Open tournament 12.-16.8.2005 in Helsinki ("Shakkikodin elokuun turnaus")

The tournament is a 7-round open tournament in Shakkikoti, Helsinki. The eight (8) players with highest rankings shall play a closed full round tournament in a so called M-group; the other players shall play a Swiss system tournament of 7 rounds in an open group.

The first round will be set up in Friday, 13th August 2004 at 5 pm. The players must confirm their attendance by registration at the tournament site at max 2 hours and at least 30 minutes before the first round begins, i.e. at 3 pm - 4.30 pm in the 13th August. The tournament fees will be collected during the registration in cash.

Tournament date: 12.-16. 8. 2005 (see detailed time schedule below)

Tournament site: The tournament will take place at Shakkikoti (address: Haapaniemenkatu 14, Helsinki).

Playing time: 2 hours for each player plus 1 minute increment per move (2h + 1'/z).

Tournament fee: 25 e (players under 21 years: 15 e).

Prizes: The best players in both M-group and open group will be awarded. In the open group a a rating prize will be given to a player with the best tournament result with respect to his/her rating.

The tournament has a credit for SELO (Finnish ELO). In addition, the M-group has a credit for ELO. Non-Finnish players will be given a SELO rating according to their national rating at the beginning of the tournament.

Up-to-date player license is needed for Finnish players. Non-Finnish players do not need player license.

Organizers of the tournament: Aapo Ahola (p. +358 40 7391 013), Sampo Tiensuu (p. +358 40 5015 231) and Suomalainen Shakkikerho (SSK).

Tournament director: Michael Lembidakis (SSK)

Time schedule:

Fri 12.8. 15.00-16.30 registration
Fri 12.8. 17.00 1st round
Sat 13.8. 10.00 2nd round
Sat 13.8. 17.00 3rd round
Sun 14.8. 10.00 4th round
Sun 14.8. 17.00 5th round
Mon 15.8. 17.00 6th round
Tue 16.8. 17.00 7th round
Results and prize distribution immediately after the 7th round (approximately 22.00).