Oikea ja vasen erottaminen kesti 8:lla aikuisella ja 9:llä lapsella keskimäärin yli 3 sekuntia ennen hoitoja, niiden jälkeen alle0,5 sekuntia.. Sitä esiintyy siis määräprosentilla luki tai BPPV häiriöisiä. Myöhemmässä materiaalissa määrä oli 42 tapausta. .

Right-left identification got faster in paper 3 on dyslexia positional treatment, Finnish Medical Journal 2003,  from mean 3 sec to immediate in 8 adults and 9 children. In the latter material of 335 persons there were 42  corresponding cases.

The finding is seen in 15 % of cases of dyslexia AS A DIFFERENCE OF 3 SECONDS. NATURALLU EVEN SMALLER DELAYS  HAVE EFFECT TO VISUAL COGNITION. I SELECTED A TIME INTERVAL CLEAR ENOUGH TO DEMONSTRATE THE PHENOMENON. It is cured with the horizontal, anterior and posterior canal treatments of the side of OCI  or BPPV of dyslexia patients or persons with learning disability. It is tested with Rahko test www.readingoci.org   , seen as You Tube video , address: rahko test .EVEN THIS PHENOMENOON HAS VERY ESSENTIAL INFLUENCE ON VISION SENSE.

In most difficult cases the  problem is bilateral.