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That's home, above. I like a spot of gardening. But if anybody reading this likes cutting viciously spikey hawthorn hedges,
I don't, so you are welcome to come and see to mine at any time.
Music: my ears are wide open, and I like to listen to all kinds of stuff. I'm especially fond of Pat Metheny's music, 
but since he never bothers to include Finland on his tour list, I am reluctant to give him too much promotion. 
Other favourites are Elvis Costello, Prefab Sprout, David Bowie, Robert Wyatt, and I've always been a Beatles nut... 
sorry girls, no ladies in that list. But as you can see from the picture above of my beautiful wife, I have nothing against ladies.
I like beer. It's one of my weaknesses, and I keep trying to give it up. I am especially fond of Czech beer. 
I am also irrationally obsessed with football. Some of my oldest friends are Spurs supporters, and I lived in Tottenham for 
a while, so that's my team. I also have a silly dream of England winning a major tournament (again) before I end my days.
The Internet has me in its grip, but I still buy lots of books. I like to read and I like to cycle, but not at the same time. 
And in case you haven't already noticed, I am a very keen photographer.
Last but not least, take a look at my brother's incredible miniature furniture: www.colinbird.co.uk