Tiina's Quilt Gallery

Here are some of the quilts and blocks that I have made. Click on the links for pictures and a description. Enjoy!

Baby quilts

Anniina's baby quilt 2000

Siiri's baby quilt  1999

Siiri's Pinwheel quilt 1997-2000

Alexi's quilts

Elmo's baby quilt (train) 2001

Blue baby quilt

Niki's quilt (I spy) 1999

Michaela's quilt 1999

Green log cabin baby quilt  1998

Joel's baby quilt 1998

Jasmina's quilt

Bed quilts

Essi's quilt

Wall hangings

Carola's Baltimore Album wall hanging 2000

Marimekko Star Quilt

Child's Play by Nicholas Kujala (my son, age 6) 2001

Farm yard 

Mended Hearts 1999


Four Seasons:

Fall: Arachne's Secret 1998

Winter: Star of Bethlehem 2001

Spring: Winds of Spring 2000

Quilts for the new Millennium

Friendship Stars (swap quilt)

Millennium quilt 1998-2001 and still going...

Y2K quilt (with siggies) 2001

The Future - One World (Madeira competition 1999)

Preemie quilt Project


Dear Jane blocks

My kids like sewing, too


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