First half October 16, 1995. Second half October 2, 1995. This meandering between different times and places might have needed more space than just half a page. Strong references should, however, make it easier to catch the right atmosphere. The monkey, BTW, is the squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus). Interesting thing here is the syncretism of the six-winged angels, the mixing of the attributes of different spiritual beings. The symbol of harites, the stylized "H" with a dot between two lines reminds me of some space fighter... Thalia is clearly impatient and aggressive. Is it deliberate or unconscious? I could imagine that she does not like to communicate with artificial persons since that reminds her of her own partly remade personality. The pict with a blue ring and a white dot on the top is the universal greeting, symbolizing the Earth and its moon as the cradle of the humankind.

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