News & results 2003

The very first Catankas were born exactly 6 years ago! Those two soch destroyers turned to be very beautiful and handsome animals, who have gained  musc succes home and abroad. Big congratulations Alma and Arthur!!! They both are International (FCI) champions and national Champion in 4 countries, as well carrying several Winner-titles. In addition to their own success, they both have turned to be good producers and their offspring are at this moment gaining suucess in Finland and abroad. But their main purpose is to be loved pets, and sure their antics are hilarious.
Year 2003 was very impressive for Catankas. Breeding 4 litters have produced winners in every one of them. Big big thanks for all the dogs and their owners!
This year turned to be quiet in whelping box, but new Catankas are planned for 2004!

    BESSERWISSER Finnish Winner-03, Nordic Winner-03, Swe Ch, BOB in Spaniel Main Specialty Show, Canine Good Citizen
    BLARNEY'S QUINN Am Ch and Group Win
    BUFFALO SOLDIER Fin Ch, 2 x Cacib, results from Spaniel Hunting Test, Blood Tracking Tests and Obedience Test
    HAT TRICK Aust Ch and Intermediate Group Wins
    HAVIS AMANDA Fin Ch, Cacib
    HIT THE ROAD JACK CC and Spaniel Working Ability Test
    HUMPTY DUMPTY 3 x CC, Cacib
    HURLY CURLY GB Sh Ch, IWSA Breed Specialty Best Bitch and Best In Open Show, second most gained Bitch CC's this year in Britain
    TASTE OF WALTZ 2 x CC and Spaniel Working Ability Test, Finnish Junior Winner-03
    TIN TIN TANGO CC and Spaniel Working Ability Test
    TO BE CONTINUED 7 x CC, Cacib and Spaniel Working Ability Test, Finnish Junior Winner-03, Winner-03, Norwegian Winner-03, Group Placement, Canine Good Citizen, BOS in Spaniel Main Specialty Show
    TWENTYFOURSEVEN 2 x CC and Spaniel Working Ability Test
    TWIST AND SHOUT Hungarian Junior Champion, European Junior Winner-03, BIS-sijoitus, Group Win and several other Group Placements
    WALTZING MATILDA BOB in Breed Specialty and BIS-4
    WINNIE THE POOH BOS in Breed Specialty

Special thanks to Pepi Barrington (Fynder). This was most encouraging! Lohja Breed Specialty May 10, 2003
WINNIE THE POOH   Best of Opposite Sex
TASTE OF WALTZ  Reserve Bitch-CC

STOP PRESS Catanka Irish Water Spaniels were BIS-Breeder's Group in Helsinki Winner 2003 Show!

Saturday 13th of December will be memorable, as Catanka-dogs were Best of Breeds in three countries! 
Just before the breed ring begun in Stockholm, Sweden, we received news by the phone that Hurley had went BOB in Britain. And when we came home on Sunday, the happy email news waited from Hungary were waiting. 3 bitches from 3 litters, well done girls! This was indeed very nice way to sum up the successful year. Thanks so much for EVERY owner of Catanka-dog. Your news either from the competitions or home couch has been pleasure to hear.

13.12.2003 Stockholm, Sweden HUND03, Nordic Winner 2003. Judge Anders Cederström, Sweden.
I had Rumba (Besserwisser) and Taco (To Be Continued) with me in this prestigious show. Rumba was BOB and got CC, CACIB and became Swedish Show Champion and Nordic Winner-03. Taco was Best male-3.

13.12.2003 LKA (Ladies Kennel Association), Birmingham, GB. Judge Christine Bateman (Rosetyne). This is the last general CC show of the year.
Kerttu (Hurly Curly) was BOB and got Bitch-CC. Chris Attwood (Doonbeg) had a great day as a whole, as her puppy breedings, siblings won both puppy classes.
Full results:

13.12.2003 Champion 2003 Show, Hungary. Judge Stefan Sinko, Slovenia.
Twister (Twist and Shout) was given title 'Champion 2003' and was BOB. She was also shown in the news of two TV channels same day.

7.12.2003 Helsinki FINNISH WINNER-03.
Judge Tarja Hovila, Finland. 13 dogs present.
Taco (To Be Continued) continued his latest trick and was again BOB! He also got male-CC and he became both Finnish Junior Winner-03 (the title given to best juniors each sex) and Finnish Winner-03 (the title given for BOB and BOS of the day). Arthur (Winnie the Pooh) was shown in Champion Class and he got CACIB. Rumba (Besserwisser) was Best Bitch and BOS, and got CACIB and Winner-03 title too. Taco's litter sister Ella (Taste of Waltz) is also new Junior winner and she got Bitch-CC. So, in conclusion all the 4 titles given, they all went for catankas!

But hit of the day indeed was that Catanka breeder's group was selected BEST IN SHOW, and it included dogs Arthur, Taco, Frodo (Twentyfourseven) and Rumba. Thank you Mrs Annika Ulltveit-Moe.

22.-23.11.2003 Spring Fair Shows. Sidney, Australia. Judges Ms K Ramey-Leblanc (Canada) and Mrs J Webb (USA).
Temppu (Hat Trick) was Challenge bitch both days. BOB was Aust Gr Ch Castlehill's Journey Downunder, owned by Penni Smith.

22.11.2003 Unkari Derby Show.  Judge Sigrid Jarmer, Austria.
Twister (Twist and Shout) is now pulled from Juniors to the Intermediate level, and today she got CC, was BOB, and eventually secong in the Group!
Twister's critique: Very nice bitch. Nice head, expressive face. Still young looking in body. Good coat type. Good angulations. Strong and tight topline. Movement well covering the ground. Excellent character. Very nice representative of the breed

22.11.2003 Hamar, NORWEGIAN WINNER-03.
Judge Arja Koskelo, Finland.
Taco (To Be Continued) is new NW-03! He was BOB and had CC and CACIB too. The trip included also meeting most of the Norwegian IWS's (there's just few of them in whole country) plus their owners, who had come to this show just because of of. We had a really nice time!
Taco's critique: 16 months. Excellent type. Most beautiful head and expression. Good strong neck. Very well developed body for his age. Good bone, quarters, top- and underline. Very good coat. Moves correctly with typical action. Up to size but well balanced overall expression.

2.11.2003 Lahti.
Judge Marjo Jaakkola, Finland.
Manta (Havis Amanda) is new Fin Ch, as she today gained her 3rd CC and also was BOS. Manta has not been shown since puppyhood until this year. In Club Show in May we still practised, but this fall have included 4 shows where from first two she got CC's, then one reserve, and now the important 3rd.
BOB again today was Junior Taco (To Be Continued), who got male CC too. The reserve went for splendid performed Leevi (Hill Street Blues) from Open Class.

1.11.2003 Victorian Gundog Club Ch Show in the morning, judge Nils Molin from Sweden had 8 dogs. Rarer Gundog Spaniel Club of Victorian held its show same day in the evening and 7 IWS's were judged by Mrs G. Mitcham-Geringher from USA.
Temppu (Hat Trick) was shown in Intermediate Class and she ended up Best Bitch in both shows plus was Reserve Best of Breed in latter one.

1.11.2003 Valkeala. Judge Leila Kärkäs, Finland.
Taco (To Be Continued), CC and BOB.

here at home our dear daughter Aida (11 months) said her first word, and it was 'hauva' which means dog. We've heard this already few times in two weeks time, but I thought I am just imaging whole thing. But today when she was sitting on her chair on the dining table, she pointed the dogs (who guess why always are around her when she's eating) and clearly said it again.

19.10.2003 Irish Water Spaniel Association Open Show, Iso-Britannia
Hurley (Hurly Curly) was Best Bitch and BEST IN SHOW! Best Male and BOS was Junior male Zanfi Theban.

18.10.2003 Hyvinkää, Spaniel Association's Main Specialty Show.
Judge Jukka Kuusisto, Finland. We saw second largest entry this year, as 17 IWS's were in the ring (2 pups and 15 in official classes). Only our breed club's own Specialty in May included more dogs.
Best Bitch and Best of Breed was Rumba (Besserwisser) who was shown in Champion Class. Best of Opposite to her was Junior male  Taco (To Be Continued), who also received Dog CC. Reserve CC's went to Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) and Manta (Havis Amanda). Arthur (Winnie the Pooh) was first in Champion Class and competed against Taco in the challenge. Juniors Ella (Taste of Waltz) , Tintti (Tin Tin Tango) and Frodo (Twentyfourseven), and Leevi (Hill Street Blues) from Open Class got Very Good. Catanka Breeder's Group got prize of Honour, and it included Rumba, Taco, Arthur and Hamlet. 1 dog in each 4 litter I've bred. Taco was again in Junior Handler competition with Elias Järvinen (born -91) and this team was placed fourth in agegroup 10-13 years.
View BOB & BOS-photo

11.-12.10.2003 Budapest INT, Hungary.
Judge on Saturday Andras Korotz, Hungary, and on Sunday Luis Catalan from Portugal
(Twist and Shout) was both days Hungaria Prima Junior and Best of Breed.

11.10.2003 Obedience Test, Kotka.
Judge Kaisa Lähdesmäki
(Buffalo Soldier) was today in his first official Obedience Test with Marko, and he got Beginners Class 3rd prize, 139 points. Marko told the audience had fun by ringside, as Rico showed some typical Irish performance, doing things in his own way.

10.10.2003 Driffield Championship Show, Great Britain
. Judge Penny Williams. No CC's offered for the breed in this show.
Hurley (Hurly Curly) was Best Bitch. BOB was GB Sh Ch Fynder Freethinker who also won Gundog group.
Hurley's critique, Dog World:
"Im sure this young bitch will become one of the 'greats', she has it all, beautiful head & expression carried so well on the move, so well constructed, excellent front bone & feet, lovely outline, super  hindquarters, sound positive movement, excellent temperament, alert & full of mischief given the chance, excellent coat & colour, didn't quite have the finish in loin of the dog for BOB, not surprisingly only 2 years old, I would love to own her"
Penny WIlliams, Driffield Ch Show

4.10.2003 European Winner Show Bratislava, Slovakia.
Judge Albin Luknar, Slovakia
(Twist and Shout) is new European Junior Winner (EUJW-03) and she was breed's Best Junior. BOB was male Ch Mole End Lumberjack, who was shown in Champion Class and is owned by Len Bakker from the Netherlands. Well done Ildiko and Peter!!!

3. and 4.10.2003 Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) performed in National morning TV broadcast Ihana aamu with his owner Rilla Nummisalo. Rilla is animal behaviourist and was consulted about the topic what should be considered when a child starts to beg a dog from the parents.

28.9.2003 Eckerö INT. Judge Hans Lehtinen
I had a great trip with Suski and other doggy friends to the island Aland, which is an island situated between Finland and Sweden. In addition to Arthur (Winnie the Pooh) we had taken with his kids Leevi ja Manta. Papa-Arthur was BOB and daughter Manta (Havis Amanda) BOS and got her 2nd CC and also first CACIB. Leevi (Hill Street Blues) decided to fool his breeder, and really had too fun when moving around, and was given Very Good.

21.9.2003 Melbourne Royal Show, Australia
Judge Claudio de Giuliani, Italy. Royal Shows are the biggest shows in the country and have also largest entries in the IWS-ring.  This year 15 IWS were enterd and 13 present which is fairly good numbers considering the huge distances between states. Temppu (Hat Trick) won Intermediate Class (3 dogs) and ended up Runner Up Bitch. Best Male and BOB was USA import Ch Tara's Sure Shot and Best Bitch and breed Runner Up was Ch Tirriki Carragh O'Casey.

21.9.2003 Hyvinkää. Show for FCI groups 4 and 8. Judge Arja Koskelo, Finland
Taco (To Be Continued) CC and BOB from Junior Class. Manta (Havis Amanda) was shown for a long time and took CC and BOS from Open Class.

21.9.2003 Espoo
. Spaniel Working Test. Judge Harry Vilkman.
Tintti (Tin Tin Tango) passed.

14.9.2003 Spaniel Club Show, Unkari
. Judge Anne Webster, Great Britain
Twister (Twist and Shout) Hungaria Prima Junior, BOB & BIS-3!

13.9.2003 Kecskemet, Unkari
Cacib Show. Judge Petr Studenik, Croatia
Twister (Twist and Shout) Hungaria Prima Junior and BOB.

13.9.2003 Leicester Gundog Open Show, Great Britain. Judge Angie Biggs (Kiahmist)
Kerttu (Hurly Curly) was BOB and shortlisted in Best In Show competition.

13.9.2003 Porvoo
all breed. Judge Alex Krasilnikoff, Denmark
Frodo (Twentyfourseven) CC and Best of Breed from Junior Class. Litter brother Taco (To Be Continued) VG and second in the class. Rico (Buffalo Soldier) Excellent and first from Champion Class.  Rumba (Besserwisser) was also shown in Champion class and was Best of Opposite Sex to Frodo. Catanka-breeder's class got Prize of Honor and was BOB breeder's group. Big thanks for Heidi handling Rumba while I was elsewhere. Also thanks for Heini Särmäkari (13 years) who then handled Heidi's dog Taco in the breeder's class.

13.9.2003 Pöytyä
. Spaniel Working Test. Judge Anitta Kauppila
Ella (Taste of Waltz) passed.

7.9.2003 Espoo
. Spaniel Working Test. Judge Ritva Rantanen
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) and Frodo (Twentyfourseven) passed.

6-7.9.2003 Spaniel Hunting Test, water test.
(Buffalo Soldier) and Heidi were first time in a hunting test, and on Saturday they got 3rd Prize in Open Class. Rico sought game, flushed the bird which was shot and then he delivered it to Heidi's hand. On Sunday, no game was found, so no result either. What I know, Rico is third IWS in this country who has been in hunting test, and second who has gained prize. Previous start has been done in 1997. The dog was last year in unofficial test for young inexperienced dogs, and he ended up in the final, and the owners were told he has skills and could start in a real test. Said and done! BIG, BIG congratulations Heidi and Marko!

31.8.2003 Helsinki Let's Go all breed. Judge Jose Homem de Mello, Portugal
Rumba (Besserwisser) was shown in Champion Class and ended up Best Of Opposite.

30.8.2003 Pernaja, Isnäs. Spaniel Working Test. Judge Anitta Kauppila
Taco (To Be Continued) passed and got the Working Certificate. Taco's own web site has photos of the day.

24.8.2003 Sammamish KC, Seattle USA. Judge Pluis Davern. IWSCOPS Local Specialty Weekend and on Sunday Supported Entry for the breed
Belle (Belle of Madrona) was Best Of Opposite. Just like she was year ago in this same show.

24.8.2003 Australia
(Hat Trick) won Intermediate in Group under Mr Hugh Kent. This was Temppu's 2nd Group win. Well done Sharon!

24.8.2003 Heinola all breed. Judge Harri Lehkonen
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) res-CC. Thank you Kaisa for handling.

17.8.2003 Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, Great Britain. Judge Jill McAree
Hurley is now GB SH CH Catanka Hurly Curly, as she gained today her 3rd CC!  All of her CC's are from breed special judges, of which we're very proud of.  She was today Best of opposite and Best of Breed was GB SH CH Fynder Freethinker. Hearty congratulations for Hurley's owners Chris and keith Attwood, kennel Doonbeg.

17.8.2003 Vaasa INT. Judge Paavo Mattila
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) BOB-puppy

10.8.2003 Miehikkälä tracking test. Judge Jouko Ahtiainen
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) First Prize in Open Class, 44 pts.

9.8.2003 Irish Water Spaniel Club of Finland held a get together day with different activities, and there was a group of Catankas present (see photo).

3.8.2003 Tornio INT. Judge Rainer Vuorinen.
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) from Champion Class: ROP & CACIB
'little brother' Taco (To Be Continued) Junior Class: Very Good

3.8.2003 National Gundog Championship Show, Great Britain. Judge Hilary Ladanowski (breed specialist).
Hurley (Hurly Curly) 2nd in Limit Class

2.8.2003 Kauhava. Judge Tiina Illukka
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) BOB-puppy

27.7.2003 Leeds Championship Show, Great Britain. Judge Penny Diamonds (Lisadorn), breed specialist.
Kerttu (Hurly Curly) was BOB! Best of Opposite Sex was  GB SH CH Fynder Freethinker (the sire of upcoming Catanka-litter). Leeds Show did not offer CC's for breed.
Full results:

27.7.2003 Mikkeli Int. Judge Hannele Jokisilta.
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) res-CC and res-cacib

(Blarney's Quinn) is now Am Ch! Last needed single point was gained today. Many many thanks for Greg Siner (Poole's Ide) for handling Quinnin and congratulations for Quinn's owners Barbara ja Bernie DeLeon.

20.7.2003 Forssa all breed. Judge both in breed and group ring was Rune Fagerström
Junior-Taco (To Be Continued) was BOB and eventually GROUP-4 and got CC. His litter brother Frodo (24/7) got Res-CC, and Rico (Buffalo Soldier) excellent from Champion-class. Taco's and Frodo's sister Tintti (Tin Tin Tango) got her 1st CC and was BOS.  These T-pups had their 1-year birthday day before. Rico (Buffalo Soldier) got Excellent from Champion Class and catanka Breeder's Group was awarded Prize of Honor.

19.7.2003 Tollerton, Nottingham, Great Britain. IWSA Championship Show. Judge Joyce Webb (Shannonlee).  Entry 52 dogs
Hurley (Hurly Curly) performanced well again, but it sure is a spectacular to win a CC from Specialty Show. and that she did. And most memorable is that I was witnessing that by ringside. She also went Best of Opposite sex. BIS and Dog-CC was BG SH CH Foulby Brown Spinner. Res-CC's were won by male GB SH CH Fynder Freethinker, who also was reserve-BIS and  CH Fynder Isabel. Photos from the show will be published later on.

16.7.2003 East of England Championship Show, Great Britain. Judge Carole A Coode
Kerttu (Hurly Curly) 2nd in Limit Class
Full results:

13.7.2003 Kokkola all breeds. Judge Åke Sjöström, Sweden
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) made his debut in the show rings as he just turned 7 months, and he was awarded BOB-puppy.

6.7.2003 Rico (Buffalo Soldier) got Open Class 3rd prize (29 points) in blood tracking test

5.7.2003 Windsor Championship Show, Great Britain. Judge K. Gorman
Hurley (Hurly Curly) Reserve-CC
Full results:

4.7.2003 Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club. Judge Charles W. Ruppert
Quinn (Blarney's Quinn) Winners Bitch, Best of Winners & BOB, 1 pt. Still one point to go and she's made up

29.6.2003 Pori/Ulvila all breeds. Judge Ann Kirk, Ireland
Nelli (Blair Witch) CC and Best of Opposite

28.6.2003 Rusko show for dogs in FCI group 8. Judge Raija Tammelin, Finland
Nelli (Blair Witch) CC and Best of Opposite

21.6.2003 Blackpool Championship Show, England. Judge Michael Quinney. Entry of 24.
Hurley (Hurly Curly) won Limit-class and was given Reserve-CC. This was her third Ch-show where CC's have been offered for the breed, and so far she has two reserves and one CC. Great news Chris and Keith!
Full results:

15.6.2003 Papa INT, Hungary. Judge in the breed ring was Istvan Nagy and in the group Vilmos Kardos
Twister (Twist and Shout) might be one of the youngest IWS Group Winners at International show level, and she's the 4th Catanka Group Winner. Well done Ildiko and Peter!!

13-14.6.2003 Stockton NY, USA. Supported Entry.
Lucky days for us, as on Friday, the entry of 15, Quinn (Blarney's Quinn) was Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed. But the day ended with spectacular Group-1 under Dr. Jacklyn Hungerland who was judging both breed and group!
On Saturday in Supported Entry (entry of 17) Frank Washabaugh did the same decision in the breed ring. This means that Quinn got 5 points from both of the days. I want to express BIG thanks for Greg Siner (kennel Poole'd Ide) for handling Quinn this weekend!

9.6.2003 Salo All Breed. Judge Esther Josephs, Australia
Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) BOB & CC, Ella (Taste of Waltz) VG

30.5.2003 Dortmund, Germany World Winner Show 2003. Judge Agnes Ganami-Gertes, Israel. 26 IWS's
Juniors Frodo (Twentyfourseven) and Ella (Taste of Waltz) both got excellent. Frodo was 2nd and jElla 3rd in their classes. Litter sister Twister (Twist and Shout) was 4th with Very Good. Their sire Woody (AM & N & S MVA, MV-00-03, SV-99-00, PMV-99 Co-R's Wingset Woody O'Blu Max) was Best of Breed and he ended his super show career adding one more World Winner title in front of his name, and is now retired. Woody's Progeny Group had most of his gets from the breed ring (from 4 different litters) presented in the big ring, and it ended up to be BIS-2!

25.5.2003 Helsinki All Breed Aptus Show. Judge Claudio de Giuliani, Italy
Juniors Frodo (Twentyfourseven) and Ella (Taste of Waltz) did the last practice before the trip to World Show in Dortmund, Germany. Frodo was BOB and Ella BOS, and both had their first CC's.

23.-26.5.2003 Postfalls Idaho, USA. Irish Water Spaniel Club of America National Specialty Weekend
Belle (Belle of Madrona) made it down to the final cut for Best at the Specialty. On next day in Supported Entry she took the breed and made the cut in the group. She was the only IWS all weekend to make the cut. On Monday she was Best of Opposite. Thanks Monica for these great news!

18.5.2003 Budapest INT, Hungary. Judge Elke Peper from Germany in Breed Ring, and Hilda Parkinson from great Briatin in Group Ring
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) Prima Junior (Best Junior in breed) and Best Of Breed, and eventually Reserve Best of Group. Well done Ildiko and Peter!

17.5.2003 Hamina all breed. Judge Jorma Silta
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) was Best Of Breed

17.5.2003 The Hills District Kennel Club Show, Australia. Judge Mrs C. Murray
Temppu (Hat Trick)  took Intermediate in Group, her first In Group win at an All Breeds Ch Show. Well done Sharon!

16.5.2003 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show. Judge Jane Stockley (breed specialist)
Hurley (Hurly Curly) was given Bitch-CC, her first but hopefully not the last. Well done Chris and Keith!!! Jane Stockley debyted judging the breed at CC-level and gathered a nice number of entries. BOB was Sh Ch Fynder  Freethinker. Find full results:

11.5.2003 Birmingham National Championship Show, England.  Judge Anne Webster
Hurley (Hurly Curly) was first time shown at CC-level, and she got the Reserve-CC from Limit Class. We're so proud of that. BOB was  Sh Ch Fynder Freethinker, who ended up Group-3 under well known American judge Michelle Billings. Enclosed a piece of Mike Herwin's Show report:
'The bitch reserve also went to a first timer, who not only is a stunning looker but an amazing personality, Keith & Chris Attwood's, import from Seidi in Finland, Catanka Hurly Curly. In her first run around the ring, she was auditioning for a place at the Vienna Riding School, as she executed superb caprioles all the way round the ring. When she settled, she demonstrated excellent movement but still couldn't resist a leap to end her second circuit. The sherr joie de vivre of this bitch will add a lot to the show scene here - Thank you Seidi''
-Mike Herwin-

10.5.2003 The Finnish Spaniel Association's Specialty show where the Irish Water Spaniel Club of Finland held it's spaecialty. Our judge was M.R. (Pepi) Barrington from Great Britain. We saw a new record of IWS, as 41 were entered and 37 were present.
Alma (Waltzing Matilda) added again her pawmark to history books, as she took the breed. BOS was her litter brother Arthur (Winnie the Pooh), so you can imagine I felt quite emotional while selecting the BOB. Big thanks to my dear friend Kaisa, who handled Alma so well, you two certainly looked enjoying the showing.
Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) got Dog CC, and Taco (To Be Continued) Reserve-CC. Hamlet is a son of Arthur and Taco son of Alma.
Bitch CC went to Nelli (Blair Witch), who has the same sire than Alma and Arthur, and Reserve-CC to Junior Ella (Taste of Waltz), and she's a daughter of Alma.
Catanka Breeder's Class was BOB and included dogs: Alma, Arthur, Hamlet and Taco.
Alma's critique: Very stylish powerful 5-year old bitch. Lovely overall shape. Strong head. Brown eye & good ears. Slightly heavy in flew. Good strong neck. Good shoulders with good lenght of upperarm. Excellent barrell ribs. Strong loin. Powerful quarters. Moves soundly and stylishly. Covers plenty of ground. Head carried well above the level of the back. Oversized but balanced & very nice.

4.5.2003 Alfreton & District Canine Society's Open Show, England.  Judge Judith Carruthers
Hurley (Hurly Curly) was BOB. She was described to be very happy and bouncing in the ring, which always is a pleasure to hear.

Rico (Buffalo Soldier) was in his first blood tracking test and got Open Class 2nd prize.

26.4.2003 Sipoo show for FCI groups 5 & 6 & 8. Judge Jorma Silta
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) was shown first time since junior and got his first CC and was BOB.

19.4.2003 The United Spaniel Association Sub Group Open Show, England. Judge Malcolm Fawkes.
Hurley (Hurly Curly) made her debut in British show arena and went reserve-BOB. The entry was 12 dogs.

19.4.2003 SZILVÁSVÁRAD INT-show, Hungary. Judge Dr. Judit Szilágyi
Twister (Twist and Shout) Hungaria Prima Junior (BOB junior) and at the end of the day got Junior Group-2. BOB was half brother 'Mac' (Currabell Dragon Spruce) from Austria.

15.4.2003 Sydney Royal Show, Australia. 
Temppu (Hat Trick) is now known as Aust Ch Catanka Hat Trick. She gained the last points towards the title today and went BOB. Congratulation Sharon and John!

6.4.2003 All breed Puppy Show in  Kerava. Judge Säde Hohteri.
Ella (Taste of Waltz) BOB-puppy and was group placed, as she ended Group-4!
Litter sister Tintti (Tin Tin Tango) became 2nd in bitches

30.3.2003 All breed puppy show in Lahti. Judge Kirsi Nieminen
Ella (Taste of Waltz) was BOB-puppy and brother Frodo (Twentyfourseven) BOS-puppy.

16.3.2003 Tampere INT and our judge was Mr Horst Kliebenstein from Germany. 8 IWS were in the ring.
BOB was  Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty), who wasfirst time presented in Intermediate Class and he got his first CACIB as well. Rico (Buffalo Soldier) won Champion class and got Res-CACIB. Ella (Taste of Waltz) was BOB-puppy.

9.3.2003 Hurley (Hurly Curly) made her 'public debut' in England and this meant to be a breed model in Discover Dogs at Crufts. During the day she happily met hundreds and hundreds of people.

2.3.2003 All Breed Puppy Show with over 400 entries
Frodo (24/7 aka Twentyfourseven) really made unforgettable debut to the show rings, as he was Best In Show-2 at the end of the day. In the breed ring sister Ella (Taste of Waltz) was BOS-puppy, and another sister Tintti (Tin Tin Tango) was 2nd and also got Prize of Honour.

28.2.2003 Canberra Royal Show, Australia. Judge Mrs Sadler, Great Britain
Temppu (Hat Trick) was BOB. Well done Sharon! We hope to see photos later. Judge's report in National Dog Magazine: "Only 2 present however both good representatives of the breed. BOB very sound in good coat"

16.2.2003 Imatra INT. Judge Theo Leenen, Belgium
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) got his last ticket, and is now  FIN & S CH. He also got his first domestic CACIB. Well done Heidi and Marko with your multi-talented boy!

13.2.2003 Totti from USA arrived. We're happy to announce that the IWS population in Finland has risen. Totti's own page with photos available soon.

10-12.1.2003 Puyallup, WA, USA All Breed Show
Belle (Belle of Madrona) was BOS in Saturday and Sunday. BOB in all three days was 'uncle' Marley (CH Sylmar's Raindancer) who is half brother to Belle's father.