12.-13.12.2009 Finnish Winner-09 and Nordic Winner-09 Shows at Helsinki Fair Centre
Two days, two shows, two titles. Thousands of dogs. Best of breeds both days for Catanka dogs, though there wasn’t this year too many of us. So thank you and well done.
Saturday’s judge was Finnish Elina Tan-Hietalahti, who is known to be extremely strict, and as usual the whole scala was used.
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) was shown in intermediate class, and due to untypical coat he got only Good
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) from Champion Class, Very Good
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Excellent, winner of champion bitches and Best Bitch-2
Ruska (Catanka In the Air) the only shown in Working Class, Excellent. And then judge’s clear winner of Best Bitch class, and Best of breed at the end! Congratulations Ulla-Riitta for new Finnish Winner-09!
Sunday’s judge was Theo Leenen from Belgium, who has judged the breed here several times in the last couple of years. He at least made Paula’s day as
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) happily trotted himself Best of breed and is now also known as Nordic Winner-09.
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) was today having correct coat. He went 2nd best male after Veijo, and got CAC.
Ruska (Catanka In the Air) Best Bitch-2
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Best Bitch-3

7.-8.11.2009 Vaskivesi, Spaniel hunting test (upland)
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) and Paula had another hunting weekend. On Saturday they had new experience, trialling on fresh (and wet) snow. The ’planted’ pheasants were not found by anyone, but lots of fox footprints instead seen in the snow. No birds, no result…  And Veijo full of huge snowballs stucked in his coat. Sunday on the other hand resulted two pheasants, and lovely 2nd prize with 95 points. Well done.

31.10.2009 Agility trial, Helsinki
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) and Marika made the last needed clear round, and therefore are now qualified to second level. Well done!

25.10.2009 Noormarkku, Obedience test
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open Class 2nd prize, 157 pts.

25.10.2009 Finnish Spaniel Association’s main specialty show. Judge José Romao, Portugal. Entry of 10.
Lovely to see such ’high’ number of entries in the ring. It has certainly been quieter this year in general. Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) was shown first time since his return to me in late May. And looked better than in long time – also said by many others. :-) He literally showed himself, and with great result as he was best male and then BOS to his niece Calendar Girl of Big Spaniel, who took the breed. In males Voitto (Green Socks Nothing to Declare) was 2nd, and Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) 4th. Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) was the only bitch we showed, with VG. With 3 dogs no breeder’s group was founded, so these were the results as a whole.
24.10.2009 Seinäjoki International show. Judge Lessi Chistyakova, Russia
Viivi (Catanka Innocence) is newest Finnish Champion. Last CAC, together with Cacib and BOB. Congratulations Viivi and the rest of the family!

Catanka Innocence

20.9.2009 Pori, Obedience test.
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open Class 3rd prize, 118 pts.

12.-13.9.2009 Kangasniemi, Spaniel hunting test (water)
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) and Paula attended their first water hunting test. In water test there are not any birds quaranteed, so it’s always up to the real situation – like in wildfowling. On Saturday after 3 hours seek, Veijo got one flush, but Paula missed, so the retrieve had to be done afterwards. Result Open Class 3rd prize with 79 points. On Sunday the birds had moved somewhere else, and no-one got anything.

13.9.2009 Rovaniemi, Tracking test
Viivi (Catanka Innocence) Open Class 2nd prize, 37 pts

6.9.2009 Kruunupyy Tracking test.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) and Nina competed in Kennel district’s regional championship test, but no luck today, as Patu badly hurted his leg and the season is now over.

5.9.2009 Vantaa all breed show. Judge Jaana Hartus, Finland
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Best bitch-2

30.8.2009 Pori, Obedience test.
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open class 2nd prize, 148 pts

30.8.2009 Tervakoski international show. Judge Marjo Jaakkola, Finland
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) BOS
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Best bitch-2

25.8.2009 Lohtaja Tracking test.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Winners Class 1st prize, 45 pts

23.8.2009 Heinola all breed show, judge Vincent O’Brien, Ireland
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) is also FIN CH! Thank you Saana showing her :-)

22.8.2009 Rauma, Obedience test. Judge Ilkka Sten
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open Class 1st prize, 178 pts!

15-16.8.2009 Joensuu all breed shows, national on Saturday and International on Sunday. Judges Kirsti Louhi and Jaana Hartus.
Ruska (Catanka In the Air) was shown both days as BOB. On Saturday she became Finnish Chmapion, as now after being two years of age, she was able to receive the last needed CAC, which she did. Congratulations, Ruska is the first CH from I-litter! On Sunday she also got CACIB.

Catanka In the Air

15.8.2009 Mikkeli, Spaniel Working Ability Test. Judge Harry Vilkman
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) and Paula went to the test, and passed, so Voitto got his Working Certificate.

15.8.2009 Nakkila, Tracking test. Judge Heikki Kulo
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Winners Class 1st prize, 45 out of 50 points. Well done indeed!

8-9.8.2009 Sievi Tracking tests. Judge Heikki Kulo
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Winners Class 1st prize results both days. Saturday’s points 45 out of 50 and Sunday’s 43/50. Way to go!

2.8.2009 Kokemäki Obedience test.
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open Class 1st prize, 160,5 pts. Well done!

2.8.2009 Iisalmi international dog show. Judge Eeva Rautala.
(Catanka In the Air) CAC, CACIB and BOS

26.7.2009 Rovaniemi Tracking Test.
Viivi (Catanka Innocence) Open Class 1st prize, 40 pts. Congratulations!!

26.7.2009 Nakkila Obedience test.
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open Class 2nd prize, 143,5 pts

25.7.2009 Helsinki all breed show. Judge Beth Sweigart, USA
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) CAC and BOB

18-19.7.2009 Oulu international shows both days. Judge on Saturday was Anca Giura from Romania and in group Wim Wellens, the Netherlands.
Sunday’s judge was Irish Dorothea Hanlon-Carrol.
On Saturday Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) took first BOB and later GROUP WIN !!! SUPER congratulations Nina!!!
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) BOS
On Sunday Manta was BOB and Patu BOS.

Group winner Catanka Knock On Wood with his owner Nina Kujala and the judge Wim Wellens

Catanka Havis Amanda

19.7.2009 Kovero Tracking Test.
Ruska (Catanka In the Air) Open Class 3rd prize, 24 pts

12.7.2009 Kemi all breed show. Judge Ritva Raita
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB and GROUP-3
Viivi (Catanka Innocence) Good

5.7.2009 Kokkola international show. Judge Swiss Laurent Pichard, and in group Harri Lehkonen.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB, CACIB and GROUP-4
Viivi (Catanka Innocence) BOS, CAC and CACIB

5.7.2009 Hyvinkää all breed show. Judge Raija Tammelin
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BOB

4.7.2009 Tuusula all breed show. Judge both in breed and group ring John Thirlwell, Great Britain
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) BOB & GROUP-3
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Best bitch-3 with CAC
Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo) BOS and CAC

13-14.6.2009 Vännes, Sweden. Two all breed shows. Judges Korozec Darko, Croatia and Bjarne Sörensen, Norway
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB both days

20.6.2009 Rovaniemi international show. Judge Hans Lehtinen
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best male-2
Viivi (Catanka Innocence) BOS, CAC and CACIB
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Best bitch-2

6-7.6.2009 Tracking Test in Kannus. Arranged by Irish Water Spaniel Club of Finland. Judges Jouni Simonen and Juha Karlström
Viivi (Catanka Innocence) was this year the only Catanka who was able to compete this year in the club’s own test. Result on Saturday Open Class 2nd prize, 36 pts, and Sunday Open Class 2nd prize, 31 pts

6.6.2009 Salo all breed show. Judge Arja Koskelo
De-De (Catanka Free Will) BOB

31.5.2009 Mänttä all breed show. Judge Eeva Resko and in group Leila Kärkäs
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB and GROUP-3 !
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) BOS

Arttu (Catanka Winnie the Pooh) has sired puppies in UK. Andela Arabella, bred and owned by Ant and Adele Andrews had two male puppies and one bitch on May 27th, 2009. The trio pictured below.

24.5.2009 Sysmä group show. Judge Paula Rekiranta
Oskari (Catanka I Want it All) BOB and CAC

23.5.2009 at 04.15 am Yvette's filly was born! We call her Sintti, which means smallish/undersized fish, but she has more noble registered name Carette, which is designed from the names of her parents.

21.5.2009 Tracking-test, Nakkila. Judge Jarmo Nummijärvi
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Winners Class 1st prize, 40 points

17.5.2009 Tracking-test, Eurajoki. Judge Juhani Heikniemi
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Winners Class 2nd prize, 34 points

17.5.2009 Hamina all breed show. Judge Roberto Schill, Romania
Frida (Catanka Freespoken) is newest FIN CH, congratulations Heli! Frida was also BOS.

16-17.5.2009 Tracking-tests in Himanka. Judges Heikki Kulo and Sakari Kankaanpää
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) on Saturday Winners Class 1st prize, 48 points, and on Sunday Winners Class 1st prize, 46 points
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) on Saturday Open Class 1st prize, 46 points, and on Sunday Open Class 1st prize, 48 points. So Manta is off to the Winners Class now!

Havis Amanda

16-17.5.2009 Agility trial in Kirkkonummi. Judges Harri Huittinen and Lee Gibson (GB)
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) had four courses during this weekend, and the last course on Sunday was a clear round. This was long wanted 3rd clear round from the first level, so now we’re off to second level. And it won’t become at all easier ;-)

9.5.2009 Irish Water Spaniel Club’s breed specialty show in Pälkäne. Judge Chris Attwood (kennel Doonbeg), Great Britain. Entry of 31.
Once again, thanks everyone. Another super day! The dogs were in excellent condition and showed so well. Also the coats were lovely done. Perhaps the rain flatteded some leg hair, but that’s it.
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) went Best of Breed! First he won Champion class, then best male and last the breed. He also got nomination for best temperament and mover. Well done Paula!
Veijo’s critique: Lovely dog of exellent type. Wonderful character. Masculine head and expression with correct eyecolour. Excellent coat. Good coat texture. Good bodycolor, slight frosty in his legs. Good tail action. Very good mover. Excellent reach and drive.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) continued winning bitches this year, so she first won Champion bitch class, then best female, and last being BOS. Keep it going Petra and Nina ;-)
Manta’s critique: Lovely quality bitch. Excellent type with very appealing head and expression. Correct size. Lovely top line. Excellent ribcage. Good coat, well presented. Very sound free mover. Really nice tail action.
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Excellent, 2nd in Champion bitch class, and 2nd best female. Nomination for best tail.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Excellent, 2nd in Champion dog class, and 3rd best male
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) Winner of Junior dog class, and also best male-4 with Res-CAC. Best Junior trophy.
Ruska (Catanka In the Air) 2nd in Intermediate bitch class, and res-CAC
Rumba (Catanka Besserwisser) Best Veteran
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) Excelletn, 4th in Champion bitch class
Ella (Catanka Taste of Waltz) Champion bitch class excellent
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) Champion bitch class excellent. Also best head and barrell.
Frida (Catanka Freespoken) Winner of open class with excellent
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Excellent, 3rd in Intermediate bitch class
Oskari (Catanka I Want it All) Excellent, winner of Intermediate dog class
Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo) Excellent, 2nd in Intermediate dog class
Chili (Hit the Road Jack) Excellent, 3rd in working dog class
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) Very Good, 3rd in Champion dog class
Catanka breeder’s group was best group and it included Veijo, Manta, Maisa and Rumba. Critique: Lovely group of excellent type of dogs. Lovely heads and correct eye colour. Good coats. Lovely temperament.
Ella had progeny group with Veijo, Hertta, Maisa ja Mette.
Critique: Lovely progeny group. All very similar in type with lovely heads and expressions. Good eye color and very good coats. Good producer.
Show photos

3.5.2009 Oulainen, show for limited FCI groups. Judge Leila Kärkäs, Finland
Sanni (Catanka Indeed) CAC & BOB

3.5.2009 Tracking-test, Nakkila. Judge Heikki Kulo
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Winners Class 2nd prize, 30 pts

2.5.2009 Tohmajärvi show for limited FCI groups. Judge Soile Bister, Finland
Ruska (Catanka In the Air) CAC & BOB

2.5.2009 Tracking-test, Lohtaja. Judge Juha Junkala
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) Winners Class 1st prize, 46 pts

26.4.2009 Agility trial Järvenpää
Sisters Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) and Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) tried again both clear rounds which would pass them to the next level. But it didn’t happen today, though it was once again very close. This sports really keep you humble.

26.4.2009 Vaasa, INT-show. Judge Tatjana Urek
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB and GROUP-2!!!

26.4.2009 Livorno, Italy INT-show. Judge Maria Kavcic, Slovenia
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu) CAC CACIB BOB

25.4.2009 Lahti, INT-show. Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Best bitch-1 CACIB BOB
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) Best bitch-2 RES-CACIB
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) Best bitch-3
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) Best male-1 CAC BOS
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best male-2 CACIB

19.4.2009 Harstad, Norway, INT-show. Judge Heliane Maissen-Jarisch, Austria
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) travelled to Norway with Petra and Nina. And she is now as well Norwegian and Nordic Champion!

17-18.4.2009 Woody’s (Fynder Freethinker) son Am Ch Poole’s Ide Got Water got again two Group-2’s, and the young fellow is looking like this at this moment.

Woody’s (Fynder Freethinker) offspring are doing superb in States. At this moment two of his sons are in the top 5 All Breed points and two sons and a daughter are in the top 5 Breed points. Am Ch Poole’s Ide Got Water, aka Keegan's year especially has started extremely well. He has been shown 10 times so far in 2009 and he has 8 group placements - 3 Group 1, 3 Group 2 and 2 Group 4. In Easter weekend in Sacramento California he picked up a Group 1 and a Group 2. Keegan is owned by Stacy Duncan, Colleen McDaniel ja Greg Siner, and he is handled by Stacy.

12.4.2009 Lilla-Stockholm, Sweden. Judge in breed ring Paul Jentgen, Luxemburg and in group Hans Rosenberg, Sweden.
Taco (Catanka To Be Continued) and Mari travelled to Sweden, and his Swedish CAC came with style, as he was also BOB and GROUP-5!

11.4.2009 Lappeenranta, all breed show. Judge Marja Talvitie, Finland.
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) 2nd best male with Res-CAC

12.4.2009 Monte Carlo, Monaco INT show. Judge Zena Thorn-Andrews, Great Britain
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu) travelled to neighbor country Monaco and he got CAC, CACIB and was BOB.

4.4.2009 Hausjärvi, show for limited FCI groups. Judge Marja Talvitie, Finland.
Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo) CAC and BOB.

21.3.2009 Imatra, show for limited FCI groups. Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland.
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) 2nd best male with Res-CAC

15.3.2009 Reggio Emilia, Italy INT-show. Judge Jose Haro.
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu) got CAC, CACIB and was BOB.

14.3.2009 CRUFTS, Britain. Judge Kathy Gorman.
Woody (Fynder Freethinker) was shown first time in the IWS breed ring since his return from States. And surprise, he still had good time at the show, standing happily tail wagging in loose lead. As time goes, Woody is now Veteran, and he won the class.

Kuva/photo: Chris Attwood

14.3.2009 Modena, Italy INT-show. Judge Gufanti Mentre.
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu) got CAC, CACIB and was BOB.

10.2.2009 Westminster Kennel Club, USA. Judge Beth Sweigart.
Woody’s (Fynder Freethinker) daughter Ch Poole’s Ide Bit O’Brit got Award Of Merit.

Am Ch Poole's Ide Bit O'Brit

2.2.2009 News from Australia. Temppu’s (Catanka Hat Trick) daughter Nechtan Miss Brown To U is at this moment in leading position in Queensland’s show dog contest. Link to Billie’s records http://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/profile.asp?dog=9826

24.1.2009 Montichiari, Italy INT-show.
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu) CAC, CACIB and BOB. Calaf also ended up Italian Junior Champion, GIOVANE CAMPIONE ITALIANO

11.1.2009 Milano, Italy INT-show. Judge Maria Ceccarelli.
Calaf (Catanka Impromptu) BOB.

24.1.2009 Turku INT. Judge Petru Muntean, Romania
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) BOB with CACIB. Hertta also made a cut in the group under Will de Vries-Hoogland.

18.1.2009 Helsinki AGILITY.
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) was trialling today in agility. First round was NQ, but second CLEAR.

6.1.2009 Ilomantsi show for FCI groups 5, 6 and 8. Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland.
Ruska (Catanka In the Air) CAC and BOB.