13.12.2008 Helsinki Winner-2008 International Show. Judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden.
Last show for this year was another ’must’, also Helsinki winner show. This is always the largest show in Finland, and this year gathered over 8500 dogs. BOB was Maisa, who also got the title Finnish Winner-08. Maisa also made a cut in the group under Rune Fagerström.

In the past 10 years, Catankas have gained Finnish winner titles as follows:
2008         Catanka Freestyler + BOB
2007         Catanka Knock on Wood + BOB
2006         Catanka to Be Continued + BOB
2006         Catanka Besserwisser
2005         Catanka Taste of Waltz + BOB
2004         Fynder Freethinker + BOB (in loan from England)
2004         Catanka Besserwisser
2003         Catanka To Be Continued + BOB
2003         Catanka Besserwisser
2002         Catanka Humpty Dumpty
2001         Catanka Winnie the Pooh + BOB
2001         Catanka Waltzing Matilda
1999         Catanka Waltzing Matilda + BOB
1999         Catanka Winnie the Pooh

This year’s results:
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler)          Champion Class/1, Best Bitch-1, BOB
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda)          Champion Class/2, Best Bitch-2
De-De (Catanka Free Will)          Champion Class/3, Best Bitch-3
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream)          Junior Class/1
Sanni (Catanka Indeed)                   Junior Class Good
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood)          Champion Class/1, Best Male-2
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) Junior Class/1

7.12.2008 Hund2008 Stockholm, Sweden. Judge Ove Germudsson, Sweden.
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) is the newest FCI International Champion! In addition gaining the wanted foreign CACIB which made her INT CH, she was also BOB, plus was shortlisted in the group under Per Iversen.
Click the official BOB-photo from this show.

7.12.2008 Verona International Show, Italy. Judge Claudio de Giuliani, Italy
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu)BOB

2.12.2008 Cremona International Show, Italy. Judge Giudice Gioacchino Murante, Italy
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu)BOB

22.11.2008 International Show in Jyväskylä. Judge Harto Stockmari, Finland
In Jyväskylässä we celebrated the newest Finnish Champion Hilma J
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Best Bitch-1, BOB        
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Bitch-2, CAC, FIN CH
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Best Bitch-3
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best Male-1, BOS
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Best Male-1

18.10.2008 Spanielien hunting test (upland) SPME, Mouhijärvi. Judge Pertti Kotiranta.
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) was again at the hunting test, and with another good 2nd prize result (points 95)
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) No result

17.11.2008 Genova International Show, Italy. Judge Rita Kadike-Skadina, Latvia
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu)BOB

26.10.2008 All breed Puppy Show, Lahti. Judge Rune Fagerström, Finland
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) was the only IWS puppy, but he did well till the very end. BOB and GROUP-2 under the breed specialist.

25.10.2008 International Show in Seinäjoki. Judge Bjarne Sörensen, Norway
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Best Bitch-1, BOS
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) Best Bitch-2

19.10.2008 Finnish spaniel Association Main Specialty Show, Hyvinkää. Judge Rui Goncalves, Portugal.
This is a ’must’ every year, and this year too we resulted WELL! Entry was 18, but 2 absentees, of which another was Veijo, who was resting home after yesterday’s hunting test.
We had BOB, BOS, and nearly all Best female/best male placements. Catanka Breeder’s Group went BEST IN SHOW in the final ring under Maria Ceccarelli from Italy.
Thank you for another special day everyone concerned!

Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) made his show debut today with always wagging tail at 8 months, and he was Best Puppy.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler)               Best Bitch, BEST OF BREED
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda)          BB-2
De-De (Catanka Free Will)                 BB-3
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Very good
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream)        Very good
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood)          Best Male, BEST OF OPPOSITE
Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo)             BM-3
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued)        BM-4
Taco, Patu, Maisa and De-De were representing Catanka Breeder’s group.

18.10.2008 Spaniel Hunting test (upland) SPME, Maaninka. Judge Pertti Kotiranta.
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) was again at the hunting test, and with another good 2nd prize results (points 95). In addition to two pheasants, he also found raccoon dog.

11.10.2008 Agility trial Kirkkonummi. Judge Ritva Herrala
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) attended after long summer break to agility trial with pleasing result, clear round!

5.10.2008 Äetsä Tracking Test. Judge Erkki Rantamäki
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open Class 1st prize with 47 out of 50 points. He is now moved up to Winner’s Class. Well done!

4.10.2008 Spaniel Hunting test (upland) SPME, Vaskivesi. Judge Heimo Ranta
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) debuted in hunting test with good result. 2nd prize with 85 points made this the best ever result for the breed in this country. Extremely well done and congratulations!

4.10.2008 FCI European Winner Show – EUW-08 – Budapest, Hungary. Judge Claudio de Giulliani, Italy
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu), who lives in Italy, was the only Catanka attending to this show and this young fellow did extremely well, as in addition to being titled as European Junior Winner-08 he went Best of Breed! Entry was 9 and consisted of dogs from Finland, the Netherlands and Czech Republic.
You can find show results: www.eurodogshow2008.hu

28.9.2008 Ruovesi Spaniel Working Ability Test. Judge Tero Mettälä
Litter sisters Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) and Ruska (Catanka In the Air) passed the test.

27.9.2008 Temperament Test, Forssa. Judges Bengt Söderholm and Tarja Matsuoi
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) is now the first IWS tested in Finland.

27.9.2008 Raduno, Italy. Judge Enrico Adinolfi
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu)BOB

14.9.2008 Porvoo all breed show. Judge Jaana Hartus, Finland
De-De (Catanka Free Will) again BOB and later GROUP-2 under Swedish Hans Rosenberg.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) best bitch-2

13.9.2008 Ruska’s first hunting day
Ruska retrieved capercaillie cock as her first bird, and it was even only wonded. Look at the photos from her gallery.

7.9.2008 Nakkila obedience test. Judge Tiina Heino
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Beginners Class 1st prize, 182,5 points

7.9.2008 Rovaniemi tracking test.
Viivi(Catanka Innocence) Open Class 2nd prize, 38 points

6.9.2008 Elimäki Working ability Test for Spaniels. Judges Marjatta and Tarmo Jaakkola
Litter brothers Oskari (Catanka I Want it All) and Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo) passed.

6.9.2008 Helsinki all breed show. Judge Pam Blay, Great Britain
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) BOB with CAC

30.8.2008 Water test (part of the Spaniel Hunting Test) in Kärkölä. Judge Esko Tähtinen
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) and Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) attended, and both gained 3 out of 3 points, well done!

30.8.2008 Rovaniemi Working ability Test for Spaniels. Judge Risto Janné
Viivi(Catanka Innocence) passed.

17.8.2008 Tampere obedience test. Judge Marita Packalén
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) Beginners Class 1st prize, 172 points

10.8.2008 Helsinki all breed show. Judge Monique van Brempt, Belgium
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) BOS

9.8.2008 Vesilahti show for FCI groups 5,6,7, 8. Judge Merja Järnstedt
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) BOS & CAC

8.8.2008 Tampere obedience test. Judge Aino Juhantalo-Kakkola
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) Beginners Class 2nd prize, 153 points

5.8.2008 Nakkila obedience test. Judge Tiina Heino
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Beginners Class 1st prize, 173,5 points

3.8.2008 Water Rescue Trial, Tammela. Judge Pasi Dunderfelt
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) has moved up to Open Class, and result today was 3rs prize with  66 points.

1-3.8.2008 Kuopio. Three International Shows gathered good amount of Water Spaniels every day. Glad to report that all three Best of Breeds went to sisters Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) and De-De (Catanka Free Will). Former was BOB on Friday under Harri Lehkonen, and latter on Saturday under Hans Lehtinen and Sunday under American Douglas A Johnson. Sunday ended up with GROUP WIN under the same judge. Amazing weekend!

27.7.2008 Pori INT. Judge Rita Reyniers, Belgium (7 dogs)
While I was spending beautiful summer days on our beautiful island, others had a hot day at the show in Pori J. The summer weather has finally come to Finland.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) beated everyone, so she was BOB with CAC and CACIB. Congratulations Pauliina!
Oskari (Catanka I Want it All) Very Good
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Very Good

26.7.2008 Rovaniemi Tracking-test.
Viivi  (Catanka Innocence) debuted in tracking, and got 3rd prize with 26 points. While on track, a reindeer came towards, and viivi’s concentration was ruined for a moment. But she continued to track, which was well done. I hope the reindeer found his way back to the Santa Claus’ village…

24.7.2008 Yvette is in foal!
My mare Yvette has today been scanned to be in foal. She was inseminated 16 days ago with Holsteiner show jumping stallion Casir Ask, who lives in Denmark. So, first catanka-foal is hoped to be born in June 2009. Fingers crossed everything goes well.

17-21.7.2008 regards from England.
I spent a long weekend in England, where on Saturday was held IWSA’s breed Championship show, and on Sunday SIWSC’s Working Test. In addition meeting all friends and see the latest generation of dogs in UK, one of the highlights was of course to meet  Woody (Fynder Freethinker) first time since his return from USA last year.

13.7.2008 Karjaa all breed. Breed and group judge Merja Järnstedt and in the BIS-ring Hans Lehtinen.
De-De (Catanka Free Will) had a super day! First she was BOB, then won the GROUP, and finally became second in the BIS-competition. Extremely well done Nette, huge congratulations!
Jo-Jo (Catanka Intensive Jojo) Very Good from Junior class

13.7.2008 Water Rescue trial, Forssa. Judge Jyrki Heino
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) again full 100 points and 1st Prize. Now this team is moved up to next level. Happy training Johanna and Chili.

6.7.2008 Stockholm, Sweden. World Winner Show-2008. Judge Harry O’Donoghue, Ireland.
Entry was 45, but with some absentees. However new record for the breed in World Show. And it felt very international, as there came Irish Water Spaniels from 5 countries, which represent kennels around the world.
Queen Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) came and won. She was in such a brilliant mood and clearly showed socks off. I just had to follow her. Really deserved win for this grandmom. First she won huge Champion bitch class, then the CACIB which made her World Winner-08, and last Best of Breed win. In the group she made cut among the best 7 under Hans Lehtinen. What a day!
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) was second in Champion bitches right behind Rumba, and won reserve-CACIB.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Intermediate Class win and reserve-CAC
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Third with excellent in Junior bitch class
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) Excellent in Champion bitch class
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) won Champion male class, and later reserve-CACIB. He looked absolutely wonderful.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Excellent in Champion male class
Oskari (Catanka I Want it All) became third with excellent in Junior male class
There were 4 breeders groups presented, and Catanka-group was the best. It included dogs Rumba, Maisa, Taiska ja Patu, so respectively the are from four different litters!
Catanka-relatives also had a great day. Cousin-Boogie (Calendar Girl of Big Spaniel), out of Catanka Twist and Shout (lives in Hungary), won bitch Open class, and later got CAC, so she is now also Swedish Champion. Congratulations Pauliina! http://pauliina.vuodatus.net/
Catanka Hurly Curly’s son Doonbeg Rare Flare, who lives in Denmark, became 2nd in male Champion Class and was handled by his breeder Chris Attwood from England. Taiska’s (Catanka Freedom of Speech) daughter Rastafarian LA Woman became 2nd in Junior bitch class.

5.7.2008 Mikkeli all breeds. Judge Ricky Lochs-Romans, Holland
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) BOB
Ruska (Catanka In the Air) shown as junior, and she now also got her first CAC. She was also BOS.

29.6.2008 Jurva. Judge Marjo Jaakkola, Finland
Oskari (Catanka I Want it All) CAC and BOB. He also made a cut in the group.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) CAC and BOS

29.6.2008 Järvenpää all breeds. Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland
Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo) another CAC and BOB. He also made a cut in the group under Leila Kärkäs. What a start for this youngster, well done Taru!
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) BOS
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Best bitch-2 with CAC, her first one.

28.6.2008 Järvenpää all breeds. Tuomarina Diana Fenton, Australia.
Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo) first time shown in adult classes. Junior boy won BOB and also got CAC.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BOS
Jo-Jo (Catanka Intensive Jojo) Very good
Frida (Catanka Freespoken) Very good

21.6.2008 Rovaniemi all breeds. Judge Jo Schepers, Holland
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) CACIB and BOB
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) CACIB and BOS
Sanni (Catanka Indeed) Best bitch-2 with CAC

20.6.2008 Gällivare int, Sweden. Judge Ing-Marie Hagelin, Sweden
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) CACIB, BOB

Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) CACIB, BOS. With this CACIB Manta became FCI International Champion. Thank you and congratulations Petra!

15.6.2008 Rusko show hor FCI Group-8. Judge Joao Vieira Lisboa, Portugal.
De-De (Catanka Free Will) BOB and also BEST IN SHOW under the same judge!!! WELL done Nette and De-De!
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Bitch-2 with CAC
Frida (Catanka Freespoken)Best Bitch-3 with Res-CAC

15.6.2008 Expo Naz Parma, Italy
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu) attended to his first show and was BOB.

15.6.2008 Kotka Int. Judge Rainer Vuorinen, Finland.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BOB
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) GOOD. She looked too much ’junior’ today.

15.6.2008 Loppi, swimming championship contest 2008
Great fun, as girl trio Jazzy (Catanka Cry Freedom) ja Samba (Catanka Do It With Freedom) and Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) with their owners attended a swimming contest. Task was to jump to the water from a rowing boat, and then swim 50 metres to the shore as fast as possible. Well, the Irishers were certainly not the fastest ones, but did not either retrieve any marks either while swimming (surprising?). It also was said that they did the best leaps to the water. I bet both the dogs and owners had a fun day!

14.6.2008 Forssa Int Show. Judge Eeva Rautala, Finland.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Bitch-1 CAC CACIB BOB
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Best Bitch-2 Res-CACIB

14-15.6.2008 Water Rescue Trial, Helsinki. Judge Pasi Dunderfelt
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) had full weekend trialling water rescue, first time this season. On Saturday he gained full 100 points out of 100, so 1st prize. WELL DONE Johanna and Chili!!!! On Sunday retrieving an item to the boat was not done properly, and no points of that part, which meant 75 out of 100 points and 3rd prize totally.

8.6.2008 ACT Gundog Society Show, Australia. Judge Kate Keely.
Temppu (Catanka Hat Trick) was today BEST IN SHOW!!!!
Read what Sharon emailed:
I was so pleased with Temppu, I haven't shown her for awhile, easter was the last time I think and she showed her little heart out. Thank you so much for sending us this wonderful girl. We have always known that she had it in her, we just needed the right judge to see it too. The judge did comment that she moves wonderfully,that her movement is so correct and it was wonderful to judge her.
Temppu’s daughter was also Best Australian Bred in Show, what a day! Huge, huge  congratulations Sharon and John!

8.6.2008 Ruovesi Spaniel working test. Judge Risto Janné.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) passed the test. Thanks and congratulations Pauliina!

7.6.2008 Gällivare, Sweden tracking test. Judge Folke Sandström.
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) is now also Swedish Tracking Champion! Nina made a long trip to Northern Sweden to give it a try. The tracks are done a bit differently than in Finland, so the tests cannot be fully compared with ours. Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) had not a lucky day today, as he just decided to terminate tracking after while, and Nina had to terminate the test. Afterwards they heard that the deer hoof of the next track was taken by some predator.

1.6.2008 Tallinn, Estonia. Judge Denis Kuzelj, Slovenia
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) and Mari were attending Estonian Winner-08 Show. That plus Estonian Champion were gained, so well done. Taco made also cut in the group.

1.6.2008 Nakkila tracking-test. Judge Pasi Kemppainen.
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open Class 2nd Prize, 31 points.

1.6.2008 Helsinki Stadi Games AGILITY. Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) got her first clear round today! Time was –12,89 s below ideal. Placement was 4th out of 48 competitors.

24-25.5.2008 Kannus Irlanninvesispanielit ry TRACKING-TEST. Judges Heikki Kulo and Jouni Simonen.
IWS-club held second time its’ own test, and we had again great results.
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) participated first time since last year’s Finnish Championship contest, and he sure still knew what to do. Result Winners-Class 1st prize, points 48 out of the maximim 50.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Winners-Class 1st prize, points 41.
Ella (Catanka Taste of Waltz) was at her very first test, and she debuted wonderfully. Open Class 1st Prize with 49 points.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) was Saturday’s unluckiest dog. While tracking the last third part, she switched to other track. Maisa’s track had been unfortunately done far too near to the next one, and those both tracks had to be eliminated. Anyway, we had the possibility to compete again next day, and Sunday’s result was Open Class 1st Prize with 47 points, so no hard feelings! Maisa is now moved up to the Winners Class.
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) was also at her very first test, and got result 2nd prize with 35 points. 
Jazzy (Catanka Cry Freedom), Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) and Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) got three misses during the track, so they did not this time get result.

24.5.2008 Rovaniemi. Judge Leila Kärkäs
Sanni (Catanka Indeed) is the first one of I-litter, who has got CAC, congratulations! Sanni was also BOB.

18.5.2008 Lohja AGILITY. I think we did some breed history, as today two Irish Water Spaniels were at the same agility-contest. And these were sisters Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) and Hertta (Catanka Freelancer), and this was Hertta’s first agility-contest. Two coarses to run today, and Hertta got CLEAR round in her very first one, congratulations! Second round included one fault on poles. Maisa got one contact fault on both coarses.

18.5.2008 Himanka Tracking test. Judge Kalevi Kankaanpää
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) is now Finnish Tracking Champion! Third test within a bit over two weeks with 1st prize (45 points today) made him getting this title. Awesome!

10.5.2008 breed specialty show and also special show for finnish spaniel Association’s breeds. Judge for IWS was Angela Williams (kennel Foulby), UK.
Breeder judge had made a super entry of 38 IWS, and totally there were about 230 spaniels.
Maisa was the star of the day. First she took the breed, and later was BIS-2 under Finnish spaniel specialist Arja Koskelo. Catanka Breeder’s group was best in the breed, and later also BIS-1 under Danish ESS–breeder Jessie Borregaard Madsen. Ella had a progeny group, and it was best in the breed ring, and also BIS-1 under Arja Koskelo. Maisa was also selected best head, best tail and best temperament. Sister De-De got award best mover. Another GREAT day for Catanka, thank you so so much everyone concerned!
Full results of our gang:
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Champion class excellent/1 best bitch-1 BOB BIS-2
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) Champion class excellent/3
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Champion class excellent/4
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) Champion class excellent
Ella (Catanka Taste of Waltz) Champion class excellent
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) Champion class excellent
Cera (Chili Pepper of Big Spaniel) Champion class excellent
Taiska (Catanka Freedom of Speech) Working class excellent/2
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Intermediate class very good/1
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Junior class excellent/2
Ruska (Catanka In the Air) Junior class very good/4
Jo-Jo (Catanka Intensive Jojo) Junior class very good
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Champion class excellent/1 best male-2
Hamlet (Catanka Humpty Dumpty) Champion class excellent/2
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Working class excellent/2
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) Working class excellent/3
Oskari (Catanka I Want it All) Junior class excellent/3
Breeder’s group included Maisa, DeeDee, Ella and Patu.
Critique of the breeder’s group: Excellent examples of the breed. I’d be proud to own them.
Show photos

7.5.2008 Lohtaja Himanka Tracking test. Judge Torsten Lerstrand
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) and Nina competed in the tracking test again, and resulted with 1st prize and 43 points!

3.5.2008 Koski TL. Judge Leila Kärkäs, Finland. Wonderful day for the girls, as Ulpu became titled, and De-De got a group placement. Well done!
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) CAC, new FIN CH
De-De (Catanka Free Will) BOB, GROUP-3

1.5.2008 Sievi Tracking test. Judge Kalevi Kankaanpää
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) and Nina spent hot (23 C) day in the forest. Patu made his first Winners Class track today, and did well, as he got 1st prize (40/50 points). Well done!!!

27.4.2008 Lahti INT. Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Best Bitch-1 CACIB BOB
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best Bitch-2 CAC

26.4.2008 Vaasa INT. Judge Kurt Nilsson, Sweden.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best Male-1 BOB

19.4.2008 Jyväskylä INT. Judge Lisbeth Campbell, Norway.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) CACIB BOS
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BEST MALE-2
Oskari (Catanka I Want it All) BOB-puppy
Sanni (Catanka Indeed) BOS-puppy
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) 2.nd in bitch puppies

19.4.2008 Loviisa. Judge Leila Kärkäs, Finland.
Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo) BOB-puppy
Jo-Jo (Catanka Intensive Jojo) was also shown

19.4.2008 Kiuruvesi. Judge Soile Bister, Finland.
From I-litter Ruska (Catanka In the Air) has also now done her debut in the show ring, and she was BOB-puppy.

14.4.2008 Welcome to Finland Voitto!
I was in Holland last weekend, and came back with puppy! So we have a new import, and he is Green Socks Nothing To Declare, call name Voitto (means Victory). He’s co-owned with Paula Valkonen, who has Catanka Free Kick.
Link to Green Socks: http://www.greensocks.nl
Link to Voitto’s own page

13.4.2008 Kajaani. Judge Leila Kärkäs, Finland
Sanni (Catanka Indeed) BOB-puppy.

13.4.2008 Nakkila Tracking Test. Judge Jarmo Nummijärvi
Jazzy (Catanka Cry Freedom) Open Class 3rd prize

12.4.2008 Sysmä. Judge Leni Finne, Finland.
Oskari (Catanka I Want it All) first outing in the ring, and he was BOB-puppy.

30.3.2008 Korpilahti. Judge Hannele Jokisilta, Finland.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) BOB and CAC.

22.3.2008 Rovaniemi. Judge Tarja Hovila, Finland.
From I-litter Sanni (Catanka Indeed) made her show debut and she was BOB-puppy.

16.3.2008 Tampere INT. Judge n the breed was Richard Beauchamp, USA and in the group Frank Kane, UK. Entry was 17 but there were 4 absentees.
Maisa had a super day. First she took the breed, and then also placed in the group under well-known British judge. Our Jake-daughter Hilma was again right after Maisa in the best bitch class, so very well done from the junior.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BEST BITCH-1 CACIB BOB GROUP-3
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) BEST BITCH-2 CAC
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) EXCELLENT/1
De-De (Catanka Free Will) VERY GOOD/3
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BEST MALE-2 RES-CACIB
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BEST MALE-4
Link for photos from the show

2.2.2008 Helsinki Puppy Show. Judge Reia Leikola-Waldén.
Few of the I-puppies made their show debut.
Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo) was only male puppy. He was Best of Breed Puppy
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) was Best of Opposite Puppy
Jo-Jo (Catanka Intensive Jojo) placed 2nd after Mette in the bitch class.

2.2.2008 Parkano. Judge Annukka Paloheimo, Finland.
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) BEST BITCH-1 CAC BOB. Hilma also made a cut in the group.
Frida (Catanka Freespoken) BB-3 RES-CAC
Link for photos from the show

27.1.2008 Turku INT. Judge Anja Puumala, Finland.
De-De (Catanka Free Will BEST BITCH-1 CACIB BOB
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BB-2 RES-CACIB
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) BB-3 CAC
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BEST MALE-2 RES-CACIB

6.1.2008 Kajaani international. Judge Elena Ruskovaara, Finland.
Siiri (Catanka Freeloader) BOB CACIB
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) BOS CACIB
Hilma (Aquatikus Frozen Xpectation) Best bitch-3, CAC