The Maritime Historical Society Sydaby



1. The Society's Name and Location The Society's name - The Maritime Historical Society Sydaby - represents the (unofficial) English-language name that is used for the Society's international contacts. The Society is located in Kristinestad.

2. Mission and activites The mission of the Society is to promote research in maritime history and related areas, such as shipping, emigration, and the local history of Sideby, Ostrobothnia and the Baltic Sea area. The Society also disseminates information about these subjects and provides an important historical perspective to ensure that the old boat- and ship-building traditions of Southern Ostrobothnia are preserved and safeguarded for the future. The Society fulfills its mission through local as well as Web-based exhibits, presentations, and publications. It also benefits through such activities as reconstructing traditional boats and sailing vessels, model building, full-scale building, and renovations of boats and sailing ships. The Society supports its activities through donations, endowments, charging general admission fees to its exhibits, and through its publications. The Society can acquire and own personal and real property for its activities.

3. Members Any person who agrees to the mission and rules of the Society is eligible to become a full member. Applications for membership must be submitted to the board of directors for approval (contact the board of directors or ). The Society can grant honorary membership to persons who have done exceptional work to further the Society's mission.