Festival for Schools - Young Talents 2000


Chess Coordinator, Timo Munukka, being interviewed:

Chess participation at the event

Timo Munukka, from the Chess Federation of Finland is heading chess at Young Talents 2000.

Munukka began to play chess 20 years ago and has been involved in the organisational activities of the federation for 13 years already. He is also Chairman of Helsingin Shakkiliitto (The Chess Federation of Helsinki).

His actual responsibilities at the Chess Federation of Finland are acting as the host of Shakkikoti (Home of Chess), assisting the Executive Director and everything related to chess activities in the national capital region.

He is acting as the contact person for the Chess Federation of Finland at the Young Talents 2000 event and is in charge of school chess projects in Helsinki.

"In the summer of 1998 the Lord Mayor and Chairman of the Chess Federation of Finland, Kari Rahkamo, asked me to be the chess' contact man at the Young Talents 2000 event."

"That's when the school chess project was also begun and it's our aim to combine it with the Young Talents 2000 event as a part of training."

"During the recession, the proportion of chess in school club activities declined and it was good to restart chess on behalf of the federation through the school chess project."

"I also decided to join Young Talents 2000 because as a citizen of Helsinki, I was interested in this mega event being held in my home city and because a long time ago I did not take part in qualifying at my school in Espoo", Munukka states. Finnish Chess Championships for school-age children are held annually and the number of participants has remained stable in spite of the recession at 200. The Finnish Chess Championships began in Tampere in 1980 at the National Festival for Schools.

"However, getting new chess-lovers involved is difficult. I hope that their numbers will increase and stabilise through the school chess project and Young Talents 2000," he states hopefully and clearly, believing in his subject.

"The long range target is that through Young Talents 2000, we could get a similar kind of competitive event held each spring in conjunction with the Finnish Championships. A comparable competitive event is held in Sweden for fourth-graders at Schackfyran. The number of annual participants there is over 1,000 pupils," he continues.
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