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ILMASTONMUUTOS (suomenkielinen osuus)

  • Ilmastonmuutos (in Finnish)

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  • A brief wiew of the latest data of climate change.

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  • What signs are there of the socalled global warming or global cooling in Helsinki in 1829-2008 and two rural places in Finland in 1900-2008? How do they accord to HADCRUT3 or UAH data?

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    The temperature in Helsinki and Sodankylä in Finland in 1972-2008 with a HADCRUT3 and UAH comparison
  • Has the global cooling started? A monthly graph based on HADCRUT3 and UAH data from January 2007 to November 2008.
  • Changes in Helsinki temperature during the period of 1972-2007
  • Graphs about the temperature in Helsinki, the HADCRUT3 temperatures and some UHI-free places during the period of 1972-2007
  • The temperature in Helsinki compared with HADCRUT3, the world temperature, smoothed from 1988-2007 to 1989-2006 to avoid QBO
  • Crosstable of temperatures in Helsinki in 1988-2007 quarterly
  • Comments about the quarterly differences
  • GRAPHS: Quarterly temperatures in 1988-2007 in Helsinki (winter, spring, summer, fall), trend measured with DW Least Squares.
  • Comments about the annual differences
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  • HADCRUT and Helsinki trends
  • Helsinki years 1988-2007 sorted by temperature
  • Hadcrut years 1994-2007 sorted by temperature
  • The quantum drop of 1975/1976 leading to the quantum jump of 1987/1988
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    The warm 1930's.

  • How does the warm period in 1990's and 2000's compare with the warm period of 1930's?
  • When did the cold period after the 1930's actually begin?
  • The two cold periods in 1940-1942 and 1985-1987 compared
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    Graphical comparisons of the cold period of 1950-1978 plus the warm periods surrounding it.

  • The cold period of 1950-1978 divided into three parts plus its relations to the surroundings 1934-1949 and 1988-2005
  • The cold period of 1950-1978 plus its relations to the surroundings with QBO (quasi-biennial oscillation) removed.
  • The warm periods of 1934-1939, 1988-1992 and 1999-2005 compared.
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    The period of 1950-1987: cold between two warm periods

  • The colder period in 1950-1981
  • The cold years in 1950-1973
  • The new beginning of the Modern Warm Period or the oddities of 1974-1975 and 1985-1987
  • The real warming happened in 1870-1930

  • Global cooling in 1830-1867 and global warming in 1867-1929.

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    In Finnish:
  • pdf-esitys: Global warming and cooling. Aurinko syytettynä, CO2 marginaali.
  • Ilmastonmuutos Helsingin perspektiivistä nähtynä.
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