Hey, where's the next page?!?

It's right here, on my drawing table, and it will be published immediately after it's finished. You can sign up to the mailing list below and get an e-mail message every time a new page is published. You could also take a few minutes to write me a short note about what you liked/disliked in the comic, or read some of the background material if you haven't already done that.

You don't have to constantly check the pages to see if there is new material available since I have created a program which will inform you when that happens. This list is discreet and safe. I promise that your address will not be given away to anybody else including other members of the list, and it will be used for these announcements only. You can remove your address from the list any time you want. After successfully including your address to the mailing list, you will receive a letter of notification to the given address.

I have been able to recover a partial list of subscribers before the fatal crash of July 1999. Please make sure that you are still included by entering your address in the box. If you were already included, you will be informed of that.

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Mailing list restored: Oct 28 1999, number of entries on the list: [an error occurred while processing this directive]

NB: recipients whose addresses keep bouncing messages back will eventually be removed from the list.

Here is the latest message sent [an error occurred while processing this directive]:

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