Art rocking nightLondon 2004

On November 25 2004, me and my friend Robert entered the Truman Brewery Boiler House in London. It was impressive to enter the place on a red carpet they had kindly put on the floor for us. The place was beautiful and the walls were largely covered by the paintings of the rocking subjectivist, Bernard de Souzy. Actually, the whole subjectivism is his creation. Fortunately he had been able to capture some of the spirit of rock and roll into his paintings. And they certainly absorbed some more during the night!

When the night was young, me and my friend went around watching the paintings and staring at the gorgeous ladies. We also met other great fans like the White boys, Charles and Simon. Eventhough both are white, they are not related. We were also lucky enough to meet Gene Simmons from Kiss. This time he fortunately kept his tongue in his mouth. Charles, the author of Richard's biography, was actually there at work. He introduced Richard to the people in the way only he can: Hear the man with the voice that makes Pavarotti sound like a squeaky mouse!

Finally it was time for the legend, the Architect of rock and roll. He entered the stage looking good, eventhough he was only nine days short of being 72. He started with Good Golly Miss Molly, followed by Directly From My Heart, Blueberry Hill, Bony Moronie, etc. The greatest surprise was Pledging My Love. I listened to it carefully, and I could hardly believe my ears, it was so beautiful. I cannot even recall hearing him do that before. Richard played close to 90 minutes and here is the approximate set, not necessarily complete nor in the correct order, though.
After the show Charles was kind enough to invite me, Robert, and Simon backstage to see if it was possible to meet the legend. However, Charles was the only one of us lucky enough to succeed. The rest of us waited a while in the cool of the night until one of the organizers, Chris, came. Quite surprisingly, he introduced himself to me, but poor me, I just stood there quietly in astonishment. Unfortunately he was denied access to the dressing room, too, and very soon Richard left the place.

More pictures of Richard, Bernard, Gene, and the event on Bernard's pages at Click on launch report and see photos. My invitation.

I want to express my gratitude to the people making this great night possible. Thank you Bernard, Chris, Steve (especially for the trouble you went through to get me the invitation), Charles, and Richard. And the rest of you who I cannot name, thank you to you, too.