12.12.2010 Helsinki Fair Centre Finnish Winner-10. Judge Joyce O’Connor, Ireland
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best male-2
Repe (Catanka Stingray) Very Good
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Best female, BOS, FINW-10, BOB-Veteran
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Best female-2, CACIB
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) Best female-3, CAC, FINJW-10
Desty (Catanka La Isla Bonita) RES-CAC

Catanka Knock On Wood

Catanka Knock On Wood

Catanka Havis Amanda

Catanka Stingray

11.12.2010 Helsinki Fair Centre Helsinki Winner-10. Judge Matti Tuominen, Finland
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Best male, BOB, HEW-10, also cut in group.
Repe (Catanka Stingray) Best male-4, RES CAC
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Best female-2, BOB-Veteran
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) Very Good

6.12.2010 Tampere show for FCi groups 5, 6 and 8. Judge Reia Leikola-Waldèn
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) Very Good

28.11.2010 Helsinki all breed Puppy Show. Judge Päivi Eerola (breed) and Vesa Lehtonen (group).
Hugo (Catanka Limited Edition) BOB and GROUP-2 in his first show .
Dalton (Catanka Lucky Number) 2nd with Prize of Honour
Desty (Catanka La Isla Bonita) BOS

28.11.2010 Nordic Winner 2010. Lilleström, Norway. Judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti, Finland. Entry of 6.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB with NORDIC WINNER-10 title. He also was among the best six in the group ring under Annica Ulltveit-Moe. Very well done again Nina!

14.11.2010 Jyväskylä International Show. judhe Jose Romao, Portugal.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Best Bitch-2, Best Veteran
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) Best Bitch-3, CAC
Repe (Catanka Stingray) Best male-2, CAC

7.11.2010 Lohja all breed Puppy Show. Judge Kati Heiskanen.
Dalton (Catanka Lucky Number) BOB-puppy

6.11.2010 Obedience test, Lieto. Judge Ralf Björklund.
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) and Saana debuted in Obedience, and with great result. Beginners class first prize with 182,5 points (out of 200).

30.10.2010 Lahti International Show. Breed judge Robert Lott, Australia & BIS-Veteran judge Hans Lehtinen, Finland. Breed entry 7 dogs.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Best of Breed and BIS-4 veteran

Right: Catanka Havis Amanda BOB & Best Veteran

24.10.2010 Lahti all breed puppy show (700 puppies). Judge Elena Ruskovaara, Finland
Desty (Catanka La Isla Bonita) BOB-puppy, GROUP-3
Dalton (Catanka Lucky Number) BOS-puppy

23.10.2010 Seinäjoki INT show. Judge Matti Luoso, Finland
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) BOS, Best Veteran
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) VG

17.10.2010 Kirkkonummi agility trial
Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) was competing on two coarses. And both included mistakes in wave poles, but otherwise good work from both the dog and the handler. Looking forward next trials!

9.10.2010 Hyvinkää Finnish Spaniel Association’s main specialty. Judge Tuus van Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint, the Netherlands
What a day! Out of the entry of 17, five were Catankas. And four of them represented three generations; Manta, her son Patu, and his kids Saga and Repe. And what super results the family got.
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) Champion Class Exc/1, Best male, BOB, BEST IN SHOW-3
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Veteran lass Exc/1, Best female, BOS, Best Veteran
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) Junior Class Exc/1, Best female-4, CAC
Repe (Catanka Stingray) Junior Class Exc/1, CAC
Desty (Catanka La Isla Bonita) 2nd in puppy class

BOS Catanka Havis Amanda and BOB Catanka Knock on Wood

Catanka La Isla Bonita

Catanka Stingray

Catanka Knock on Wood

Catanka Sticky and Sweet

Catanka Havis Amanda

2.10.2010 Lohja all breed puppy show. Judge Riitta Niemelä
L-puppies have reached the puppy class age, and two of them made the debuts today.
Desty (Catanka La Isla Bonita) BOB-puppy, GROUP-1
Dalton (Catanka Lucky Number) BOS-puppy

Catanka Lucky Number and Catanka La Isla Bonita

26.9.2010 Eckerö INT-näyttely. Judge Wim Wellens, the Netherlands
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) BOB

18.-19.9.2010 Tracking Test, Sievi. Judge Jouni Simonen
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) and Nina competed both days, and Totti gained once again winners Class 1st prize results. On Saturday with points 47, and on Sunday 46 (out of 50)!

12.9.2010 Porvoo all breed show. Judge Theo Leenen, Belgium
Repe (Catanka Stingray) CAC and BOB.

Catanka Stingray

11.9.2010 Spaniel Working ability test, Sastamala. Judge Simo Syrilä
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) passed the test with lovely comments. Well done Sanna & Saga.

11.9.2010 Tracking Test, Nakkila. Judge Heikki Kulo
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) is Finnish Tracking Champion! Last Winners Class 1st prize result was gained today with points 48 out of 50, being today also test’s best dog. Congratulations Kristiina and Rene!

5.9.2010 Helsinki all breed show. Judge Arja Koskelo, Finland
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) was shown first time in Finland since his accident last year. And not a bad day at all… as in addition to Best of Breed, he went under the same judge Best of Group. And further BIS-3 under Johan Juslin. Thank you all concerned, what a great day!
Patu’s dam Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) was BOS, best veteran, and made a cut in BIS-
veteran competition.

Catanka Knock on Wood

28.8.2010 Agility trial Vantaa
Hertta (Catanka Freelancer) clear round from MAXI-2 jumping course. Placement was 2nd, so it was fast one too. Well done Marika and Hertta!

28.8.2010 Agility trial, Tampere.
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) and Sanna in their 2nd trial. Much better work today, keep on trying .

16.8.2010 Pigeon hunting season has begun a’la Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) and
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare)

Catanka Free Kick

15.8.2010 Water test (SPME), Maaninka.
Both Paula’s boys went to annual water test (part of Spaniel upland hunting test).
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) 2/3 points
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) 3/3 points

15.8.2010 Agility trial, Tampere.
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) was in her first official agility trial today. She has been ready for that quite some time, but owner Anne preferred using someone else to handle her, and ‘found’ Sanna who has Ulpu’s daughter Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet). They had not trained yet much together, so the first rounds went more like getting used to each other. Good luck in the future!

14.-15.8.2010 Tracking Test, Sievi. Judge Heikki Kulo
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) and Nina competed both days, and Totti gained once again winners Class 1st prize results. On Saturday with points 46, and on Sunday 49 (out of 50)!

6.-8.8.2010 Kuopio Sawo show, three Internationa all breed shows on three consecutive days.
In terrible hot weather Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) was every day Best female, BOS, and breed’s best Veteran. Thank you judges Jose Homen de Mello, Portugal; Jo Schepers, Holland and Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland.

1.8.2010 Tracking Test, Rovaniemi. Judge Toni Tunkkari
Viivi (Catanka Innocence) Winners Class 2nd prize with points 35 out of 50.

25.7.2010 Tracking Test of injured Deers (VAHI), Kokkola.
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) is the first IWS participating and passing VAHI-tracking test.

17.7.2010 Ylivieska INT show, judge Harry Tast, Finland.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) BOS and Best Veteran from the breed ring. And further placed as BIS-2 Veteran under Manuel Loureiro Borgesin from Portugal!
Repe (Catanka Stingray) Good

Catanka Havis Amanda, BIS2-veteran

10.-11.7.2010 Oulu INT shows. Judges Alex Krasilnikoff, Denmark and Annaliisa Heikkinen, Finland.
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) was BOS and Best Veteran both days.

Right: Manta BOS & Best Veteran

3.7.2010 Pori, INT show. Judge Elena Ruskovaara, Finland
De-De (Catanka Free Will) BOB & CACIB
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Good

24.-26.6.2010 World Dog Show 2010 weekend in Denmark.
Our group consisted of De-De (Catanka Free Will) and Nette, Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) and Sanna, Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) and Saana, Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) and Paula, and as driver/kennel help/tour organiser Seidi. We travelled first with overnight ferry to Stockholm, Sweden. Then driving some 600 km to Gothenburg and taking another ferry to Jutland, Denmark. Again some hours driving until we finally were at our destination late on Wednesday evening.
Next morning to the World Show, where the Danish judge Jens Martin Hansen had 25 IWS to go over. In bitches Junior Saga got EXC/2, De-De EXC/2 from open Class, Mette EXC/1 (Class win) from Working Class, and male Veijo got VG/3 from open Class. Otherwise the success of Finnish bred or owned dogs was great.
On Friday first was Danish Spaniel Club’s specialty show, and IWS judge was Finnish Elena Ruskovaara. Veijo won open class, went 2nd best male, got CAC and became Danish Champion! Saga and Mette were placed like day before. De-De was hanging around as a tourist, as Nette had missed the last day of entry to this show…
Friday evening the Danish IWS association held unofficial breed Specialty, and the judge was USA:s long time top IWS breeder Mr Greg Siner (kennel Poole’s Ide). What a honor to be able show under him. And what a grand final of this show trip, yes, we got BIS. Mette was BEST IN SHOW!
Click lots of photos from the trip.

12.6.2010 Swedish Winner 2010 Avesta, Sweden. Judge Ann-Christine Johansson
Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) and Nina travelled to Sweden, and Patu became BOB and is now also titled Swdish Winner of the year. Welcome back to the show rings Patu!

5-6.6.2010 Tracking test, Kannus. Judge Heikki Kulo
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) was right on tracks – as usual – and he got both days 1st prize Winners Class results. Saturday’s pointes were 45 out of 50, and on Sunday 48.

23.5.2010 Hamina, Int. All breeds Show. Judge Tarja Hovila. Entry of 6
Veteran-Manta won females with lovely critique, and Junior-Repe was worth of Good today.
Repe (Catanka Stingray) Good
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Excellent, Best bitch-1, BOS, Best Veteran

22.5.2010 Helsinki Int. All breeds Show. Judge Rune Fagerström.
It has been long long time since Rune has judged the breed in Finland. I’m glad he got 10 dogs
to be judged.
Repe (Catanka Stingray) Junior class, excellent, best male-3, CAC
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Champion class, excellent, best male-4
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) Junior class, excellent, best female-4, CAC
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Working class, excellent
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Champion class, excellent, best female-1, BOB
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) Veteran class, excellent, best female-2, best veteran

Catanka Free Will, BOB
Photo: Matti Vottonen

15-16.5.2010 Tracking test, Kannus. Judge on Saturday Toni Tunkkari and on Sunday Erika Jylhä-Pekkala and Jouni Simonen
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) and his daughter Viivi (Catanka Innocence) had hard weekend, as the weather was HOT. On Saturday Totti got Winners class 1st prize with wonderful points 48 out of 50. Viivi got Open class 1st prize with points of 44, and this result threw her now to the winners class, congratulations! On Sunday the weather conditions were even hotter, and both dogs didn’t get results.

13.5.2010 Tracking test, Kannus. Judge Sakari Kankaanpää
Totti (Hooligan’s Globetrotter) and Nina tracked first time in this season, and the result was Winners Class 1st prize with points 44/50.

8.5.2010 Säkylä Irish Water Spaniel Club of Finland’s specialty show. Judge Arja Koskelo.
Entry of 20 dogs was seen in this 20 years jubileum show. The weather was not co-operating. It was very cold, but luckily the rain begun after judging wo we stayed dry. The show success was relying this year only on Manta’s shoulders. She’s already veteran, but very young and fit looking, so she won all bitches and went then BOS. Our full results:
Repe (Catanka Stingray) Junior class, Very good/1
Hippo (Catanka Ippopotamo) Open class, Very good/2
Voitto (Green Sock’s Nothing to Declare) Working class, disqualified
Veijo (Catanka Free Kick) Champion class, excellent/2, best male-3
Leevi (Hill Street Blues) Veteran class, Very good/1
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) Junior class, Very good/1
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Champion Class, Excellent/2
De-De (Catanka Free Will) Champion Class, Excellent/3
Ulpu (Whistle Stop’s Bon Bon) Champion Class, Very good
Manta (Catanka Havis Amanda) veteran class, excellent/1, best female-1, BOS, Best
Catanka breeders group became 2nd. Kennel Bogdogs’ group was much more consistent, so
the win went to the right address, congratulations Susan.
The black moment of the day however was Voitto’s disqualification. When the judge looked his teeth and head, he growled. The situation came without any hints, and the dog stood well and relaxed on his feet and wagged his tail. We don’t know what was the reasoning. Was he guarding the treat Paula was holding in front of his nose, was he showing male dominance as he now has grown up and is an adult, or was this some pain reaction? Voitto was taken after the show to the vet, but nothing real was found. He was having some muscle pain in his neck and back, so he has been given several times massage therapy. He also has been taken to the show training and match shows.
Voittos critique (tralated from Finnish): Excellent type. Beautiful head. Correct lenght and strenght of muzzle. Good bone. Pleasing expression. Well angulated. Excellent topline, correct underline. Well developed, and enough wide ribcage. Good tail. Good movement from side and behind. Slightly wide in front. Unfortunately the dog is growling and/or lifting his lips during examination the head. Otherwise he is a happy tail wagger.

Catanka Free Kick, photo: Matti Vottonen

Catanka Ippopotamo, photo: Matti Vottonen

Catanka Sticky and Sweet, photo: Matti Vottonen

Catanka Stingray, photo: Matti Vottonen

2.5.2010 Mouhijärvi show for FCI groups 5 & 7/8. Judge Merja Järnstedt.
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) has just become 9 months old, and is now Junior and no more puppy. With her first ‘adult’ show she got CAC and was Best of Breed, and received lovely critique.

Spring! The pups have really kept me buzy, and taken all extra time, so these pages also have not been recently updated even though there’re again great results to share. We’re doing fine, and below photos of Ella and Taco one morning enjoying spring and melting snow. 

23.4.2010 Maisa’s and Voitto’s pups 7 weeks. 
Time flies and the puppies are already seven weeks of age, so soon they’re heading to their new homes. However I’m still looking for male pup inquiries. You can follow their growth and development from this link: http://picasaweb.google.fi/Seidilinnavuori/MaisanPennut2010

18.4.2010 Fynder Freethinker’s son Am Ch Poole’s Ide Got Water RN has just earned his 6th BEST IN SHOW! Way to go Freethinker babies here’n’there! 

5.4.2010 Lappeenranta all breed show. Judge both in breed ring and group Elena Ruskovaara, Finland. 
On Easter Monday some of us gathered to Lappeenranta, and had a great day. 
De-De (Catanka Free Will) was looking better than ever in my opinion, and deserved her BOB. Huge reward was her GROUP WIN under the same judge, who is breed specialist, which makes it even more special. This was De-De’s 3rd all breed show group win. 
Mette (Catanka I Have a Dream) Best bitch-2, and showed beautifully with her co-owner Saana. 
Saga (Catanka Sticky and Sweet) made her show debut today, and it was so lovely to see how much fun she had in the ring, and the result was Best Puppy. Well done! 
Repe (Catanka Stingray) today BOS-puppy. 

Catanka Sticky and Sweet

4.4.2010 Fynder Freethinker’s daughter Am Ch Poole’s Ide Bonnie Brook and her handler Jennifer Isley took another Best In Show! This time at the Kern County Kennel Club Show in Bakersfield, California. 

28.3.2010 Helsinki all breed Puppy show. Judge Eva Resko, Finland. 
Repe (Catanka Stingray) Best Puppy and GROUP-3. Well done Eva! 

7.3. 2010 Kerimäki show for FCI groups 5,6,8. Judge Elena Ruskovaara.
Voitto (Green Socks Nothing To Declare) is now Finnish Champion. He sure has had en eventful weekend; becoming a daddy and a champion. But Voitto’s co-owner Paula said “Voitto has taken everything easily. Life is fun, tail is wagging, food is good and main thing that there’s enough of it”. 

Green Socks Nothing to Declare

7.3.2010 Fynder Freethinker’s daughter Am Ch Poole’s Ide Bonnie Brook is now also Best In Show winner! Bonnie was BIS at Scottsdale, Arizonassa under judhe Dolores H. Maltz. Congratulations Bonnie’s owners Sally Lewis & Lois MacDonald, and handler Jennifer Isley. 

7.3.2010 di Gonzaga, Italia Int Show.
Calaf(Catanka Impromtu) CAC, CACIB, BOB 

5.3.2010 Maisa’s and Voitto’s puppies are here.
From late Friday to early Saturday morning, Maisa’s whelping was taking place. Boy (well the first one always is a boy), girl (yippee), boy (ok), boy (again), boy (oh well), boy (what else) were born without problems and were extremely vigorous. It’s also lovely to see that normally very very buzy Maisa is taking her maternal duties with most calmness attitude. As the preliminary puppy bookings did not now meet the outcome, I’m happy to receive male puppy inquiries. New puppy album has been established: http://picasaweb.google.fi/Seidilinnavuori/MaisanPennut2010# 

26-27.2.2010 Chicago, USA
Seidi  (Catanka Into the Woods) was at shows in Chicago. She was Winner's Bitch for 2 points at the Blackhawk Kennel Club show under Connie Gerstner Miller, on Feb 26, and Winner's Bitch for 4 points major under Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine on the following day. 

16.2.2010 Fynder Freethinker’s son Am Ch Poole’s Ide Got Water RN was BOB and GROUP-2 in Westminster! Congratulations Stacy and Keegan! Best of opposite Sex was Keegan’s litter sister Am Ch Poole’s Ide Bonnie Brook. Link for breed ring video: http://video.usanetwork.com/features/westminster_dog_show/sporting_group/v1202192 

1.2.2010 Irish Water Spaniel Club of Finland’s  year 2009 trophies for Catankas went as follows. Irish Water Spaniel of the Year is Patu (Catanka Knock on Wood) and best working IWS is Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare). Many congratulations boys and their owners Nina and Kristiina, who’ve done so much with their dogs. 

24.1.2010 Milano, Italy Int Show. Judge Paul Stanton.
Calaf (Catanka Impromtu) CAC, CACIB, BOB 

Maisa (Catanka Freestyler) was scanned and is in whelp. Read more about the upcoming litter.

24.1.2010 Noormarkku, Obedience Test. Judge Ilkka Sten 
Rene (Catanka Feel Free To Stare) Open Class 1st prize with points 173. This was this third 1st  prize in this class, which gave him new title TK 2. Very well done team Rene & Kristiina. And all the best for the next level!  

17.1.2010 Fynder Freethinker's son Am Ch Poole’s Ide Got Water RN went BEST IN SHOW in his first show in 2010 in Puyallup! And next two days he picked up GROUP-2 both days. What a way to start the year! ’Keegan’ was top IWS in USA 2009.

12.1.2010 Temppu (Catanka Hat Trick) is now grandmother. Her daughter – top IWS 2009 in Australia - AUST GR CH Nechtan Miss Brown to U whelped a litter by British import Stanegate’s Storms Brewing. ’Billies’ year 2009 included. 3 x BIS, 3 x BIS-2 from all breeds shows, BIS-2 from Gundog Specialty, 9 x GROUP-1 and 8 x GROUP-2. So, after buzy 2009, Billie’s year 2010 has now begun taking care of her maternal duties. 

10.1.2010 Helsinki all breed puppy show. Judge Rune Fagerström.
Repe (Catanka Stingray) was in his very first show today, happily showing himself in minor puppy class at age of 5 months. And he was Best of Breed puppy.

Catanka Stingray

Maisa, Ella and Taco having great winter fun at home in January 2010