Kavkaz Centerin johtajan poikaa on ammuttu ja hän on kriittisessä tilassa Azerbaidzanissa

Kavkaz Centerin vetoomus (saatu välikäden kautta)

We are desperate. If you can please inform local mass-media or anyone who
can do it about this message:

On Monday, October 11th, there has been an assault made by unknown criminals
on the son of director general of Kavkaz-Center news agency Visami Tutuyev.
As a result son of Tutuyev was very badly injured and now is in one of the
hospitals of Baku (Azerbaijan) in unconscious state. Medics said that his
state of health is critical.

After renewal of website's work Visami Tutuyev himself has got under
unexampled psychological pressure from the side of georgian authoritites.

Editorial of "Kavkaz-Center" declares that this terrorist attack against
family of Tutuyev has direct connection with the recent threats from Moscow
and personally Putin towards chechen representatives abroad.

"Kavkaz-Center" calls upon international human rights and journalistic
organizations to interfere without delay in the fate of director general
Visami Tutuyev and his family and to protect them.