Akvavitix Sally be Good

Date of Birth 28.6.1998
Hips: A (FCI scala)
Elbows: 0

Sire: AM & NORW & S CH, SW-99-00, WW-00 NORDW-99  Co-R's Wingset Woody O'Blu Max
Dam: FIN CH Zanfi the Road Song

Breeder: Sari Ranta
Owner: Anu Ängeslevä

Sally's sire AM & NORW & S CH, SW-99-00, WW-00, NORDW-99 Co-R's Wingset Woody O'Blu Max, who visited Finland on his way from the USA to the final destination Sweden, is absolutely charming temperament, and he also has passed it to his daughter as well. Sally has all required CC's from show side, but she's lacking Working test result, so that's why she's not made up in this country.

Sally is ideal size, having a lot of coat, very well angulated rear with low set hocks. She has feminine head with gentle expression. Most I put value to her very outgoing temperament, as she is not at all reserved with strangers and by all means is a very easy dog to live with. A quality she has passed many of  her offspring as well.

Sally has been living in a foster home with Anu Ängeslevä and an another IWS. Sally  had litter in 2001 here by us, and After that her ownership was changed. I thank Anu very much for taking such a good care of the dog and having been so co-

5 years