire: S CH, WW-98, SW-01
Aquatikus Lonely Canadian Tinker
Dam: ESTW-93 Bevelrock's Slany

Breeder/Owner: Seidi Linnavuori


Alma in memoriam

Diamonds are not foreverů

30.12.1997 - 24.5.2004

Alma was from my first bred litter, and she had very typical temperament of IWS - full of energy all the time, wild but kind, and continuously keeping some kind of action going on. She was really full of speed and spirit; a bundle of rags in a cyclone. When coming come, she always greeted carrying something (show, ball, sock, toy, whatever) in her mouth and wagging her tail. No dog I know have loved water and swimming so much as she did. Also the neigborhood and forests near us became very well known due to her great escapes she loved to do. No fence kept her when she wanted to go! She had dosen of differebt barks for different meanings. She was so good with children and both of our children learned to walk with her assistance.

She represented pretty much for perfect dog for me, what it comes to her type and structure. She was a group winner and multiple group placer. She loved the atmosphere of finals with music and space to move. Alma was awarded the prize 'Irish Water Spaniel of the Year 2001' and she was Best of Opposite to her son in 2003 in the same competition. He first show was breed specialty at 5 months old, where she was BIS-puppy. Three times in a row she was Best of Breed in Finnish Spaniel Association's main speciaty Show. Her last show was breed specialty in 2003, when we had new record entry of the breed, and again she was Best of Breed. She begun and finished her show career as winner.

Alma was also a proud mother of puppies born July 19th 2002, and in addition to our memories, she lives through her offspring.

Unfortunately Alma left us far too young, but it gives us happiness, that she lived full life till the end. Thank you Alma, you truly were a

July 2003

Our Christmas-card photo 2000. Alma with our son Axel.