10.12.2006 Stockholm, international show, Swedish Winner-06. Entry 6. Judge Jozef Verrees, Belgium.
From Helsinki show we started to drive to Turku, from where we took a ferry to Stockholm, Sweden, where we arrived early next morning. This show is a tradition for me, and I’m glad we had 4 Catankas travelling this year. This meant we could have breeder’s class here as well.
Arttu took the breed. It was very touhing, as he’s nearly 9 years old. So he became this year’s Swedish Winner (SW-06), and I must mention his first Winner title from Finland was 1999, so while ago… Congratulations Susanna, and thanks keeping the old pal in such a good condition. Rumba won bitches and was BOS. Daughter Taiska got CAC and became Swedish Show Champion. So within a week she was titled in Finland and Sweden. Well done Heidi! Taco, yesterday’s winner took 2nd prize due to dropped incisors. So this is showing ;-)
Arttu (Catanka Winnie the Pooh) BEST VETERAN, BOB, SW-06
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Open Class 2
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) BOS, SW-06
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) BB-3, CAC, S Sh Ch

9.12.2006 Helsinki, international show, Finnish Winner-06. Entry 16. Judge Allan Pepper, Canada.
Lovely entry of 16 saw we today, and 6 of them were Catankas. We had another great day indeed. Both FINW-06 titles were ’ours’, Patu finished his FIN CH as he now is 2 years old and can benefit the last CAC (which was number 24), and the day was finished with BIS-2 breeder’s group, awesome. Huge and humble thanks to everyone who made this possible.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BM1 CACIB FINW-06 BOB
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BM2 RES-CACIB
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Excellent 
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) BB1 CACIB FINW-06 BOS
De-De (Catanka Free Will) BB2 RES-CACIB CAC
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BB3 RES-CAC
Breeder’s class dogs were: Taco, Patu, De-De ja Rumba.
Arttu (Catanka Winnie the Pooh) was presented in junior handler competition with Veera Kasurinen.

3.12.2006 Fairfield KC, Australia.
Temppu (Catanka Hat Trick) became today Australian Grand Champion (AUST GR CH). This means she has gained over 1000 points from the shows. Thankyou Sharon and John showing and taking such a good care of your girl!

6.12.2006 Tampere, group show. Entry 7. Judge Tarja Hovila.
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) is new FIN CH. She got her last CAC today and was BOB. Congratulations Heidi!

25.11.2006 Kemi, group show. Judge Markku Santamäki.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) BOB, CAC

24-25.11.2006 Turkey Circuit, CA, USA. Judge on Saturday Carl Anderson.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was BOB both days and also gained Group-4 on Saturday.
At the same weekend Woody’s son ’Rugby’ (WS N LA FOR THE LOVE O’THE GAME owner. Missy McMunn, kennel Landacre’s) made his show debut, and did it with style. Three days 3 pt major, and once BOB!

18.11.2006 Jyväskylä, international show. Entry 6. Judge Lena Eskills.
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) BOB, CACIB
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOS, CAC, CACIB
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BB-2, CAC, RES-CACIB
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BM-2, RES-CACIB

12.11.2006 World Winner Show 2006, Poznan, Poland
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) is new WW-06! Congratulations Ildiko and Peter!
Next year Twister will be mated to Marley (Am/Can Ch Sylmar's Raindancer). More info of both parents can be found at Kennel of Big Spaniel’s web site: http://www.bigspaniel.hu/index_eng.htm

5.11.2006 Seinäjoki, International dog show. Judge Petru Muntean, Romania.
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) took Best bitch with BOB today. She also got CAC and CACIB.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) was shown in Open Males, and was BOS with CAC and CACIB.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) became 2nd after Cera in the class with very good.
Also in group Cera was pulled amongst the last 8 under Per Iversen from Norway, well done!

5.11.2006 Elimäki, agility trial. Judge Salme Mujunen.
Manta (Havis Amanda) and Petra were running again. Manta got 10 points and was 11th out of 23. Other fault became bacause Manta stopped to eat horse droppings ;-o during the course. Petra thought this was the first and last time they trialled in the indoor horse riding arena…
28-19.10.2006 Vancouver Kennel Club, WA, USA. Judge on Saturday Dale Simmons and on Sunday Don Evans.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) took Group-2 on the first day. On Sunday it was time to get first Grpoup win in States. Well done Woody and his talented handler Stacy Duncan!

21.10.2006 Hyvinkää, Finnish Spaniel Association’s main annual Specialty Show. Judge Carlos Saevich, Argentina.
Spaniel folk gathered again well presented to this show. As a whole, the entry was nearly 550, of which IWS represented with 17 dogs; 2 puppies and 15 adults. Best puppy – and later Best In Show puppy – first time ever in my opinion in this special show – was Bogdogs Grolsch, congratulations! Every adult received Excellent as quality, and Catankas did well again. Thank you everyone so much again participating this show, and the lovely picnic we had after the breed judging. Now to the results:
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) did it again. Came and won! Once again Arja ’had’ to take all the Best of Breed, and best Female trophies back home. In BIS-contest Rumba made it until the final cut, so almost at the very end. Well done!
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) - age nearly 1,5 years -  was second after Rumba in best bitch cometition. First she won Intermediate bitches. Thank you so much Mari handling her in BB-class and breeder’s class, as I was handling Rumba at the same time. Maisa also receiced CAC.
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) was the only entry in Open Bitches, and ended up Best Bitch-4 with res-CAC.
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) became second with Excellent after Maisa in Intermediate Class.
De-De (Catanka Free Will) in turn became third with Excellent after Cera in Intermediate Class.
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) was shown in Working Class, and looked real working dog, as he was shown in rather short coat after the duck hunting season. But in hard muscle and no-fat condition, he ended up best male-2 and got CAC.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) was shown in Champion Class, and was 2nd in his class, and 3rd in Best male Class.
Arttu was presented as Veteran, and one could see the oldie goldie really enjoyed being in the ring again. He ended up Best Veteran, and best male-4.
Catanka breeder’s class got prize of honour, and received lovely critique. This class included dogs: Rumba, Maisa, Taiska and Veijo.

21.10.2006 Kirkkonummi, agility trial. Judge Ritva Herrala.
Manta (Havis Amanda) and Petra made their debut in official agility contest. IWS always is considered as MAXI breed, and the first class of trial for beginners is level 1.  Petra told that the day’s target was fulfilled, as her aim was not to have NQ (not qualified) round. Manta, who alwayd had been very trustful in swing, made today a contact fault. She ran the course within time allowed. Manta and Petra ended up as 14 out of 42 in this class, well done!
20-21.10.2006 Hungary, International Shows. On Saturday Hungarian Grand Prix and judge in breed ring was Hungarian Zsuzanne Petik, and in group Sigrid Jarmer from Austria.
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) was BOB with CACIB. She was also placed as 3rd in Group! Twister’s daughter Coca Cola received CAC and res-CACIB. On Sunday the Show had the name Middle East European Cup, and previous day’s group judge took the breed. It was not a surprise that Twister took BOB and CACIB that day either. Congratulations Ildiko for the another splendid weekend!

7.10.2006 Oulu International. Judge Raija Tammelin, Finland. 2 dogs.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) was given BOB . he also got again CAC and CACIB.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) Good

24.9.2006 Kruunupyy Tracking Test. Judge Lea Foudilainen.
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) Winners Class, 1st prize, 42 pts.
First start in the winners Class, and the horrible windy and wet weather made the 1st Prize really great achievement! Huge congratulatons team Totti & Nina!

17.9.2006 Hyvinkää. Judge Rajko Rotner, Slovenia.
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) was only IWS and she got CAC and was BOB.

16.9.2006 Elimäki Spaniel Working Ability Test. Judge Kati Huovila.
De-De (Catanka Free Will) passed the test with her owner Nette, congratulations!

10.9.2006 Espoo Spaniel Working Ability Test. Judge Anu Kokkarinen.
Gini (Doonbeg Flower Power) and Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) had a good day with the co-owners Leena and Liana. Both girls passed the test!

10.9.2006 McKenzie-Cascade Kennel Club, USA. Judge Barbara Young-Smith
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) BOB

9.9.2006 Porvoo All Breed Show. Judge Leila Kärkäs. Entry of 5.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Open class, Excellent/1, Best Male-1, CAC, BOS
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Intermediate Class, Excellent/1, Best Bitch-2, CAC
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Intermediate Class, Excellent/2, Best Bitch-3, Res-CAC

3.9.2006 Helsinki All Breed Show. Judge Valerie Foss from Great Britain.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) was today BOB and looked indeed smashing.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) EXC from Open Class and 2nd Best Male and CAC after Taco.
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) was shown in Junior Class and she got EXC, was Best Bitch and BOS, and got CAC.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) EXC from intermediate Class, and 2nd Best Bitch with Res-CAC.

2-3.9.2006 Hobro, Denmark. Danish Spaniel Club's Gold Cup weekend, two specialities. On Saturday, the judge was Danish Mikael Tranholm and Sunday Nicole Hughes from Ireland. The show gathered both days 16 IWS's, and included also dogs from the Netherlands. From Finland the trip was done by Rumba & Taiska and their owners Arjan & Heidi. On Saturday the judge had whole quality scala used, and Rumba was theonly who was given CAC-quality.
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) was on Saturday Best of reed with Danish CAC, which completed her Danish Championship! One more title in additon to her many previous ones! On Sunday Rumba was 3rd in best Bitch Class.
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) was 2nd in Open Class after Rumba, but did not get CAC-quality. Next day she was considered to be worth CAc, and was 4th in best Bitch Class after Rumba.

2-3.9.2006 Longview-Kelso Kennel Club, St. Helens, Oregon USA. Judges Mr. Martin Hewitt and Mrs. Donna Buxton.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was showing in very hot weather. But he was BOB both days and gained GROUP-2 on Saturday! Well done Stacy and Woody!

27.8.2006 Hämeenlinna Int. Judge Arja Koskelo, and in group Tarja Hovila.
Catankas Taco, Patu, Rumba, Taiska and De-De were entered. Also Hungarian cousin Boogie was shown. Total entry of 7.
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) was shown first time since Club Show & European Winner Show weekend in June, and she took again BOB and respectively GROUP-2 at the end of the day! Many thanks to Taco's owner Mari hadling her while I was at the working test with my Maisa, and Rumba's owner Arja was abroad.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best Male, BOS with CAC and CACIB.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) was 2nd Best Male with Res-CACIB
Taiska's last CAC seems to now under hard work, as she got again VG. Also De-De got VG.
Cousin Boogie was 2nd Best Bitch with CAC and Res-CACIB. It'll however changed as CACIB due to fact that Rumba already is INT CH.
Catanka breeders group was BOB and it included: Rumba, Patu, Taco ja Taiska, so the dogs were out of 4 litters.

25-26.8.2006 Puget Sound IWSCOPS Regional Specialty, USA.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) continues winning at the other side of the pond! In Friday he took Specialty show BOB with his handler Stacy Duncan. BOS was this year's National Specialty BOB. On Saturday this pair changed the placements. Also Woody's son Rover (Whistle Stop's Irish Rover, emä Am Ch Hooligan's Fair Hibenia CD SH RN WCX) won Best Puppy Sweepstake under Terry Braud, and next day he was Reserve Winners Dog.

Friday, judge Bill Russell
BOB Fynder Freethinker
BOS Poole's Ide Then There's Maud
Winners Dog, Best Of Winners Whistlestop's Special Agent (4 pts)
Reserve Winners Dog Moonshine's Mystic Connor
Winners Bitch O'Malleigh Karagh At Crestail (4 pts)
Reserve Winners Bitch Finnibone's Cool the Engines
Saturday, judgeCarla Mathies
BOB - Maud
BOS - Woody
Award Of Merit Sylmar's Raindancer
WB/BOW-Finnibone's Cool the Engines (14 bitches-4 pts)
RWB- O'Malleigh Karagh at Crestrail
WD-Sylmar's Rhapsody in Purple (7 dogs-3 pts)
RWD-Whistlestop's Irish Rover

27.8.2006 Espoo, Spaniel Working Ability Test. Judge Meerit Kuparinen.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) had a great day at the test, and passed.

27.8.2006 Heinola Spaniel Working Ability Test. Judge Anita Kauppila.
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) was again entered to the test after two years break. Third time was enough for him, and now he succeed. Congratulations Merja and Leevi! Now the last lacking CAC...

27.8.2006 Mikkeli Spaniel Working Ability Test. Judge Kati Huovila.
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) passed the test. Congratulations Paula!

20.8.2006 Forssa, Water rescue trial's test class (SOVE), judge Pasi Dunderfelt.
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) and Johanna have practised official sports, water rescue, for some time. This type of water trial has designed originally for Landseers and Newfies, but other breeds may participate too, but they must first pass the trial test. Trial test's rules are the same than in Novice Class, and one dog may maximun twice try to get trial test result. Chili passed this test on Sunday and got 72 points out of 100, and this would mean 3rd prize. Test includes 4 parts, each giving max 25 points. Chili got max points from swimming and retrieving a floating boat. Rescuing a drowning person resulted 23 out of 25 possible points, as they passed the finish-line slightly at wrong place. One part, taking an item to the boat, resulted zero points, as Chili turned back to shore too early.
Congratulations Chili and Johanna!!! This dog is the first IWS in Finland ever even participated in this type of trial, not to mention passing it. Now the team has right to start to compete, all the best of luck!

20.8.2006 Kirkkonummi, inofficial agility trial.
Manta (Havis Amanda) and Petra were again running on agility course, ad they got 5 extra second from one fail. Time was however rather good, so Manta had full speed on. Team was placed as 3rd, congratulatons!
13.8.2006 Sievi Tracking-test. Judge Heikki Kulo.
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) 1st prize from Open Class, 48 points out of 50.
Wow wow, BIIIIG congratulations Nina and Totti!!! Third tracking test and second 1st prize. Next time trialling in Winners Class, best of luck!

11.8.2006 Vehmaa Spaniel working ability test. Judge Jarkko Wiklund.
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) was the first from Free-litter who tried the test this season, and passed with flying colors. Congratulaton Marika and Hertta!

4-6.8.2006 Kuopio. Three shows, of which Friday was a national all breed show and Saturday & Sunday International shows. Catankas entered: Taco, Patu, Maisa and De-De. Also 'cousin' Boogie was there. 6 dogs in the ring every day. Below the results when gained Excellent (the judging varied very much each day, and we got nearly all colors of ribbons):
Patun (Catanka Knock on Wood) two CAC's, Best Male-2 and BM-3.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) placed every day in Best Male. Once First with CACIB and BOB, once BM-2 and BM-3.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) once Best Bitch-2 with res-CAC.

29-31.7.2006 Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club, WA USA.Judges Jon R. Cole, Gloria Geringer and Richard M. Chashoudian
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was BOB each day and on Sunday Group-3.

30.7.2006 Oberwart, Austria.Int show, judge Karl P Reisinger, Austria.
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) CAC, CACIB, BOB.

30.7.2006 Mikkeli Int show, judge Paula Rekiranta
Catankas entered: Maisa, Veijo, Taiska and Frida.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) junior became with style BOB.
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) BM-2, CAC
Others got VG. Breeders group got Prize of Honour but was not shown in the groups.
Click phots from the show

27-30.7.2006 Bronby, Denmark. Four International shows, where Nina travelled with her boys. Ad not a bad trip, as Totti became INT CH and DK CH. Patu also got his first CACIB. 4 males and 2 bitches were shown every day, except on Saturday when Patu rested. Other dogs were from Denmark. Hurley's (Catanka Hurly Curly) son Doonbeg Rare Flair who lives in Denmark was also shown and got two Best Male placements.
Thu, judge Allan Pepper, Canada. Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BM-2, CACIB. Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) BM-3, RES-CACIB.
Fri, judge Kari Granaas Hansen, Norway. Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BM-1, CAC, CACIB, BOS. Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) BM-2, RES-CACIB.
Sat, judge Kresten Scheel, Denmark. Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) BM-1, CAC, CACIB, BOS. New INT CH and DK CH!
Sun, judge Maureen Boyd, New-Zealand. Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BM-3. Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) BM-1, CACIB, BOS.

23.7.2006 Mäntsälä all breeds. JudgeSaija Juutilainen.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) won Champion Class and was Best Male-1 and BOB
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) excellent from Junior Class, Best Bitch-2 and res-CAC. Sister Boogie was BB1 and BOS.

16.7.2006 Pietarsaari. Judge in breed ring Saija Juutilanen and in group Hannele Jokisilta.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) gained again a group placement, being GROUP-3 today! Congratulations Nina - again!

16.7.2006 Laukaa.
Our 'Hungarian cousin', meaning Twister's (Catanka Twist and Shout) daughter Calendar Girl of Big Spaniel aka Boogie took today GROUP-2 from Laukaa all breed show! Congratulations Pauliina!

15.7.2006 Helsinki. Judge Des Manton, Ireland.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Best Male-2

9.7.2006 Piteå int, Sweden. Judge Ann-Christine Johansson.
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) travelled with Nina to Northern Sweden. We hoped he could complete his Swedish show Champion title, and so he did. In addition to CAC, he was Best of Breed and got CACIB.

8.7.2006 Lohja. Judge Leila Kärkäs.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Best Male-2

1-2.7.2006 Bell Vernon Kennel Club, USA. Judges Bernadette F. Cox and Robert D. Ennis.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was BOB both days and also Group-2 on Sunday!

1.7.2006 Ylivieska. Judge in breed ring Lena Eskills and in group Leila Kärkäs.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) is the latest Catanka all breed show Group winner! Huge congratulations Nina!

1.7.2006 Siuntion Koirakerho arranged agility competition which also included unofficial classes.
Manta (Havis Amanda) and her owner Petra participated in the unofficial class for Maxi-size dogs, and performed the course twice. First round went smoothly and focused, and they gathered only pity 5 fault poins. Second round was more 'fun' and the result was 20 faults pts. First round results however made the team 3rd as total, so congratulations!
Click phots from the course

25-27.6.2006 Five Valley Kennel Club, Montana, USA. Judges Connie Gerstener Miller, William R. Russell Jr. ja Linda M. Riedel.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was winners dog on Sunday, and earned 5 pts major and finished his Am Ch. Ad was BOB. On following two days he competed directly in Best Of Breed classes and was BOB, and on Monda also GROUP-4. nd His son Rover (Whistle Stop's Irish Rover, dam Am Ch Hooligan's Fair Hibenia CD SH RN WCX) got also 5 pt Major one day during this weekend circuit.

24.6.2006 Electric City Kennel Club, Montana, USA. Judge Margaret E. Robertson.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was Winners Dog with 5 pt Major, and BOB.

19.6.2006 FCI has confirmed 4 new International Champion titles for Catankas. Welcome to INT CH Club:
Ella (Catanka Taste of Waltz)
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued)
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser)
Hamlet (Catanka Humpty Dumpty)

18.6.2006 Forssa all breed show. Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, a well known all-rounder from Finland. Entry of 3
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOB
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) CC & BOS
Click phots from the show

17.6.2006 Pyhäntä Spaniel working ability test. Judge Juha Karlström
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) passed the test.

10.6.2006 Tampere Finnish Spaniel Association. Judge Rita Kadike Skadina, Latvia. 7 dogs
Some brave exhibitors had the energy to head to Tampere! I went boating to the see with my family.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Intermediate Class, Excellent, CAC, Best male-2
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Junior Class, Excellent, Res-CAC, Best male-3
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) Junior Class Good

9.6.2006 Helsinki European Winner-06. Judge Hans van den Berg, the Netherlands. 16 dogs. BIS Breeders group Rainer Vuorinen, Finland
Great day indeed! Both adult and the other Junior titles to Catanka dogs! Both Cacibs, both CAC's and one reserves on both for us! BIS-4 breeders group! Thank you judges, dog ownes and handlers. Unforgettable day indeed!
Hamlet (Catanka Humpty Dumpty) Champion Class, Excellent/1, CACIB, EUW-06, BOB
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) Champion Class, Excellent/1, CACIB, EUW-06
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Junior Class, Excellent/1, EUJW-06, CAC
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) Intermediate Class, Excellent/1, Res-CAC, RES-CACIB
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Intermediate Class, Excellent/1, CAC
Ella (Catanka Taste of Waltz) Intermediate Class, Excellent/2
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Champion Class, Excellent/4
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Junior Class, Excellent/2
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Junior Class, Excellent/3
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Junior Class, Very Good/2
Click photos from the show

8.6.2006 Helsinki Irlanninvesispanielit ry CLUB SHOW. Judge Elena Ruskovaara. 35 dogs.
Many, many, many thanks for all the owners of the Catankas bringing your IWS's to this show despite the lenght of the topknot or weight! You all were so well represented even though the show was held on normal working day (Thursday evening). Super congratulations are applauded to Rumba, who now - third time in a row - won Best of Breed in this show!
Here're all the results ot 'our gang':
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) Champion Class, Excellent/1, Best bitch-1, BIS, Bees head & movement
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) Open Class, Excellent/1, Best bitch-2
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Junior Class, Excellent/1, Best bitch-3. Best Junior
Tintti (Catanka Tin Tin Tango) Working Class, Excellent/1, Best bitch-4
Ella (Caanka Taste of Waltz) Champion Class, Excellent/2
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Junior Class, Excellent/2
Manta (Havis Amanda) Working Class, Very Good/4
Jazzy (Catanka Cry Freedom) Intermediate Class, Very Good/1
Gini (Doonbeg Flower Power) Working Class, Very Good/2
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Junior Class, Very Good
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) Junior Class, Very Good
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Champion Class, Excellent/3, Best male-3
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Intermediate Class, Excellent/1, Best male-4, Best coat
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) Champion Class, Excellent/4
Hamlet (Catanka Humpty Dumpty) Champion Class, Excellent/2
Arttu (Catanka Winnie the Pooh) Veteran Class, Excellent/, Best temperament
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Junior Class, Excellent/2
Breeders Class BOB, and it included Taco, Patu, Maisa ja Rumba
Click photos from the show

4.6.2006 Tallinn, Estonia BALTIC WINNER-06. Judge Christian Stefanescu, Romania
Tintti (Catanka Tin Tin Tango) In new INT CH! ! Champion Class, Excellent/1, Best bitch-2, CACIB, CAC, EST CH, INT CH
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Junior Class, Excellent/2, Best bitch-3

4.6.2006 Lohja. Paula Rekiranta.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Champion Class, Excellent/3, Best male-1, BOB. Taco's break from the show rings is over. Welcome back with the new owner :-)
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Junior Class, Excellent//1 CAC BOS

28.5.2006 Kruunupyy Tracking-test. Judge Kristiina Erkkilä.
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) Open Class 3rd prize, 29 pts

27.5.2006 Sauvo. Marjo Jaakkola.
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Junior Class, Excellent/1 CAC BOB

27.5.2006 Rovaniemi. Markku Santamäki.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) Junior Class, Excellent/1 CAC BOB

25.5.2006 Jämsänkoski. Marjo Jaakkola.
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Junior Class, Excellent/1 CAC BOB

25.5.2006 Teerijärvi. Markku Santamäki.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Intermediate Class, Excellent/1 CAC BOB.

21.5.2006 St Gallen, Switzerland. Judge Dr Peter Beyersdorf, Germany
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) CAC, CACIB, BOB and GROUP-2. Congratulations!!!
Twister's son Captain Cousteau was junior-BOB.

21.5.2006 Helsinki KV. Judge Hans Müller, Switzerland
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) BB-2, res-CAC
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) BB-3

21.5.2006 St Gallen, Sveitsi. Judge Rui Oliveita, Portugal
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) CAC, CACIB, BOB shortlisted in the group amongst the last 6 dogs.
Twister's son Captain Cousteau, who lives in Switzerland was junior-BOB.
Photos from the show: 1, 2

14.5.2006 Oulu. Ligita Zake from Latvia.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) again BOB!.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) got her first CAC and was also BOS.

7.5.2006 Claremont, CA, USA. Judge Dr Donald Sturz Jr
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was Winners Dog in National Specialty weekend's Supported Entry all breed show. The first points towards Am Ch are now recived, 5 points Major.

6.5.2006 Alajärvi. Judge Leila Kärkäs all the way from breed ring to BIS.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) was BEST IN SHOW! Congratulations Nina!
Click photos from the show

29.4.2006 Kajaani. Anna-Liisa Heikkinen in breed ring and Marjo Jaakkola in group.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB and GROUP-3!

22.4.2006 Lahti INT. Judge Denis Kuzelj, Slovakia
Arttu (Winnie the Pooh) Best Veteran, Best Male-3
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) won the Junior Class with excellent and was Best Male-4 with CAC
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) won the Junior Class with excellent and was Best Bitch with CAC and Best of Opposite
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) became 2nd in the Junior Class with excellent and was Best Bitch-2 with Res-CAC
Arttu started his day competing in the Junior handling competition. His young handler Veera Kasurinen competed in a class for 10-13 years, and she met Arttu first time just before it was time to go into the ring. The team matched well, and judge Hans Häberli from Switzerland placed them on second place. Well done!

13.4.2006 Woody (Fynder Freethinker) has travelled to USA, and will be shown there this year. His debut will be at Irish Water Spaniel Club of America's National Specialty in May. All the best of luck Woody! ¨

25.3.2006 Mikkeli. Judge Marjo Jaakkola
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) was shown first time today in Junior class, and he got CAC and was BOB.

19.3.2006 Tampere INT. Judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti, Finland. Entry 5.
Juniors Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood), Renee (Catanka Feel free To Stare) and De-De (Catanka Free Will) were presented and they all got Very Good.

12.3.2006 Austrian Spaniel Club Show, Austria. Judge Mrs.Helaine Maissen-Jarish, Austria.
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) CC, Klub Winner, New Austrian Klub Champion.

11.3.2006 IHA Graz. Judge Tamas Jakkel, Hungary.
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) BOB, CACIB

12.3.2006 CRUFTS, Great Britain. Judge Peter Rochford (kennel Roxpier)
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) received again CC from this prestigious show. Bitch CC and BOB went to Fynder Blue Velvet at Leonardston and she became today GB SH CH. Woody's owner Judithi had a great day, as her young bitch Foulby Fired Up got rec-CC.
Click full Crufts breed results: http://crufts.fossedata.co.uk/Breed.asp?ShowYear=2006&GroupID=GUN&BreedID=183

4.3.2006 Fehova, Hungary. Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) Group-3 under Attila Cegledi.
Daugter Rezi (Coca Cola of Big Spaniel) became Hungarian Junior Champion.

21.1.2006 Turku Winter Dog Show. Judge Will de Vries-Hoogland, The Netherlands.
BOB with CACIB was Ella (Taste of Waltz). BOS with CAC was Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood). Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) was Best Bitch-2 with CAC. Jazzy (Catanka Cry Freedom) got only Good, but deserved it, as she was shown in very poor coat. Three puppies were shown, all from Ella's last summer litter, and BOB-puppy was my Maisa (Catanka Freestyler).
Click photos from the show (photos Susanne Nilsson)

7.1.2006 Kajaani INT. Judge Tino Pehair, Kroatia
Again the breed had change of judge, and had one who just recently had judged in another int show. Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) was Best Male-2 with CAC, and BOB-puppy was Frida (Catanka Freespoken) who was shown first time