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From 1989 until 2001, when I was English Editor for Sanoma Magazines Finland, I was also a staff 
contributor to Blue Wings, the in-flight magazine of Finnish airline, Finnair. I filed destination 
articles and city reviews from Finnair destinations around the world, from Bangkok to Moscow, 
from Kiev to Beijing, and from Stockholm to Sydney. For Blue Wings and other magazines, I have 
written about St Petersburg in Russia, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Yerevan, Rome, New York, Bergen, 
Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali, Nepal, Madrid, Paris, Athens, Budapest, Prague, Shanghai, and many 
other places. Often, my own pictures have accompanied my travel articles.
I continue to contribute occasional items to Blue Wings, and I compile a weekly Intranet staff 
news magazine for Finnair employees stationed outside Finland (called Finnlink), as well as 
contributing to the company's staff magazine OKAY. I am a member of the Finnish Guild of Travel 
Writers, and this gives me access to an excellent network of travel trade contacts in Finland 
and abroad. I've also contributed regularly to travel magazines in Finland, such as Helsinki Happens 
and the now defunct magazine of the Finnish Tourist Board, Look at Finland. I have also edited 
material for the Tourist Board's web site.