Sir Ascot Isovillakoirat - Standard Poodles

I had a great pleasure of having 4 of Moira's and Ossi's puppies visit me. We had a great time and you can see that from the albums below.

Ossi's official name is FIN Ch Sir Ascot's Stunning Onyx and Moira's Am&FiN Ch Cabernet's As You Like It Sir Ascot

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Ossi's and Moira's kids

Moira just LOVES people. She is a very special sweet girl. But she is also REALLY fast


It was soon very clear that it was just Stella that Ico wanted to play with...

Ico and StellaI

Well, Ico wanted to play with Mommy too

Moira and Ico

Some more play with mom

Moira and Ico

But Niilo perfered Kaisa

Niilo and Kaisa


But Niilo wanted to play with mom also...

Moira and Niilo

Finally, everybody got really tired...