15.12.2007 Stockholm, Sweden. Nordic Winner-2007. Judge Trudy Walsh, Ireland.
Record entry for the breed in this annual Stockholm international show. Judge from Ireland tempted 19 dogs, of which 14 were bitches.
Maisa won bitches and became Nordic Winner 2007, as well Swedish Show Champion, and FCI Internatinal Champion.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Best bitch-1, BOS, CAC, CACIB, NORDW-07, S SHCH, INT CH
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Best bitch-3
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best male-3
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Champion Class 1
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Junior Class 1/2 HP
Catanka group won breeder’s class.
Maisa’s critique: Lovely bitch, superquality. Lovely head and expression. Ample neck with wellangulated shoulder and rear end. Correct topline and rolling gate. Moved very well with good reach and drive.

9.12.2007 Helsinki, Winner-2007. Judge Mikael Tranholm, Denmark. Entry 15
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB, WINNER-07
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) VERY GOOD
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BEST BITCH-2
De-De (Catanka Free Will) BEST BITCH-4
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) EXCELLENT
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) VERY GOOD
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) VERY GOOD
Patu’s critique: 3 years of champion of excellent quality. Stylish outline. Excellent masculine head with lovely top knot. Scissors bite. Excellent neck. Full forechest. Excellent barrel shaped body and shoulder. Excellent well muskled loin and hind angulation. Free and sound mover. Stable back and forth.
Maisa’s critique: years old champion bitch of excellent quality. Well chizzeled feminine head. Perfect scissor bite. Excellent neck and shoulder. Full forechest. Excellent barrel-shaped body of good proportions. Well muscled loin. Excellent rear angulation. Excellent ground-covering rolling movement. Stable back and forth.

Breeder group’s critique: Excellent breeder class of three combination. Dogs of very high quality, an honour to the breeder.
Photos from the show .

18.11.2007 Jyväskylä INT. Judge Tatjana Urek, Slovania
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BEST MALE-2
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) BEST BITCH-2
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) BEST BITCH-3, CAC

In Spaniel of the Year contest TOP-10 included Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) who became 7th, and Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) who shared placement 10. As a total, 4 Irishers were listed, and all of them were Catankas!
Link to the full results:

Breeder of the year (all breeds) results listed CATANKAs as shared 25th. We had placements from 3 (out of possible eight) big international shows.
TOP 100 list can be viewed at:

10.11.2007 Riihimäki, agility trial. Judge Kari Jalonen
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda)
Maxi 1 course. Time penalty 7,10, course penalty 5, result 12,10, Placement 31/68

10.11.2007 Riihimäki agility trial. Judge Salme Mujunen
Maxi 1, Ihanneaika 50s.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda)
Maxi 1 course. Time penalty –11,04, course penalty 10, result 10, Placement 27/58

4.11.2007 Lohja agility trial. Judge. Judge Anne Savioja
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda)
Maxi 1 course. Time penalty 9,71, course penalty 15, result 24,71, Placement 13/25

28.10.2007 Lahti INT. Judge Anna-Liisa Heikkinen, Finland.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BOB CACIB
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Best bitch-2 Res-CACIB
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOS

21.10.2007 Nakkila, Tracking test. Judge Erkki Rantamäki.
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open Class First prize, 43 points
Jazzy (Catanka Cry Freedom) Open Class Second prize, 31 points

20.10.2007 Seinäjoki all breed show. Judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti, Finland
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB

7.10.2007 Oulu Inyernational. Judge Dennis Kuzelj
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) Best bitch-2

6.10.2007 Hyvinkää, Finnish Spaniel Association’s Main Specialty Show. Judge Jessie Borregaard Madsen (Sieger’s), Denmark.  Entry of 18, which was rather nice number in this show. We had again a great day indeed. Catankas and ’cousins’ did well. Only 3 Excellents were given in males, of which we got best male-1 and –2 placements. In bitches all 5 Excellents for us. Cera got her last CAC now, and is Finnish Champion. In the finals Patu, who was BOS, went BIS-4 in the competition for BOS-dogs. Thank you everyone concerned!
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) Champion Class Excellent/1 Best Bitch-1 and BOB. 3rd time in a row in this prestigious show! In addition to her win, we today toasted the fact she became granny for the 6 puppies born the very same day.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Champion Class Excellent/2 Best Bitch-2
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Champion Class Excellent/4 Best Bitch-4
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Open Class Excellent/1 CAC FIN CH
Cera’s sister Boogie (Calendar Girl of Big Spaniel) got Champion Class Excellent/3 Best Bitch-3
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Junior Class Very Good/1
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Champion Class Excellent/1 Best Male-1 BOS
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Champion Class Excellent/2 Best Male-2
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Working Class Very Good/1

6.10.2007 Lieto, agility trial. Judge Kari Jalonen
While others showed at the Spaniel Show, Petra and Manta were running at agility trial.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Maxi 1 course.
Time penalty 3,33, course penalty 10, result 13,33, Placement 17. / 41.

6.10.2007 Vantaa.
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) delivered her litter while we others were running in the show ring at the spaniel specialty! Taiska got 4 girls and 2 boys and they all are doing fine. Congratulations on first Rastafarian-litter!

1.10.2007 Canberra, Australia. Tuomari RJ Fitzgerald
Temppu (Catanka Hat Trick) Best Open in Group

29.9.2007 Canberra, Australia. Tuomari Jorge Nallem, Uruguay
Temppu (Catanka Hat Trick) Best Open in Group
Best Rarer Gundog Spaniel In Show

28.9.2007 Totti-Ella –pups 8 weeks
Time flies and the magical 8 weeks is now here. The puppies are moving to their new homes. This time we’re hearing news aboiut thses pups from abroad as well, as two of them are moving abroad.
I still have two male pups looking for a home.
Lots of puppy photos can be seen: http://picasaweb.google.fi/Seidilinnavuori

22.9.2007 Miehikkälä, Finnish Championship 2007 in tracking.
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) got the honour to represent Keski-Pohjanmaa Kennel distict in the national championship contest this year. Totti is the first IWS ever participating this contest. On Saturday all 19 kennel distict winners tracked and 6 best went to Sunday’s final.
The weather on Saturday included pouring rain and heavy wind, so in addition to demanding terrain it at least did not help. Nearly at the end of the track Totti started suddenly to follow fresh deer tarcks, so he was given ’lost’, which caused loss of points of course, making it total 34 out of 50 and 2nd prize. This naturally was not enough for Sundayt’s final. However it was great to have an IWS representing in this competition, so wery well done Nina and Totti!!!

16.9.2007 Kruunupyy, tracking test. Judge Hannu Suonto
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) Winners Class 1st prize, 44 points.

8.9.2007 Porvoo all breed show. Judge Harry Tast.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Champion class VG
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Best bitch-4

2.9.2007 Ruovesi, Spaniel working ability test. Judge Risto Janné.
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) passed.

1.9.2007 Vantaa all bred show. Judge Nicola Imbimbo, Italia.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOB
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BOS
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Junior class VG

1.9.2007 Ruovesi, spanielien taipumuskoe. Tuomarina Kirsi Salokanto.
Frida (Catanka Freespoken) passed.

26.8.2007 Tervakoski INT. Judge Jukka Kuusisto, Finland.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOB & GROUP-4
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Best bitch-2
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Very good

25.8.2007 Pöytyä, Spaniel working ability test. Judge Liisa Pajala.
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) passed the test.

19.8.2007 Heinola all breeds. Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland. Entry 3.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Puppy
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOB
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) Best male-2

18.8.2007 Kouvola all breeds. Judge Olga Kuprianova, Russia. Entry 3.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOB
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) became Fin Ch today, as he got his 3rd CAC. Last time he has been shown in 2004, so better late than never… Thanks and congratulations Merja!

18.8.2007 Vesilahti group championship show. Judge Susie Svoldgaard, Denmark.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Puppy
Frida (Catanka Freespoken) CAC and Best bitch-2

18.8.2007 Tampere Obedience test.
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) and Anne debuted and qualified in obedience course with beginner’s class 3rd prize with 134 points.

11-12.8.2007 Sievi, tracking tests. Judge Heikki Kulo.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) qualified both days with Open Class first prize, so he’s now moved on to the Winners Class. Saturday’s points were 48 out of 50, and on Sunday 47/50. Very well done indeed Nina and Patu!

12.8.2007 Riihimäki championship show for groups 5, 6, 7 and 8. Jugde Saija Juutilainen.
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) CAC and BOB.

4.8.2007 Kiiminki limited championship show. Judge Paavo Mattila.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) BOB

4.8.2007 Hämeenlinna. Etelä-Hämeen Koirakerho’s agility trial. Judge Kari Jalonen.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Maxi-1 class, time to beat 48 s., course time 49,45 s., faults 15, result 16,45 and placement 10. / 22.

29.7.2007 Pori International. Judge Theo Leenen, Belgium. Entry 8.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Best male-1 CACIB BOB GROUP-1!!!
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best male-2 RES-CACIB
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) EVA
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Best bitch-2 RES-CACIB
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Puppy

28-29.7.2007 100 years Jubieum Club show and European Spaniel Show in Austria. Judge on Saturday Jessie Madsen, Denmark and on Sunday Laurent Pichard, Switzerland. Entry of 3.
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) BOB both days.

22.7.2007 Pello all breeds. Judge Theo Leenen, Belgium.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) ROP

15.7.2007 Kokkola International. Judge Bertil Lundgren, Sweden.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) CACIB BOB
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) CACIB BOS

14.7.2007 Orivesi all breeds. Judhe Kirsi Nieminen, Finland.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Puppy

13-15.7.2007 Kokkola agility contest
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda)
Friday: 5 faults, placement 8/50
Saturday: NQ
Sunday: 13,09 faults, placement 17/38.

8.7.2007 Piteå International, Sweden. Judge Svend Lövenkjaer, Denmark.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) CACIB BOB
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Best bitch-2 RES-CACIB

8.7.2007 Juva International. Judge Elena Ruskovaara, Finland. Entry 8.
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) Best bitch-1 BOB and GROUP-1!!!
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) Best bitch-2
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Best bitch-4
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Best male-1 BOS
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Best male-3
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Puppy

1.7.2007 Karjaa International. Judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland. Entry of 4.
FREE-litter’s 4th dog finished today the Champion title. Congratulations Nette and De-De!! Ella-mom was best of breed today, and is now leaving the rings for a while, as she’s going to whelp a litter next month.
Ella (Catanka Taste of Waltz) Best Bitch-1 CACIB BOB
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Best Bitch-2 Res-CACIB
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Best Bitch-3, CAC, new Fin Ch
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Best Male-1 CACIB BOS
Catanka Breeders group made a cut in the finals.

30.6.2007 Tuusula all breeds. Judge Kirsti Louhi. Entry of 5.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Puppy in breed
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Best Male-1 BOS
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Best Bitch-2 res-CAC

30.6.2007 Siuntio agilitycontest, also training classes.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) qualified with 20 faults, placement 12th.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) went first time in the training contest, and did not too bad, as she ended up 2nd in Maxi-class.
Photos of Maisa’s performance

29.6.2007 Water rescue trial
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) was in his 1st real water rescue trial and qualified with 3rd prize, with 73/100 points.

24.6.2007 Rovaniemi International. Judge Harri Lehkonen, Finland.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best Male-1 CACIB BOB
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) Best Bitch-1 CACIB BOS

16.6.2007 Hämeenlinna all breeds. Judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland. Entry of 3.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOB
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) Junior Class Very Good

15.6.2007 Kotka International. Judge Maudie Burke, Ireland. Entry of 5.
Lovely day which was crowned with Veijo’s group placement under Kirsti Louhi’s judging. Breeder’s group made a cut in the finals.
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) CACIB BOB GROUP-3
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Best male-2
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) CACIB BOS
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Very Good

9.6.2007 Vehmaa, Speniel Specialty Show. Judge Valentina Ivanicheva, Russia.
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) got today her 1st CAC and was BOB.

 2-3.6.2007 Kannus, Tracking test. Judge Heikki Kulo.
Irish Water Spaniel Club of Finland arranged first tracking test, which was held in Kannus. 6 dogs participated both days, of which totally 8 were Irishers. Ground was very easygoing, really different what I’m used to here in my neighborhood, but there were lots of game scents to get the dogs mixed anyway. Even bear. I also now first time saw bear’s foot print, as the track I guided, included those. Weather was wonderful – to do anything else than tracking! It was so hot and dry. Not at all ideal for the dogs. Despite it most did superb job, and we had overall a great weekend. Totti was the only dog which had earlier been in the test, so all the rest were first timers.
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) is a new Finnish Tracking Champion! And what a way to finish, as he gained 50 points out of possible 50! Well - so well done Totti and Nina.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) was Saturday’s best Open Class dog, gaining 1st prize with 46 points.
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) Open Class 1st prize with 45 points.
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) Open Class 1st prize with 40 points.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Open Class 3rd prize with 29 points.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda), Jazzy (Catanka Cry Freedom) and Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) ended up following three times too far game tracks, so they were disqualified.
Link for some photos

27.5.2007 Parainen all breed show. Judge Harri Lehkonen, Finland. Entry of 8.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BOB
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) Best bitch-2
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) Best bitch-3 CAC and new Finnish Champion!
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Open Class Excellent
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) Junior Class Very Good
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOS
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) Best male-2
Breeder’s class included Taco, Hertta, Maisa and Rumba

26.5.2007 Iisalmi all breeds. Judge Markku Santamäki, Finland.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) CAC BOB GROUP-4
Congratulations on the first Group placement Pirjo and Siiri!

26.5.2007 Parainen Irish Water Spaniel Club of Finland CLUB SHOW. Judge Hans Lehtinen, Finland. Entry of 29.
Rumba was 4th time in a row chosen as Best bitch! Today she ended up Best of Opposite.
Catanka-breeder’s class was BIS. Full results:
Hamlet (Catanka Humpty Dumpty) Champion Class Excellent-1, Best male-2
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Champion Class Excellent-3, Best male-4
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) Champion Class Excellent-4
Arttu (Catanka Winnie the Pooh) Veteran Class Very Good-2
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Puppy Class-2 Prize of Honour
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) Junior Class Excellent-1, Best Junior trophy
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Open Class Very Good-1
Jazzy (Catanka Cry Freedom) Open Class Very Good-2
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) Open Class Very Good-3
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Working Class Excellent-1
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) Working Class Very Good-4
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) Champion Class Excellent-1, Best bitch-1, BOS
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Champion Class Excellent-3
Ella (Catanka Taste of Waltz) Champion Class Excellent-4
Breede’s group included Hamlet, Ella, Maisa and Rumba

20.5.2007 Nakkila Tracking-test. Judge Erkki Rantamäki.
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) 2. Prize/ 31/50 points.

17.5.2007 Tampere, all breed puppy show. Judge Raija Tammelin, Finland.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) was first time shown today in a puppy show, and she was BOB-puppy.

17.5.2007 Köyliö, tracking-test. Judge Sakari Kankaanpää
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) got again today Winners Class 1st prize. Well done!

13.5.2007 Hamina all breeds. Judge Elena Ruskovaara.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOB and shortlisted in the group

12.5.2007 Pieksämäki Obedience test.
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Beginners Class, 2nd prize, 140 points

12.5.2007 Österbybruk international, Swedish Winner-07. Judge Bertil Lundgren, Sweden.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) is now also Swedish Show Champion!

3.5.2007 Lake Elmo, Minnesota, USA. National Specialty weekend
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) got Award of Merit from Thursday’s Twin Cities Irish Water Spaniel Regional Specialty. Link to his Award of Merit photo: http://www.shawndphoto.com/proofs/displayimage.php?album=39&pos=16

6.5.2007 Oulainen limited show. Judge Markku Santamäki.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) CAC and BOB

6.5.2007 Somero limited show. Judge Kari Salminen.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOB
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Good

28.4.2007 Lahti International. Judge Silke Warneke from Germany. Total entry of 7.
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) BEST BITCH-1 CACIB  BOB
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) BEST MALE-2 RES-CAC CACIB
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BEST BITCH-3  RES-CAC RES-CACIB
De-De (Catanka Free Will) BEST BITCH-4
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) 2nd in Champion class and was shown also in the breeder’s group

22.4.2007 Harstad INT, Norway. Judge Dan Ericsson, Sweden.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) is a new Norwegian Champion!

20-22.4.2007 Idaho, USA.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) four day circuit resulted one Group Win and twice Group-2’s.

15.4.2007 Sipoo limited show. Judge Markku Santamäki.
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) took again breed with CAC. Well done Marika and Hertta!
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Best bitch-2
Up to date photo of Hertta in her own page.

15.4.2007 Vaasa INT. We had a change of judge and new judge was Hans Lehtinen.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) CACIB BOB
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Intermediate Class, Very Good

14.4.2007 Hirvensalmi limited show. Judge Jaana Hartus.
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) was shown after 10 months break. I clipped her earlier in the week and nearly could not believe my eyes how lovely she had developed since last time I saw her as a raw junior. Today she took the breed with CAC.

8.4.2007 Szilvasvarad kv, Hungary. Breed judge Gordon Williams (GB) and in group Henric Fryckstrand (S).
Twister (Catanka Twist and Shout) BOB, CACIB and GROUP-3!
Click show photo.

1.4.2007 Mäntsälä limited show (FCI groups 5, 6, 8). Breed judge Eeva Resko, in group Elena Ruskovaara, and Esko Nummijärvi in BIS-final.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) was handled by the talented co-owner Mari, and went BIS-2 today! Well done!

14.4.2007 Kokkola limited show. Breed judge Saija Juutilainen and Tarja Hovila in group.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB and GROUP-2!
De-De (Catanka Free Will) CAC, BOS.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) Very Good

25.3.2007 Tampere International all breed show, entry of 12. Judge Merja Järnstedt.
5 Catankas were entered and also all of them present, as well my co-owned Cera. Hilma-puppy was present as a tourist and learned how it is in the big indoor shows. She seemed to not anything against it! Rumba was first time shown this year, and took BOB. Maisa was 2nd best bitch after her, and Cera 4th. Taco was 2nd best male. The breeder’s group, which included Taco and his girlies De-De, Maisa and Rumba went BIS-3 under Hans Lehtinen. Big big thanks everyone concerned – again – and a special thank you to Saana, who stepped in help and handled Maisa in the breeders group. Saana was also in the Junior Handler contest with Taco. It was a such a lovely but looooong day as a whole!
Our full results:
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Champion Class, Excellent/2, Res-CACIB, 2nd best male.
Taco and Saana Lehtinen (http://personal.inet.fi/koti/saana.lehtinen/index.html) took part in the Junior Handler contest.
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) Champion Class, Excellent/1, CACIB, 1st best bitch, BOB
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Open Class, Excellent/1, CAC, Res-CACIB, 2nd best bitch
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Open Class, Excellent/3, res-CAC, 4th best
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Intermediate Class, Excellent/1
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) Champion Class, Excellent/2

17.3.2007 Pieksämäki obedience test. Judge Marko Puranen
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) and paula had a great day today. 2nd start in the beginners class resulted today First Prize with the points 168,5. Well done!

Nina and boys had a two weekends trip to the Baltic Countries. Glad you had such a succes again, well done!!
10.3.2007 Vilna INT, Lithuania. Judge Libuse Ubrova, Czech republic
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB, New Lithuanian Champion and Lithuanian annual Winner 2007
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) 2nd best male
11.3.2007 Vilna INT, Lithuania. Judge Zwi Kupferberg, Israel
Totti (Hooligan's Globetrotter) ) BOB, New Lithuanian Champion
18.3.2007 Riga INT, Latvia. Judge Rita Skadike-Kadina, Latvia
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB, New Latvian Champion and Latvian annual Winner 2007

12.2.2007 Westminster Kennel Club, USA. Judge Val Foss, Great Britain
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was invited to be shown at Westminster. It looked to my eyes, that his handler Stacy was under hard pressure to show a British dog under British judge, knowing that the owner-Judith also was by ringside. However, Woody was given Award of Merit!

Breed judging videos: http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2007/video/breed/index.html

11.2.2007 Lahti, Finnish Dog Show Judges’ Society’s show for FCI group 8 dogs. Judhe in breed Frank Kane, Great Britain and in BIS-final Hans Lehtinen. Breed entry 7.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) and Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) were shown today. Maisa took the breed and Cera was 2nd best bitch right after her. Maisa ended up finally BIS-4! Mari took part with the girls to pair contest, which was judged by Frank Kane. And team girlpower was BIS!
Click photos from the show.

11.2.2007 Tallinn INT, Estonia. Judge Cristian Stavrache, Romania
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) is new EST CH.
Click photos from the show.

10.2.2007 Champion of Champions. Judges Annukka Paloheimo, Valentina Ivanicheva (Russia) and Paul Stanton (Sweden).
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) was among the best 150 show dogs in 2006, and therefore invited to Champion of Champions. In the first round Rumba was against really lovely Alsatian Bar-Waxan Kamaro, which however was won with the votes 3-0. Second round’s pair was an elegant Greyhound Whiptail’s Lullaby Sky, who won and who ended up being a semifinalist. We all had great time and Rumba loved the catwalk. Click some photos from the evening.

3.2.2007 Raahe, Championship show for FCI groups 5,6,8. Judge Paavo Mattila.
Patu started his year of 2007 with style being Group-4 under Tarja Hovila.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) was the only IWS. she got Excellent, so became BOB and got CAC.

27.1.2007 Turku, International Show, entry of 7. Judge Lydia Erhart, the Netherlands.
Our breeder’s group (Taco, Patu, De-De, Maisa) took BIS-3 under Davor Javor from Kroatia, thank you all concerned! Patu was also shortlisted in the group under Swedish Karl-Erik Johansson.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) CACIB BOB
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Best Male-3
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) CAC CACIB BOS
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Best Bitch-2
Jazzy (Catanka Cry Freedom) Very Good

7.1.200 Kajaani, International Show, entry of 2. Judge Raija Tammelin.
Patu started his year of 2007 with style being Group-4 under Tarja Hovila.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) CACIB BOB GROUP-4
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) Very Good