First half January 25, 1999. Second half March 1, 1999. There are several things on this page that may cause one to say Huh? if accustomed to the spoonfed style of storytelling but it's intentional. I myself am extremely annoyed if every out-of-ordinary feature is explained to a silly degree. It might work for a three years old child but when the same kind of patronizing appears on mainstream media it's a direct insult towards the conceptual abilities of the audience. Both the utility unit and NTware clothing are something that have a consistent background and functionality and make their presence known during the story but it is the reader's responsibility (or rather a privilege) to find things out. I won't make a fuzz about gadgets and gizmos since technowhimsicalities are a topic clearly inferior to the goal of this story.
In a completely different vein, this and the next page are very closely tied to the key event of the story so keep your eyes open...

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