The first Breed Club for Skye Terriers in Scandinavia was founded in 1970 by some old Skye Terrier enthusiasts, including Mrs. Westerholm (kennel of Skyeline) and a couple of the new owners of her breedings. Mr. Aulis Hainola, a Skye Terrier owner since the early 1960s, was the first Chairman of the Club. Amongst the most active members, together with Mrs. Westerholm were Mrs. Solveig Söderholm (Hällebergets), Mr. Rolf and Mrs. Thea Dahlbom (Finnsky), Mr. Kari and Mrs. Teri Blomqvist (Skyroyal) and Ms. Marjatta Ruotsalainen (Katinkullan). Other club members were Ms. Taimi Ylitalo (Tuukan) who had imported Skyes from the British Marjayn kennel, and Mr. T. Rajamäki, who was several years the editor of the Club Bulletin.

The name of the Club was first The Skye Terrier Club of Scandinavia, following the example of the British breed club. There was at the same time a breed club by the same name in Sweden and practically these two clubs were one during the first couple of years. However, in the end of the 1970s the time was ready for a truly Finnish Club and thus the name was changed to The Skye Terrier Club of Finland. The official Finnish name for the club has been since 1980 Skyenterrierikerho ry.

In the beginning the Club had some dozens of members, mainly the breeders and active Skye fanciers. The honorary member of the Club was Lady Marcia Miles from England, the legendary breeder of Merrymount Skyes. There were already over one hundred members in 1974. Most of the members lived close to the Helsinki area but there was also some activity was around Tampere area as well as around Kouvola, where Mrs. Tuula Taipale (Misting’s) was active. We also had some breeder-members from Sweden.

Since Lady Marcia Miles our Club has had three honorary members: Mrs. Westerholm, Mr. Heikki Caselius and as the most recent honorary member our long-time Chairman Mr. Rolf Dahlbom was given the status of honorary member from the beginning of 2005. Today the Club has about 100 members: in Finland, Scandinavia, Central Europe, the USA and also in Australia.

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