Syngrapha Hübner, 1821
microgamma (Hübner, 1823)

Keltahopeayökkönen (FIN), torvmossemetallfly (SWE), väike-märköölane (EST), Moorgoldeule (GER)

Syngrapha (Plusia) microgamma caterpillar Syngrapha (Plusia) microgamma caterpillar

Finland, EH: Hämeenkoski (Koski Hl), ex larva 3 May 2003, Leg: K. Silvonen
Photo: 4 May 2003 © Kimmo Silvonen

Syngrapha (Plusia) microgamma biotope Syngrapha (Plusia) microgamma biotope

Finland, EH: Hämeenkoski, 677:40
Photo: 3 May 2003 © Kimmo Silvonen

The habitat is a smaller peat bog, approximately 100 m x 100 m, surrounded by a rather dense mixed forest (mainly coniferous). Imagines fly in sunshine. Yet, they are rarely seen and extremely difficult to catch. If at all captured they break themselves easily in the net. The larvae seem to prefer the South and West corners of the half-open area, being less frequent in the middle part. Thick aggregations of the host plant (Ledum palustre (Rhododendron tomentosum)) or wet places are not preferred. Larvae are day-active. The first four larvae (2003) were found, when the place was visited, as early as, 21. April 2003. Later, in a temperature of + 4 centigrade (May the 2 nd), practically no other larvae were swept. The yearly last caterpillars are heavily parasitized by small hymenopterans.

Phenological data (last instar larvae found in normal years):
Syngrapha microgamma May, weeks 1-2
Chloroclysta infuscata May, weeks 3-4, also on V. uliginosum, accepts Ribes in rearings
Itame brunneata, Entephria caesiata, Vacciniina optilete May, week 4, V. uliginosum
Arichanna melanaria June, week 1, prefers V. uliginosum and flowers of Ledum
Carsia sororiata June, weeks 2-3, Vaccinium uliginosum

Imagines, a selection of dates, Finland, EH: Hämeenkoski, 677:39, 677:40:
21 June 1975, 13 & 30 June 1976, 29 June 1977, 16 June 1979, 15 June 1980, 23 June 1990


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