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I was in Hollywood for training a surprisingly met Little Richard in the hotel where I was staying.  He was so very nice.  He shook my hand, gave me a hug along with a book about Jesus Christ...and a black and white photo.  I'll never forget him.   To the fellow fans:  Little Richard is a really nice man and very down to earth.  God bless!
Lisa Williams 2001-06-30

Rock on King and say hello to Linda for Pat and PC From Profyle Magazine
Parker Craig 2001-06-29

Words cannot express... you are appreciated.Amgela Scott
Angela Scott 2001-06-27

Just saw you at the Celeberty Theatre in Phoenix, AZ last night 6/24/01, you were terrific!  Thank you for the great show.
Jean Quinn 2001-06-26

richard , you are the king !!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Taylor 2001-06-21

You knew my father Brother Albert Ewing, in the late 50's & 60's, in southern California and my sister Jeanette spent alot of time with your mom. How have you been doing? You're playing at the Monterey Blues Festival. I live here. Give me a call. 899-5133.
Albert Ewing 2001-06-21

I find your site very well am recently a fan of little richard and I shall like knowing if it(he) will leave in tour in France, because I am French Thank you Lucy 15 years Paris 
Lucy Web 2001-06-19

rock on little richard,i been a fan from the first time i heard tutti frutti,you are truely a legend in your time.
David Galloway 2001-06-18

If you'll allow me a third message - the gentleman below mentioned the incredible "I Don't Know What You've Got" and its Pop Chart placement.  All LR fans should should check out his R & B placement of that record - in the Top 20! By the way, the vocal harmony version [with Mr. Don Covay] should be heard at 4:44, not 4:04. Oh my soul!!
Phil Silverman 2001-06-17

My dad got to see Little Richard in a small concert in Louisville in the 50s. My sister and I grew up being huge Little Richard fans. We both knew the words to Lucille and Tutti Frutti by the time we were 5 years old and we loved hearing our dad tell us stories about that concert. About 2 years ago, we realized a lifelong dream. Little Richard was the headliner at a local Oldies festival. My parents, my sister, my two teenaged sons and I all got to see him in concert. My dad was the only one in the family that had had that pleasure before that evening. My oldest son plays guitar and this was his first exposure to the Great Originator! Little Richard had three generations of this family rocking and screaming for more (together even!) At one point, we suddenly realized that my oldest son was missing from our group. We heard Little Richard say to a fan in the front "I love you too, Baby" and hand the fan one of his books. We finally managed to claw our way to the front of the crush of fans at the foot of the stage. We found my son so overwhelmed he was on the brink of tears. He had been right at the front jumping up and down, playing air guitar and screaming at Little Richard "Little Richard Rules!" I guess it tickled Little Richard to see such a young fan carrying on so. My son kept saying "He talked to me, Mom! He said he loved me too and gave me this book!" There is no way anyone in our family, especially my son, can put a price tag on a memory like that. We would not trade that moment for any treasure. Little Richard is not simply the King, he is a most noble King! And if spreading joy is his mission in life, he has certainly fulfilled that mission by bringing untold joy to this family. For one silvery night, all three generations reveled in the Golden Age of Rock and Roll at the foot of the King.
Debbie H 2001-06-16

hi everyone litte richard is a true admirer.he is a very well known and good artist in my book. we love you little richard.stay gold my brother. with love from candace
Candace Diaz 2001-06-16

You have a beautiful voice!  I've heard you singgospel and you are #1.  The king of rock and                 roll, love ya
Rebecca McClure 2001-06-13

not only did you help me you made my life happy again you dont remember me but it was in lasvegas when we talked you made me part of the show i was on the edge of giving up im still here  thanks ed
Eddie Wilson 2001-06-08

This man is not the king of R&R he is R&R. He is the God of R&R even though he might not like that characterization.
Robert Krall 2001-06-07

i realy like your music and wish to here a new album areyou gonna maka new album if so when
Loyd Cary 2001-06-07

Chassity Charm 2001-06-05

You are the KING of ROCK N'ROLL. Your records are as great today as they were when you first played them. Please Never stop.
Jim Schiller 2001-06-03

I love listening to Little Richard. I hope you keep on rocking. He is the real KING of ROCK and ROLL. Ashley
Ashley Hobgood 2001-06-03

Keep on rockin for many more years to come. Michael
Michael Larsson 2001-05-30

It's a mystery that "I Don't Know What You've Got" didn't make it higher than #92 on the US chart in 1965. It's a fantastic song, and i couldn't imagine anyone else but you sing it. Someone should make a "MTV-video" out of it, the original recording backed with some new made pictures. Then you'll have a hit again, higher than #92.Mr Penniman, You're the real thing, the real King.
Robert Schultes 2001-05-27

Hi, I'm brazilian, 52 years old.I had chills when I heard you for the first time in 1958. I still have chills when I hear you. I'm certainly your brazilian best fan. I love your voice and I consider you as a genius. As a musician and as a singer. I Don't know if you will read these words, but I have tears in my eyes when I think that maybe you will.God bless you.Antonio Carlos Fernandes Mendonça - Santos( The most beautiful city in Brazil)
Antonio Carlos Mendonça 2001-05-24

I loved this site.
Catlin Gates 2001-05-22

Tourdate:Little Richard & His Band31.12.2001 Casino Estoril, Estoril, Portugal
Jeroen Van Aernsbergen 2001-05-19

Hello. My name is John Garodkin. In 1985 I issued Little Richard Special (you can find it on this site). Since 1985 I have been writing on the definite book about Little Richard. Many interesting information's are comming every day, but still I need information's. Many of you in this guestbook mentions you were for a concert with Little Richard, but you miss to tell the excate date. What I need for my work is: Excate date. Exate place. Number of people to the concert. Tracks played at the concert. The line up of the band. And: any specialities from the event. If you want to help me creating the definite book about Richard, please send any information's about Richard to: I thank you.
John Garodkin 2001-05-19

I watched a movie just today titled Little Richard, Look at it every time it comes on.Your commerical with Sally Jessie Rapheal is cute.
Brendalyn Stewart 2001-05-18

This man is the King Of Rock and Roll
Lindsey Reid 2001-05-16

Thanks for your music, hats off to the King of Rock and Roll
Vickie Shields 2001-05-15

You are the KING of Rock and Roll!   All I can say is thank you!
Conrad Steving 2001-05-15

Hi I am writing about you for a class project.  I picked you as a musician because I danced a tap routine at my dance school to "Tutti Frutti" and a jazz routine solo to "Somethin' Else".  I am 9 and I really like your music. 
Paislee Flores 2001-05-15

I just did a huge music project on Little Richard,This site helped SO much!
Yerrk Samohc 2001-05-15

I love you Little Richy. Your the so cool and your the bomb. I love you so much.
Kelly Bulman 2001-05-13

I made a trip out of town last weekend to see Jerry Lee Lewis.  This concert would have let me complete 2/3 of my goal to see the three greats; Richard, Jerry Lee and Chuck Berry.  However, Mr. Lewis let down over 2000 fans by not even showing up for the show!   This was certainly not the case with Richard when we saw him last fall.  Not only did he show up, but also delivered the best live show I have ever seen in my life.  Thank you Richard for staying true to your fans and for rocking like you always have!
Mike Cepress 2001-05-12

Holy Mackeral! I just watched THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW (Volume 5) Rhino Video with Little Richard & Liberace in 1970! A superfunky "Girl Can't Help It" by LR and some unfunky but fine performances by LL. I'm glad it wasn't billed "'The Bronze Liberace' Meets The Real Liberace" because Richard is the main attraction.
Phil Silverman 2001-05-10

Hi Richard, I have always wanted to meet you and let you know I knew you a long time ago.  I want to ask you if you can go back to the early 1950s in Raleigh, N.C. I am the little girl who would always run alongside of your car when you would visit the "Starks" house. It was two sisters and their niece who had three children named, Nancy, Harold and another brother who had to remain in the house.  I remember Fats Domino and the nine yards of all of you.  I merely wanted to say, damn I got a good memory and I can take you all the back there.  Life is something, isn't it.  Write me back because I am enhancing on a book of my days growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina.  You know the sisters (Starks) were Whores? (smile) I guess you had to know, you was there along with the crew (smile).  Let's talk, I'm all grown up now.  Little Moochie.
Mary Reeves-Brooks 2001-05-10

I realy want to see you pleasee Call me at 4459474
Tyesha Lyttle 2001-05-03

Hi. Little Richard is the best rock and roll of the 50´s. I´m 16 years old boy from Iceland and he is the best. Maybe it is a little strange that I, 16 years old, have interest in 50´s and 60´s rock and roll. But I just want to say that Little Richard IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
Viğar Valdimarsson 2001-05-03

Jeremy Bower 2001-05-02

Hi!  I think Little Richard is the best rock and roll artist of the 50's. Tutti Frutti, Good Golly Miss Molly, Long Tall Sally are unforgetable and always remembered classics that have influenciated bands as The Beatles...he is imortal...:)
Paula McKenzie 2001-05-01

I was there from the start. I am still here.
Bill Fleming 2001-05-01

First time I saw/listened to L.R. was in 1958! - at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, in Long Beach, Calif.  -  He was so wild with his singing/piano playing and hugh high pompadour hair he actually scared me and my friends.  Have been a loyal fan since.  I have not missed any of his concerts when he comes to San Diego.  Mr. Penniman, it seems that you don't play 'True Fine Mama', 'Slipping & A Sliding', 'Kansas City' when you have played in San Diego - Please do on your next visit to San Diego.Nick Carter - one of your oldest fans
Nick Carter 2001-04-20

Just wanted to say that Little Richard is way out there on the top, together with Chuck and Jerry Lee!Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll.... A-wop-bam-a-loo-bop A-wop bam boom!
Dennie Stevens 2001-04-20

I am doing a research paper on him in my Fine Arts Survey Class in Merryville, La (Merryville High School) and I have found some very interesting things about him.  He is very interesting to read about.  He is a great person and entertainer.  He will always be remebered by everyone throughout out the years
April Goeddertz 2001-04-20

I am 9 years old and I think that Little Richard is the best singer I have ever heard I have all his music and scream  it in the car everywhere we go.   I just wanted to tell him how much I think that he is the greatest.  I asked my mom if we could call him and she laughed at me.  But, someday I would like to talk to hiim. Wish you  still were playing richard.             Jerrod
Jerrod Logan 2001-04-19

Richard, please come to Sweden again!!!!
Mattias Bruhn 2001-04-17

I recently bought a little richard greatest hits CD, without knowing too much about him or his music. I cannot convey how fantastic I think the songs are. Never ever have I heard such pure unaldulterated joy conveyed through music. The blueprints for all modern rock, soul and everything else are compacted in those few magical songs. Utterly brilliant.
Scott Hanton 2001-04-09

Your page rules!!!
Ashley Chambers 2001-04-06

Little Richard did a music video on the disney channel in the late 80's that was absolutely awesome! It was his version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the child's tune was forever changed by it.  I wish I could see it again.  If anyone knows where I could see a video of this, I would be eternally grateful. (even though I do have it on a vhs somewhere in this house- just forgot which tape I put it on)
Jayne Laughlin 2001-03-31

You rock Little Richy. Please send me a cd.4305 S. Zang St.Morrison Colorado.
Corey Bernstein 2001-03-29

We are currently in the process of getting together with the mayor of Macon and the dean of Mercer Univ to see what it takes to get you a PHD in Rock and Roll.  Seeeeee we didn't forget.  Loved your show during the festival in Macon.  It's good to see a hometown man doing well.  Keep it up.  Come see us again.
David and Robin Canady 2001-03-29

i like your site how did u do it??????
Jojo Anonamos 2001-03-28

this is your biggest fan Latice just saying hi and keep up the goo work I am 17 years old and I just love your music
Monks Latice 2001-03-27

I started to be curious about Little richard after,I saw the little Richard movie on VH1. Now I am a huge fan of Little Richard but I always have loved Tutti Frutti if you know what I mean and when I have kids of my own I will let them no who Little Richard Is. I don't know little Richard but from what I seen on the movie he doesn't care what others think.
Tiffany Catney 2001-03-26

Shirl Ester 2001-03-24

Tami Hansen 2001-03-19

From a Maconite, to a Maconite, we loved your concert last night.  We always think about your music.  Hope to see you again. My wife and I were born in Macon and have lived here all our lives.  Don,t want to live anywhere else.  Thank you for the book and picture.  The message you sent in your music really means a lot of us at home.  You are as much a part of of as we are of you.  Lonf may you live and keep the music going   Love always David, Robin and Shawn of Macon, Ga. 
David Canady 2001-03-18

Hey I am doing a research paper comparing Littlr Richard and Michael Jackson for my English class.Very interesting.......
Gathy Brutus 2001-03-10

wuz up
Isaac Bruce 2001-03-10

Hey,I am doing a report on Little Richard for my English class (Hoover High School, Fresno Ca!)I am a cheerleader!It is the night before and I really needed lyrics for oneof his songs! When I accidently stumbled across this web sitewhen I saw LYRICS on the left hand side I clicked it and I was so happy that I almost fell out of my chair. I just wanted to saythank you for having site! I really appreciate it !Luv Always,Kendra DeLuca (Cheerleader!)
Kendra DeLuca 2001-03-08

In school, for my music apprieciation class, i had to pick someone to research who was big in the 50s and 60s.  I picked Little Richard because of his song, "Tutti Frutti" I totally love it.
Kaitie T. 2001-03-08

can the little richard story be obtainedin britain?
Malcolm Crow 2001-03-07

Jay Mullich 2001-03-06

Hey Peepz-- I'm doing a report on Little Richard  in Music and  all kids in my school {in the 6th grade} think that  he is stupid ..I did too.. but when i started this report i think  he is Cool now.Some people think he is on the OTHER SIDE { if you know what i mean --LOL}  but i dont cear if he is or isnt --cuz all if matters is he is a GOOD singer. When  my Music Teacher asked   what person on the list would i like to do a report on ..and i first said J-Lo  but then i saw Little Richard and i new my mom and dad listened to  him and so i changed it to Little R..........:) Im hppy the i  got him :)From            Gina Smith
Gina Smith 2001-03-06

has anyone any idea how to obtain a copy of the little richard show on granada tv 19 64i believe he was backed by sounds incorporated
Malcolm Crow 2001-03-01

Did Little Richard ever perform in Greenville South Carolina as Esqurita?
Gail Presher 2001-03-01

Hi Richard, Keep A Knockin was one of the first 45's I ever bought.  I played that sucker 1000 times till my sister threw it out the window.  I ran down into the street, picked it back up and played it 1000 times again!  Do you know where I can read about your sessions in New Orleans?  I'd like to know who the musicians were.  Wop Bop A Looma, Dude!!!!!!!!
Allan Scovill 2001-02-28

I think little richard is a big success for african american role model.He is a big success at something that he loves to do.I love You
Latiesha Truss 2001-02-22

when where you bron?
Sharlee Rodriguez 2001-02-22

Hi,Just want you to know I loved you and your music in the 50's and still listen to you today.  I'm in search of a concert date as I truly would like to see you live. Take care of yourself and God Bless and keep you well...You truly are the best!!!
Pat Sadowsky 2001-02-21

HY Iam from Hungary. Thit kinde of music is the best, Iam just 18 but I can "uderstand" and enjoy this music. I wish I borned in 50's in the USA.
Gergely Toth 2001-02-20

I loved your music from the beginning to your current music (gospel).  Keep up the great work!
J. David Simpson 2001-02-19

hey i think little richard is the best
Lindsay Smith 2001-02-14

your song tutti fruti was just absolutly positivly fabulus
Matt Landray 2001-02-14

hello my name is amber and for black history mounth i choose u for my project and i think u lead a neat life thank youamber dudleyp.s. i love ur musica and i am only 13
Amber Dudley 2001-02-14

you da king
Brandi Oliver 2001-02-09

Hi. Little Richard was always my most rock and rollin' rock'n'roller. In 1972, I was living in a remote spot in Papua New Guinea and there was a wedding. We had to get the party over  really quickly before the electricity supply was  cut at 11pm. They were playing music from  Dullsville . . . no-one could be bothered  dancing, until I went home and got my  two Little Richard albums. Boy! Did that place  rock! We played those records through and through and 'Good Golly Miss Molly' had just finished its third spin when the power faded bu no problem. . . we continued singing and clapping and stomping  and doing Little Richard impersonations by  candlelight for another hour. Thanks, Little  Richard, you've brightened my life so often over the years.
Denis Murrell 2001-02-07

I just think he is so handsome. Don't stop being yourself. Because that is what make me like you so much. Love Ya
Dinetha Gilmore 2001-02-05

Little richard is funny.  Any thing is better than rap or Marlyn Manson et al.   This is coming from somebody who is in to classical music as well as Byzantine and Kieven Chants.
John Clones 2001-02-04

well alright  the king of rock i love you keep a knocking     jim
James Peebles 2001-02-02

Thanks for being such a genuine person! Love ya Rich
LaShonna Davis 2001-02-02

When are you coming to Kentcuky? if you will write me back i will be so happy to heard from you.
Christina Bailey 2001-01-31

I have been a fan of yours since the mid 50'sI still love your music and still love to danceto it.  I greatly admire you because you showthat you really care about people.
Joyce Rich 2001-01-31

Have been listening since the 50's. Favorits then was 'Miss Ann'; hey and what about True Fine Mama which I ued to have on a Specialty album. Wow. Keep on Keepin' on!
Bill Wyble 2001-01-30

Francisco Algarra Perez 2001-01-26

You are SENSATIONAL!!!!!!  I have been following you since I was a little girl.  I am now past the century mark and I am still exhiliarated when I hear your music.  I am happy to see that you are getting your due respect as an accomplished artist.  You have inspired so many in the business.  YOU ARE LOVED AND ADMIRED.  Don't tell me to "SHUT UP." When are the T-Shirts coming out.  Where is the Shut-Up, wear. 
Carolyn Briggs 2001-01-26

Liz Frey 2001-01-18

Dear Little Richard, first of all Iwant to say Im greatful to God for blessing the world with you. I love you and your music and I just loved your movie. one fo my biggest dreams is to see you live in concert and to have the honor of meeting in person are the real king! they may have given Elvis the title, but you gets the crown and the throne.(HELLO) And I think you are the best dressing man Ive ever seen.please take good care of yourself and keep on rockin.(Dazz Edwards.)
Dazz Edwards 2001-01-18

Richard,keep doing what youre doing theres none like you nowhere. I think you are the best and I will admit I would give almoast anything to be like you. you are all that and some.                (Dwayne Edwards)
Dwayne Edwards 2001-01-18

Hey! I just wanted to say that Little Richard is one of the most coolest singers there ever was, and probably ever will be, in my opinion.  I love your song Tutti Frutti, it is my all time favorite. I want to be just like you when I get older. Thanks,Jessica
Jessica Murray 2001-01-18

You are wonderful!
Rudy Cornelius 2001-01-16

hi richard,my nane is kyle, i am only 6 years old and my grampy is a great fan of yours.he is helping me write this to you.he saw you at the brooklyn paramount in 1956 and in florida in 1999.we watched your tv movie today and i love your music.i keep singing tuttie frutie, i cant stop.i didnt like the part of the movie that the other singer copied your song.that was wrong.thank you for making me happy.
Kyle Menkes 2001-01-16

Francisco Algarra Perez 2001-01-14

I was on stage dancing beside you in 1964 @ "The Cave" in Vancouver B.C. Canada, 37yrs.ago & its like yesterday. You have brought love,smiles,& whats good in people for all these years."Thanks for the memories" Love a OLD BOY......
Craig Delmar 2001-01-14

Jan. 18 at 2:30pm the fantastic movie "little Richard" will air on VH1. See Leon (the Temptations, Mr. Rock and Roll: The Alan Freed Story) in his phenomenal performance as the architect of Rock and Roll!
Kevin McKay 2001-01-14

Francisco Algarra Perez 2001-01-08

Good Golly Miss Molly, Little Richard is the true "King Of Rock and Roll"!
Steve Stoddard 2001-01-06

Little Richard is without a doubt the greatest rocker to walk this planet. I got into Little Richard by seeing his TV movie. Leon portrayed Richard perfectly as he did with David Ruffin. You still give young people like me a chance to shout as does Jerry Lee. You guys rock! I don't like Buddy Holly much because he can't rock and shout like you!:) Thanks!
Kevin McKay 2001-01-01

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