News & results 2004

14.12.2004 Champion of Champions, Hungary. Judge Steffi Kirchbichler, Austria.
Twister (Twist and Shout) was Champion of Champion and BOB.

11.12.2004 Stockholm Swedish Winner-2004. Judge Johan Juslin. 7 dogs.
Jackpot again for us, as Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was again BOB and became Swedish Show Champion and Swedish Winner -04 and got CACIB.  Ella (Taste of Waltz) was best bitch, BOS and got the same titles than Woody. Unfortunately our ferry back to Finland left so early that we were not able to stay for group.
Great end for a great year again, but already looking for a new year 2005.

4.12.2004 Helsinki Winner-2004. Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen. 10 dogs.
I admit to say, it definitely was our day ;-)
In addition to Woody (Fynder Freethinker), there were 5 Catankas entered.
Woody was BOB, got CACIB and is now also Finnish Winner-04
Rumba (Besserwisser) returned to the show ring less than 5 months after her pups, and crowned her show year with Winner title too. She also got CACIB and was BOS to Woody. Ella (Taste of Waltz) was 2nd best bitch and had reserve-CACIB. Every best male placement after Woody were given to Catankas, as Rico (Buffalo Soldier) was 2nd with reserve-CACIB, Taco (To Be Continued) was 3rd, and Arthur (Winnie the Pooh) 4th. Catanka breeder's group got prize of honor and was BOB.

20.11.2004 Hamar, Norway. Norwegian Winner Show. Judge Angela Williams (kennel Foulby), Great Britain. 6 dogs made an entry of 7.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was again BOB and became both Norwegian Champion and Norwegian Winner of the year. He also was one of the 8 group finalists.
Ella (Taste of Waltz) was 3rd in best bitch line up. BOS came also from Finland, and it was FIN CH Bayrakki's Munin. 2nd best bitch was Swedish Aquatikus a Special Lease. 2nd best male Aquatikus American Specialty, who lives in Norway.

6.11.2004 Herning, Denmark. Nordic Winner Show. Judge Susie Svoldgaard from Denmark. 5 dogs.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) and Ella (Taste of Waltz) left for a trip to Denmark, and as a result we got it all. Both of them are now Nordic winners-04 and Danish Champions. Woody was BOB and was shortlisted in the group, and Ella was BOS. Ella's half sister (from father's side) JWW-03 Famous Crowd Paddy Go Easy was best bitch-2.

23-24.10.2004 Seinäjoki. Judge on Saturday Jorma Silta (Finland) and on Sunday Annika Ulltveit-Moe (Sweden)
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was the only one in both shows. In addition to BOB both days he was secong in group on sunday under Paula Rekiranta. Saturday's show was an international, so Woody now received his first CACIB from Finland.
Sunday's critique (In Swedish): En mycket högklassig hane av världskvalitet. Han har dom rätta proportioner, ett kraftfull huvud, stora öron och tassar. Parallella haser. Använder sig mycket väl i rörelse. I utmärkt päls och kondisjon. Välpresenterad.

16.10.2004 Spaniel Association's main Specialty Show, Hyvinkää. Judge in the breed Jo Schepers, the Netherlands and Hans Lehtinen as a BIS-judge. 10 dogs present.
Catankas were repsentedted by 4 dogs and of course Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was there too, and he became best of breed and finally Best In Show-2! Ella (Taste of Waltz) was best of opposite to him. Arthur (Winnie the Pooh) was 2nd best male, Taco (To Be Continued) 4th best male and Leevi (Hill Street Blues) got excellent from open class. Catanka breeder's group included above 4 breedings, and was given prize of honour and BOB-breeder's class. Photos of the dogs taken on a show day.

9.10.2004 Hungary Spaniel Club Show
. Judge Jacky Rowland, Great Britain.
Twister (Twist and Shout) was BOB and BIS-2!! Once again, congratulations Ildiko ja Peter!
Critique: Very nice feminine appearance, good head, harmonious body, good feet and angulation, very good movement.

25.9.2004 Tulln, Austria. INT-show, judge Marie-Luise Doppelreiter, Austria.
Twister (Twist and Shout) was BOB and got CACIB.

19.9.2004 Szentendre, Hungary. National all breed show.
Twister (Twist and Shout) ended up BIS-2 in this show which had over thousand participants, and which is considered as a big show in Hungary. Breed judge was Attila Cegledi, and Vilmos Kardos did the group and at the end of tha day Best In Show-final was done by Istvan Nagu. BIG BIG congratulations Twister and family!!!

12.9.2004 Spaniel Working Test, Espoo
. Judge Kaarina Pirilä.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) passed the working ability test, and also received a trophy for the day's best performance given by the organicing club Suur-Helsingin Spanielikerho.

11.9.2004 Kecskemet, Hungary
. INT-show, judge Attila Kelemen, Romania.
Twister (Twist and Shout) was BOB and got CACIB.

4.9.2004 Helsinki all breeds show. Judge Hans Muller, Switzerland.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) made his debut in the Finnish show rings, and was Best of Breed. Ella (Taste of Waltz) was best of opposite.

29.8.2004 Heinola all breeds show.
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) got his 2nd CC and was best of opposite.

21.8.2004 Bratislava, Slovenia. Judge Istvan Nagu, Hungary.
Twister (Twist and Shout) was BOB and got CACIB.

15.8.2004 Hatvan, Unkari. Judge Gyn Gerhard, USA
Twister (Twist and Shout) was BOB.
Arvostelu: Excellent shape, well balanced body, excellent coat and movement, good head.

8.8.2004 Miehikkälä
. Blood tracking-test. Judge Kerttu Lampinen.
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) 3rd prize from Open Class, 25 points.

8.7.2004 Brisbane Royal Show, Queensland Australia. Judhe Mr F. Dewsbury, Canada.
Temppu (Hat Trick) was BOB.

7.8.2004 Uusikaarlepyy
Spaniel Working test. Judge Jaana Heiskari
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) passed the test.

1.8.2004 Pori
international show. Judge Moray Armstromg, Great Britain
Taco (To Be Continued) got the last CC and was titled. He was also Best of Breed and got Cacib.
Ella (Taste of Waltz) was Best Of Opposite and also got Cacib.

25.7.2004 Helsinki all breed show. Judge Paavo Mattila
Ella (Taste of Waltz) is now new Champion! She also was Best of Breed.

17.7.2004 Orivesi all breed show. Judge Rita Kadike-Skadina, Latvia
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) got his last CC and is now Finnish Champion! Congratulations Johanna and Chili!

10-12.7.2004 IWSAC National Specialty weekend. Calgary, Canada.
Canadaian IWS-Club held its National Specialty, plus there were several other shows same weekend.
Belle (Belle of Madrona) was Best of Opposite in each 5 of them!
Sat 10.7.
National Specialty, judge Thora Brown. BOB Can Ch Coomara's Coilean Sea Raider
Evelyn Kenny Kennel Club all breed show, judge Kristen Francis. BOB & Group-2 Am/Can Ch Sylmar's Raindancer
Sun 11.7.
Evelyn Kenny Kennel Club all breed show (IWSAC Boosted Show), Judge Margaret Jones. BOB & Group-1 Am/Can Ch Sylmar's Raindancer
Westwinds Sporting Dog Specialty, judge Guy Spagnolo. BOB & Group-2 Am/Can Ch Sylmar's Raindancer
Mon 12.7.
Evelyn Kenny Kennel Club all breed show, judge Bill Taylor. BOB & Group-2 Am/Can Ch Sylmar's Raindancer

11.7.2004 Mäntsälä
all breed show. Judge Jorma Silta
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) was shown after long time, and finally the first CC is in the pocket. Leevi was also BOB. Well done Merja and Leevi!

4.7.2004 Karjaa all breed show. Judge Hannele Jokisilta. Entry of 7
Best male and Best of Breed was Taco (To Be Continued) who also got CC. Best male-2 was litter brother Frodo (Twentyfourseven). Ella (Taste of Waltz) also got CC and was Best of Opposite.

3.7.2004 Rusko
show for FCI group 8. Judge Anja Puumala
Ella (Taste of Waltz) was Best of Breed and got CC.

23.6.2004 Hamlet
(Humpty Dumpty) and Manta (Havis Amanda) viettivät Lauttasaaren Koirakerhon kevätkauden päättäjäisiä. Hamlet suoritti yleisöä suunnattomia hauskuttaen Kiva Koirakansalainen-testin ja Manta möllitokoili saaden alokasluokassa pisteitä ykköstuloksen verran.

19.6.2004 Kotka INT.
Judge Anthony Kelly, Ireland. 7 dogs total.
Rumba (Besserwisser) continued to be Best Of Breed, and this was her last show before her maternity leave.
In males Arttu (Winnie the Pooh) won and was Best of Opposite. Best male-2 was Taco (To Be Continued) who got CC and Reserve-Cacib. Best male-3 was Frodo (Twentyfourseven). Above 4 dogs represented Cataka breeder's group which was BOB.

Rumba: Alert expression, foreface conformation good, eye colour good, muzzle strong, ear placement good, forelegs good & straight, good shoulder placement, well developed rib, good angulation of stifle, good hocks, coat condition very good, free flowing & sound movement.

Arttu: Very alert expression, good overall conformation, eye colour good, strong muzzle, ear placement good, good strong chest, forelegs good & straight & strong, good neck into well laid shoulder, good spring of rib & bend of stifle, good hocks, excellent movement, temperament excellent.

Breeder's group:Overall conformation good, keen expression in all, condition of coats very good, strong bone, overall conformation very good, excellent representatives of the breed.

12.6.2004 Jämsä.
Judge Raija Tammelin
Taco (To Be Continued) was BOB and got his 10th domestic CC.

5.6.2004 Barcelona, Spain European Winner Show
. Judge in the breed ring was Luis Catalan, Portugal and in group Luisa Herms Garcia, Spain.
Twister (Twist and Shout) was Best of Breeds and she got CC, CACIB and is now European Winner-04. She also was shortlisted in the group ring.

30.5.2004 Pietarsaari
. Judge Marjo Jaakkola
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) CC and BOB.

20.5.2004 Eräjärvi, Irish Water Spaniel Club of Finland CLUB SHOW. Judge Martyn Ford (Cuboglach), Great-Britain. 22 dogs present.
Rumba (Besserwisser) was Best in Specialty Show! Youngsters Tintti (Tin Tin Tango) and Ella (Taste of Waltz) were 2nd and 3rd best female, and Manta (Havis Amanda) also received Prize of Honour. Starfish's Four Runner was best Male and BOS. After him Rico (Buffalo Soldier) was second, and Arttu (Winnie the Pooh) fourth. Catanka breeder's group was Best of Breed, and here you can read the critique: A wonderful group of sound & typical bitches. All have outstanding construction & movement. Correct feminine heads, good colour & coat texture. this group would do well anywhere! I had selected just bitches in my group, and it meant Besserwisser, Havis Amanda, Taste of Waltz and Tin Tin Tango.
Full results from Club's site:

21-23.5.2004 we trained gundog working, and Rumba, Manta, Ella, Tintti, Chili, Arttu ja Hamlet were attending Catankas. Team Chili and Johanna was selcted as most promising, and they received a lovely framed IWS-print from Martyn and Maggie ford. Photos from the show and working will come later.

16.5.2004 Hamina
all breed. Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland
Taco (To Be Continued) was BOB

15.5.2004 HÓD DOG SHOW Hódmezövasarhely, Hungary
all breed show. Breed judge Vilmos Kardos and in group Kristian Vantu (RO).
Twister (Twist and Shout) was BOB and second in Group. Congratulations again Ildiko and Peter!

14.5.2004 Irish Water Spaniel Club of America National Specialty, Wisconsin, USA.
Judge Paula Nykiel. Entry of 106.
(Belle of Madrona) had a great day with her handler dan Sayers, as she got Award Of Merit! Just wonderful! Huge congratulations! BOB was again Am Ch Poole's Ide Marksman McLean, BOS was Am Ch Mole End Looks Like Rain. Am & Can Ch Sylmar's Raindancer (Marley) also once again gained AOM, and his sire is same than Belle's grandsire; Can & Am Ch Madrona's Mr Liam.

8-9.5.2004 Kanada.
Judges Mr R Hartinger (USA) and Mrs G MacCuaig
(Belle of Madrona) got GROUP-2 and GROUP-3 this weekend!

2.5.2004 Papa, Hungary all breed show.
Breed judge Dr. Judit Szilagyi and group Janos Marcze
Twister (Twist and Shout) was BOB and Group winner. Same happened year ago in thos same show. Also Ildiko's and Peter's Clumber bitch was second in Group, so well done!

16-18.4.2004 Edmonton, Canada.

Belle (Belle of Madrona) was first day BOB and Group-3 under Skip Stanbridge! Latter two days she was Best of Opposite.

25.4.2004 Loviisa FCI groups 5,6,8.
Judge Marjo Jaakkola
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) was BOB and Ella (Taste of Waltz) BOS and both got CC's.

24.4.2004 Lahti International. Judge Zsuzsanna Petik from Hungary. 3 IWS and totally 4300 dogs in two days.
Taco (To Be Continued) was Best of breed and got CC and CACIB. He also made a cut in the group.Rumba (Besserwisser) was Best of Opposite with CACIB.

12.4.2004 Stockholm INT.
Judge Paul Scanlon, Ireland
Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) ja Manta (Havis Amanda) visited Sweden and became Swedish Show Champions. Hamlet vas BOB and Manta BOS.

10-11.4.2004 Sydney, Australia
Sydney Royal Dog Show
. Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland
Sporting Spaniel Society Championshp Show
. Judge Mr D. Johnson, USA
(Hat Trick) got bitch-CC both days and was Runner Up Best of Breed at the Spaniel show. Best of Breed both days was Aust Gr Ch Castlehill's Journey Down Under.

28.3.2004 Sysmä. Judge Markku Santamäki
Hamlet (Humpty Dumpty) is newest Catanka-Champion! He was also Group placed, fourth.

28.3.2004 Obedience Test in Kotka. Judge Ossi Harjula
Rico (Buffalo Soldier) got 1st prize with scores 162 ja the placement was 6/21.
Well done Marko and Rico!

21.3.2004 Tampere International. Judge Kenneth Edh from Sweden. 4 dogs.
Taco (To Be Continued) was the only Catanka in the ring, as some breeder entered her own dogs one day too late. But Taco represent Catanka-kennel so well, as he was Best of Breed and gained CC and CACIB and eventually was Group-4 in this big International Show. Well done Heidi and Taco!

7.3.2004 Österreicher Klub Show in Kraz, Austria.
Judge Judit Szilagyi, Hungary
Twister (Twist and Shout) was given CAC, Klubsieger and Best of Breed. BOS was half brother Currabell Dragon Spruce who lives in Austria.

14.2.2004 Imatra INT. Judge Hans Rosenberg from Sweden. Entry of 7.
Rumba (Besserwisser) oli BOS and got CACIB. Rico (Buffalo Soldier) was 2nd best male and got Res-CACIB. Catanka breeder's group was BOB and here you have the critique (in Swedish): Uppfödargruppen av 2 kullar. Tilltalande individer. Bra uttryck, könsprägel och attityd. Jämna i sina rörelseschema. 4 hundar med flera förtjänster där valpköparna fick mycket för pengarna. En härlig ras!!!

31.1.2004 Budapest INT, Hungary. Judge Ernesto Capra, Italy
Twister (Twist and Shout) was BOB and got CACIB.

Kanada All Breed Show. Judge John Routan, USA
Belle (Belle of Madrona) was BOB and made a cut in the group.

25.1.2004 Turku International. Judge Liliane de Ridder Onghena, Belgium. Entry of 7.
Rumba (Besserwisser) was Best of Breed and got CACIB.

24.1.2004 Alavus. Judge Paavo Mattila
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) was shown first time after puppy age, and he got CC and was BOB.