Guestbook March - July 2000

hi! I love your music. And my sisters do to. WE are going to start a singing group. And we wanted to know if you could help us out. And be our producer.
Diamond Ballard 2000-07-29

My own first exposure to your music (while still a kid) was "Freedom Blues" in the early '70's -- I was instantly transfixed.  Took another five years before I discovered your great 50's material (what can I say -- did not grow up in N.America, Europe, N.Z., or Australia) -- and the same thing happened.  If Louis Jordan invented R&B, it was surely you who perfected it -- and (along with Chuck Berry) invented rock n roll in the process.  My vantage point may be a little different than others, but the end sentiment could not possibly be any different -- YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!
Grahame MacCallum 2000-07-28

Dear, Little Richard you are the King of Rock-n-Roll.  I love your energy you are fabulous, I have always admired you since I was a teen in the 1980's and when I saw Your Bio on TV, (I see wear jimi, prince, and michael got their funk/Rock from...YOU ARE THE ORGINATOR I BELIVE), from watching your life on TV, I grew to understand appreciate you and your talent more and what you did first for Rock-n-Roll, and most of all Black music.  I myself am a singer and composer.    I wish you many years of creative happiness. Father/Brother of the orginal Rock, THANK YOU! THANK! YOU THANK! THANK YOU!  GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS, PEACE AND LOVE....Jayne67
Jayne Henderson 2000-07-28

You turned me on to rock sometime in the early fifties.  Of all you still are the best.  I love you man.
Erric Saben 2000-07-27

John Willis 2000-07-26

richard.....heard you in tunica, miss. a few weeks ago....great show....loved the band and of course loved little richard....i had a friend move back to the usa from budapest and i told him i had heard richard in tunica....and he said well i guess he uses just a pick up band like a lot of the old rockers...and i no no...his band is first class in every way...a very expensive band...great...loved the twin basses and twin drummers plus the others...i hope this particular band records with richard soon...john motheral......07-22-2000
John Motheral 2000-07-22

Scl Lynn 2000-07-22

Hello Richard, My name is Taylor Moulton. WhenI hear your music it makes me want to get up and dance. I know that there are alot of fans out there that like you but I think I am your most number one fan. 
Taylor Moulton 2000-07-22

I'm re-building my home, and had no spare time to travel all over Europe to see Richard. But for Little Richard News Magazine I need information's about this tour: Which songs were performed? How many people were et the concerts etc. Maybe you can help me? Send any information's to: You also can ask about information's about LITTLE RICHARD NEWS MAGAZINE.
John Garodkin 2000-07-21

Have any of you cats noticed the postings of little 8yr old Tyriq Bradley & Nancie Thomas. I sure don't want to age anybody but that sure sounds like a lot of us.  We were about Tyriq's age when we first heard Richard and here we are Nancie's age, still digging Little Richard.  Isn't it amazing, white boy Pat is only memories and Elvis is gone, yet the big three are still there.  Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, all black as midnight and yet their music is like a living rainbow. It wasn't so much the color as it was the aura.
Tyree Everyman 2000-07-20

I saw my 1st Little Richard album when I was about 10/1959. "Here's Little Richard". First chance I had I bought it and then I bought "Biggest Hits". By then I was in my teens and spending money on records & girls. (I'm a lot older now but somehow things don't seemed to have changed much) Bob who owned the music store suggested that I order 2104 "Fabulous Little Richard" and I did so.  "Wow"! I shall never forget the first time I ever heard Little Richard sing "Shake A Hand".  Wow, what an album. That was nearly 40yrs ago and I have never forgotten that moment.     
Edd Nimm 2000-07-19

Greetings Little Richard, (if you DO read this).I've been a fan for years, since i was 18 in 1972 and first saw you on one of those "In Concert" things on TV on Friday nights in the good old pre MTV days. I have been on a similar spititual journey, as i am a 46 year old Baptist Missionary's son, raised in the Caribbean (St. Vincent) until i was 18. For me you are the "KIng of Rock-n-Roll" and Jerry Lee Lewis is the Crown Prince, and Chuck Berry is the "High Priest" You 3 men made Rock-n-Roll what it is today. Thank you. I will never forget seeing you perform in that silver jump suit with the cape, sweat rollin' off you like a rainstorm. I thought "Who is this madman" Then i got totally sold. As i researched into your stage personna i came to realise you started "Glam Rock" and had one of the best "Big bands" of any era of rock. I was always a fan of the "Big bands" like Rare Earth, Chicago, Mom's Aple Pie and Blood Sweat and Tears. You were/are  the best of them all. My grandkids love your Disney CD and when we travel it's one CD we can all agree on on the Car...what a laugh...Grandpa & kids screeming "Itsy Bitsy Spider"....I love you Mr. Penimen & God bless you and keep you "strokin" for many years to come.Larry Henry
Lawrence Henry 2000-07-17

Saw Richards E! True Hollywood Segment. Pretty good.I think you are the greatest.
Christina Harcharik 2000-07-17

My mother first heard your songs when my grandfather introduced her to your great style of music. She was singing country music at that time with her oldest sister, loved music but not the style she was singing. My grandfather bought her a few of your recordings and she said, I want tobe like him. When she was five she had the honorto be asked by Mr. Duke Ellington to sing with him and Ertha Kitt even gave her a piano. My mother has been quite Ill in health since I wasborn, doctors said she would be dead by the age of 22, she is still alive, has had some musicaldreams come true, and is more active than I haveseen her in years. She has a goal to see LittleRichard at the top of the charts again and I believe with your talent and her determination itcan be done. I will be 23 years of age this August, born and raised on your great music, andmy one wish in life is to have you talk with her.God Bless you and your loved ones, and sing a song somenight for my mother, even if she is not there I know she will hear you. A devoted fan ofyours and a dauther that knows what it is to have a mother I want to give something back to before I do lose her, the odds are not in her favor.Thank you for listening,Rashell R. Richmond
Rashell Richmond 2000-07-15

When are you coming to Helsinki, Finland? We are waiting for you...
Pete Korvola 2000-07-14

I love You Little Richard.  You are the GREATEST! ! !
Bruce Hebert 2000-07-14

can't wait to see you in concert I have always dreamed of seeing you.I understand you will be at the chatauqua institute in August and i can't wait.see ya there.
Mary Oviatt{Griffis after july 29th 2000} 2000-07-11

Keith Easley 2000-07-09

We went to see Little Richard (+ Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry) at the Legends of Rock'n'Roll Festival in Zurich. Little Richard played as second band but was definitely the star of the evening. He brought more energy onto the stage than all the others put together. Very impressive were his two drummers. Great show lads ! A couple of hundred people left the stadium after Little Richard's show. In fact my daughter and I stayed for 15 minutes of Chuck Berry then left because it was boring after Little Richard's show. Anyway it was a fantastic show of L.R. and the crowd went crazy ! Dane and Karin in Switzerland
Dane and Karin (mom + daughter) Kurth 2000-07-07

Hellbert Hernandez 2000-07-06

Little Richard, Thanks for the great concert in K.C.Mo.I first saw you in the early 60's in K.C. Kansas. I wasn't quite 12 and you signed the back of a Hershey bar wrapper for me. It has since turned to dust but my admiration and love of your music will never end . My best to you always , you are the King . Nancie
Nancie Thomas 2000-06-26

Tyriq Bradley 2000-06-22

little richard what would music have been with out you ??? BORING that what  Keep going Yor Fan vinnie
Vinnie Patanio 2000-06-14

you are the best.and i"m your biggest fan
Joyce Bartlett 2000-06-12

I just wanted to let you know that you made my teenage life a blast. I am a 52 year old white male from Georgia. But without you life would have been so dull. Thank you for being in this world.
Ron Bonner 2000-06-11

Im doing my Music project on you. I think you are the rock and roll Creator.king. I have always taken after you. I especially love Tutti Frutti.
Craig Cohen 2000-06-08

you rule little richard i loev the way you sing and i'm a major fan wwwwwwwwwwooooooooo     tuti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      frutti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megan Schrag 2000-06-07

i love little richards music i think he is great gosh a mightyhe is right he is the best rock n roll singer in the world and iwould like tomeet him some daycan he email me a sign picture.  thanks your friend and longtime fan
Kelly Ball 2000-06-07

Ya wanna hear someone sing from the bottom of his soul? Little Richard's early work, like Shake a Hand is a masterpiece. Wish he did a little more bluesey stuff. Heard once, he did a show, and in an apparent rock n roll frenzy, climbed the stage curtains, fell from the top, and had to be carried off on a stretcher. When he was wheeled almost out of the auditorium, jumped up and finished the song! Pat Boone never had a chanceA
Randy Williams 2000-06-07

Please inform me to all new activiations about Richards career going on,and apperences in europe comming soon! Thanks!
Harald Wiesler 2000-06-06

I'm looking for the lyrics to Whole Lotta Shaking going on a project about Little Richard.Can You help?ThanksAl
Alexia Almeida 2000-06-05

Your album "King Of Rock´n Roll" is a masterpiece. Re-release it, and you will have the music-world in your hands again.Robert in Sweden.
Robert Schultes 2000-06-03

James Cole 2000-05-26

See you in Zürich, Switzerland, July 5!!!Rafael Rey
Rafael Rey 2000-05-24

See you in Bromölla, Sweden, July 9! 
Louise Andersson 2000-05-22

hi g2g see ya
Ben Cobobobello 2000-05-14

Little Richard is the greatest, I hope he'll be back in the Northwest this summer. Will he ever do a new album? Lifetime Friend is the newest thing I have, other than some guest appearances, it's been wayyyyyyy tooooo long!
Ron Fowler 2000-05-13

Hey Mr. Penniman, you are truly the greatest.  Without you, Rock 'n Roll would never have been born.  You deserve more credit than you will probably ever get.  I love you dearly, and admire you so, so much.I've been listening to your R&R since I was about 6yrs old.  Keep it up, brother...  ROCK AND ROLL! BOP AND STROLL !  i love you... is really all I can say.  Karen Fair 2000-05-10
Fearless Fair 2000-05-11

Little Richard is the greatest.  Without him there would be no Rock n' Roll.  Thanks for everything.
Sandy Wall 2000-05-09

little richard rocks
Erin Woodleaf 2000-05-05

I grew up listening to your music and still rock out to your tunes!  My six-year-old son has been singing your songs since he was two!  You're his favorite!  Wish you'd come back to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area again!
Betty Burgess 2000-04-28

i enjoyed it!!
Terri Breland 2000-04-25

your amazing how in the world could you sing all them songs?(weird songs, but good)keep up the good work!!!!!
Deana Montague 2000-04-25

YOU changed our lives,and changed our world.You took something that lay yet unborn in us all.Gave birth to it and named it ROCKnROLL!!Our hearts and our souls are eternally grateful!God bless you Richard Penniman...Linda/Macon,Ga.
Linda Mullis 2000-04-20

God bless your soul Little Richard!
Aykut Celik 2000-04-19

Greetings to the worlds greatest Rock n Roll artist
Jim Abel 2000-04-17

Little richard penniman, you are the originator, the archetect of rock and roll, that movie that came on about you has been the all time fav movie of mine, you have inspired me so much to preform rock and roll, i just want to say you are my all time fav person, you are my hero, well, so long, and God bless YouAdam Bishop
Adam Bishop 2000-04-16

Little Richard, you are the true King of Rock'n'Roll. Please, please release the Hamburg 1993 concert on video. The fans in Germany are waiting 7 years for this show.
Michael Neubert 2000-04-13

I can't relate in words how much I adore you  Little Richard. My favorite fantasy is the one where I get to sit down with you and just talk. You are THE most fascinating person alive!!! You ARE the KING OF ROCK & ROLL!! Long live the king!
Barb Lahr 2000-04-07

I have a highschool class of students with disabilities in Kansas City, Kansas. Every year, we have a Talent show as a fundraiser since our students have needs beyond the district's budget.  This year we have the perfect  little, little, richard in our millennium talent show representing richard as the King of the 50's.  He is so good and so proud and so am I.  You are the "King of Rock and Roll. Wish you could be here to see him.  Clerand
Carol Lerand 2000-04-04

Michael Schmidt 2000-04-03

My friends and I have always been crazy about Little Richard.He has always been so 'On Time'.  It's fun to listen, it's funto dance to, even now.  The new so call creative performers have a long way to go to measure up to Little Richard.  Except, maybeLaFace, my homes.
Shirley Mathews 2000-03-31

Marie Foreman 2000-03-30

One of my first records was Tutti Frutti. I would love to someday get to see you preform..
Joe Cupp 2000-03-28

Michael Joseph 2000-03-28

Hello Mr. Richard,    I love listening to your music.  Please make another CD very soon!
Greg Syroney 2000-03-27

Hey!   I love little Richard so much.  I have one of his CD's and its about all I ever listen to.
Amanda Bennington 2000-03-27

I love your music so much!!! you are such an origonal and unique person. i had to write a book report on a famous Georgian and you were the fist person that i choose. I think you are just so awe inspiring!! :-)Ashley Maner
Ashley Maner 2000-03-26

Mr Richard, I am only 4 and I love your music.My moma and I liked your movie on T.V. God bless you.
Mark Anthony Robinson 2000-03-25

As far as I'm concerned Elvis and Richard should co-own the title of "The King."  After all, Mr. Penniman taught Paul McCartney everything he knows.  And Sir Paul knows A LOT.
John Lorince 2000-03-24

I have loved the music of Lil Richard for more than thirty five years, I am 41 now.  If anyone should be called the godfather of Rock and Roll it's Little Richard.  By the way, I'm from Cairo Gorgia.
Tyrone Norwood 2000-03-22

send me some info. about your sttatistics
Danielle Whitehead 2000-03-21

i am just playing- i really like the movie you made with LEON in it! i have watched it over and over again.  Keep up the good work!Love BECCA
Rebecca Carter 2000-03-19

tutti frutti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Smythe 2000-03-15

You Are the Man!...You translate great energy for me .An insperation.I know you receive very many of these (so caled e-mails,fan letters if you will)upbeat messages.You will live in me untill the day I pass from this Earth,and my children till they pass and so on.I cane only hope that you remember me.       Your Freind Chef Charles and Family
Chef Charles Bricault 2000-03-14

Little Richard, your the best and you still rock!  The 'Bronze Liberace' is the man!  Your movie was great.  I'm now going to listen to my favorite Little Richard album, 'Little Richard, cast a long shadow'.  Thanks for being you,Scott Wickham
Scott Wickham 2000-03-14

Little Richard? It's all great, but why don't these people ever come to places where people had no chance to see them during "the era"? Do come to Prague/Czech Rep. and take Chuck Berry with you! :-)
Jiri Bohac 2000-03-13

Long live the memory of Lee Allen and those great New Orleans studio musicians who made it happen on Little Richards' hits. We danced the night away and the good memories live on! Thanks for the energetic and wild music Little Richard!
John Laughter  "Rock & Roll Saxophone" 2000-03-11

I'm a very "BIG" fan of yours ,an I was wanting to now if you can send me pictures,facts,lyrics,etc. Please  e'mail as soon as you can.
Jaime k Helt 2000-03-11

This is a really cool site,I love the pictures and everything else,just to tell you to keep up the good work ^_^.
Rinoa Hertlock 2000-03-11

Little Richard is my inspiration.  He is the artist that takes me to places where no one else can.  He is the soul originator of rock 'n roll.  Little Richard you are my hero.  My coworkers and I are mad about you.  We all got together and watched your long overdue movie.  Little Richard,  we can't express how much we appreciate your contributions to the music world.
Paula Mc Sween 2000-03-10

Allison Kepto 2000-03-07

We have loved Little Richard ever since we saw his Fall and Crawl public service announcement while working at our college TV show, Newsbreak.  Then we saw his movie several weeks ago.  Little Richard is the man!!!! We love you Little Richard!!!!
Julie Keim and Michael Cohen 2000-03-06

i have always loved little Richard every since i was little.My mother and i used to sing his songs while cleaning the house.I think if i would ever have a chance of meeting him i would, i would do anything to meet him.                       P.S. i love you little Richard.                       your number one fan. BOBBI JACKSON!!!
Bobbi Jackson 2000-03-03

Hey Richie rich, how are you, find and dandy I hope.  Hey I watch the movie that portrayed you and I thought it was wonderful. Not knowing your life's history, I thought the actors that played in the movie were just wonderful.  Well, hey take care, God Bless you and keep the faith.Your friend Sylvia
Sylvia Crowell 2000-03-02

Love you from Decatur Ga.
Bobbiemac Mac 2000-03-02

Thanks Little Richard for being a great singer.
Brendan Schafer 2000-03-01

Love you Mr. Penniman ...The real KING of ROCK-N-Roll!!!!                       Tracey and family 
Tracey Williams 2000-03-01

dear litle richard how are you doing? when was your last concert? I also think you're one of the best rock and roll singers there are! sincerely, walker
Walker Fleming 2000-03-01

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