Guestbook 2003

dear mr penniman i Am ahuge fan. i am lucky enough to work with your nephew , derrick. If you are anything like him in person , you are a kind and loving man.Keep on rocking. Grace
Grace Phillips 2003-12-29

You are a very talated Little Richard.
Connie Lim 2003-12-28

Have a Great Gosh Almighty Christmas I am your number 1 fan and always have been....Jackie Blue
Jackie Blue 2003-12-25

Hello, i search all rare live apperance from Little Richard. ( TV-Shows, Concerts, private filmed Concerts, good Concert Photos ... etc. ). If you have anything, please write me an E-Mail. My E-Mail address is : Thank you for any help !!!
Michael Neubert 2003-12-23

Happy Birtday King Richard! I love&favorate you!
Toshikazu Ohta 2003-12-10

one day to late but still... happy birthday Richard!!!hope you live for ever
Dirk Snellen 2003-12-06

Cobratulations and happy birthday! Thanks you for all the joy and healing in your wonderful music over so many years
Michael Robinson 2003-12-06

Happy Birthday King Richard, from the biggest Swedish fan... All the best, and long live Rock and Roll!
Mattias Bruhn 2003-12-05

Happy Birthday Richard: i listened to all your music as a kid growing up on rock 'n roll. Your an icon of 2oth century music. You're an original too. Stay well and God bless.Steve
Steve Butler 2003-12-03

Hi Richard!!=)) I´m so glad that you´re the person you`ve changed my life with your songs: Silvery moon and Send Me Some Lovin.. You made me and my boyfriend a couple again.. I Love Him soooo much.. and a lot is thanks to you.. Thank you so much that you are the person you are.. kisses and hugs //Annika from sweden
Annika Hajgato´ 2003-12-03

Hi!! I`ve been working with a musikk project on Little Richard for about a month now, and I just want to say that you have gained a fan, I Love your musikk!!=) Lots of love form Norway:D
Frida Siverten 2003-12-01

Hi I am from holland and I am a great fan of little richard and I want to know if richard is going on tour in europe in the future and to wich country's he is going please mail me and let me knowmy E-mail is :
Dirk Snellen 2003-11-30

HELLOO!!!!Me and my father is a BIIG fan to you!you will always live in our harts
Viktor Olsson 2003-11-26

Hi little richard im doing a report for music class and i picked you to do it on so if u have any info for me please email me,
Crystal Russell 2003-11-17

Hey Richard. You Are All you say you are and then some. I got to see you in concert here in Chicago. a few years back. i'd Love to see you again. Hopefully get to give you a BIg Hug one day. Your the Bomb. We Love you.Mike and Sandy
Mike and Sandy Vincent 2003-11-09

thank you mr.richard for your great music.god bless you!
Frizz Nemravab 2003-11-08

Dear Little Richard,Your music is timeless!!!
Richard Duvigneaud 2003-11-04

mister rock and roll creatorthis site is a good site i'm a great fan of yoursi've been two time to a concert of youit was great wop bop alula awop bam bam greatyour still the king man still got itsincerly and greetings ferry
Ferry Duivesteijn 2003-10-30

When searching the net for Little Richards date of birth, I get multiple answers. The day and month is always the same, but the year is either 1932 or 1935. What is the correct year? Please mail to if you know the answer for sure.
Kyrre Johansson 2003-10-28

your music inspires me so much!!I love U!Xsxsxsxsxsxsx
Sussie Naamani 2003-10-23

Hi!I'm from Germany and i had heard very much about Little Richard, so i buyed the album: Keep a Knockin' and it is the best music i ever heard!And I'm not 40 years old or something like that! I'm 14. I'm still at school, but i love the music. My favourite is "Tutti Frutti" . Is Richard in Germny on tour, too?Paul
Paul Beetz 2003-10-23

Dearest Little Richard, I love all the songs you've done and am so grateful to have beenable to see you perform....I am an actress nowand will always be inspired by your youthfulattitude and fun approach, i will always love you
Anne McDonough 2003-10-23

I'm Cuban journalist, and I live in Habana Cuba. My family are very proud about you. In the 50 when I seven years old the magic of your music inside my. I would like to make and interview for de cuban people. Jorge
Jorge Smith 2003-10-21

Little Richard I just wanted to say I have been a fan of yours since the fifties and Iwatche any thing you are on, because I love your music God Bless You,
Janice Halterman 2003-10-19

Hi little richard fans I would like it if you contact me to talk about little richard and his music and maybe you could help me in finding records and stuff or maybe you now internet sites about the REAL king of rock 'n roll. please contact me on dirksnellen@hotmail .com or write me. my adress is Michiel de ruiyterstraat 30 5582 JM
Dirk Snellen 2003-10-18

Great site. Happy birthday Little Richard, Wishing you the best.Wiliie Brown 10-14-2003
Willie Brown 2003-10-14

Hello,All Little Richard Fans. My name is Vic and I use to be his Limo driver in L.A. He is truely one of the greatest human beings in the world. Little Richard will be turning 71 on Dec.5th so lets all wish him a Happy Birthday and hope for his total comfort through his retirement because he truley deserves it. I have seen many artists perform music but I have never seen anybody perform like Little Richard! There are a few more shows left before he retires so make sure if you have not seen him in person to please do so. I love you very much Mr. Penniman. Yours Truly, Vic Asatourian
Vic Asatourian 2003-10-10

Dear Little Richard,I am a 48 year old man, with a lot of medical problems. ($ heart attacks and 4 strokes among other problems) However I just wanted you to know that when I listen tp your music, I forget all my problems and always feel better! I don't know if it is the excitment in your voice, or the music itself, but you, and your music makes me feel better than the 52 pills a day that I take, and I can never thanks you enough for that. You ARE wonderful, and blessed by God! I never wrote a note like this before, but I felt it in my heart to let you know, that you hAVE made a difference in my life.A Devoted Fan, and Friend,Michael
Michael Wexler 2003-10-08

Hello to all Little Richard Fans worldwide. I search informations about the founders ( Veronica & Derek Day ) from the Little Richard Fan Club in Leicester / England from the sixties and early seventies. It would be greatful to help me. I don't know where they lived today. The Fan Club Address for 30 years was : Veronica & Derek Day, 74 Roberts Road, Belgrave, Leicester, LE4 5HF, England. The Little Richard Fan Club doesn't exist since 1974 after the disvorce of Veronica & Derek. I know this is a long time ago, but maybe anybody knows their knew address. Please write to the big Little Richard Fan : Michael Neubert, Oeslauer Str. 116, 96472 Roedental, Germany ( or send en E-Mail to : ). Thank you for any information.
Michael Neubert 2003-10-06

god bless you richard you are dearly missed xxxxx
Sam Williams 2003-10-02

Hey! Little.Richard your the greatest,i dont know if you remeber me from the last time,but im 14yrs old.i love all of what you do,and i hope god bless you to accomplish anything you put your mine to know when people ask me who is my favorite singer or rapper,i never respond.when i tell them Little Richard is my icon,the person i look up to in the music world they look at me crazy,i dont mind though.i can be pround to say that i love little richard,and his many talents. thankyou and god bless!
Morghan Hamilton 2003-09-19

Little RichardYou`re the B E S T !!!Good Bless You!!
Christophe Stifani - Theiler 2003-09-19

hi! I'm trying to find the movie or program in which Little Richard has a scene dressed up in a devil costume. Does anyone know which movie that is? Thanks!
Cheryl Costello 2003-09-19

VERY NICE SITEEEEEEEEEEE''''''''''''''''''''''''
Umuafrica Igbo 2003-09-16

Hail to the REAL king of Rock n Roll. There's no one else on the planet like Little Richard, who tuffed it out during very bigoted times to make musical history. He's the gold standard for many other musicians, like The Beatles, & we in America owe him much gratitude for being the Orignator! of R& R. We love you, Little Richard!
Silvie Marina 2003-09-08

Das Lied heißt "By The Light Of The Silvery Moon".
Wolfgang Guhl 2003-08-31

Ich habe einen eben film von little richards biographie gehesen und er war einfach nur geill und erst seine musik es gefiell mir einfach und ein lied fand ich am besten es was etwas mit moon aber ich finde es niergentwo! Mit lieben grüssen jenifer
Jenifer Rathsmann 2003-08-30

the chuck berry band is smaller than the huge little richard orchestra!
Josh Cavan 2003-08-21

Looking forward to a fantastic show this week in Atlanta with Little Richard and Chuck Berry. Does anyone know how these types of shows will work? Do they share the same band or is the 9 piece band someone mentioned, just Little Richards band? Do you know any of the members in the band? Any quick reviews or tips on the show would be great! Counting down the hours...JC
J C 2003-08-19

Tammie B 2003-08-12

Hi, just bought a Little Richard CD last night, and awesome! There are a few songs I realized that Ricthie Valens borrowed the year after Little Richard released them. Thanks to Little Richard, I also discovered Louis Jordan and the Tymphony Five. Great music here folks! LR is the true rock and roller who inspired everyone else. He also inspired me to write my songs and persue my dreams. Just curious if LR was a Johnny Burnette and The Rock'n Roll Trio fan! Thanks so much! Vito
Vito Albano 2003-08-09

I saw Little Richard's performance at H'Town's Arena Theatre Saturday night. He followed Jerry Lee Lewis in this superb domed venue with a rotating stage and not a bad seat in the house (21 rows from the stage is the "worst" seats). MAN DID HE ROCK THAT PLACE! I have never been so entertained in my life. He has an awesome stage personna and truly enjoys his music. He invited a few fans onto his stage, but 30-40 people ended up rocking & rolling with him and his 9 piece band for a whole song! I wished now I would've gone onstage with them. Afterwards, my husband and I waited for 30 minutes with numerous other fans to meet him and purchase a personally autographed poster. He took his time with each fan and shook hands, hugged and spoke with all who waited. The spiritual message he wrote on my poster really spoke to me and hopefully will move my non-believing husband to find his faith..."God cares for you both--don't forget that." I love you, Little Richard.
Sandy Abalos 2003-08-04

Get back on tour, you are indeed the greatest ofthem all, You rock people deep down in thier soulsLet me know if i can be of any help in that regard;;
Chris Hoffman 2003-08-04

Richard, hope to see you in Europe 2004!!!
Mattias Bruhn 2003-08-01

I'm Russian. I love the world best rock'n'roller of all ages very much. Russian resourses about him are very poor. So I hope I can find smth. usefull here.
Victor Patrukhachov 2003-07-30

Mike Knudson 2003-07-30

Just saw Little Richard at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, and it was awesome. For 70 years old, he can still rock with his voice, grace and humor! My only regret is that I was unable to shake his hand or get an autograph.
Adam Strom 2003-07-29

i met little richard yesterday on a flight from l.a. to atlanta and it was such a thrill. what a lovely man; he was so kind to everyone that spoke to him and i will always remember him taking my hand as he spoke to me. and i gotta say he looks gorgeous! thanks little richard for being such a fantastic person. god shines all over you, man!
Kelly B. Hoots 2003-07-14

Dear Little Richard and his fans:Let us all pray for the late great Mr. Barry White upon his sad and untimely passing. He left us with a vast repertoire of music of substance and truth that touched very deeply the lives of so many including mine. A man of truth and integrity, his message was one of love and brotherhood, he taught us well. His spirit and message live on and on!This world was lucky he was born.Blessings,Ann McEnteeQuebec, Canada
Ann McEntee 2003-07-08

hi everyone!!im euge form argentina, im 16 years old, and i love LITTLE RICHARD´S music!! congratulations richard for your success!!kisses :)the best of luck!!
Euge Molinari 2003-07-07

I recently saw little richard, jerry lee lewis and chuck berry in las vegas on july 5th. It was great good fun and i will never see a better concert.
Josh Cavan 2003-07-07

lots of stars gave there all to rock and roll but richard you are by far the most exciting to watch. i recently purchased a video of a rock and roll revival show in london in 1972 with you chuck berry, jerry lee and b.b.king fantastic to watch. if any one can tell me of any more vids available on l.richard and where they can be purchased from just email me at i live in australia thanks
will we ever get to see you in australia again. we have a rock and roll festival on the gold coast,queensland australia every june "wintersun", would love to see you there
Glenda Beck 2003-07-06

Joey Zarrella 2003-07-04

Boy, Could I kick myself in the head for not seeing your performance at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Last Saturday. I hope you appear again at Summerfest in Milwaukee next year, And maybe not on a Saturday, When the crowds are overly packed through out the park.
Bobby D. 2003-07-01

Hello to all Little Richard Fan's over the whole world. Look on your archive. I search every Live in Concert material on Video or CD or LP from King Little Richard. If you have anything to change or to sell, please send an E-Mail to :
Michael Neubert 2003-06-30

Thankyou very much Mr.Josh Cavan.I really appreciate it.Maybe i would be able to shake his hand.
Morghan Hamilton 2003-06-23

i want learn about my family
Marge Whitmen 2003-06-22

Four elemnets make Earth : fire ,water , air , and Little Richard ( ground quited When Richard came to this world ).Serbia loves YOU
Ivan Stojiljkovic 2003-06-21

*note to morghan hamilton*little richard is playing w/ chuck berry in september in atlanta georgia, maybe you should go see him there? you might be able to shake his hand?
Josh Cavan 2003-06-21

Mr.Richard, I would like to take this opportunity to thankyou for your many achievements down through the years. You have been a great inspiration to my granddaugther Morgan, since my husband died she listen to your records and they inspire her. She has an great voice,a great basketball player. At her young age most people think that she out of her generation,but i think she has a great taste an music if she chose you.If there is anyway possible, i would appreciate it if you can send her an autograph picture,if not is ok also. Thankyou
Tanya Thomas 2003-06-20

I am Little Richards biggest fan.I'm only 14yrs old,living in miami. If i could just have the opputunity to meet Little Richard,it would be a blessing.
Morghan Hamilton 2003-06-19

please tell me how the concert in dover downs goes. (like how well he's doing - health wise)
Josh Cavan 2003-06-17

"L Richard was probably a better pianist than Elvis" ? Well, Mr Bauer, one thing is for sure, Little Richard is a better rock'n roll pianist than anyone, even Jerry Lee could learn something from Richard. McCartney ? He's a great mucician and knows how to handle a piano, but he can't beat Richard when it comes to playin' rock'n roll. But McCartney plays better bassguitar than Little Richard. You say that Elvis sang more gospel than Richard. Well, that maybe right, but Richard is still a better gospelsinger than Elvis, no matter how many more gospelrecordings Elvis did. I love both Richard and Elvis, and McCartney too. Little Richard though, is the orginator. You're right, Fats Domino and Ray Charles was first, but Richard was first with the pure rock'n roll-style as we know it. He was Heavy Metal of the 50's ! Robert in Sweden
Robert Schultes 2003-06-15

i love onions emailme wit ur recipies
Sam Cooper 2003-06-13

had the honor of introducing Chubby Checker, Bo Di-dly at the Rusty Rudder years ago. Spent 1/2 with Jimmy Buffet in 1975 in Philly...interviewed the Pointer sisters, Goulet, Freddy Martin....BUTjust can't wait to see and hear (after all theseyears) the King of Rock and Roll at Dover Downs this month! God Bless Little Richard!
John (Jack) Arsenault (Renault) 2003-06-06

I think that Little Richard has a unique since of music and humor. I enjoy watching him on telivision and I love to hear his songs.I think that he do a great job at the things that he do.
Tanisha Tells 2003-06-06

hi friends and family
Henry L 2003-06-04

WOW I really enjoyed the site it made me really appreciate the man.
David Cooper 2003-06-04

Your music takes me back to the 50s, when they had real music. Thanks for the memories.Spike Jones.South Australia.
Spike Jones 2003-06-04

Thanks for your superb work. Greeetings from Spain Mr Little Richard. Hearing your music is cleaning our ears (damaged by our cold allegedly modern music...)
Luis Ramón 2003-06-03

hey people this website is the best and we both love it! we just want to say that me mum loves it to! oh yeah and by the way me gran is another hairy one that loves it to! Luvs ya's all bye
Chanel and Sarah Priest and Holderness 2003-06-03

yes little richard was before elvis & the beatles, but may i remind u of a few things:elvis not l richard is considered by most to be the "king of r & roll" 2. i admit, l richard is/was probably a better pianist than elvis, but maybe not better than mccartney 3. elvis sang more gospel music than l richard 4. before l richard, there was: ray charles, chuck berry, fats domino 5. possibly carl perkins 6. i just wish that l richard, fats domino, c berry & jerry lee lewis would all do a reunion concert live together in 2003!!
Danny Bauer 2003-06-02

Dirk, you don't have to put down Elvis to like Little Richard. They were friends and Richard has great respect for Elvis as a performer. Elvis recorded a lot of Richard's songs because he loved them, just as he loved Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins and all the great rockers!
Ron Fowler 2003-05-30

Richard, you said you would retire, but you don't. And I know that you never will. So please, make a tour in Europe very soon. We are so many fans her in Sweden that like to see you again, so much that you never can understand. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.....
Mark Embretsen 2003-05-20

Anza Mitchell 2003-05-18

would you send me a copy of your lyrics!                              thank-you very much
Priscilla Ann Saunders 2003-05-16

Dana Tryon 2003-05-16

Still waiting for a DVD...
Mattias Bruhn 2003-05-15

HAIL TO THE KING OF ROCK 'N ROLL Little richard is his name not some sucker named elvis presley rock 'n roll lives in all of us and it will never die. I hope little richard never dies but if he does he will live on in our hearts. HAIL ROCK 'N ROLL, HAIL LITTLE RICHARD WhooooHooo!!!!!!Dirk Snellen 15-05-03 eindhoven the netherlands
Dirk Snellen 2003-05-15

I love you, Little Richard
Sylvia Herrington 2003-05-08

i like Bo-Didly he is the grandfather of R N R
Clovis Rodgers 2003-05-08

I have a poster with you and the Beatles from a concert in England Oct 12, 1962. Loved your music. Chip
Chip Kishel 2003-05-01

*This is from the website of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites, written by Billy Townsend, Chief Historian.The History of George Washington Carver State Park is illustrative of the times. Immediately afterthe war, there were no parks for blacks and segregation laws were strictly enforced in stateparks for whites. John Atkinson, a Tuskegee Airman, returned from the Second World Warand sought a recreational facility for African Americans. He had little luck getting permits on hisown until the State Parks system stepped in. The State Parks Division leased, 1457 acres, whichbecame Red Top Mountain State Park and 345 acres which became George WashingtonCarver State Park on the newly created Lake Allatoona (1950). John Atkinson became the firstBlack Park Superintendent  in Georgia and while there he built, a clubhouse, concession stand, playground, boat ramp, beach and residence were.Georgia Chief Justice Robert Benham writes that Carver became "...a black recreationa!
l Mecca and attracted visitors from throughout the southeast. Several well-known entertainers such as Ray Charles and Little Richard performed at the park.... This is where Rev. Andrew Young and his family learned to water ski and where Mrs. Coretta Scott King remembers her family spending many weekends at church outtings.  The park also served as the summer home of the St. John's Ski Bees, a black ski club, which was headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The St. John's Ski Bees was the only black water ski club in Georgia. The group performed throughout the summer and drew people from throughout the southeast." They did barefoot skiing, sock takeoffs, one legged skiing and ramp jumping. Atkinson operated the park from 1950 to 1958 and helped start a black Girl ScoutCamp at Carver as a sub-lease on the Corps of Engineers property. Samuel Nathan was thelast superintendent of Carver. In one of the all-to-familiar cost-cutting moves, Carveroperations were combined with Red Top,!
 Mr. Nathan was transferred to Richmond Hill StatePark to!
 become the first black superintendent of a formerly white state park. The Atlanta GirlScout Council then took over the operation of the Carver area on Lake Allatoona and whatstarted as a Girl Scout Camp for Negroes became fully integrated as had Red Top MountainState Park.Charles Henry AtkinsonP.S. I remember my siblings and I having to go to bed early because my parents were trying to protect us from "that sinful music that was being played". We lay in bed all night long listening to Little Richard and friends having fun.
Charles Henry Atkinson 2003-05-01

i like this because is too nice to me
Simon Ataha 2003-04-30

little richard is 1 of the great rock n rollers but before him were: elvis, c berry, bill haley, fats domino, jerry lee lewis, ray charles
Danny Bauer 2003-04-30

Dale Shofstall 2003-04-29

dear mr richard ilove your  singing.
Anna Phelps 2003-04-29

I just love all your songsYou are the best!!!
Oskar Santesson 2003-04-29

Jordan Wolfenbarger 2003-04-28

Hi. I remember I had "embraced" Little Richard at Forest National (Brussels/Belgium) on June 6, 1975. Hope he is still in good r'n'r health.
I remember I was on stage embracing you at Forest National (Brussels/Belgium) on June 6th, 1975... It was a long time ago. Hope you are still in good health. Keep rocking...Stephan
Koenig Stephan 2003-04-25

Hi. LR-news. First of all I have to say this is a great site.LITTLE RICHARD - read something at the top Of this guestbook about a DVD. And I would realy enyoy that. So please, listen to me: DO A REALISE BEFORE YOU RETIRE COMPLETLEY.
Kjell Bergquist 2003-04-24

Little richard... Why don't you do as the others of famous artist. RECORD A DVD - filmed from a new show. I know that people would be very happy for that. And I know - people will buy!!!!!
Andrew Andersen 2003-04-23

hello a must say that richard is  the king in the hole world and in sweden and scandinavia!!!! we love u /////beckvik in sweden/finland
Ralf-Åke Bäckvik 2003-04-23

Hi, my sister-in-law is so excited since she just got tickets to see Little Richard in June at the Dover Downs, in Delaware. We both remember him from his hits in the 1950's. Does anyone know how old he is? I think he is ageless. I wish I could get to see him in person, well maybe some day.
Betty Racine 2003-04-22

Some people are too stupid to read. Little Richard has not retired and he probably never will.
Wolfgang Guhl 2003-04-21

Hey Little Richard!!!  I know you are retired but I thank god that we got to meet you and see you before you did at the Ventura County Fair here in California a couple years back.  We hope that you are enjoying your retirement and we still enjoy playing your songs here on our Oldies station at KRKT 99.1 FM -- Where lately we have been going back to your Peacock Years and playing Rice, Red Beans and Turnup Greens.(That diet shure will keep you regular!)All the best,Bennie DingoKRKT 99.1 FMRock-it Radio Online --
Bennie Dingo 2003-04-20

Hello Little Richard I really love your music no body does it like you do you'll always be the king
Karen B'Ship 2003-04-19

little lichard is the true and only king of rock and roll
Rafael Rey 2003-04-17

i love little richard but i must say that elvis presley is the only king of rock and roll
Anthony Minerd 2003-04-15

Richard, I hope I don't hurt you feeling when I say that I was * yrs old when I started digging rock'n'roll and you where why. I'm 55 yrs old and I still love your music. You are the best, Rick Narup 4-13-03
Richard Narup 2003-04-14

Hi Little Richard.  Back in 1970 or 1971 you did a show at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles CA.  Quite a night to remember as during your wild encore the entire stage collapsed.  I was wondering if there are any pictures of that particular event and one of these days I would like to meet you - shake your hand - and laugh about being a survivor of that show!  Peace... BC
Bill Church 2003-04-09

hi little richard I just got to say you are fantastic,I really hope you can perform in the pittsburgh area before you retire,hope to see you soon dennis kiester
Dennis Kiester 2003-04-09

were doing a report on you little Richard!!!it should be fun!! i love all the songs write.i listen to them almost every day!!!!!
Marisa Sowders 2003-04-09

I really enjoyed this site! I can't wait to meet Little Richard this year in June at the 6th Annual Elvis Presley Festival where I will be performing a tribute to Elvis at Milam School. The show is called "Double Trouble". Would be too kewl if Richard could make the show (hint) Keep Rockin' Little the man!
Kevin Curtis 2003-04-07

hey i love u Little Richard and i am so glad that u made all those wonderful songs that you did, even though i was born in "88" i still love all ur music, and in music class i am doin' a report on u. welllppp i am gonna go love uTomorrow Norman
Tomorrow Norman 2003-04-01

Hi Little Richard, I saw you back in February of 1981 at Maranatha Assembly of God in Decatur IL.  I really like your song "God's Beautiful City".  Is it on a CD?  or could I get the lyrics?  Jack Kirby  Apple Valley CA
Jack Kirby 2003-03-26

Hello Little Richard I just want to say hi I never seen you perform I'm Memphis, Tennesse I lived there when I was a little girl and are money was getting real bad so what happend was that we moved to Racine, Wisconsin and if you don't know where it is it is by Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After we moved my mom, dad,and me settled in this apartment where it was big but the neighborhood was bad. I got pregnant at the age of fourteen I got pregnant and I got a boyfriend at the time and I had my baby I had a girl she was named Sha she died after a year of lung problems but I want to hear you in a concert.
Whitney Green 2003-03-25

hi little richard I'm one of your fans we resantly had to do an assignment on a great music legend for music and i picked you. do you know where i could get some pictures of you???
Tiarna Stafford 2003-03-19

Do you like sanging
Monica Cuffee 2003-03-19

Hi Little Richard, do you really read these?? I love the ooooooooooooo in your songs. I would have loved to sing like you!!  You're outta sight!
Manny Garibaldi 2003-03-16

Dearest Little Richard, Saw your show in the "U.P." of Michigan. I grew up with your music because my mother was such a hugh fan. Your show was March 9th, 2003. (My Mothers Birthday.) She passed away Mardh 10th, 1986. You shook my hand on her Birthday which made it very special. In a way I know she was there in spirit with us. Thankyou so very much. Thankyou for all your talent. Love you always, Nancy Neff.
Nancy Neff 2003-03-16

hey richard i"m still a fan thanks for the great music
Dave Garrett 2003-03-16

Hey Little Richard if you read this I just want to let you know I have a Little Paul Richard music video.  However, I'm not a musician I am a Pizza Man.  One night in my restaurant I felt like I was Little Richard.  I performed Long Tall Sally, Tutti Frutti, Good Golly Miss Molly, and Lucille.  I lip sync the songs using a pizza cutter as a microphone.  I made a DVD out of the video and it really is a SCREAM.  My two Grandsons think it's great and my family said I should try to get it to you.  I know you would like it and it will make you laugh for sure.  I have always been a fan of yours and I think you are GREAT.  I was inspired by you to make this Little Paul Richard DVD. If you would like to see please contact me.   Peace Little Paul Richard TamasiPS: By the way, I'm little too
Paul Richard Tamasi 2003-03-13

Also in Italy, Little Richard is the First King of R'n'R, I love him from 1958. Best song "Keep a knockin'"
Sergio Di Tonno 2003-03-13

I saw a LR show in VH-1 a couple years ago. It was in color and it was great...anyone know if it's available anywhere on video? I'd like to get a copy if me at if you have info or if you can copy videos......
Steve Ponchaud 2003-03-11

I am 55 yrs. old and have been a fan of Little Richard since the get-go:) LR still gives us his life's energy and love and great sense of humor. I enjoy the fun commercials he has done recently and hope he stays in the forefront for a long, long time. May God bless you and yours, Little Richard and thank you for being so special.
Brinda Adams 2003-03-07

ive heard a couple of his songs...but I dont even wear that much make up!
A A 2003-03-04

I love you would you marry me
Jasmine Carter 2003-02-28

Little Richard has a great voice. He seems to have a beautiful attitude. He is one of the greatest legends of all time. I was born in 1982, but because of Little Richard, I wish I was around in the 1950's. At least we have the chance now to hear his great music. God Bless
Vanessa Briales 2003-02-28

Love your music. I am doing a black history project about you.
T.D. Agner 2003-02-25

I love Little Richard..he is such an amazing man..I love everything about him!
Kati Garibey 2003-02-25

Dear Little Richard,We are looking up stuff on you for school it is cool to learn about you well have to get back to work
Elliot Kinander 2003-02-24

you rock your so cool my friends love you they want tickets to your concerts!!!1
Steven Middleton 2003-02-24

Little richard is the best performer I have every record and i have the tarronto concert with john lennon, Chuck berry, bo didly, jerry lee lewis and the one and only little richard!
Marc Louison 2003-02-23

i'm a woman pushing 60, and when people ask me my musical preferences, and i say "tony bennett and little richard" i get a lot of raised eyebrows. they seldom ask for the explanation - i love tony's "smile" (the song). things shake down into a certain order when i listen to it. on the other hand, little richard only needs to show up and open his mouth. i grew up in the valley in los angeles, and was in lutheran school for over ten years.  i began public school in what was then "jr. high" and was introduced to little richard by a girl with a "reputation".  it was love at first beat.  i've followed you around ever since, and glory in the knowledge that when you sing in that heavenly choir, i'll get to sing along with you!!  in my life, i've been in a unique situation to know several stars, meet lots of entertainers, and i actually knew elvis - but you're the one, little richard - you are THE ONE!  don't ever stop - we'll always be there for you - just show up and open !
your mouth. i love you!!
Lynn Mead 2003-02-22

Love your music and your youthfull energy, keep it up, Eric
Eric Lloyd 2003-02-22

i luv little richards songs but he wears so much make up. its a little  scary. lol
Rebecca Strong 2003-02-20

Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  I saw you Mr. Little Richard several times visiting the Church I attend in Boston, Berea Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  It's good to know you know the great I am.  I went to your website as a Black History assignment that I am doing for my job.  I am a women of color;coffee with a splash of cream and two sugars...I am the only female of this description or any other coffe type in the office.  I am the Office Manager and assistant to the General Manager of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA.  I sent a e-mail to our Marketing Director and expressed my concern that the company is diverse yet we did not recognize Black History Month.  The Marketing Director spoke with me and said her assistant would help me work on doing something for Black History month and it would be distributed to all of our merchants in Faneuil Hall.  For Black History Month,I chose people that were the 1st and you are the 1st Father of Rock and Roll!!
 May God continue to bless you and by the grace of God come back to visit Berea, Seventh-Day Adventist Church again.  p.s  If your in the area look me up, I'd love to see and hear you perform.Sincerely,  Erocia Celestine Banks
Erocia Banks 2003-02-20

Hello to all Little Richard Fan's all over the world. I'm searching contact with you. My E-Mail address is :
Michael Neubert 2003-02-17

Hi, i am doing a report on you for black history month "thanks for being who you are!"
Sharel Hunter 2003-02-11

Hi. My name is Joslyn and I'm from Oklahoma City and I don't think that there's anyone out there with as much spice as Little Richard. I'm 23 and studying Graphic Design. He has inspired me to be proud of being original and that there's absolutely nothing wrong with standing out. Keep rockin' Mr. Richard! Joslyn
Joslyn Carter 2003-02-10

je suis une grand fan, je vous ai vu il y a 5 ans je crois au festival de Jazz de Cimiez à Nice France.Quel show extraordinaire !!!! quelle musique et quelle forme, j'ai passé une soirée formidable, et la grande berline blanche !!!bizzzz
Monique Randazzo 2003-02-07

Little Richard is The Greatest! This is wonderful having a website dedicated to him--he is just The BEST! One question: I heard he has a restaurant--whereabouts? Also, how long has he been a minister & where can I get his autobiography book? Thanks--this is great-he's FANTASTIC!
Margaret Dales 2003-02-04

Hi. I am a 49 year old woman, who thinks Little Richard is the greatest performer every born. Love his music and his energy. A big fan Mary
Mary Broussard 2003-02-02

my name is carlos mario i am from colombia i like your music a lot of, i am study english and i have a exposicion about any singer and i chosse you please give a meesagge.i would like to know why is the nikcname little always friend carlos mario  
Carlos Mario Guzman 2003-01-31

Little Richard is cool and funny.  I like his muxic.  I also like classical music(especially Bach,Beethoven, Brahms,Tchiakovsky, R.Strauss,Vaughn-Williams,St.Seans,Sibelius,Dworak and Schubert.
John Clones 2003-01-29

Hi! This Jani "Joãnitor" Muurinen from Finland and I just wanna say that you're one of the wildest and greatest singer of all time. Keep on rockin'
Joãnitor Muurinen 2003-01-25

My husband and I enjoyed meeting you at the Pizza Hut in Manchester, TN.  Thank you for the book and the signed picture. All the best to you. Tim and Beverly Lyautey  2003-01-24
Beverly Lyautey 2003-01-25

I would like Mr.Richard to know that he has an eight year old fan.She saw you on Full House last year.She was so taken by you.She said she just loves to hear yougo wooooooooo(I hope thats how you spell it.)I would love to get a response from you to give to my child.I had to talk to a friend and get a copy of some of your songs,so she could sing along.She loves to hear Tutti Frutti,Long Tall Sally,Bam Lama Bama Lou.She even dances to your songs.Her name is Sterlin Cook.("I LOVE YOU MR.RICHARD BEST OF LUCK. Love Sterlin)Thank you
Rosa Cook 2003-01-20

Grant Sutcliffe 2003-01-20

wishing you all the best in this new year.From a big fan.Ian from Ireland
Ian Cummins 2003-01-18

Heres wishing you all the best and yes you are still beutifull , keep on rocking .
Mike Renton-Cooper 2003-01-15

really nice pictures
Willie Stamps 2003-01-14

Got a Bill Board Poster from Englind with Little Richard and the Beatles dated Oct. 12, 1962.  Wondering if there is any interest or value.Chip
Chip Kishel 2003-01-13

before "ELVIS" & "The Beatles" there was "Little Richard" The true King of Rock-n-roll!
Ben Perez 2003-01-02

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