Guestbook 2008

hi richard ,my name is mark and i live in dublin,im 33 yrs old and have enjoyed your music all my life,at the age of five i had one leg up on the kitchen table miming to long tall sally,you hav giving me hrs,days,weeks,months and years of pleasure with your music......long live the king....
best wishes
your number one irish fan
mark cunningham 2008-12-11

From your Number One Fan,John.
John Olliver 2008-12-06

Caught your show this summer in N.Y.You are great.Out of all the things you have done....I will never put a question mark where God put a preiod.Thanks Bud
Bud Webster 2008-11-27

Little Richard you are an International Treasure at least! I get more from you and your music at this age (56) than I ever have before. Your Imus recording is fantastic plus I am listening to much of your earlier music too. Plz never stop and never forget there are millions of us out there who love and respect you more than you will ever know. God Bless and Best Wishes. 
Rick Louderbough 2008-11-11

Dear Little Richard - you are the King of Rock'n'Roll and that's final! I've been a fan for over 50 years and when I feel my age(65) on goes 'Good Golly Miss Molly', 'Keep a Knocking' or 'Slippin' and a slidin''and I feel fine. You've brought a great deal of pleasure and happiness to the world - you're fantastic value too.
Rock on - forever!
John Olliver 2008-11-11

Saw you on the Today show today and you still have it!!! You proved that even as we mature our lives could be what we want
Lois G 2008-11-10

hi little richard
in 2000 i had the honour to be little richards driver unfortunatly i had an accident through no fault of my own and i feel that richard changed my life for the better thank you richard good luck with your ventures and good health to you god bless you  dean
dean williams 2008-10-26

Thanks for your continual Rillin' and Rockin'! I feel that you are owed many Grammies and many Gold Record Awards!!
The most exciting, uplifting part of being a "Pennimanologist" is when you allow the issuance of something previously unreleased or for first-time CD. Perhaps you would consider lettin' your Modern Sessions all hang out?!
Well, alright!!!
Phil S. 2008-10-13

What a thrill to be a part of the 'Little Richard Experience' last eve (10-07-08)at the Navy Pier in Chicago! Only you can blow the roof off the ballroom in that joint, and i sure hope you and the band enjoyed the gig as much as the thousands did out in the crowd.
I know from experience it is difficult to see all the people grooving out there, with the stage lights blasting down on you, but let me assure you, the crowd was digging you and the band, and rest assured, there wasn't one person sitting down.
Little Richard, you are Rock 'n Roll!
Many thanks for taking time to meet some of us afterwards, what an honor it was to speak with you, and to shake the hand that makes that piano jump.
All the best to you, band and crew!
Good health and cheers,
Chuck Michel 2008-10-08

I'm so sad you're not coming but I hope you ge well soon and that we get a chance to see you next year. If you're coming than I am coming! Please include Gothenburg, Sweden on your tourlist for next year! See you then!
Annica Gustavsson 2008-10-07

Isn't it time for a film on your life thus far?  Just make certain you are the voice sung and keys played on the soundtrack.  Some things just can't be equally matched.
Eric Karis 2008-10-05

Steal Miss Liza! She's Together! I'm Just a Lonely Guy! Ooh My Soul! She's Got It! Heebie-Jeebies! Cross Over! Soul Train! Jenny, Jenny! Slippin' and Slidin'! Lucille! Hole In The Wall! Freedom Blues! Scuba Party! Bring It On Home To Me! Do You Feel It! Thomasine! Lovesick Blues! Open Up The Red Sea! In The Name! Elevator Operator! Good Golly, Miss Molly! I Don't Know What You've Got! Annie Is Back! Tutti Frutti! Ready Teddy! I Love My Baby! He's Not Just A Soldier! Destruction! Big House Reunion! Try To Help Your Brother!
P.  S. 2008-09-29

You still got it My Main Man - Nutin L7 about You
Joe Casino 2008-09-21

Hi Richard, this is Michel. I've always loved your music and your appearances in movies, on TV, and in commercials
michel casin 2008-09-20

I'm so thrilled that you're coming to Sweden in November! I already got my ticket in the first line. My favourite song with you is "Send me some lovin'" I love it because you sing it with such a feeling. Please put it on your set list! It's going to be so wounderful to see you in Gothenburg! Take care and I'll see you there!
Annica  Gustavsson 2008-09-04

Wishing Little Richard a successful surgery and speedy recovery.  Long live the King!
Alan Meyrowitz 2008-09-01

i love little richard!
mattew  terwilleger 2008-08-28

Little Richard will bring a 9-man band with dancers to Sweden for 2 shows The first one take place in Göteborg on November 22, and the second show take place in Stockholm on November 23. Tickets went on sale today.
MaD JiM 2008-08-27

Richard, I always want to but never got around to it.  Years ago when my little girl (Nicole) was getting ready to fly home from LAX after spending the summer here in California, she could not stop crying when she was entering the plane.  I was told that you gave her a hanky to dry her tears  She had no idea who gave her this attention until someone said your name and my son told her about you.  Sorry that it took so long for me to tell you THANK YOU.  Kindness like that is not an every day item.
Joe Lalonde 2008-08-24

Dear Mr. Penniman, we are a mom and teenage daughter who both LOVE you, your music, your incredible spirit, your energy - there is only one, and we are praying we get to see you in London in November. But in the meantime we send best wishes for your health and happiness.  Tonight we blasted "Lucille" all through the house and your music & your voice - nothing else brings that kind of joy! God Bless and Keep You, see you soon, we hope SO MUCH - Love and Devotion -
Gila & Olivia in Brooklyn, NY
Gila & Olivia Sand - Taibi 2008-08-16

Richard, I've always loved your music and your appearances in movies, on TV, and in commercials.  But I have to say that God richly blessed me when he allowed me to meet you in March of this year.  I was truly touched in many ways.  I've been praying for you constantly.  I hear you are feelin better, but I still pray for you.  I want God to bless you as much as you bless all of us.  I love you so much and thanks for your wonderful kindness.
Sherri Bickta 2008-08-13

Richard, so much is owed to so few. I have been a fan since 9 or 10 years old, when you started. Am creating my own web site with my own Mount Rushmore of Rock and Roll Founders and only four choices; you, Elvis, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly,
are my life long influences. God Bless you Richard
Danny Blevins 2008-08-08

just wanted to let you know, at age 5 i was dancing to your music with my mom.She was born in 1932 and died in 2001. She was your biggest fan. My final will be in on your your music, and i decided to write my piece on you for the love of my life (my mom). She never got to meet you, and I'll probably never get to see or meet you but you are my biggest fan and i will let everone know how great you sing, nobody will ever sing like you.You are one and only. God blessed you to be only one.
demla fields 2008-07-15

Little Richard,
   Just wanted to let you know what a great show you performed at the Silverstar Hotel and Casino July 3rd 2008. You really rocked the house down. I have been sick for a while and going to the show made me forget about my sickness the whole time I was there. I do hope that you get better and continue with your singing. You out perform anyone I have ever seen. Keep up the good work and May God forever bless you and your family. Your sister "Freaka" is a sweetheart,. I met her also,. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.
Becky & Don Fisher
Becky Fisher 2008-07-05

Little Richard,
I love you, your music and your spirit! You move me, make me want to dance, and remind me that life is energetic and meant to be lived.
You are awesome!!!!
Robbin Kapsalis 2008-06-23

Hi Richard,
I have hoped to run into you in Tullahoma, but so far I haven't. Until about seven years ago I moved back to Tullahoma from Huntsville where I lived for over 40 years.
I am a fan of yours. I was at the Diplomat Inn all those years ago when you performed. I also saw you at the Big Spring Jam.
I was just reading some of your backgroun- it is very impressive.
I am an artist. I am currently trying to get some games I invented on the market. I had some interest in a card game.
I saw Clifton Davis a couple of times in a grocery store in Huntsville. I bet you know him?
I have a friend in Athens, Al who is a pianist who long ago was doing well in show business, but his career was interrupted. He did the musical score for a Hitchcock movie, and he toured with Herman and the Hermits playing keyboard. Recently he has had some engagments at some smaller venues. In September he will play at the Smokehouse Inn in Monteagle.
It was nice "chatting" with you and I appreciate you reading my long letter!
Betty Hannah 2008-06-15

Little Richard blessed my soul real good at the Westbury Music Fair on 6/7/08.  Loved the performance...and know that I am praying for your healing.  Much love and looking forward to rockin' with you one day in the great place  :)
colleen h 2008-06-10

Hello Richard. Your No 1 fan here. Wow,it's now 53 years since I first heard you in action. Must have been Radio Luxemburg on Pete Murray & Jack Jackson's 10pm shows on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I was at boarding school then and would get into serious trouble if caught listening to Rock & Roll. Don't forget, if you are ever in the UK and need a quiet cup of tea do call in. If you did just imagine my friends' faces as I introduced The King of Rock n Roll! You're a great man RWP and a credit to mankind.
Thanks again.
All Best Wishes,
John Olliver 2008-06-01

I hope you get this message. You truly are the architect of rock n roll. You are a hero to everyone. You truly have an amazing gift to move people. You were born as a courier to bring music into the world. God Bless you always!
Donna Braer 2008-05-25

John Lennon once said "Before Elvis, there was nothing" well he was wrong! Before Little Richard, there was nothing! If I go a day without hearing your music it is a sad one. I listen to you every morning to wake me up and wish that I could have been alive in the magical 50's to LIVE your music! I just wish you got the recognition you deserve. I wish you all the best for the future, you are a true gentleman!
Alan Wenban 2008-05-06

Hi Richard, you are an old friend of the family.  My dad, Tino Carrasco passed away 3 years ago.  My brother, James saw you at a concert at the casino in Highland a couple years ago and you called him up on stage and introduced him, you really made him feel special, you are all he ever talks about.  You can call me at 916-494-2501.  Love to hear from you.
Linda Carrasco-Adaza 2008-05-02

Thank you for all you wonderful music over the years. "Send Me Some Lovin" to me is one of the best songs I've heard in my life time. I know it was the flip side of another recording. But it is one of my favorites.
Robert Pechanec 2008-04-30

Hi  little  Richard,   i  just wanted  to say  "hello"  I  have been looking for an opportunity to say>>>  hello  and  this is the opportunity>>>>  hey  i  knew  you  were  friend  with Ike Turner>>  sorry about the  loss of your  friend  and if  i get a chance to ever tell his son that is at the dunlap convelesant home>> i will  tell him  the same  but  i have not been  up to that area (my daughter works there). S o, anyway>>i just  wanted  to tell you that my observation of you through  the t.v., i think you ave a  wonderful and funny  personality>>>and  i would  like to meet  you one day>>>i am not really a driver (meaning i dont like to drive much unless  i have to.>>>  if u ever come out to the fontana  area  lets do lunch  or you can  pick me and my mom, up in your limosine (smile)  and take us to your favorite spot,  as  long as the food  is  gooooooood...well   have a wonder year and  i hope to hear from off days from  my  job is  thursdays/fridays..... much love Ms. Porter        
Phyllis Porter 2008-04-16

Dear Little Richard:  You have given me and so many others so much happiness through your awesome talent and personality.  I just wish I could have been able to see you in concert.  I know you will stop touring soon.  Touring is hard, I know.  You are The Architect of Rock and Roll.  The world is a better place because of your performances and records.  I am from the South, and now live in PA.  If you have a domestic concert in 2008 I will do my best to go. I would love to have a picture taken with you. I love ya forever!
Mary Ann Marin
Donna Freeman
Pottstown, PA
Donna Freeman 2008-04-15

well cant beleive im sending a message to you mr little richard.having played piano and sang for many years the conclusion is this. your a hero to the black people .you and your people gave the world rocknroll .it wasnt white people. you only have to look at art tatum, albert ammons,meade lux lewis fats domino , ray charles the list goes on amazing artist like yourself. you dont have to prove anything because what you guys have done was something truly should be so proud of what you have acheived over the years.the memories you must have must be increadible. i love seeing you hugging ray charles in concert in rome.what an inspiration he to me when anyone talks to me about rocknroll and elvis starting all . i totally dissagree and say what you meen is black music.thankyou little richard for taking the time to read this god blees you and your family. wayne in england
wayne conn 2008-04-02

Me and Kelly love Little Richard! always have tutti frutti stuck in our heads!! love his music...
Cara + Kelly Mcleod + Roberts 2008-04-01

you are the coolest guy ever i am one of your biggest fans my # is 918-855-7077 my name is chelsy Bye. CALL ME
Chelsy Ferrell 2008-03-26

From my first listen in '55 to now and forever the true KING of Rock and Roll from an old timer in the UK
Barry  Shaw 2008-03-25

I love your website.
Little Richard is a Rock N Roll Star!
We Love You
James  Houdek 2008-03-17

Hey, King of Rock 'n Roll! Eventhough you invented the Rock 'n Roll-music a lot of years before I was born, you have got me rockin' ever since I can remember.
I love your style in music.
Yours truly
Jesper Karm
A 37 year old Rock'n Roll fan from Denmark
Jesper Karm 2008-02-29

I just love your music!!!
Joey Brickman 2008-02-25

Dear Mr. Penniman, I've been a fan of yours since I was a teenager, which ain't bad, considering I am only 46 years old. I have had a collecion of most of your Specialty 45s for many years, which I enjoy playing and which I shared and copied for the legendary Chicago disc jockey, Dick Biondi, for him to use on his radio show throughout the late 1980s. I also have a CD of your Specialty recordings, another CD of your early RCA/Camden recordings and another one of your Vee Jay 1960s remakes of your classing Specialty songs, along with several albums, including two original Okeh albums you cut in the late '60s. I have always wanted to meet you, but I am disabled from a spinal injury, but I still wanted to tell you how much a fan I've been of yours since childhood. My parents were just turning twenty in 1955, when you hit with "Tutti Frutti", so they are from your era I also have you on two 1950s movies, "The Girl Can't Help It" and "Don't Knock The Rock". Anyway, I hope you will be entertaing us for many more years to come and I agree that you, along with Chuck Berry, are the true Kings of Rock and Roll! Ciao, friend, and keep rockin'! Sincerely, Peter Renardo.
Peter  Renardo 2008-02-21

Little Richard is a true rock n roll king, if ever im feeling low i just listen to richard and im not low anymore,you cant help but feel good when you hear any of hits....long live the king
Mark cunningham 2008-02-20

Pat Simons 2008-02-20

Hey Richard,
It's Shon,Isom,and Cherry in Nashville. Missed you when you were here the last couple of times.
We are back at Hillcrest. Let us know when u are back and I'll cook Sabbath dinner for ya. We love you Richard, and you are the " KING ".God bless you real good.
Cherry Reve-Vidiaux (Jones-Settles) 2008-02-15

I greeted you with a good morning at the Nashville Airport on Feb.1,2008, while waiting in the inspection line and you returned the greeting. WoW! Little Richard, "THE" King of Rock & Roll talking to me! As much as I would have liked to have taken a picture of you, I decided to respect your privacy (Which I realize you have little of while in public) and not bother you for that. My day was made just by you speaking to me. Thanks for the memory...Bill Ryan
Bill Ryan 2008-02-08

I love you Little Richard! I am really looking for Danny though. I am a old friend of his and would like him to contact me, through my email. You'll forever rock!!!! 
Cassandra  McKinstry 2008-01-23

Hi, my name is Jorge, i'm from Argentina and i think Little Richard is the very best singer in the rock & roll history. I´m a big fan of Mr. Richard.
Hola, mi nombre es Jorge, soy de Argentina y pienso que Little Richard es el mejor cantante en la historia del Rock & Roll. Soy un gran fan del seńor Richard.
Jorge "Pitu" Carissimo 2008-01-19

hey hey hey lmao!! well my name is mikaela im from saskatoon im 13 && im a huge fan of yOu!!lmao!love you i would die for you!
Mikaela.c.# 6ix cachene 2008-01-18

Mr. Richards,
In August 2007, my sister, her daughter, myself and my two daughters took a trip to Disneyland and Hollywood.  Imagine our surprise when we were driving through Beverly Hills on our way to Malibu and being side by side with your limo.  The windows were tinted so we didn't know who or if anyone was in the car but you rolled down your window and waved to us.  Your kind gesture was the highlight of our trip.  My sister and I didn't get to see you but the look on our daughters faces said it all.  They couldn't quit talking about their encounter with Little Richard.  We all want to say thank you for taking the time to wave to us and showing what a true celebrity and kind man you are.  You made the day of two 22 year olds and one 13 year old plus their mothers.  If you ever come to Spokane Washington we'll have to make sure we see your concert.  Thank you so very much.
Melanie, Melissa & Jenifer Ullrich
Regan LaRue & Hali Barnes
Melanie  Ullrich 2008-01-18

I'm looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans on the 26 of Jan. I'm a singer/songwriter and have been working on a song in your honor. After hurricane Katrina, anytime I started feeling down I'd play your greatest hits and it always lifted me up...just like going to church! Thank you.
Roy Suthard 2008-01-15

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