Published an article: "Ydinsäteilyuutiset Suomen mediassa" (Radiation news in the Finnish media"). Tiedetoimittaja 3-4/2016.

Published an article: "Fukushiman ongelmat ja media – Tiedetoimittaja silminnäkijänä" ("Fukushima problems and the media - Science journalist as an eyewitness"). In: Järvi & Tammi (eds.): ”Maito tappaa ja muita outoja tiedeuutisia". Vastapaino 2016.

Lectured about "Finnish utopian communities worldwide and Drummond as the special example" in FinnForum XI, Turku, Finland. Sept. 28-Oct 1, 2016.

Published an article: "Alkoholi ei ole yksityisasia" (Alcohol is not a private matter". in Telma 2/2016

Visited Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan on 11-13 June, 2015 and published the article "Elämä Fukushiman jälkeen (Life after Fukushima)”. in Iltalehti newspaper on July 10, 2015: p.18-19, and a media analyses of Fukushima in Tiedetoimittaja 3/2015.

Gave a paper on Finnish Utopian communities at the
"10th FinnForum" seminar in Houghton & Hancock in Michigan on 10-12 April 2014. He also visited Drummond Island and other Finntowns for collecting material about the old Finnish settlements.

"Old and Healthy" -BRAIN lectures at the University of Helsinki Think Corner on March 27, 2014.

In 2012-2013 Teuvo Peltoniemi was the Chairman of the Communications committee & member of the executive organising group for the WCSJ2013 - The 8th World Conference of the Science Journalists, that was held in Helsinki 24-28 June 2013.

Participated as expert in Yle1 spring 2013 program series Suomalaisten utopiayhteisöjen historiaa (History of the Fnnish Utopian Communities).

12:34 4.10.2016 A new extensive reader on alcohol "Pääasiana alkoholi – käyttö, haitat, hoito, politiikka nyt ja 2040" (Alcohol as the main thing – use, harms, treatment, policy, now and in 2014), edited by Mr. Peltoniemi, containing articles by 38 experts, was published by Lundbeck in 2013.

Was interviewed by CNN International on 17 Sept 2012 about the Finnish alcohol scene and the Monsters video of the Fragile Childhood -project.

Ministry of Education and Culture awarded on October 6, 2011 Mr. Peltoniemi the State Life Work Award on Public Information for "exemplary and unconventional public information work".

In the Living archives series of the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation excerpts from the classic television program by Teuvo Peltoniemi
Haere mai - welcome to New Zealand

(TV-2; Feb 3, 1978).
"Experiences and perspectives in using telematic prevention on sensitive health issues".
Pages 99-105 in Latifi 2004.

Suomeksi/in Finnish

Teuvo Peltoniemi

Mr. Teuvo Peltoniemi, Director of Sosiomedia, is science journalist, author and researcher specialised on social and health topics, telemedicine, emigration, and nuclear power issues.

He was for over 20 years the Communications Director and Editor-in-Chief of Tiimi Journal and AddictionLink at the A-Clinic Foundation in Helsinki, Finland. He has previously worked as a university teacher and researcher as well as journalist for the Finnish radio and television and video companies, and developed domestic and European prevention projects.

Mr. Peltoniemi has MA and Lic. Soc. Sc. degrees in sociology, social policy and mass communication from the Universities of Tampere and Helsinki. He shares his time between Helsinki, Finland and Fuengirola, Spain.

He has written, edited or translated 18 books on alcohol, drug policy, family violence, utopian emigration, traffic and telematics. He regularly writes general and scientific articles and presents papers at national and international conferences so that number of titles in his CV is over 500.

Mr. Peltoniemi appears often in the Finnish media as a specialist on alcohol, drugs, net addiction, information society and other related topics. He was the main organiser of a special training seminar for journalists on addictions for 26 years.

In Finland Mr. Peltoniemi has been a member of board in many journalist and theme orgasations.

On the European level he is Founder and Honorary President of the Prevnet telematic network. He is also Past President and founding member of the Encare Network on children in substance abuse families

Mr. Peltoniemi and his teams have received a number of national and international awards. The Ministry of Education and Culture awarded him on October 6, 2011 the State Life Work Award on Public Information for "exemplary and unconventional public information work". In 2010 he got the Finnish Alcohol Media Special Award for Life Work. He was a hotlisted nominee at the 2009 Competition of the Finnish Periodical Publishers Association for the "Editorial of the Year" award. Others include "Press Officer of the Year" award in 2006 - the Special Prime Minister’s Award for AddictionLink in 2006, and the "2007 Science Journalist Award".

Most recent personal stories about Mr Peltoniemi were published (in Finnish) e.g. in Suomalainen Espanjassa April 18, 2014, on April 12, 2013:14, Tiedetoimittaja 4/2012:19, 22, Sosiaalitieto 11/2011:11, Radio Suomi Taustapeili October 11, 2011, Liikennevilkku 4/2009, Kirjatyö 4/2007 and in Yliopisto magazine 5/2007.

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