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Keep rockin'=)
Greetings from Finland.
Jukka Favorin 2007-12-31

Little Richard, I've adored you for many years. I am in my sixties and have been a fan since a teenager.  I am still thrilled by your singing. God Bless you for all the good feelings.
gayle parker 2007-12-30

OMG!!!! i love little richard i'm only 11 and i know that you are the king of rock n roll you are the best little richar :D
Terri Clancy 2007-12-09

Dear Richard
My Dear Friend,I first heard you before Elvis before anyone. I was in Lous Grill in 1955 and I heard this Rock-n-Roller doing Good Golly Miss Molly and this man has been hooked ever since. I've always liked adrenalin rush Rock-n-Roll and Little Richard you are King of that... Through the years I have seen you at least 75 to 100 times in concerts. Seeing you was different than seeing most Artists. When Richard came on stage to do a show and I mean a show was coming on... Just some of the moments I have shared with you  Local shows in Chicago and then a show at the Chicago Theatre where there were only limited people ( about 50 ) it was a cold winter night and you came out and vowed to give the best show ever and you did. I met you that night and you graciously signed autographs for everyone, I saw  you in Los Angeles when the stage collapsed and you were on Johnny Carson the next week and at his show with Don Rickles..that was a classic.  Also a couple of times at the Ravinia  also in the Chicago area. ( where I always got at or near the front row. and being in the front row with Little Richard is the best you could want. Last time I brought my wife now Sandy the first time she'd ever seen you, it was great, (you caught her trying to video tape you and told her girl don't you take no pictures of me, I'm giving you one for free after the show.) LOL. She was so excited that you spoke to her personally, She's been in love with you ever since.  Then to make my life with Little Richard ( in music ) even better, I my self being a artist was so proud to be on the same bill with Little Richard in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame show this past May in Green Bay Wisconsin. At that event you noted the sad passing of your brother ( I knew him too ) We were so sorry to hear about your sad loss.
But I just want you to know and I'm sure I speak for millions that you definitely are the Architect of Rock n Roll and the Georgia Peach and Yes everyone Loves you more than you know. As I told you at one concert, your Wop Bop a Loo Bop a Lop Bam Boom was sent by God for you to get the kids involved with the greatest Rock n Roll he instilled in your soul. He worked through you to get to the teenagers and he's far from done, It wouldnt surprise me that you make 125 and we hope you do... As a musician and friend you have made our lives a lot brighter and being a little selfish, We hope you never retire, Listening to you at the piano this past May it brought all the visions of 1955 around again, as you always do. Richard as a number 1 fan We love you and so many Blessings on this your 75th Birthday, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Friend. We look forward to seeing you soon  God Bless you always.   Mike and Sandy Vincent, Las Vegas Nevada   775-537-1381
Mike & Sandy Vincent 2007-12-06

Little Richard, i wish you all the best for your 75th birtday. I hope you will come back to Germany to give some great Rock'n'Roll Shows. Best Regards from your longtime Fan and Friend Michael Neubert from Germany ( )
Michael Neubert 2007-12-05

John Olliver 2007-12-04

Dear Mr. Penniman, I am a Delta flight attendant and recently had you on a flight from Atlanta to Nashville (the day after Thanksgiving).  I just want to say what a joy it was to meet you.  You are a warm individual who radiates kindness to all you meet.  In spite of the physical discomfort of your back pain, you were incredibly open to everyone who passed by your seat.  I hope that you find some relief from your physical pain in the near future.  God Bless You. A respectful fan. Allison Doke, Atlanta
Allison Doke 2007-11-26

You got me into r'n'r at age 4 when I first listened to the tune that started it all for me: LUCILLE!....and I'm still here listening to you and r'n'r! Thank you very much for the "tingling" experience.
...OH and HAPPY 75TH!!!! :)
Robert Cubinelly 2007-11-17

I have enjoyed your music ever since I heard Long Tall Sally. I hope you will be able to visit London again soon so we can all thank you for the pleasure you have given us.
Roger Browne 2007-11-16

shiann peterson 2007-11-02

Mr. Penniman, My wife and I were completely thrilled to see you and speak to you last weekend when we flew on the same flight from BWI to Atlanta. I've finally met a true legend. God bless you.
John Francis 2007-08-23

Dear Little Richard ,I caught your Show 8/11/07 in Baltimore!! All I can say Is WOW you Rock Your are a True Performer even on crutches you blew up the show!!!! Love your music all my life, but to see you in person was the thrill of a life time keep doing what your doing, because you truly make music worth listening to.Always a Fan Rita
Rita Adler 2007-08-17

Although I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing "Directly From My Heart To You" live by the True King, I think it's great that this Classic is being revisited on stage by its' composer. I hope someday you decide to revisit in concert "I Don't Know What You've Got (But It's Got Me), the greatest Soul Ballad ever recorded! Thanks, Phil
Phil Silverman 2007-08-14

Well Charlie, if you really were a MAJOR fan of Richards, you know his 1950's band was the Upsetters, and his 1960's band was the Crown Jewels.
Paul MacPhail 2007-08-12

Hi everyone. I have been a major fan since the early 'fifties. What was the name of Little Richard's band, please? charles
charles nixon 2007-08-11

Little Richard I LOVE you and your music.  No doubt you are NUMERO UNO in my book.  I love your eye makeup  makes your eyes look so inviting.  May God Bless You and Your's....Jeanette
Jeanette McConnell 2007-08-02

You darling man...class, style, showmanship, originality, talent and outright perfection...just the tip of your iceberg...  born and raised a fan, I named one of my horses after you, because he's big, black and beautiful (o: Lots of love and continued years of making music...xoxo
Miss Kitten 2007-07-27

i learned to dance to tutti frutti with a girl named paula in the 50's after 33 years of marriage to some else we have reunited and still dance to tutti frutti plus the other songs. thanks little richard danny hooks dublin ga
danny hooks 2007-07-26

Dear Richard, Thanks For the music and even more for the example of perseverence in your earlier life to become what and who you want to be NO MATTER WHAT!
Mark Newman 2007-07-25

Saw your performance at B.B. King's Club in New York on July 9, 2007.  I've seen a lot of people including James Brown and Bob Marley but you are the greatest! You can still outrock the youngsters. Nothing like that old-fashioned rock and roll.  Keep it up.
Mark Kelly 2007-07-16

Dear Mr. Penniman, I have just watched you on PBS' 4th of July show. What professionalism and spirit! You took the audience captive. Thank you for your wonderful music.
Anne Page 2007-07-05

Little Richard, meeting you and shaking your hand after a 50 year wait was fantastic,a never to be forgotten moment which will last me for ever.Rock Richard Rock,With all best wishes from your number 1 fan,John.
John Olliver 2007-06-27

Mr. Penniman, (Little Richard),We were thrilled to hear you yesterday and see that you put God first in your performance.You are doing the Lord's work in an area where satan has had it all wrapped up. Keep up the 'good' work, we will be praying for you.
heidi dafler-hall 2007-06-17

Although I was too far to see you, I could hear you just fine from the river at the Blues Fest here in Guerneville You helped make America something great with your music, your personality and your love for life. All God's children want to be in your choir....
Greg Kestel 2007-06-17

The internet is amazing, I can thank you Mr. Richard, for being through out my life.There is'nt a moment in time when I'am whaling some of your classics songs, while carrying furniture to the loading bay, or filling cushions at work.Are your stopping of at Nottingham in the UK again before you retire? Cheers Paul
Paul Carruthers 2007-06-09

Little Richard you are one of the greatest showmen off all time. I have seen you in many concerts over the past twenty years. There will never be another like you! Your the best. God Bless.
Al Hall 2007-06-09

You are the best! Hope to see you in Illinois in June!
Jan Evans 2007-05-22

i just wanted to say hey. i really like your music. you are a great influnce on a lot of people in every thing you do.
matthew hale 2007-05-10

your are beautiful. keep singing. you are the best. if i coud see you just once.
Rebecca Errington 2007-05-09

dont know exactly what 2 say but...i've been a big fan since i first saw you on tv at least 40 yrs ago..You are "The architect of rock n roll"
kevin b winters 1007-05-02

I have never sen you in person but have loved your music for over 50 yearsThanks for the musicMac RobertsonNew Zealand
Mac Robertson 2007-04-28

Great movie! You have a new fan! My 9 year old little girl now loves your music.
Alison Sticklestad 2007-04-22

The very first time I heard a rock & roll record on a juke box it was a tune by Little Richard.By the time I finished my hamburger, I was hooked. Fifteen years old, I rushed out, bought a Sears Silvertone guitar,started combing my hair like Elvis. I am now 63 but have been rocking ever since I heard that piano of Little Richard. I have played in many a country and rock band and in many a smokey barroom.Keep a rockin!
Bob Dean 2007-04-13

My wife and I went to your show last night at Mountaineer Resort in West Virginia. What a show. You sound as good today as you did in the 50's. Happy 75th birthday and may you perform for many more years.
Jack Cairns 2007-04-12

Little Richard was the greatest Concert I have attended. He is so full of life and will never grow old. I have read the book he handed out and I appreciate it very much. It meant a lot to me.Bless Little Richard!Love you forever,Mel
Mel Prater 2007-04-12

Dear Little Richard. You are the King of Rock and Roll. Please come tour to Finland, I would like really to see you. IŽd taken even tattoo rockŽn roll on my neck, because i like it so much. I used to go to Karaoki and sing your songs `Good GollyŽ and `Tutti Frutti`. Best wishes from North Finland.
Leila Leila 2007-04-10

If I should drop dead tommorow, I'll go with a smile. Cause I saw Little Richard, front & center @ fl Strawberry Fest 2007. My only sister, who was mentally challenged recently passed & she was a great fan from the get go back in the 50's. I was a lil girl & we played the 45's on a small record player up in our room in Pittsburgh. Over & over. Went by myself for my birthday present & also a tribute to my sister. I wasn't gonna miss that performance & was the best $15 bucks ever spent. Great man with a great band. Richard is truly the King of Rock n Roll. Shut up.  :)
Antoinette Riddle 2007-03-30

My girlfriend and I took my kids to see you last night at the 40 acres festival in Austin... We all thought you were absolutely fabulous. I made sure to introduce them to the Great Little Richard when they were younger (they're 8 and 10 now) It was thier very first concert, my daughter was a little sad we couldn't get an autograph or even a picture... But we had such a great time at the show and we hope to see you again, the sooner the better.
Efrain Garza 2007-03-26

3-21-07You are a fabulous entertainerNever retireYour fans, Jack & MarilynWhen will you be in NJ

My parents went to a recent concert at a local fair and there was a paperback book he gave away at the Strawberry Festival Plant City Florida on March 7, 2007.  They really enjoyed this concert but are very disappointed they did not receive a book. If there is anyway to obtain one of these books, please let me know.  per my parents: "he is absolutely GREAT, WOOOOOOO".
Janice Selin 2007-03-13

I just wanted to say that my husband and I have been fans for quite a while but last night at the House of Blues in Anaheim was the first time we ever saw you live. All I can say is WOW! you knocked our socks off! You are a true living legend of Rock and Roll.It is easy to see how you have influenced so many other artists over the years. I hope House of Blues has you back sometime because we will be there! God bless you Little Richard!
Bonnie Stephens 2007-03-11

God bless you Litttle Richard- As a musician and songwriter of many years I can now see why you inspired the Beatles. You are a true showman and a great Christian. Thanks for the book and picture  keep on rockin and rollin'and keep the music alive! Your band is one of the tightest I have seen. Whoooooo!   Florida Strawberry Festival Plant City- 3-7-07.
Jeffrey Leetun 2007-03-09

Richard, I can't imagine anyone not enjoying your music and your performances. You are truly a blessing and bring joy to many. Thanks! Becky
Becky Duchesneau 2007-03-04

richard you are the greatest entertainer in the world and very flamboyant, i would give anything to visit your home in bel air, ca. because i know it has to be fabulous. i'm 63 now and have been listening to your music for over 50  yrs and still love it, i did get to see you at the new orleans casino in vegas. great and outstanding performance.
joyce parker 2007-03-02

HiLittle Richard was and still is and always will be one of my favorites of the Rock "N" Roll erahe gave Rock what it needed,heart and soul and a whole lot of bounce.I'm a white guy who likes all of the old Rock "N" Roll and Country musicalways. Lawrence(Larry) Newfoundland Canada
Lawrence Madore 2007-02-24

The staff of Sussex County Counseling Services would like to thank you for being our stress relief. We are counselors and supervisors who work in a substance abuse outpatient treatment program. We are overworked and underpaid, but love what we do. We do become stressed and frustrated. When we are feeling down, we go to the Geico site and watch your commercial. You are extremely talented and we love you. You provide entertainment and comic relief and we play the commercial at times over and over, especially if one of us gets too frustrated with all of the sad, horrific stories we hear. Again thak you from the KCSC staff.
Patricia Friend 2007-02-23

Richard Hi, Thank you for all of the wonderful years of your music. My family and I feel that you are an excellent entertainer and singer, keep up the excellent progress you have made over the years, no one else will ever compare to your professional status.Rex
Rex Stuart 2007-02-19

HI Richard! I saw you (THRILL) at a casino in MN. about 4 years gave me a hug at your signing table as I thanked you for the book of verses from Scripture. You were my favorite when I was a teen, and you still are. May God always bless you and give you peace and joy. You have used your talents to bless the world and thats what its all about here, finding and using our best. Thank you for your example. ~~Karen
Karen Phelps 2007-02-17

when the history of rock 'n roll is written, you will be the central figure. you started it all. all the greats of rock 'n roll looked to you for inspiration, for the way to play, to act, and strength to carry on. you will be forever young. long may you run. you ARE the man! if you love rock 'n roll, you love little richard because you are rock 'n roll!
Marvin Abraham 2007-02-12

I've been a fan for many years and keep it 'a goin !!You are the HEART of my generation.
Christian Mayer 2007-02-10

Love everything about you and you are the king
toni hayes 2007-02-08

Hello Richard...Forget Elvis, You are the King of Rock and Roll  and always will be ! Please come Tour in Massachusetts ~
Erron Geer 2007-02-07

Hi Little Richard, I saw you in person at our church, Christian Assembley at Zion ILL. in 1983 i think it was. I was so impressed by the things you said.I am also a singer. I sing bluegrass gospel,and am now living in Ky. I'm so glad I got to see you,because I have always been a big fan of yours. God bless you Little Richard.
Janie McIntosh 2007-02-06

I think you are one of the greats of rock'n roll. I'm 64 years old & I can remeber when you firs came out & I think I've got about every thing you recorded. God luck & god bless. Keep on Rock'n. Dave
David Gaither 2007-02-06

Hey Richard been trying to find a copy of the movie made about your life called simply Little Richard any chance that you can help me here??  I have been a fan since my older sister took me in the basement and had me dance to your music!  Keep on rockin ur the bomb!
Phyllis Yeager 2007-01-28

I think you are awesome. Your music is so fantastic. Love you in the Gieco commerical. You are just too cool!!!!
Zelphia R 2007-01-24

Little Richard, you are my heart and my soul. I love everything you have ever done. I can't get enough of your music. God loves you, God Bless you!
Pat Cortez 2007-01-24

your music has meant so much to me and regualar messages from you while i'm out to sea would make life bearable.  HHOOOOOO!!
Jon Showerman 2007-01-22

Jan.15, 2007...I am an old lady who loves your music. I admire you and enjoy watching you very much. Keep well.Myrna G. Proctorville, Ohio
Myrna Gomez 2007-01-16

Little Richard - (born 1949 guy here guy here) - your music is the greatest and the heart of Rock and Roll.You put Elvis to shame. You're the King of Rock and Roll. Thanks for the music Richard  - Aaron - PA
Aaron Eyer 2007-01-12

Hey!  How much plastic surgery has that man had! I want to know his doctor...he sure looks good for his age.  Does he wear makeup?  He's kind of scary.Bob Dog
Bob Dog 2007-01-06

Just wanted to say I've always been a fan of Little Richard's style & music.  My roomate used to take care of his late mother, and had told me how down to earth, and kind he was.  He is truelly a Great Original, and of course -a Legend! thanks, Doug
Doug Seabolt 2007-01-05

Hey,Richard...I am just so thrilled...I had tickets for your concert in Tampa last March (2005) and it was cancelled. I just found out that you will be performing March 7 at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City and I will be there.I was born in 1948 and have been a fan since I first heard "Tutti Frutti" (although I do prefer the original lyrics!). I do want to tell you that even though I know how old you are STILL the prettiest thing I have EVER seen and I am looking forward to the concert in March! Take care and be well...Nurse Nancy
Nancy Candoff 2007-01-02

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