Guestbook -98

Fan in 40 yers, and i have all his recordDanmark (Esbjerg) 1998SUPER
Steen Johansen 98-12-26

Merry X'mas to all of you!...Don't forget to subscribe to "Little Richard News" in 1999! If you'd like to exchange audio & video recordings, please e-mail me.
Jeroen van Aernsbergen 98-12-17

hello,and please have a very merry christmas season.i have always been very impressed by your music, i have many tapes of you.may god bless you in all that you do and all that you intend to do.
Tandra K. Dallas 98-12-13

Hey!  This is a good webpage.  Got to go.  Paula Leverett
Paula Leverett 98-12-12

I'm impressed by all the messages in this guestbook. What bother me are, that only a few of you are subscribers on the one and only magazine about Little Richard, LITTLE RICHARD NEWS. Little Richard News is more than an ordinary fan club. We try to record every little move Little Richard has taken in his musical life. We concentrate around the music - not the private person Little Richard. You can find a sample on Little Richard News on this page by click on "In print".If it has your interest, I can send your more informations.Keep Rockin'John Garodkin
John Garodkin 98-12-12

thanks for the memories, you're the best. the true king of r n' r, bye
Nick Stoughton 98-12-12

Hello Mr Penniman! I just want you to know that i am the GREATEST LITTLE RICHARD FAN IN THE WORLD!! I´m 31,and i´ve been a true fan for 20 years.Before you left Reprise in 1972 You recorded an album called "Southern Child". Will that album ever be released (that would be something!).I also wonder if any of those FANTASTIC Reprise albums will be issued on CD someday?Anyway,You´re still the one and only King of Rock´n roll.I hope to see You here in Sweden soon again,Your conserts here in 1990,97 and 98 were abincredible! That´s all from Robert in Sweden.
Robert Schultes 98-12-08

You are the coolest rock'n'roll singer!Continiue to perform,because you are a great musician!AWOP-BOP-ALU-BOP-ALOP-BAM-BOOM!Your fan!
Tom Bolotnikov 98-12-08

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON DEC. 5TH, TO THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL, LITTLE RICHARD :)Love, and God's blessings,Kara Schilling :)  <><
Kara Schilling 98-12-02

Hi! I´m doing a homework ´bout Little Richard.If you have some cool information, I would love you for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!Love// Emma
Emma, 17yars, Sweden 98-12-01

Dear Little Richard,I am a maried woman who has a mean crush on you.I saw your concert in Hammond Indiana and would like a of your book and a picture of you. And some day I would like to plant a big kiss on your cheek. Your energy is superb.Please perform in Hammond at the next August Fest.
Katherine Linta 98-12-01

Dear Mr. Penniman:Just wanted to say that I have great admiration and respect for you. Not only do you posess utmost integrity, and class, your music is REAL, not like the superficiality the radio feeds youth today. You are the soul and roots of music. I could listen to you singfor hours, gospel, rock 'n' roll, blues, it's all there in the music, in the piano playing, that voice that soars out so much emotion, joy, liberation,concern. Thanks for everything, for the emancipation of black culture, keeping your music very alive in the 90's it is as much needed today as always.You are beautiful inside and out!God Bless, and best of health to you my friend.Your Irish Friend,Ann McEntee"May you stay forever young"Mr. Bob Dylan
Ann McEntee 98-11-26

I know that you are the best blues and rock and roll singer that I have ever heard you are my favorite , keep up the good work. Love from Atlanta Georgia. Your favorite fan.
Karel Tuggle 98-11-23

Dear Richard,  I had the time of my life when i had the opportunity to sing with you at THE SUPPER CLUB in November of 1993! For a white boy the crowd was surprised i knew the words! I hope you have the opportunity to perform soon in the New Jersey area.
Paul DiLonardo 98-11-22

What can I really write here, that everyone doesn'tknow. Little Richard just blows me away, every time I hear him sing, from his old 50s music, toeven the "Fire Safety" bit on commertials, he amazesme to beyond imaginable.                 Long live the KING!                    Jo, of Los Vegas
Amanda Jo, "Jo" 98-11-19

Hi Handsome,I tried to contact you at your office in October after your visit to the State Fair in Columbia, S.C.  I just wanted to say that I loved your concert!  I am 35 years old and I wish that I were single and just a little darker!  I would like to meet you!  Of coarse we can let my husband come along.  Waiting Patiently,Dianne
Dianne Moore 98-11-15

Dear Richard,I have been a fan of yours since 1958. I am convinced that you could sing the Yellow Pagesand make them sound good. I would love to hearyou do an album with half of the cuts justinstrumental. Your playing is so unique, thatI can pick it out anytime, anywhere.
Ursula A. Carter 98-11-13

Dear Mr. Richard,I am thirteen.  I just did a report about you!  You are a very interesting person.  I am glad you are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Your friend,Tommy KrecicLakewood, OhioP.S.  That's right near Cleveland
Tommy Krecic 98-11-03

It's me again....LITTLE RICHARD IS STILL THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL!!  I LOVE YOU LITTLE RICHARD!!!!!!  ps...I hope your knee is okay  :)Thanks again for the best concert ever at Mystic Lake Casino MN!I love you!!!!!!God Bless You,Kara  :)  <><
Kara Schilling 98-11-02

Liitle RichardYou are simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone !!!!!!
Richard Gawron 98-11-01

Keep-a-rockin', Richard. You really gotta teach me play <i>send me some lovin'</i> a bit better. And wow, what a concert down in Holland! Come back! Please! I miss you so bad, don't you know I need you so much...
André Gussekloo 98-10-27

I LOVE LITTLE RICHARD!!! He's the King of Rock and Roll... Thanks for the GREAT concert!!!
Kara Schilling 98-10-26

I was fortunate enough to attend last night's show at the Rialto Theatre in Joliet Il. I just wanted to pass along a "thank you" for a wonderful and entertaining evening. It's not often you are entertained by a living legend and I for one truely appreciated it. Thanks again, and God Bless!
Owen J. Murray 98-10-25

Halo Little Ricard Kan jag få din atograf
Patrik Lindberg 98-10-25

Hello, this is the Killer speaking! Somebody know Little Richard, I know Little Richard 25 years ago. Rock and roll is Little Richard and Jerry Lee.
Lassi Hakkarainen 98-10-23

When I was two years old, the first music I "danced" to was Long Tall Sally!  I saw you at Chastain Park (Atlanta) a couple years ago and was so thrilled to be able to get up on stage and dance!  You're the best.
Sally Mazor 98-10-23

Oh my god! This is so cool. Little Richard rocks, he's the bomb!
Christieana Kidd 98-10-22

Wow, on Sunday, October 18, 1998, my husband and I were on our way home from Mrytle Beach, South Carolina and had to stop at a gas station, well would'nt you know it, there was this limo and guess who was in it----- Little Richard, himself.  Wow, we said hi, shook hands and got a picture.  It was great.  I called my mom from a phone and she said, oh my god, oh my god, little richard  good golly miss molly.  Well that made our whole vacation.  Your the best and god bless.
Kellie Borowski 98-10-21

hi little richard!!!!!!!!you are my favorite rock n' roll musicant!my favorite song tutti frutti, long tall sally, rip it up, ready teddy, good golly and more!i want  what you come in moscow in russia!!!!11
Alksei Karvasovski 98-10-19

Hanne Ring 98-10-19

No Request, just a note to tell that I've greatly enjoyed his two concerts in the Netherlands in the nineties. He was my number one favorite in the late fifties (Elvis was just a copy cat in my opinion). Little Richard is just getting better lately. Pity he hasn't recordedanything since the children's album.Keep up the good work!Yours, Juhani Lausas
Juhani Lausas 98-10-18

o bom e velho Rock'n Roll será eterno.Somente nós podemos manter isso
Luís Carlos Esper de Figueredo 98-10-17

Have been a fan of yours since way back when.Loveyour style of music, my children also. Don't  stop entertaining.
Carnetta Green 98-10-16

Hi Little Richard!I saw you in concert at the Big E in West Springfield,MA last year & it was the best concert I have ever been to.  Keep on rockin' & rollin'.
Ed Giles 98-10-13

Great site. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for having it.Frank Wood
Frank Wood 98-10-13

Just wonderin' if there are any Jenny's, Lucilles, Molly's or any other young ladies who sure like to ball and listen to Richard's music...Make me know it!Jeroen van Aernsbergene-mail:
Jeroen van Aernsbergen 98-10-09

Hello Everyone!! This is the Kid of rock ´n roll speaking.I wen´t to the consert in Gothenbourg last summer to se the legengs. Wooow, the only thing i can say is that if i will have the same ryth`m and can rock ´n roll, bop and strol like Mr Penniman when i`m his age, i will be more than happy!Hail rock ´n roll. I hope the lord will bless Little Richard, Jerry Lee and Chuck so i may see them many times again. I´m sure that Elvis is watching over you.......
The kid of rock ´n roll 98-10-06

My greatest joy was meeting Little Richard in person.  He not only gave me an inspirational book while waiting for our plane at O'Hare but at the end of the first leg of his flight to London, he greeted everyone leaving the plane in Atlanta. Most stars of his magnitude would not have done that. By the way I gave my mother your autographed picture just s I said I would. She has it on display in her curio cabinet.
Debra B. 98-10-08

saw your show in dollywood a few years back it was awesome.   trying to catch up with another show of yours.  Now live in Buffalo NY.  I'll try for foxwood casino.  (long drive?)
Linda Howey 98-10-06

Just wanted to say that Little Richard is the icon of rock n roll music
Heidi Whitman 98-10-01

Hello Little Richard,    I look forward to seeing you at the North Carolina State Fair inOctober.
Ernest Yarborough 98-09-29

Elsie Dowdle 98-09-22

Wow!! I am just lost for words.. The name is great.
Ed Hallman 98-09-17

I am a big fan of Little Richard.Is there any way that I could get a picture of him.My address::471 Copperhead Lane.Burgaw, N.C. 28425
Dare Reitz 98-09-12

little richard has always been the king of rock n' roll - elvis couln't touch him - johnny winter got his jammin vibes from little richard - homage to the king thank you - jb
Jim Bacon 98-09-04

I want to invite everyone to come see Little Richard at the Rialto Square theatre in Joliet, IL. on October 24.  I work for the theatre and I can't wait to hear Little Richard here.  We're an old vaudeville/movie house, built in 1926 and restored in 1981.  Only 1800 seats and everone's a good one.  Long live Richard!
Brien 98-09-02

The shows in Sweden july 29 and 30 was really hot. I hope to see Little Richard back in Scandinavia next year. I live in north Sweden and many people here want to se Little Richard on stage. Hope it can be done together with the Swedish promotor. "Something Else" with LR and Taina Tucker is my favorit song right now. Let it Rock!
Johan Hasselberg 98-09-02

Richard, you really are the "GEORGIA PEACH"I grew uo in the 50's and my man, you are the GREATEST.
Chris 98-08-29

Dear Richard,  i hope to see you for the first time in grand praire tex.  love your work.  you are a national treasure.  thanks for all the music
Gilbert Ramirez 98-08-22

Richard,I am 53 years old, and over a long time, (starting in 1957) I have collected a vast array of rock, blues, jazz, cajun, country and classical records.  But when I really want to listen to good raw shout rock and roll, I still get out my old Little Richard single, extended and LP records.  You will never know how much pleasure your recordings have given me over the years.  My very favourite song is "Lucille" it still gives me goosebumps when I play it loud - and that's the original Specialty EP.  Thank you so much for creating so many wonderful rock classics so many people still continue to enjoy.  Including my daughter.Best wishes Bill HilligerMelbourne Australia
Bill Hilliger 98-08-21

Greetings Bro. Richard!!! I HOPEAM
Bernard Staton 98-08-20

Hebbe was here!
Morgan "Hebbe" Hellberg 98-08-15

I'm writing an article about LR. So I'm looking his right LP discography (year, titel, music publishers) because I found big diferences in many sources.
Jaroslav Cisar 98-08-14

Sandra Davis 98-08-13

Dear Little Richard,could you please send me back some infomation on little richard and his music history. Please send it back to me as sone as possible.From Kendall Evans.P.S my e~mail address is
Kendall Evans 98-08-12

Little Richard, more than any other artist, is the father of mainstream rock'n'roll music.  I grew up on early rock'n'roll and have studied its roots, so I know this to be true.  I also appreciate what he has done in his testimony for the Lord in the last couple of chapters of the landmark Charles White biography "The Life and Times of Little Richard."  I only hope and pray that he releases more 'messages in rhythm', as he did on the mid-eighties WEA release "Lifetime Friend."  May the Lord continue to bless and keep him on the pathway of true inner peace.  (John 3:16 & John 14:27)
Rob Donison 98-08-06

Back in the early 60's I created sheer pandemonium when I sneaked into the bandroom during lunch and switched that pablum called Beach Boys with one of my Little Richard albums. Instead of 'be true to your school'out came the sound of pure unadulterated rock&roll. "Hey,hey,hey,hey,heeyyy now"! That all purpose room came alive like it had just been reborn. Many many thanks for all the music,timeless. Thanks
Edd 98-08-06

Dear Richard at last (after 35years) I had the  privilege to meet You and also a photo was taken I hardly cann't wait to see it.  Mike and Timo made it possible to shake hand with You.  By the way that reminds me of one of Your songs "Shake a hand" Hope to meet again ! Many greetings Henk van Olphen Holland
Henk van Olphen 98-08-02

I have been a fan since "THE GIRL CANT HELP IT "over forty years ago.I consider this your best era ,although you seem to get hotter every year.Anyway you must come to Jamaica once again for a proper concert.I salute the one and only King of Rock and Roll................LITTLE RICHARD !!!!
Michael Canton 98-08-02

Henk Netten ("The Rockin' Gipsy") 98-07-30

hi richi,i am your fan since 40 years and 8 can't immagine how i was HAPPY to be able "to assiste you" when you've executed "tutti frutti" this 21th july in Brussels at Foret National...I've two regrets; one: i can't buy "jumby-jumby"(my favorite in 1957! man, it was great, i mean it, GREAT!) and two: i dont know if ever i shall assiste you are the BIGGEST rocker of all of us - and of them, you LITTLE Richard.....Brussels, 29 JUL 98, Doctor Molnar
Doctor Molnar 98-07-29

Hi Richard!!! We swedish fans just wanted to tell you that we love you!See you tomorrow in GOthenburg with Jerry Lee and Chuck! BYE!!!
Sara,Anne,Daniel,Per,Agneta and Jerker 98-07-29

As a journalist, photograper and artist there is no other performer/artist who has had greater influence on me than you, the King of Rock n' Roll. You are truly the originator of a look, style, sound and energy that set the pace for Sly Stone, James Brown, Prince, Jimi, Elvis, Micheal Jackson, modern music and more importantly me. A 26 year old kid from San Francisco who truly loves, respects and appreciates the contribution that you have made. I Love ya Richard! and please come to the Bay Area soon.
David Alston 98-07-29

I never really thought to buy a Little Richard CD. I bought a dual Jerry Lee Lewis/Little Richard CD. JLL sounded aweful by comparison to the stunning Little Richard. I'm a fan now. Love the site.
Thomas Rommell 98-07-28

Hey, man!!! My daughter and I caught your show at Wembley last Wednesday and I've got to say you wererockin'! What a performance, and what a band- even better than mine!!! (We'd support you anytime we could ).Anyway, thanks again, keep rockin', and come back to London soon.
Glenn 98-07-28

Richard Richard Richard!!! Thanks so much for reading mye-mail which I sent the night before we saw you atthe Greek Theatre in LA.  Guess What Baby, you askedfor all the beautiful woman to come up on stage anddance to you FAB piano playing well and I DID, and I shookthe hand of THE MAN! and shook everything else up on stage tooTres Tres Bon! was your concert, I never sat down.Lisa, Montreal
Lisa Beckenholdt 98-07-24

I'm a danish high school teacher in mathematics and physics. Sometimes the last day before a vacation I perform with Tutti Frutti, Lucille etc. The students clap in rhythm and become so excited because of the joy and raw power of the songs- you've taught me a thing or two about singing. I was in the middle of the front row when you performed in Copenhagen March -93 and I shall never forget it. Ooh! My soul!
Michael Steen Henriksen 98-07-14

We sat next to you on the flight from LA this morning, and just want to tell you what a thrill that was!!  Little Richard IS the original wild man of Rock & Roll!!  God bless you and have a wild and wonderful tour this summer.
Sue and Larry Dittmann 98-07-11

You are Rock & Roll.
Bab-o Kallies 98-07-09

my aunt in san diego is a great fan of yours.
Lulu Roybal 98-07-08

hi little richard this is your good friend jeff in colorado just thought i would drop in for a few i will give you a call lov jeff
Jeff Cayton 98-07-07

Little Richard:Hello! Want to thank you for the show at the Greek on Thursday eve.  My wife and I had a great time, and she is a "Real Lady", you probably heard her yell YEOOOOW! when you said "OK now all the real ladies YELL!" "Now shut up!"And thank you for the booklet Finding Peace Within.  I did not know you were a Christian. We are also.  You always say you are Jewish. Pretty funny. Anyway always wanted to see you.  Thanks again.  See Ya! And God Bless.
Victor Rock 98-07-05

OH my GOSH!!!! I am sooooo excited I am going to not only hear you in concert at the beautiful Greek Theatre here in Los AngelesTONIGHT but, I can't wait to meet The Originator, The Immancipator ofRock and Roll The One, The Only "Little Richard" at theback stage parties.  Business has brought me to LA, andwe are still BEGGING for you in Montreal, Quebec!!!C'est La Vie!Lisa, Montreal
Lisa Beckenholdt 98-07-02

Saw you on Magic Hour tonight.  You are just as brash and excitin as ever.  And what a band you have behind you.  Gives me dreams on one awesome summer outdoor neighbor block party!  Long live Little Richard and Rock N Roll!
Cyn Jameson 98-07-02

HHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY,LITTLE RICHARD....Do you ever think about those days back in Macon, GA singing in the greyhound bus station ?  WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........Those were the Good 'OL days.......
Mark Cochran 98-07-02

I hope you read this Little Richard, for I want to thank you for coming to New Haven.  Having a concert on the green was ideal, for I was able bring my children.  NOW they have REALLY experienced a legend in rock and roll!  I do *not* want thank you for teaching my two year old to say "shut up" <grin>.  Seriously, you gave New Haven a really nice party and I appreciate it.  If you were able to be out in the audience, you would have seen all kinds of people dancing and singing.  Everyone had a great time.  Thank you!
Charles Hurst 98-06-29

I saw Little Richard in New Haven, Connecticut last night (6-27-98). What can I say- He just blew us away! Thank you Little Richard for making us so happy!
MaryAnn Viscio 98-06-28

Greetings from Belgium
Jeusette 98-06-27

You were here at our fair last year, in Yakima, Wa. I was so excited, we got 7th row seats but I came down with the flu.  Hear you even let people on the stage.  Your music is the greatest.  Hope you come back some time!!! Joan
Joan Hoeft 98-06-25

Without a doubt, Little Richard is the true King of rock and roll!  Debatably one of the most important cultural influences of the 20th century (lets not forget Louis Armstrong).  If he only knew  just how important rock and roll has been in my life...thank you Little Richard for what you have given all of us (and me)!
Tim Moritz 98-06-10

Hi Little Richard.  This is me Adam I'm five years old and I love your tapes.  And Little Richard I like your music little Tutti Fruitti.  This is the end of this writting.  Bye.
Adam Rice 98-06-01

Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard are the greatest!!!Greetings from Germany.
Wolfgang Guhl 98-05-30

Greetings from Bulgaria
Evgeni Markov 98-05-29

Little Richard's music took hold of my life about 12 years ago. If I'm feeling down I only have to listen to 'Lucille' and I'm better again. That is what R&R is all about - making people feel good. And nobody does it better than Mr Penniman. Thank you, Richard,  for bringing so much happiness to so many people's lives for over 40 years , and your biggest fan from Australia looks forward to seeing you in person in Rotterdam, Holland in July.
Glenn Gibson 98-05-29

I've been a fan since WAY back - when it wasn't proper to admit such a thing!!   Enjoyed the website.
Arlene 98-05-25

I have been a Little Richard fan now for as long as I can remember, and his music seems to get better and better. Have you considered touring Australia (Melbourne) at all?
Glenn Gibson 98-05-25

Little Richard is one of my biggest favorits. I saw him together with Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis last summer and everything was great. This summer I go to Sunne and Gothenburg for more "rock and roll music".
Johan Hasselberg 98-05-25

It wasn'tuntil the 80's that I came to appreciate Little Richard.  I'm slow to get with things that are happening, but it keeps me young. I really love the man for his music.  I'm glad that he has been so well recognized by the industry.  Thanks for everything you've given me.
Robert A. Noble 98-05-23

Any chance you can keep me apprised of any tour and concert dates. Interested in U.S. performances. Thanks.
Matthew Hurwitz 98-05-22

We are going to take my -59 Impala to Little Richard´s concert at Rottneros Park in Sweden 980729 and have a great time.
Mats Pettersson 98-05-22

Little Richard you're a class act!Love your music, and love your style.We love you!!!!!!God Bless you, and may you keep on keepin' on.
Ann McEntee 98-05-20

He is the greatest!!!But where are new recordings, like his old ones???There are no CD`s to buy
Bernd Kluge 98-05-19

Great Stuff! Many Thanks.
Harold Thompson 98-05-19

I broadcast on WWUH FM in West Hartford CT weekly an oldies show for three hours. Feature one artist weekly. This week it is Little Richard! Do you have access to his emial address?Best regards, Mike Marti WWUH FM Radio 
Mike Marti 98-05-16

He is still the Quasar but didnt Esquerita have a higher pompadour ?Now can anyone tell me - is there any hard news for UK fans about concerts at Wembley Arena on July 21 and 22 this year ?Has Peyton signed any contracts yet ?Woowee neighbours- let's celebrate the gift of life because this is real and there's no dress rehearsals.So prepare to caress the far shores of ecstasy, hold on to your hat and collect your passport to the pleasuredome.P.S.Don't try this at home - these people are professionals.
Barry Holley 98-05-15

I bought the specialty box set about 6months agoand it's changed my life.  Send that man to Iowa.Grant
Grant Denn 98-05-15

And when she talks, she says Bama-Lama-Loo!!!
Jussi Mentu 98-05-11