A letter from the author


and welcome to my pages. I am the guy behind the scenery of The Sixth Seal. It is a comic book for adults, but unlike other 'adults only' comics it contains nudity without sex, and distressing passages without actual violence. But above all things this book is a serious one, something that a reader cannot just skim through and forget. Even if the beginning looks like a fairly conventional sci-fi plot, the more the story unfolds, the less this book has in common with others in the same genre. I can promise you that The Sixth Seal is unlike any comic book you have ever read, probably unlike any book you have read, and it is available for free.

Now, you may think, either this guy is completely crazy or then the book is so pitiful that nobody would pay a penny for it anyway. I am encouraging you to judge the quality of the book by yourself but most people who have written to me have considered it to be of exceptionally high quality. I am trying to create something that people could see as the comic book, not just a comic book, and I am not making compromises when realizing it. This is the best I can do - there are no deadlines or economical constraints - only the result counts. So I must be crazy, of the sorts.

Well, I am both a scientist and an artists, and as they say, in this business it is not necessary to be crazy but it certainly helps. As I see it, everybody here on the Earth has been given a wonderful gift for free, and compared to this gift everything else has very little if any value - thus it is a natural option to give away these less valuable things instead of asking for payment. This is what scientists do, and this is what true artists also do - they feel privileged to mediate these things to other people, or sometimes they are so fascinated by their work that it becomes the sole cause of their efforts.

The gift that I hold in such high esteem is the life. The good thing is, life is overall a pretty cool thing. Just imagine standing on top of a present moment dashing towards an unknown future at the speed of light. If you are dead, you miss a lot of exciting action. So spread your hands and fly on the wings of time while you still can! The bad thing is, the ride is not a very long one and replays are not guaranteed. Here may lie the desperation which so torments some artists. Is a work of art just oppression in distilled form? Or perhaps there is a divine spark of creativity hidden inside every human, and the ones who have discovered it inside themselves can feel getting closer to the godhead to the extent to which they can make this inner light shine through their actions. Or maybe our best efforts are just daubs which we are not ashamed of only because we do not know anything better and the whole humanity is just a bad joke. Who knows?

I am not trying to hide it - this book is about death, and not just any "comic death" wandering around with a black robe and a scythe. No, this is about the real thing, the one who has got your name written in his calendar. If you do not want to be reminded about that appointment, skip this book and live happily until the day, but if you have got the courage you may find that there is something in this book that can help you to get more out of these few remaining days - and few they are since what is even a hundred years on the face of eternity? Whether we are children of dust and vanity or thoughts of God - again, who knows - if through telling this story somebody can get touched, involved with the main character and perhaps genuinely moved, then my work may not have been completely in vain.

Thus once again, welcome to the simultaneously remote and immersive world of The Sixth Seal and I hope that you get the visit done in good order but beware - my madness may be of an infectious sort. Once read this book can have irreversible effects on the way you see the world. And do not jump to conclusions before you have read the very last page which is not yet drawn. In the midst of all the death and despair there will grow a delicate seedling which, I hope, can make the reader feel that it was worth the effort to live after all. I am proceeding towards that goal, slowly but surely. Take care.

Teemu Mäkinen (