Guestbook 2005

Dear Richard...thank you, what more can I say!? I have been a fan for 50 years and bought my first Little Richard record when I was 12. The only R&R voice that comes close to you is Roger Daltry, who also gives it everything. But who needs to talk of coming 2nd when YOU have been Number 1 for so long. When I was away at school back in the 50's I started a band which I named Duane Tanton and The Dudes...but nothing happened!Dreams fade but memories last forever...
John Olliver 2005-12-30

You are the only rock and roller I want to see in concert. You are simply the best and a powerhouse on stage. You got an easy 50 more years as a performer. Hope god keeps you healthy
Tom warner 2005-12-25

wowwwwwww!!!!!a great great great rock'n'roll man you are!!!!!you said the truth......"All Around The World(aka Rock'n'Roll Is Here To Stay)"!!!!with chuck,jerry lee,eddie,elvis,bill,you 're the father of the rock'n'roll,always in our heart!!!!special thanks too,to the webmaster of this site for his work!!!(from the north of france)
irezumi 2005-12-24

Saw you on Craig Ferguson last night. You were fantastic!!! It's great to see an artist who can sing his ass off live. I'd love to see a Christmas Album like what I heard last night.
James Schultheis 2005-12-23

Hi Richard , just a short note to let you no YES,there really is a Good Golly Miss Molly an she lives in your home town of Macon, Ga .She is my cat an I LOVE THAT CAT .....  Gail  P.S We love you very much !!!!
Gail Hadarits 2005-12-20

45 years ahead of your time. still on leading edge.
ron starr 2005-12-18

your the greatest!!!!where do i find a copy of good night irene good night? thank you in advance- a fan forever.
tom buttita 2005-12-16

You forever the REAL KING of Rock-n-Roll
Larry E. Baker 2005-12-16

Hi, Richard. I had the privledge of meeting you today at the redlight. You are a very friendly and polite man. (I am the one that got out of my car and ran over to yours asking for an autograph!) Thank you for the books. They were very much appreciated. Its great to see people like yourself doing work for our savior.
Jen Damron 2005-12-14

oups ! I was "surfing" on the web. I don't know here I am ! On a fan web site of Little Richard ? Don't speak very well your langage. But today I was playing "Directly from my heart...", try to sing it... I was a little down. Now, it'getting better and thank you Little Richard. From Nantes (France)
Pierre-Marie Bodeven 2005-12-13

A pure genius
Thomas Koss 2005-12-13

has l richard hung up his r & roll shoes? has he retired?seems like i dont hear much of him doing live performances; i know that c berry still does & i think jerry lee & fats do toohas the cd with the song, "i saw her standing there" been released yet?(the one he did with jerry lee lewis)
danny b. 2005-12-08

Happy Birthday Little Richard. We hope you had a wonderful. and that you are feeling better.I got to see you for the first time in Chicago at the Ravina. I was the red head that was trying to get you on my video camera and you caught me .My husband Mike has been to see you lots of times. You are our favorite and look forward to any news of you and you coming to Chicago. we heard you were feeling poorly and pray it's nothing serious.We love you Little Richard. God Bless you.Mike & Sandy VincentChicago fans & friends
Mike Sandy Vincent 2005-12-06

Happy birthday Little Richard.  I play your music more than any other artist,  If I'm feeling low, all I have to do is play "Lucille" - my favourite - and I'm ALIVE!!, your music has that effect.  Keep on Rockin.  Love Pam xxx
Pamela Davis 2005-12-05

Happy birthday, Little Richard, and thanks for all the joy and beauty in your wonderful music.
Michael Robinson 2005-12-05

I heard on the radio that Little Richard was very sick,has he made a complete recovery?Is he or will he preform in Chicago in the near future?I would like a email answer to my question,I may not return to this web site on the day that my question may appear.I wish him the best.It has been years since I have seen him on any soap opera,the last one was ONE LIFE TO LIVE.Thank You Yvonne Fisher Chicago Il Dec/2005
Yvonne Fisher 2005-12-04

Richard, Saw you in 1957 in New York in the Alan Freed show and again in florida about 3 yrs ago with Chuck Berry. I've been a fan forever and always will be. Have watched your movie starring Leon many times,and I've created your youngest? fan, my grandson Kyle now age 11. At age 8 he wore a tee shirt with your photo on it.My first 78 record was Tutti Fruti.Thank you so much for all you have contributed to the music world and to my personal enjoyment for the past 50 yrs.
Joel Feinberg 2005-11-29

Happy upcoming 73rd birthday, Richard!!  Long live Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues Soul!!!  Although I still have not had a chance to see in perform - I just missed you in Milwaukee because I did not see the notice for the concert until a few days before.
rob donison 2005-11-26

Always a fan! Greetings from Orlando Fla.Keepup the great work!Dave
Dave Harvey 2005-11-26

Hi little richard! I'm from Germany and me and my friends love your songs especially you make me wanna shout! Great if you have a party!so longCiao Dennis
dennis lampe 2005-11-25

hi man i'm hamza from morocco and i'm a big fan of rock music,of u and of tutti fruti it's a movin' song and all african people are kean on of movin' songs
hamza safsafy 2005-11-24

I was just listening to the radio, and I heard a song called baby got back by sir mix-a-lot, and I think it is really influenced by little richard! Usually I don't like modern music that is played on the radio, but this one I really liked because it reminded me of some of Richard's classics like Tutti Frutti. It's good to see some new artists taking a lesson from him, because he is such an amazing and inspirational musician.
Abraham J. S. L. T M. M. M. R. Q. Q. R. T Smith 2005-11-22

kiri ioannou 2005-11-19

you got a lot of soul Little Richard and personally I got a lot of favorite singers did you ever give Paul McCartney a quick singing lesson?Andrew Murray 11-14-05
andrew murray 2005-11-15

Don't know if you ever get to read these comments Richard but any guy who chose to play Doncaster (UK) has my respect! Only joking Yorkshire folk. You are truly an icon and kept true to your beliefs. You were KEWL (cool)and broke the rule. You ain't no saint but man you made your mark!! God Bless You!!!Love and respectxx
Mick 2005-11-14

hey richard, i am from italy and i am a great fan of long tall sally and you!!! for you, life is pretty simple isn`t it ?
giovanni galli 2005-11-13

i dunno if u r still alive but r u ?
lois strong 2005-11-10

hi mr.richardwas tutti frutti your first hit?alec
alec norman 005-11-08

Hello!!I just wanna tell you that I love your music. You are in of the best in my own world. I'm 15 years an when I'm gonna listen to music, it's your music. Big fan from Norway
Gro Ingvaldsen 2005-11-05

Hello Little Richard,My family and I came to see your show last night at the Cleveland, TN Block Party. We really enjoyed your show. My kids(teenagers) who usually listen to other types of even had a blast! Thank you very much for all your years of clean fun entertainment. Sandi
Sandi Stewart 2005-11-01

wassup little richard my name is sierra and i was doing a report on u and i was wondering how u felt when u worked with jimmy hendricks well i gtg i hope u can responing
sierra bailey 2005-11-01

Richard, do you remember when you appeared for a week at the Hollyoke nightclub in Indianapolis in the 70's. i'll never forget. sat right near you and you were great.
Claude Rossman 2005-10-29

!!! You can see Little Richard on a new Motorola commercial. !!! -------------------------------------------------- According to insiders, a TV spot that was just filmed for the new Motorola ROKR features a barrage of A-list musicians: Madonna, Little Richard, Iggy Pop, Bootsy Collins, Lil' John, The White Stripes, Sleater-Kinney, Sum 41, Mya, Pussycat Dolls, Billie Joe (from Green Day). Look-a-likes of Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix and Biggie Smalls.
Michael Neubert 2005-10-27

i just want to say that i discovered & loved the little richard's story & music with it's highs & lows.that was a real good american boy. as a moroccan living in france i will say one word "merci". god bless u.
sami saidani 2005-10-26

im doing a music report on you..your an awsome dude man! haha peace
Bob Green 2005-10-19

I would like to say how much I think Little Richard has totally touched my heart. He has influenced all music since. Every single song ever since then has been influenced by him. Peace out.
Abraham J. S. L. T M. M. M. R. Q. Q. R. T Smith 2005-10-19

you rock tuti fruti bama lama youre the best little richard
nathan frasure 2005-10-12

Just wanted to say that I tryed to get to Macon to see your show but arrived in Fitzgerald and they did't know what time it were. Mr. Richard please email me back we grew up together just want to see if you remember us back here in Fitzgerald, Ga. the fun time we had. Thanks Dannyboy.
Danny Thearan (Dannyboy) Alexander 2005-10-10

I know that I have already sent a message to this guestbook, but There is something else that I feel that the world and all who read this guestbook should know.  The city of Macon is this man's birthplace, but is also and will always be considered his home away from all the glitter.  The funds for his concert last night were generated by private orginazations and personal donations, to the best of my knowledge.  Thie concert were free to al that attended.  Little Richard did something that made the newspaper headlines in this morning's news that was "off the chain" as we may put it.  This man gave $30,000.00 back to this city.  This was one of the most giving gestures from his heart that I have ever heard about.  He not only is a legend in the world of music, but he is Macon's son in every way.  Richard, you are true Macon and everything this city is about.  Happy retirement and may God Bless You always.
david canady 2005-10-10

Well, the man fron macon is here again.  He performed on stage last night.  Not the bst crowd in the world, but he was all himself.  If I know this city, yes you statue will go up.  Your gift to the city was great. If no one else told you thanks for it all, then please accept it from me..From one macon born native to another, God Bless You. and Happy Birthday a little early
David Canady 2005-10-09

Just saw your concert tonight in Macon. What a show and what a beautiful man you are!We love you! Thanks for coming home again!!!
Kathy Willingham 2005-10-09

i am your no.1 fan love you loads lauren
lauren revell 2005-10-07

I'm going to add some of your GREAT tunes to my "live" show ... Many thanks for those SUPER performances
Steve Burnside 2005-10-03

Some great memories down the years! Cheers!
Patrick McGooe 2005-10-03

Hello little Richard I watched you today on bet.i'm from cuthbert ga. now that is the true music.keep on rockn Ellen
Ellen dykes 2005-10-03

Greetings Little Richard.  Today I watched your biography for the 2nd time on BET.  You are an inspiration to many many artist.  Especially the good artists that don't play dirty.  Should you be in the West Coast again, closer to Sacramento, California  I will be in your audience.  Love from California and God Bless You.  Maria of Sacramento, CA.
maria brito 2005-10-03

Thank you so much for the years of glorious music and shher fun.  Please come to singpaoreDT x
Denyse Tessensohn 2005-10-02

hello.... you are the best songer I know.... now are you know that... Im a big fan of you.... love the music... many loves from Lasse holm...<3 <3 <3
Lasse holm 2005-09-29

5O YEARS OF TUTTI FRUTTI ( September 14th, 1955 - September 14th, 2005 ). Today, September 14th, 2005 is a historic date for Little Richard and all Rock'n'Roll Fans over the world. TUTTI FRUTTI is now 50 YEARS old. God bless Little Richard and hope he will sing Tutti Frutti the next 50 years !!!!! Historic date for myself : Now i'm 25 years a Fan of Little Richard. I bougt my first Little Richard LP "His biggest Hits" from Specialty Records in 1980 in Innsbruck / Austria. Greetings from Michael Neubert,one of the greatest Little Richard Fans and Collectors here in Germany. My E-Mail address :
Michael Neubert 2005-09-14

Remember the 14th of september- on this date 50 years ago "Tutti Frutti" was recorded and changed music history.
Michael Steen Henriksen 2005-09-13

I've enjoyed Little Richard's music for years. Now I'm using his children's songs to teach my fourth graders English as a Foreign Language.
Michael Nolan 2005-09-12

I saw the fantastic show in Fl on 9-11-05 also and Richard was the King as always. I first met him in the 70's in Miami when his cousin took me to meet him. I baked a cake for him and was so thrilled to meet him. I got tons of pics and autographs. I have loved him since I was 12 years old.
Burma Zautis 2005-09-12

bob beanery 2005-09-12

I saw Little Richard last night. He was fantastic! Unfortunately, his voice was horse. He was going to sell posters for $25 to autograph, but it started raining. So he gave away 10 non-autographed ones. I had brought my own poster, and he signed it on stage!!!! He was very courteous. He even threw gold watches to the audience! This was such a cool show! And best of all, it was on my birthday!
Micah Weber 2005-09-11

dear Richard, I saw your bio on tv and was impressed with your spiritual journey. thanks for sharing it. I was moved and inspired to continue on mine.
jennifer speich 2005-09-08

dear richard ,i just want you to know i to was beaten like you were (the quote devil is in her) yea all 5'2" ,blonde ,blue eyed . when things were really bad for me i'd get your record from under my bed.(HAHAHAH HOW'D YOU KNOW MY SECRET?) then and play your record's really loud & escape for3min.of fun.if iwas caught ,it was of course a beating !i've foregiving them years ago. i just wanted you to know,your music brought me great joy (when i had very little joy)my daughter bought a cd and i hopped around on my walker,dancing happy as hell,the music is still GREAT RICHARD GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU WELL ,JUNE

I just watched "Little Richard" the movie for the first time last night. I thought it was a study in self-esteem and the fact the "God doens't make junk."  I thought it was all about being true to God's creation and never being filled with self-loathing.  Great story.  He is just so much fun and never takes himself too seriously.  I loved the last scene and the London performance.  Such fun.  Elaine
Elaine Thomas 2005-08-31

I have seen the Little Richard movie twice recently on BET and wanted to look for a website about you. I was born in '72 but brought up on the '50's and '60's music. I enjoy hearing your songs. Thank you. God Bless.
Rhonda Court 2005-08-31
Hey Richard! I bought your records in the late 1950s.  I am a songewriter now, and everything I do has got some Little Richard in it.  You are the Architect of Rock & Roll!
Jim Colyer 2005-08-27

hi mr richard i hpoe you continue in show business and perhaps cut a new cd.take care i beleive the 50s 60s rock and roll was great and unique!to me true rock and roll was 1953 to 1964! do you agree?(british invasion)
frank murdock 2005-08-26
Hello,My "new" Little Richard site is finally done. It has been published for a time but now the site has been edited and better than it was before. Also it has not been updated for a while, but from now on it will be updated very often, so check the site every now and then...The "new" site contains a News Section, which will be updated very often. The site also contains a Concert Section, and a big link section where more links will be added very soon. A Forum has also been created for this site, where a specific room has been made for discussing concerts.A contact page makes it easy for you fans to tell about the LR-concerts you've seen, news and more links. Everyone is welcome to contact the site.Please on rockin'Regards,Mattias Bruhn  :d
Mattias Bruhn 2005-08-24

THESE PEOPLE,so called fans,are MISSING THE POINT!In my view they've spoilt it for themselves. I've been reading a few bad revues of the great Little Richard's performances on his recent tour (2005). When I saw him in London recently he was not as good as he was,but who cares! I love him for how good he has been,for fabulous 50 years in my case.I was happy, indeed grateful, to give him the money for the show at the RFH - no matter how good he is now - the memory of meeting him will be with me forever, even if he never sings again I'll tell of how courteous and generous he was when I shook his hand, the hand that played the piano like no other - Good Golly Miss Molly!Thank you Richard for everything that's great in life.Your Number 1 fan, John.PS. Richard, if you need another £50 just let me know and I'll put it in the post!
John Olliver 2005-08-24

peace and love for the king of rock and roll.M.

my name is karen and i am 28 i just want to say that your music made history and more people should appreciate the milestones you have accomplished for people of all colors.
karen johnson 2005-08-17

My name is Luke, I am only 8 years old, I love your music.  I saw you first on Sesame Street, then on Hollywood Squares all the time.  I told my Grandma that I thought your music was awesome, so she bought me a tape, and we LOVE it.  I hope to see you in concert someday to get your autograph, I listed you as the person I would like to meet most in a homework paper in the 2nd grade.  Maybe I will someday!!!  Your fan, Luke
Lucas Durling 2005-08-15

THANK RICHARD!I've been a fan for 50 years but the greatest moment was earlier this year (2005)when I met you at the RFH in London.You were gracious, courteous and I shook your hand - "John, that's a mighty big hand shake!" he said, to which I replied " Maybe, but YOU have a mighty big voice!". He signed a poster to me making it the experience unforgetable. You've been fantastic value and you will always be my hero - I love you,God Bless! John.
John Olliver 2005-08-10

Do you remember the London concert in 1972?  I have DVD of that with Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bo Didley etc.  So now my kids know why I go on and on about you three and especially Little Richard - who was the original wild man of rock & roll  
Roger Cudmore 2007-07-28

Marcus Blake 2005-07-13

Loving Richard, I'm writing from VENEZUELA, South america. You still  been in my dreems, waiting to see YOU some day in my life... just to see YOU, I listen YOU every day... EXCELSUS RICHARD!... Your forever fan... Dorian
DORIAN GARCÏA 2005-07-12

Richard, I just saw you in Denver. You were fabulous! terrific! a great showman, awesome voice, fantastic band.  You all were mind blowing and Professional. I missed a chance to see you in Portland OR many years ago and always regreted it.  Thank you for the great-unforgetable performance! I'm a fan forever-I only wish I could have gotten your autograph. Love and God Bless You.
Kay Rickner 2005-07-03

KERRY NKATHA 2005-06-29

I had the pleasure of seeing Little Richard in Denver in October 1993 for the first time. I could not wipe the smile off my face. Great music mixed with humor and inviting guests on stage to dance. On July 2, 2005 I'll be seeing another show in Denver and probably for the last time. What a career! And I hope I look as good when I'm approaching 70.
Tom O'Connor 2005-06-23

Ilove this site and love LITTLE RICHARD.
Newton Collier 2005-06-23

Been a fan of Richard since 1956 - I thought Elvis was wild until I heard Jerry Lee and I thought Jerry Lee was wild until I heard Richard!  You can't get any wilder...
Neil Foster 2005-06-21

I live in the same town that you do and I had the pleasure of seeing you one day, I started to come up to you and talk to you but I wasn't feeling well and did not want to bother you.  I grew up listening to you and I have to say you look so young and healthy and whatever cologne you were wearing, well keep wearing it, Maybe some day I'll have the pleasure of seeing you again and saying HI, so until then stay the same and never change.  Your the best!!!!  Marla
Marla Cunningham 2005-06-18

remember you at the tick tock club in macon ga.inthe 50s velvet cape and all sax player playedonthe bar whenthings got rolling real good times
don kaczala 2005-06-15

pls i dey here for real oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
kele mike magas magas 2005-06-14

Dear Mister "Little" Richard Penniman!         You held a fantastic show in Langesund at Wrightegaarden in Norway. The first record I heard from you was Lucille. A friend of mine had bought a 78 rpm and he brought it to my birthday party. When I put it on the record player I was stunned. I couldn't believe what I heard. It was just fantastic.The other record my friend  brought was Hound Dog with Elvis Presley. That was the first time I heard rock'n'roll. From then on 50's rock'n'roll has been my devoted music. As time passed by I had to by all your Specialty albums like: Here,s Little Richard, Little Richard and The fabouluous Little Richard and Well, all right( which I not sure is Specialty Records. I was so glad you came to Norway. I know you were here also 8 or 10 years ago in Hamar in Norway, but I didn'nt have the opportunity to go and see you then. I hope you will come to have a concert in Oslo also one day.                           Your devoted fan                              Rolf-Tore
Rolf-Tore Amli 2005-06-14

I saw 2 great shows in Paris at the Olympia with a fabulous Little Richard. Surprising songs were : Directly from my heart, Shake a Hand, I got a woman, Joy Joy Joy. Surprising act was Little Richard & Mustique singing Long Tall Sally together. I met the great Johnny Hallyday at the Backstage Area too. The Fans at the Olympia were very proud to see the King Little Richard. Best Regards from your german Fan Michael Neubert. Little Richard Fan since 25 years now. Would like to get in contact with other Fans wordlwide. Here's my E-Mail address :
Michael Neubert 2005-06-14

Dear Mister Penniman,Just an old Daddy who want to thank you for welcomed on stage my 11 years old son at the "Olympia" on 7th june 2005. He sure liked to collect your autograph on a 50's picture and enjoyed to stand near of you for one song. You help him to learnt why his Daddy's is Rock'n'Rollin since the early 70's and why he can't cure. I meet my wife in 1979 listening your own recording of "By The Light of The Silvery Moon" blowing from an old Ami jukebox and now our son bring us your autograph. May the finger of the Lord be there that night! As you had sung with heart, soul and spirit "You are my sunshine" , we want to tell you back "Your love will shine in our home forever". Thanks Mister Penniman for that night who was just "Joy, Joy, Joy". You had just send us some lovin' and i will cherish those memories 'til i will drop. Keep a knockin' for 50 years more.
Brest R'n'R Appreciation Society Imp 2005-06-11

Dear Little RichardItwas such a wonderful concert at the Olympia last night in Paris...we were very happy to see you back  andhope to see you more often!!!We love you Martine and Alan
martine munguia-herrmann 2005-06-07

I don´t lived the 60's music so i can only listen to this music. In spite of that i can clearly realize Mr. Richard put his heart and great voice. His songs sounds markedly more powerful than others.MR RICHARD IS ROCK AND ROLLI think in all dictionary should be:Rock and Roll: Music performed by Richard Wayne Penniman
Eugenio David Carrere 2005-06-05

frank de martino 2005-06-04

Little Richard's music is as wild, as innovative and as much FUN as it ever was - Dave in England
David Fox 2005-06-02

DANNY B. 2005-05-29

just want to ask u that wat instruments do u play?
surat abulizi 2005-05-25

Danny B. 2005-05-24

Daniel Psiropoulos 2005-05-24

Los crooners are readdy to make a new Concert era with The King get in touch sberacha@gmail.com001+52+55+53959744
Salomon Beracha 2005-05-21

hay my name is lesli a like your music
lesli catares 2005-05-20

Little Richard Penniman - you exploded into the head of a little 9-yr old white boy in South Africa back in 1956. Never been the same since. Thank you, thank you and thank you.
mike dickman 2005-05-20

this guy is great in deed.i love his music and i love him.tribute to him
nifemi akinyemi 2005-05-18

Little Richard you are the most dynamic rocker ever!!! I am a girl guitar player. I want to play in your band!!I'm funky as hell!!
Rene Porte 2005-05-18

I just read in "Rolling Stone" that the king, Little Richard" is coming out with a new CD.  Anyone hear about this?
Tom Lawton 2005-05-17

Little richard it me Daisy once again and I am doing a research on you and I now know more about you please see if you can wright back stay cool                12 year old Daisy
Daisy Lara 2005-05-17

WHAT A SHOW! SHOW-MAN-SHIP AT ITS BEST.i got to see little richard for the first time.performing here i nashville tenness at vanderbilt universit where i was on the 11th of may.greatness at its a child i always wanted to see him was every bit worth seeing.every move was breath taking.i had a good view of him standing by the stage in back of his piano,with jimmy church beside was great.thanks little richard.
sherman raines 2005-05-15

KWAME ABOAGYE 2005-05-09

Hi I come to see you in Liverpool on 30th April 2005 and it was the best night ever, especially when you sang my song boney maroney as my dad used to sing this song to me when I was little. I took my dad with me to see you and he said it was a dream come true being able to see you in concert. You are GREAT!!!!!
Helen Bisson 2005-05-06

You ARE rock and roll!! I love you!! Love, Laura Tips of Clayton, New Jersey, USA
Laura Tips 2005-05-06

what's up!
dudlie smith 2005-05-04

hi little richard your such a kool person and your music is awsome
Daisy Lara 2005-05-03

I was at the concert in Manchester last night 1/5/05. Thank you for a great night, it was an honor to see you once more, keep on rockin'
Brian Eachus 2005-05-02

Hi all,My name is Mattias Bruhn and I'm a big Swedish Little Richard fan. I will go for London and the Royal Festival Hall May 3rd for seeing Richard.I'm interested in every little photo, video, video-clip, newspaper, review, poster etc. from this UK-tour. I would also like to have contact with every person that will see or have seen Richard on this UK-tour.I got things for ex-change, otherwise I will pay you.You can contact me by e-mail:mattias_bruhn@spray.seThanks to all, and keep rockin'.All the best,Mattias Bruhn
Mattias Bruhn 2005-04-27

waz up
Joey Quinn 2005-04-26

I adore your music I love the words it brings me out of the world
vianca caceres 2005-04-26

Hello to all the Little Richard Fans which goes to the United Kindom Tour in April 2005 and May 2005. I will take every Show on video what is possible, only parts of the show too !!! If somebody has shows on video, please contact me over my E-Mail : ( ), or my telephone number : ( 0049-9563-1020 ). I live in Germany and i will pay you good for a good filmed show. Have some fun in England and to Little Richard, Keep on Rockin'. Greetings from the biggest Little Richard Fan here in Germany, Michael Neubert.
Michael Neubert 2005-04-23

MIKE ASHBY 2005-04-22

I had the pleasure of backing Richard on 4 of his UK dates in 1964. Oasis Club Manchester (afternoon & evening), Stoke Town Hall, and Crewe Town Hall. Absolutely phenomenal. If you are retiring,Richard, enjoy every minute of it, as we`ve enjoyed every minute of your career. God bless.
Terry Betts 2005-04-16

i am very excited about talking to you we are hoping to see you at the family reunion in august in macon ga. i have not seen you in years. i am still staying in macon ga. my brother albert has spoken to you on different occasions so hope to see you soon.
mary pennyman harpe 2005-04-15

Hi. Im 12 and im doing a Project on you! Me and 3 friends have to research you. Isn't that great? Such hard work in your career and your music is so great that years are doing projects on you and your life!!!You should be proud!!!!!Love: The Package ( Nicky Brittny Nicole and Mandy ) KUCHUNGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicky 2005-04-14

i am born 1.13.1943 in good old germany and grow up with rockn roll and the greatest is for me richardpenniman and my favorite tiles of little richard are:tutti frutti and little richard boogie.
dieter lack 2005-04-10

Hi Little Richar this is us the cayton family we have been trying to contac yuo since october 30th 2004 somethign happen to jeff , the kids and i want to see yuo as far as know yuo,ll be in las vegas i hope that we can come see yuo i hope that yuo can see this message and send us a responde ope
Jenny ,Lisa, and Jeffrey Cayton 2005-04-09

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with my 84 year old father at the Nashville aiport this past weekend, April 3rd.  You are truly an inspiration to us all.
Tracy Watson 2005-04-06

Little Richard,I saw your show Sat. April 2, 2005 at Paragon Casino in Marksville, Louisiana.  Ya'll were awesome!!  I really enjoyed the music very much.  I wish I could have got your autograph and a picture of you.  Hope to hear from you soon.Your biggest fan,Janet Hebert
janet hebert 2005-04-06

I saw Little Richard last night at Paragon Casino in Marksville, Louisiana, and he was incredible!!  Come back soon, Richard, we love you!!
Julia Turner 2005-04-03

you are the best
wolfgang stüve 2005-03-29

Hello Richard,My name is Luke,I'm 26 and I am from Brisbane,Australia. I have been a fan of your music since the 90's and even though I was'nt born in the 50's I am a great fan of the music. I have a greatest hits CD which has the original recordings from the 50's and I am sure you are amazed that the music you have made from the 50's has stood the test of time.It's good to see that you are still performing live doing the songs you made famous which I'm sure it brings back memories for the fans who grew up in the 50's and for the new generations of fans who like your music. I hope you come to Australia one day which would be good for many Aussie fans to see you live including those who saw you in 1957 and for the new generations of Aussie who like your music.           Keep up the Good work             From your fan Luke
luke fence 2005-03-29

Dear Richard,We just want to tell you that your concert in Esbjerg, Denmark was the best rock'n'roll concert we ever attended. You looked so good, your singing was perfect, the spirit high - Please come back again.Yours truely, Vibeke
Lena Vibeke 2005-03-26

Little Richard, you are really the best! Let's rock.
Kurt Heck 2005-03-25

Peace and Grace love you Little Richard!!!!God Bless! You are highly favored!2005,20,March
Grace D. Cookewaters 2005-03-20

Hi Richard, I just finished watching the Little Richard story. I was very moved. I am happy to know that you are a man of God. I too am a Seventh-day adventist. I have always liked your music and have been wondering if you had retired. Now I know that you are not so I look forward to hear more of your recordings. God bless and keep you in His care.Keep up the work.Inez.( a fan)
inez richards 2005-03-20

Hey Little Richard, I'M BACK! I think it's been 2 years since i signed the guestbook and it's a honor to write you back on this guestbook. Do you remember something. 50 years ago in 1955, you created you first Rock 'n' Roll hit that made you famous all over the world "Tutti Frutti". I saw you on TV on the TV LAND Awards performing you're 1958 hit "Good Golly Miss Molly" and i taped it. That performance was probably you're best performance yet. Let me ask you something, What was it like back in the 1950's? I mean, was it more peaceful then than it is now. I don't like the era now, it's rap music everywhere and i don't like it!!! They should go back to the most popular era of all time, better than the era now. When i die, i'm going to get a second chance at life. Going back into the 1950's and singing some Rock 'n' Roll music myself. And while i'm there, i'll see you in a concert and get a chance to get you're autograph and meet you and actually have the privilge to say 50 years later that "Hey, i met Little Richard in a concert 50 years ago, all good memories their. I will never forget meeting Little Richard and actually having the privilge to have a picture taken of me and him. Sadly, it will never happen again" because i like you and your music so much. Please, don't retire. We'll never recover from your retirence. It'll be a shame if you do retire because you're still active after all these years. I know, you should come to my school in Union City, Pennsylvania (i hate this city, i hope to move to Memphis, Tennessee when i get out of school in 2008)and perform in front of these inbred teachers & kids. The kids at school like rap music and you know that it's evil and it should be banned from everywhere so maybe you can knock some sense into these kids & teachers heads and sing some Rock 'n' Roll music that will probably i hope, knock some sense into these people's heads that the better music is Rock 'n' Roll, not rap music. We'll, i hope you mail me soon and if you wan't my e-mail, it's (cactu! and you should consider a chatroom where everybody can chat with you online, Rock 'n' Roll style. I be keep you posted and i'll be probably sending you another post letter probably in 2007. Keep Rock 'n' Roll alive and i'll keep you music alive. I'm goin' TUTTI FRUTTI outa' here now so. So Long, LITTLE RICHARD.
Alex Bowersox 2005-03-20

hai mrs LITTLE RICHARD you the first real rocker you zinging verry good,myn son haeve your name:richard,my sister ist meryd met a black men en his lyke of joy my englis is not very good I listen everyday your music I say ROCK & ROLL still of live I need rock & ROLL (hans 57)KEEP ON ROCKING 18-03-2005
HANS HAAN 2005-03-19

* Hey little Richard! Your like the person that I had to do a report on because I heard some of your music.. and hey you were like the inventor or rock n' roll! Your awesome! Never quit doing what you love because your good at it! <33 Shaila
Shaila Kovas 2005-03-15

I had the great pleasure of seeing Little Richard in concert on 3-12-05 in Stockton, CA.  My, my, my!  What a show, what a legend, what a scream!  He was getting it done.  I was deeply moved  when he passed out little books about knowing Jesus Christ, with a  picture of himself tucked inside, to each of us in attendance.  As promised, he made my liver quiver and my bladder splatter.  And he touched my heart every time he looked out at the crowd (with this eyes that pierce the soul) and told us he loved us.   I felt it and I dug it, that feeling of being heart-to-heart with this wild and warm human being.
Tamra Honea 2005-03-15

Hey Gang:  I looked all over the discography for the song "Bring it back" wich Little Richard di with the Beach Boys. I've got the 45 w/ POicture sleeve. maybe I missed it will check again. Good site!
Dave Crimmen 2005-03-12

I wanted to thank you for your style and your music. When I think of Little Richard I think of a stellar entertainer who paved the way for a great many others. To my extreme regret,I have never seen you in concert, my loss. Again, thank you.
robin campbell 2005-03-07

Hola! Un gran abrazo de los brasileñosHello! A strong hug from brazilians
Linton Bezerra 2005-03-06

You are the best...The power of your voice and the feeling ... I sing in my rock band in Brasil too but not your songs they are too high for my voice ...I am waiting your dvd to buy
camilo primo 2004-03-02

You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work  :-)
Tomas Karlsson 2005-03-01

Thank you for this great site! I will be 60 this year and boy, do I remember Little Richard! I love you Little Richard! zelda
Patricia Lawson 2005-02-28

Danny Bauer 2005-02-24

This really helped me with a project i did. This was a great page for help and helping oters as Little Richard did.
Enriee Ponray 2005-02-22

I just wanted to say I enjoyed the pictures and have been a long time Litle Richard fan.
Diann Robinson 2005-02-17

I need help developing a very complex concept. If you can't help don't hurt.
John Paul Pitts 2005-02-15

Right Michael.  The Southern Child album is a blast. My favorites are "Over Yonder", the title song "Southern Child", and country version of "In the Name".
Paul MacPhail 2005-02-11

DAN B. 2005-02-11

Today i received the 3 CD Box set THE COMPLETE REPRISE Recordings. The 3rd CD contains the unreleased 1973 album THE SOUTHERN CHILD. Thanks god to release it now. It is a fantastic album mixed with Country & Soul & Boogie Woogie. The best thing what Little Richard can do now is, to promote that Album. It would be great to hear him sing that fantastic songs live on stage. A TV Special would be great too ( with female background singers !!! )
Michael Neubert 2005-02-09

I saw little Richard movie on TV last night it's was wonderful until then I didnt know any thing about him didn't even like the music now I do thanks for sharing his lkovely story and he is a great man he loved his mother really loved his mother i have great repect for LITTLE RICHARD and the actor who protrayed Little Richard did him justice good choice.....again thanks I'm not up usually that late........I enjoyed the movie........
Kordelia Wiggins 2005-02-08

You are truly the best at what you do and what you have done for rock and roll keep on rocking hope to see you this year some time in england.
Michael Small 2005-02-08

I Have been very succsesfull in the music Business due to Little Richard! now groups cover my songs! Just as groups cover Little Richards Songs! Now I want Little Richard to cover a Song I wrote for Him! "California Tonight"
Jimmy Crucifix 2005-02-07

Ernesto Tapia 2005-02-04

How can we start a Little Richard revival? Elvis is good, but not as good!!!! I've been playing my albums full blast to the whole street. OK they may be annoyed, but the revival is starting, they know what I'm on about. Rock n Roll will never die. I'm 22 and I love it.
B Pool 2005-02-04

Little Richard....Both my mom & I have truly enjoyed listenin to your music over the years...My mom had even met you when she was a teenager at THE REDROOSTER in Greensburg,PA when you had played there many moons ago(sorry) anyway...we both admire the way you can hit a note like theres no tomorrow..I wish I had your amazing voice!!...I'd also like to meet with you sometime if you ever come to the greensburg,PA area again & ever get to sing at THE PALACE THEATRE there....I'd love for you to sign my guitar & also ore importantly get a chance to talk to you about something we both have loved all our lives..MUSIC!!!.please email me anytime...Thank you..I have some contacts in the Music Business also!!..Thank you.
Sonia Hermann 2005-02-03

Little Richard,I have alway enjoyed your music and electrifying energy you put into every note you sing .Also Iam so pleased you are using your talents to raise much needed monies to help so many in need .God Bless
Steve Shillingford 2005-02-02

Hello to all the Little Richard Fans over the world. I'm looking for private filmed concerts ( private Videos ) with Little Richard. I'm looking for 8 mm Concert films too, from the early years. Please send offers to : ( I will pay you )
Michael Neubert 2005-02-01

awesome site!!!!
Victoria Varnado 2005-02-01

Little Richard, as I look at the new artists and most of the older ones, all I see is you,you,you,you,you,you.  It appears that you were and are so very talented ,creative,original,fresh, I can hardly think of all the words that describe you.  Everyone of the artist past and present have taken a little you and incorporated your music and style into theirs.  So in a way it's good and bad. I pray you get alllllll the royalties you so well deserve. I grew up listening to your music. I still enjoy you music.  Little Richard, you are great!!!!!!!!!. Do you have mugs or t-shirts or a place to buy you r music?
sport grice 2005-02-01

After watching The Little Richard story you have 2 new fans my 14 year old daughter and my 13 year old son.
Michael Small 2005-01-31

Jean Quinn 2005-01-25

thank you for entertaining me over the years tootie frooti
Jane Hutchinson 2005-01-20

Art JACOBS 2005-01-19

One of my best memories is of Riverside CA. 1976 visiting with my Nana, Dee Dee and I made a killing selling lemonade behind the house.....
Darnell Sinclair 2005-01-18

who was little moonbeam
afan also 2005-01-14

Ciao,Ricordo con tanta simpatia gli anni 50 & 60Tu eri il mio preferitoCordialmenteAngelo
Angelo Vullo 2005-01-14

Nice website. i just saw little richard on the late late show 01/12/05. good luck,god bless
cyber surfer 2005-01-12

I cried when you finally got a grammy. Enuff said. You are the greatest.
James Mitchell 2005-01-11

Little Richard, you are absolute the best.. You are som optimistic! You are much better than Elvis Presley.. I hope that i can go on some of your concerts.. and a little late happy New Year!! Love Ya!
Mandy Moore 2005-01-10

hey!!  i am your biggest fan EVER!!! you are the best artist in the whole world!!!I love you!!! hugs&kisses //ashley
ashley birk 2005-01-10

Little Richard, you are the best. I have all your cd's. "Send me some lovin" is my favorite song.
Arthur Velasco 2005-01-10

We are going see see you in concert tonight in Las Vegas.  Happy Newe Year
Glenda Powell 2005-01-09

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