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C.I.B FI Ch, EE Ch, LV Ch,S Ch JW-08,W-08,W-09, BaltW-10,FrW-11,Amsterdam Winner-12 BISS 2

Sire: C.I.B Beau Gosse du mas de la Valliere
Dam : C.I.B Tourmaline du mas de la Valliere
breeder: Nadine Laffitte, France

#5 Pyrenean Mountain Dog in Finland in 2011

#2 Pyrenean Mountain Dog in Finland in 2009

Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
Patella free 0/0
OCD free
Healhty eyes


Test de Comportement 20/20, A
2 x CAC from France
2 x CAC from Sweden
2 x CAC from Nederland

Finnish Speciality Show 2009, BIS-2
Norje Boke Speciality, Best Expression from Mr. Guido Massimello
Norje Boke SBHK, CAC, BOB
Finnish Winner 2009, BIG-1
SSKY Finnish Speciality Show 2010 , BOB, short-listed among the 8 best dog in BIS.
Nationale d'Elevage R.A.C.P 19.9.2010, CAC / BOB / BIS 2
Champion of Champions gala 2011
Finnish Speciality show 2011 BOS
Championnat de France 8.7.2011 CAC, BOB,shortlisted in the group among 6 best dogs
Norje Boke, Speciality 2011, BOS

More info of Turo & his offspring HERE

C.I.B, Fi Ch, Ee Ch,Lv Ch, JW-08,W-08,W-09,BaltW-10 CARRETOU DU NÉOUVIELLE "Turo"

Amsterdam Winner 2012 under Joao Vasco Pocas

Photos from Champion of Champions gala.
2011-02-13 Champion of Champions 12.2.2011

Turo 12.2.2011 in Champion of Champions gala

19.9.2010 Nationale, Argeles-Gazost

BOB in SSKY Speciality 15.8.2010

BOB in Hamina Int 22.05.2010

CAC, CACIB, BOB,W-09, BIG1 Finnish Winner 2009

photo:Finnish Kennel Club

CAC, Fi Ch 28.8.2009, Tervakoski Int

CAC, BOB, BISS2, Finnish Pyrenean Mountain Dog Speciality 2009


22.5.2010 Hamina CACIB,BOB
judge: Petra Junehall, Sweden

photos:Marion & Vikki

GROUP WINNER at Winner 2009 show
Breed judge Mr. Joao Vasco Pocas, Portugal
Group judge Mrs. Gunnel Holm, Finland
handler in group ring Petra Kiuru

Little bit movement

CACIB,BOB,W-09 Judge; Mr Pocas, Portugal

photo: Ans van den Berg

Trainee judge Elena Ruskovaara looking Turo's head

Turo with judge Mr. Pocas

First time in open class;1EXC,CAC,r-CACIB (=>CACIB), Fi CH

Turo 2 years old & Maija 3 years.

I love Turos caracter... he is so tender with kids... and he is much free on our garden, no fences.

Next handler? Maybe... =)

Turo, Norje Boke 1-2.8.09

Happy?? Yes, we really are =)

(photo; Soulman's)

Turo 12.7.09.
This day is an unforgettable. Thank You Mr. Moings.
Finnnish Pyr Club Speciality Show. 42 pyrs (16 males)
Turo CAC, BOB, BIS 2

Turo 26.4.2009

Turo 14.3.09

Turo 17 months

Turo 14.12.2008
Finnish JW-08, W-08, CAC,BOB, Quality CRUFT'S

Turo 23.11.08...year has gone quickly... Turo arrived to us with Clo 21.11.07.

Turo & Johan in the speed =)

Petra ja Turo

Turo 10 months

TURO 9 months


Turo 08.01.08

Nadine & Caretou

(Photos Cloudine Pujo)

Beau Gosse du mas de la Valliere

Vermont du Mas de la Valliere

Noustamic du Néouvielle

Nangha du Néouvielle
Debye du mas de Beauvoisin

Montus di Lungomonte
Anaëlle du mas du Beauvoisin

Tourmaline du mas de la Valliere


Ormeau du Néouvielle

Noustamic du Néouvielle
Pasteure du mas de Beauvoisin

Nangha du Néouvielle

Fort de Gabizos

Istambelle du Néouvielle