October 16, 1995. The floating of the tableware in the air is not very visible with the used resolution. Escher is the answer to the question about the transition between the birds and cherry blossoms (a readaptation of birds and fishes). The artificial person, who has taken a suitable outlook for a psychiatrist, makes a comment with a sting in it, when he offers tea, thus referring to ceremonies Thalia had just wanted to avoid. While this can be taken as a response to Thalia's quite rude entry, Thalia dodges the hidden sarcasm by not actually drinking the tea. Dali himself said that the opened drawers symbolize the ultimate opposite to mystery, when everything once hidden is visible to everybody. Everything you think you can see in the pictures is intentional. This page completes the "introduction" which took its visual appearance mainly from the style of music videos and other contemporary media. What follows will be something quite different, as the story spirals deeper into the unconsciousness.

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