Wanted: Ova, Larvae or Pupae

Updated 14. Aug. 2009

Livestock from anywhere is accepted with a great pleasure (ova and larvae are preferred). The website will be updated and developed more effectively after finishing the final Part 3 of Larvae of Northern European Noctuidae in 2010. Sorry for the delay, we don't rest.

This is a condensed list of the lacking material. We rear and photograph also species outside of the project area, when available. At the moment, I am not interested to exchange adult Lepidoptera. Livestock would be needed for photographical purposes and to get rearing experience of as many species as possible. Larvae of (nearly) all species are preserved for detailed study by blowing; the mouth parts of the Noctuidae larvae are prepared and drawn by Matti. The collector name is always included also in the label of the photograph and distributed with it. If you are not sure about the correct identification it is not a problem. We usually try to rear the larva to adulthood to check the identification. In most cases we can give something for exchange. Species outside of this list are often interesting to us as well - the list shows only the most wanted larvae.

. "Bombyces"  Rhopalocera, etc.  Geometridae, etc.

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