Tortricoidea, Tortricidae, Tortricinae, Cochylini (Leafroller Moths)

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Version 10 Jan 2004SpeciesWingspanFlightDistribution (FIN)Typical hostplantsRarityDescriptive characters, comments
Phtheochroa inopiana17-22 mmVI-VIIup to EP-PKArtemisia roots1/10Large, common
Phtheochroa schreibersiana12-14 mmVI-VIIV,U,EHUlmus80dark fw 2/3, basal yellow
Phtheochroa sodaliana14-17 mmVI-VIIA,V,U,EKRhamnus80cf. Euc. campoliliana
Phtheochroa vulneratana21-24 mmVIILaplandSaussurea40Wetland, host!, cf. schulziana
Cochylimorpha hilarana17-23 mmVII-VIIIVA. campestris stems100narrow fascia, cf. ruficiliana
Cochylimorpha alternana18-24 mmVII-VIIIA,V,U,EK,StC. scabiosa flowers40Large, easy
Phalonidia gilvicomana11-14 mmVI-VIIA,V,UMycelis flowers60Fw more widely dark than curvistrigana
Phalonidia curvistrigana12-15 mmVIIV,U,EK-PSSolidago flowers50Median fascia typical, ochreous markings
Phalonidia manniana11-13 mmVI-VIIup to EP-PS,PPeMentha stems10Light ochreous ground colour
Gynnidomorpha luridana11-13 mmVI-VIIA-EK,ESMatricaria80Pale ground colour
Gynnidomorpha vectisana10-12 mmVI-VIIIcoast: PPe-EKTriglochin15Cf.manniana, darker,subterm.reticulation
Gynnidomorpha minimana11-15 mmVI-VIIup to KemLPedicularis flowers30Wetland, median fasc. curving
Gynnidomorpha permixtana11-13 mmVI-VIIIup to EH-ES,PPeAlisma, Pedicularis40Outer 2/3 of the fw dark
Gynnidomorpha alismana11-13 mmVI-VIIup to EH-ESAlisma pl.-aquatica50Subterm. area differing from minimana
Agapeta hamana17-25 mmVII-VIIIup to St-ESCirsium10/20Conspicious brown markings on yellow
Agapeta zoegana21-25 mmVII-VIIIup to PS-PKCentaurea10/20You probably have this already
Eupoecilia angustana12-17 mmVI-VIIIup to PPe-KnPolyphagous1Clearly bicolorous, dark terminal fascia
Eupoecilia ambiguella11-15 mmV-VIup to EP-PKPolyphagous15Wide contrasting median fascia
Aethes hartmanniana15-23 mmVI-VIIup to PS-PKKnautia roots15Strongly red/yellow
Aethes margaritana13-17 mmVI-VIIup to PH,PPeAsteraceae flowers5Easy, common
Aethes deutschiana17-23 mmVIILapland,PH,PPeBartsia alpina15Relatively dark, wetlands
Aethes triangulana19-23 mmVI-VIIA-InLVeron. longifolia5Typical markings
Aethes rutilana11-15 mmVIIA-InLJuniperus20Tiny, red/yellow
Aethes smeathmanniana13-19 mmV-VIIA-InLAsteraceae flowers1Narrow fw and med.fascia. Learn to avoid
Aethes tesserana14-20 mmVIV,EH-LK,PKHieracium roots80Silvery markings
Aethes francillana13-19 mmVII-VIIIA,V,UDaucus, Peucedanum fl.80Two narrow bands
Aethes fennicana15-16 mmVIIcoast:EP-EKAng. archangelica20Outer islands (lepigone, galiata)
Aethes cnicana15-17 mmVI-VIIA-EnLCirsium10Interrupted fasciae, rubigana is bigger
Aethes kyrkii mmVIIPPp,Ks,KemLiSaussurea?Comments will be added later
Aethes rubigana17-19 mmVIIup to EP-PSArctium10Larger than cnicana,
Aethes kindermanniana13-17 mmVI-VIIup to ESArtemisia10Small, fw narrow
Cochylidia rupicola13-15 mmVI-VIIAEupatorium70Conspicious host, broad fw, wide med.fasc.
Cochylidia subroseana13-16 mmVI-VIIA-InLSolidago flowers20Curved fw, narrow median fascia, pink
Cochylidia richteriana15-17 mm(V)-(VIII)V,EKA. campestris50Host!, fw narrow, only Hiittinen, Hamina
Cochylidia heydeniana9-13 mmVI-VIIIup to St-ESErigeron acer70Tiny, cf.richteriana, implicitana, not pink
Cochylidia implicitana13-15 mmVI-VIIIup to EH-ES,EPAsteraceae flowers1Fw distally darker, cilia bordered by a line
Cochylis nana9-12 mmV-VIIA-InLBetula catkins1Tiny, ochreous markings, broad med.fasc.
Cochylis flaviciliana11-17 mmVI-VIIIA-PK,PSKnautia15Fw distally pink or red
Cochylis epilinana13-15 mmV-VIIIU,EK,EH,ESLinum seeds90Contrasting, cf. implicitana, extinct
Cochylis hybridella15-17 mmVIIV,U-PK,PSPicris flowers50Median fascia interrupted, white thorax
Cochylis dubitana11-15 mmVI-VIIIA-InLAsteraceae1Tiny, b & w, white palpi, grey thorax
Cochylis atricapitana15-17 mmV-IXVSenecio jacobea flowers100?B & w, cf. curvistrigana, head-thorax dark
Cochylis pallidana10-14 mmVI-VIIup to EP-PKJasione montana20Not ochreous, narrow median fascia, cf.nana
Cochylis posterana13-17 mmV-VIIIup to EH-ESCirsium, Arctium70Narrow fw, bicol. grey/white
Falseuncaria degreyana13-15 mmV-VIIIV,ULinaria vulgaris flowers100Reddish, cf. ruficiliana
Falseuncaria ruficiliana15 mmV-VIIIA-EK,EH,EPPrimula, etc. seeds20Fw shape, colour, light-bordered med.fascia

The wingspan measurements are based on Razowski 2002. The provincial distribution is given according to Kerppola & al. (Baptria supplement 1995) and Kullberg & al. (Sahlbergia 2001). The "rarity" is more exactly the point score (m/f) of the Entomological Exchange Association in Helsinki (2000): 1-25 common, 30-60 rare or local, 70-100 very rare (less than 200 specimens recorded). Hostplant data and descriptive characters are combined from different sources. The flight time is only a coarse approximation in the South of Finland (adapted from Svensson, 1993); there may be as much difference as four weeks between an early and a late summer.

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