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II Helsinki Chess Circuit 2002


8.3.2002: Mika Karttunen won the A group
Congratulations to Mika Karttunen, who came back very well after slightly surprising start. Tournament has finished, see you again next time!
6.3.2002: B and C groups finished
Congratulations to Juhani Lehti for winning the B group, as to Mikko Manninen for winning the C group.
5.3.2002: Olli Salmensuu continues winning
Olli Salmensuu leads the A group with one point margin after having won 6 games in a row.
1.3.2002: 5 rounds played, and players have a free Saturday
Olli Salmensuu took the lead in a great battle against Sauli Keskinen. Risto Eskola leads the B group and Mauno Kangas and Mikko Manninen decide the winner of the C group.
27.2.2002: Pertti Lehikoinen continues winning
Pertti Lehikoinen took his 3rd impressive win, this time against Sampsa Nyysti. With his win Lehikoinen took the lead in the tournament.
26.2.2002: Surprise lead in the group A
Well, who would have bet that all the IM's have 50% after two rounds.
25.2.2002: The tournament has started
There are going to be daily updates with games on these web pages, and spectators are of course welcome to visit the tournament.
25.2.2002: The schedule of the tournament is available.
Notice that the daily starting times alternate between 11 am. and 2 pm.
13.2.2002: Initial player lists published
There are still places in all tournaments!
16.1.2002: Registration possible!
Players interested to participate, please contact the organizer Mr. Sami Hämäläinen, Mr. Sami Hämäläinen, aurifera@kolumbus.fi, +358-9-3238840. In the IM-event the organizer reserves the right to choose players from the interested players so that there is a possibility to reach IM-norms (minimum requirements: 3 IMs, 4 non-Finnish players from at least two different countries). In groups B and C the players will be chosen by the order of registration.
16.1.2002: Chess Circuit will be played in Helsinki again!
I Helsinki Chess Circuit in February 2001 produced some interesting fights, despite the fact that nobody achieved the desired IM-norm scores.

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