'80s, '90s, and '00s discography

The years in this discography are in descending order. The info field here contains the recording's publishing year, the name of the record, and possibly other artist with Richard, and CD availability icon. OST stands for Original Soundtrack, OTVST for Original TV Soundtrack, and FM for From Movie.

Info 2007, The Imus Ranch Record,
Tune(s) I Ain't Never

Info 2006, Jambalaya, with Eddie Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday,
Tune(s) Somethin' Else (Elle Est Terrible)

Info 2006, Last Man Standing, with Jerry Lee Lewis,
Tune(s) I Saw Her Standing There

Info 2002, Kindred Spirits, A Tribute
to the Songs of Johnny Cash,
Tune(s) Get Rhythm

Info 1998, OST: Why Do Fools Fall In Love,
Tune(s) Keep A Knockin'

Info 1997, OTVST: The Drew Carey Show,
with Joe Walsh,
Tune(s) Rocky Mountain Way

Info 1997, Soulgasm, with Jimmy Lewis,
Tune(s) Hold On To What You've Got

Info 1996, The Definition Of Soul,
with Solomon Burke,
Tune(s) Everybody's Got A Game

Info 1996, The Songs Of The West Side Story,
Tune(s) I Feel Pretty

Info 1995, OST: Casper,
Tune(s) Casper The Friendly Ghost

Info 1995, Splish Splash Bathtime Fun,
Tune(s) Rubber Duckie

Info 1994, Rhythm Country And Blues,
with Tanya Tucker,
Tune(s) Somethin' Else

Info 1993, with Elton John, Duets,
Tune(s) The Power

Info 1993, OST: We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story,
Tune(s) Roll Back The Rock

Info 1992, LR Meets Masayoshi Takanaka,
with Masayoshi Takanaka,
Tune(s) Good Golly Miss Molly
Tutti Frutti
Miss Ann
Long Tall Sally
Send Me Some Lovin'
Jenny Jenny
Rip It Up
Kansas City ~ Hey Hey Hey Hey
Ready Teddy

Info 1992, Shake It All About,
Tune(s) The Hokey Pokey
On Top Of Spaghetti
Old MacDonald
She'll Be Comin' Around The Mountain
Keep A Knockin'
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
If You're Happy And You Know It
When The Saints Go Marching In
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Here We Go Loopty-Loo
Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

Info 1991, For Our Children,
Tune(s) Itsy Bitsy Spider

Info 1991, OST: A Rage In Harlem,
Tune(s) Elevator Operator

Info 1991, with the Throbs, The Language
Of The Thieves And Vagabonds,
Tune(s) Ecstasy

Info 1991, FM: King Ralph,
Tune(s) Good Golly Miss Molly

Info 1990, with Cinderella, Hearbreak Station,
Tune(s) Shelter Me

Info 1990, with Living Color, Time's Up,
Tune(s) Elvis Is Dead

Info 1990, Blaze Of Glory/Young Guns II,
with Jon Bon Jovi,
Tune(s) You Really Got Me Now

Info 1989, When Love Comes To Town,
with U2 & B.B. King
Tune(s) When Love Comes To Town

Info 1989, OST: Grand Slam,
Tune(s) Grand Slam

Info 1988, Folkways: A Vision Shared,
Tune(s) Rock Island Line

Info 1988, OST: Twins, with Philip Bailey,
Tune(s) Twins

Info 1988, FM: Twins, with Philip Bailey
Tune(s) Twins (Extended Mix)
Twins (A Cappella)
Twins (Radio Mix)
Twins (Club Mix)
Twins (Dub Mix)

Info 1987, FM: Telephone, with Beach Boys
Tune(s) Happy Endings

Info 1987, Rock Around The Mouse, with Goofy,
Tune(s) Gawrsh Golly Goofy

Info 1986, FM: Down And Out In Beverly Hills
Tune(s) Great Gosh A Mighty

Info 1986, OST: Down And Out In Beverly Hills,
Tune(s) Great Gosh A Mighty

Info 1986, Lifetime Friend,
Tune(s) Great Gosh A Mighty
Somebody's Comin'
Lifetime Friend
I Found My Way
The World Can't Do Me
One Ray Of Sunshine
Someone Cares
Big House Reunion

Richard also appears on the next records with other artists.

Info 1992, The Album Of Life,
with cast of stars,
Tune(s) Raise The World (without intro)
Raise The World (with intro)

Info 1991, Give Peace A Chance,
with Peace Choir,
Tune(s) Give Peace A Chance

Info 1991, Voices That Care,
with Voices That Care,
Tune(s) Voices That Care
Messages Of Care

Gospel recordings