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I luv little richard! I'm a iano player, and he's like my idol! What kinda clothes did he like wearing? He's soooo hott, and sweet!!!
Olivia Whitfield 2002-06-29

Little Richard, I remember my brother Frederico shouting and jumping on our bed wabababaloobawabababa and then cam e to me the surprise that that was the origin and birth of music, that it could be that simple I didn't realized it that moment
John Caljouw 2002-06-24

Hi everybody!!I am so glad that this site exsists!I love little richard !I listen to him blasting from my car stereo!He makes my life with his music ...he is a soundtrack to my life.I am europes premier marilyn monroe lookalike and he is as much if not more than a legend as marilyn monroe and the others.I love you little richard and also you for making this site...your so cool!!
Suzie Kennedy 2002-06-18

Little richard rocks, WOOOOooOOO
Stephen Garriques 2002-06-13

I love you little richard, OooooWeeee
Strother Traylor 2002-06-13

why is he called Little Richard ????
Shane Jolly 2002-06-12

I love oldies music my favorite era's are the 50's and 60's L. R. is one of the best out there don't get me wrong I would like to say the best but I love all the oldies I don't know why thay call that great music oldies becase it is stil the best. I am strongly agenst today's so called music if you can even call it music.
Trevor D 2002-06-05

Keep on Rock'en
Joyce Cooper 2002-06-03

vous êtes le roi du rock n' roll, dieu sauve little richard et l'amérique ! un ami loïs 2/6/2002
vive le roi du rock!Merçi pour tout.UN AMI lois
Loïs Lasjunies 2002-06-02

hey richard my dad (maurice cope) was a bassist in the sixties and seventies who seasoined with quite a few bands such as david bowie and rod stewart. he also did a tourer with u in the sixties around europe
Matthew Cope 2002-05-27

what did u do to be come a musician? how did u do it?
Angela(Mary) Rosa(Rodregus) 2002-05-22

Robert Phillips 2002-05-20

Dear Little, one of my life's most thrilling moments was that day 22 years ago when I called you on the telephone at your old house in Riverside and you actually answered and talked to me!!  I about lost my mind with excitement, but the best part was how gracious and kind you were -- that is a memory that I will treasure all my days.  And anyone reading this that wants to hear Little at his best on the piano needs to check out his playing on the version of "Miss Ann" that he did for Delaney & Bonnie back in 1970 on the Atco album "To Bonnie From Delaney" -- it is a rock masterpiece that still sends shivers down my spine -- God Bless You Little Richard!!!!
Michael Roe 2002-05-18

Dear Little Richard, I am so looking forward to seeing you in Detroit on May 29.   My cousin and I have good seats near the front and your music and great smile will keep us smiling all year!!!
Barbara B. R. Gray 2002-05-12

Thinking of comitting yourself to Fontex?DON'T!!!!Try a Little Richard Album instead!
Michael Edahl 2002-05-11

Holly Myers 2002-05-08

Hi! I'm at school not doing work because i'm your biggest fan!!!!
Nick Carlson 2002-05-08

Little Richard is the guy who can win so many awards for being the all time famous singer. His goal is to make a singing career in the year 2002.
JM Mills 2002-05-06

Hey Richard I''mm doing a report on you for my sixth grade project. You inspire me a lot. I love all your music. It's so great. Thanx!!
Jovanna Gray 2002-05-06

My one big regret is I never saw you live in the 50's, tho I've seen you many times since over here in England. My dream is someone unearths some film of you from the 50's and it is released on video while I can still ROCK!
Dave Ibbotson 2002-05-06

richard! i am your fan!your music great!i am a koreanfan!good luck!sorry! i`m not english speaking.
Kim Hyoung Chul 2002-05-05

Richard, you were great on the American Banstand show tonight, I thought Dick Clark paid you a great tribute by letting you close the show like that! You still got it! Hail hail the architect of rock 'n' roll!
Ron Fowler 2002-05-04

dear mr richard how are you doing i love your music alot i love you i think you are nice to people and childen my mother and father loves your music you keep on sing with pretty self ihad  a tape of you it got broking. my unlce giv e it to me i wish i had another   to mr. richard  from. anna phelps. ps. write me back god bless you.
Anna Phelps 2002-05-03

I like this web page, get sum pics of scot
Chrissy Veith 2002-05-03

I had to do a school report on you, and it was nice to see the songs that you did with your pitchers on this sit to. Thank you from watertown SD.
Trevor Tennant 2002-04-28

I had to do a school report on you, and it was nice to see the songs that you did with your pitchers on this sit to. Thank you from watertown SD.
Trevor Tennant 2002-04-28

Hello Little Richard Fans from all over the world. Who would like to change with me Little Richard stuff. I collect all from him, worldwide. My E-Mail address :
Michael Neubert 2002-04-24

This is an excellent site.... i never really knew anything about Little Richard until we had to do this little group project.. the site and pictures were VERY helpful.... you Rock Little Richard!!!
Stacee Perretta 2002-04-24

Another message if I may: Looks like another rare Richard cut has made it to CD: "Money Is" - his 1971 recording for Quincy Jones' movie soundtrack "Dollars". It appears on the recent boxed set from Rhino, (titled as I recall) "The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones", as "Money Runner/Money Is (Medley)". I haven't heard it yet, but let's hope it's the complete 45rpm version and not the LP version with LR's voice pushed back. Ow-Ow-Ow!
Phil Silverman 2002-04-21

Little Richard's Best Songs, are all his 50's tracks (obvious) and Freedom Blues, In The Name, She's Together, Great Gosh A Mighty, I Don't Know What You've Got, Cryin' In The Chapel, Somebody's Coming, King Of Rock'n Roll, I'm In Love Again, Trye Some Of Mine, Without LOve, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Live '67), Monckinbird Sally, Money Is, God's Beauitiful city, Bama Lama Bama Loo, My Wheel's Been Slippin' All The Way & HURRY SUNDOWN (greaaat !).sincerly, ROBERT
Robert Schultes 2002-04-20

Little L.J Shears 2002-04-18

I just love Little Richard!
Liyu Ma 2002-04-18

I really like your music!
Robert Kuhr 2002-04-14

Little Richard was the "Heavy Metal" of the 50's !!! Robert, Sweden
Robert Schultes 2002-04-13

I would like to thank you Little Richard for bringing the real rock and roll to this world...
Clint Brantley 2002-04-11

l richard is definitely a major contributor to r & roll but elvis will probly always be the "king " of it; there shouldn't be any animosity between them though as they were both very gifted & talented & had an awesome impact on the musical world & brought happiness to millions because of their mutual genius which is a result of the blessings of God; in reality though, if u wanted to tag someone as the originator, innovator of r & roll, it might be ike turner, but if u want to give it to the 1st person who recorded a "r & roll" song, it may be given to fats domino or bill haley.
Danny Bauer 2002-04-10

Lorentz Risan 2002-04-09

Hi Arty Davies, here drummer with Liverpool Merseysound group, Farons Flamingos..Richard was and still is one of the biggest influences to us Merseysound Performers. With Lucille & Long Tall Sally, the biggest played numbers by us all..I wish you good health for many years to come and thank you for waht you gave us...
Arty Davies 2002-04-06

Hello Richard, Rock'n'Roll has a new Baby and we named it Daniel Riccardo Neubert. He was born on march the 7th, 2002. Greetings from your biggest German Fan, Michael Neubert.
Michael Neubert 2002-04-03

im 61 years old. i watched you put on one of the best shows ever in fort worth the middle 50s i was a teen!! keep rockin
Jimmy Wester 2002-03-30

This is FABULOUS!!! i only wish ther were more pictures and sound bites of corse
Leah M. 2002-03-29

Thanks for the informaiton on little Richard, I am nine years old and have to do a project on famous black muscian, I choose Little Richard. I love his music and I try sing like him. Good Golly miss molly.
Tyrell Biven Ruffin 2002-03-26

Hi Ihave been abig fan of yours every since my grand father died. It really broke my heart.but when i found out how much he loved yuo I couldnt help but see what he seen in you.THANKS for being a great inperatin it means so much to me                  jasmine wooten
Jasmine Wooten 2002-03-22

I love you always Annette (The Guardian Angel)                               
Annette Willis 2002-03-20

dear mr richard i love your music i that it is cool to me you have pretty voice
Anna Phelps 2002-03-19

Dear Richard:  Hearing you tonight as part of the Doo-Wop special on PBS only reminded me how ageless your music is, and what a tremendous amount of enjoyment you have and still are bringing to so many millions of people around the world. I am a Little Richard fan since the late 50's in L.A. Finding this website allows me to give you our thanks and the hope we can meet you in Laughlin next April 16, and take in the Gospel according to Little Richard!!  God bless you!!   Ed and Marla Cohn
Ed Cohn 2002-03-18

hey i like your songs
Victoria Lewis 2002-03-13

Dear Mr. Richard, I have been a big ole fan of yours since I was young. I grew up listening to K-earth and KRLA down here in LA. Though I have yet to see you play live, I remember meeting you when I was about 11 over at the Denny's on Sunset. You gave us all signed copies of your book.Thanks and keep on rocking! Gabriel
Gabriel 2002-03-13

dear little richard, after meeting you that day in walgreens in 1997 in melbourne florida, i have been an even bigger fan of yours. you are the greatest! i hope your toothache has gotten better. remember, you stopped in at walgreens that day to get some medicine before performing at the king center. keep up the good work in all your performaces. god bless you and we love you! cher!
Cher Washington 2002-03-12

Dear Little Richard,You are my Grandma's cousin.  Her name is Maddie Lou Veal.   She grew up in Georgia too.My name is Jermaine.  I like to rap.
Jermaine Whisby 2002-03-08

Ashley Rogers 2002-03-06

Little Richard, you are a true legend.  Keep up the brilliant songwriting.   We really enjoy everything you have done in the past and the present.  God Bless.
Becky Cordova 2002-03-02

I love you! Meet me at the ballard room On sraurday night at 6:00 p.m. I really wanna see you! :)
Jennifer Lopez 2002-03-01

i am born 1943,so i grew up with rockn roll and my favorite star number one forever is little richard...and that begins with ,,tutti frutti,,who will change 45 singles with me?dieter lack,germany
Dieter Lack 2002-02-28

I love little richard.
Jeanne Ferrell 2002-02-25

My dearest friend and TRUE creator of Rock'N'Roll.  No one could ever believe anyone else to be first, better or anything else when it comes to your music,your style, your magic!!!!!  I have been listening to you and your piano since your beginning. I can think of no one that has been so soul rockin' for me as you have been.  My son grew up listening to Little Richard on my old 8 track player.  We would drive down the road to your fantastic beat.  I always turn the treble down low and the bass up as high as it will go.  When your 8 track was about to quit, I recorded the songs on a cassette.  I still have that tape after all of these years.  I can now afford to buy every tape or CD that you have ever created but there's something special about the first one I ever bought.  I love you for all of the feelings of joy you have brought me and for the wonderful times that my little boy and I shared singing along and dancing to your music.  There may be some people that can't understand what you have done for the music industry, but all of us with true heart and soul know that "you are that you are".  I'm so glad that you shared with all of the viewers on Entertainment Tonight the way your career got started.  No more dish washing for the true king of our kind of music.  By the way,  I admire you for taking care of your Mother and Brothers and Sisters.  Only God knows the love between a Mother and Son (except the Mother and Son).  My friend, I was at Tunica Mississippi at your concert at Sam's Town when someone gave you a T-shirt with your Mother's picture on it.  God Bless you!!!!!  The love and emotion in your voice said it all.  I knew at that very moment how tender your heart is!!!  I love you for everything you have given to this world.  I believe in LOVE, loving one another, comforting one another, and cherishing life as God gives it to us.  Thank you again for all of the pleasure you have given me.  Without you, My little boy who is now 33 years o!
ld with a wife and 2 boys of his own would not know the real beginning of my generation of music.  My music and yours is the only kind worth while.  I hope you will have a much deserved "vacation"  and enjoy the free time that you so deserve.   I would love to see you in concert again.  By the way,  I have the huge poster with your picture that was in the lobby at Tunica and wouldn't part with it for the world.  Please let us keep seeing you and know you're doing well.  Again, God Bless you.  Carol
Carol Godwin 2002-02-23

Hello Mr. Ricahrd this i Latorya Pennyman (15 years old). I've listened to your music for many years and think you are the real king when it comes to rock and roll. No one can ever take that from you no matter how many songes come out. I sing in choir and i'm working on a recording contract now. I want to become a singer and carry on the the Pennyman-Penniman tradition that you carry today. Ps Sincerely yours
LaTorya Pennyman 2002-02-22

how are you mr richard i am 19 years old and i like to join your guestbook i fisihed high school in may 2000 i liked music i go to churh every sunday i sing on the choir to i want to be a singer just like you someday  ps i love you
Anna Phelps 2002-02-21

Good Afternoon Mr. Richard, I have always admired your works and accomplishments.   Your lyrics are words of truth with a beat of the heart.  I would be honored to see you face-to-face and to sing a lyric or two with the wild man of rock 'n' roll. Smile, God loves you and so do we. A Georgia native, Sandrial Gray Mason.
Sandrial Mason 2002-02-21

Hello Mr Richard, i am 15 years old and consider you as one of my greatest singing idols.  I listen to your music a lot i think every one of your songs are number 1 hits, My favourite of them all is Lucille.  I have seen you in concert and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would take it as a great pleasure and privilege if you could send me your autograph Thankyou ever so much  Michael David
Michael David 2002-02-17

You were my favourite rock n roll singer as a teenager and I have bought all of your songs!!!          Yours sincerely David Whittaker!  P.S.  Can I have your autograph?
David Whittaker 2002-02-17

Mr. Richard, I am also doing a report on you for black history month.If you'r not all that busy can you send me some resent facts and some pctures of yourself.Emily Pagan 2-16-02P.S.My friends and I are thinking about doing our own singing group. We already have a song written out but we don't know where to start.Can you give us some advice.
Emily Pagan 2002-02-17

MR RichardI am 11 years old, I think your the best song writer ever and I think you should be no 1 in top of the pops. I am a huge fan of your songs and good golly miss molly is my favorate. I listen to it all the time. I would love to heare from you yors sincerelyBen McMorris!!!
Ben McMorris 2002-02-15

Mr. Richard,  Iam doing a report on you for black history month.If you can will you send me some facts and some black and white pictures of yourself. 
Erin McLain 2002-02-14

how old was you when your first album came out?
Marcus "Hemligt" 2002-02-06

Mr Richard, yesterday I watched a TV special, your biography, I think you are one the greatest performer of all time, thank you so much for your contribution to performing arts, and for your way to share your treasures with others! Normand Tremblay from Montreal, Canada
Normand Tremblay 2002-02-05

your damn good!!!!
Erica Johnsson 2002-02-05

I love little Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is the worlds alll time greatest!!! I have almost everything of his that I can possibly get my hands on!!!! I WANT TO MARRY HIM!!!!!!!! Anyone who wants to talk about him e-mail me and we can chat about the greatest singer in all time
Emily Stockard 2002-02-05

You are my hero!! You are the lightning beneath my wings!!
Miss Shawn Bivens 2002-02-03

To answer one of the questions below, no, Little Richard is not Jewish (to my knowledge anyway). I think his comments onstage were more along the line of "we are all one people". I just saw Richard last weekend at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, and several times during the show he paid tribute to the Native Americans in the crowd, and he said "I'm Indian, too, you know." Little Richard is a great man that loves all people, regardless of color or nationality, and he shows that in his attitudes and behavior. I went to the show alone, but I did not feel alone in that audience, it was like one big family. The music brings us all together. No one can play that piano like Little Richard, and he may be getting older and a step or two slower but he is still the best! The nicest surprise of the show was a couple gospel songs Richard sang accapella. God bless you Richard!
Ron Fowler 2002-02-02

Hello! For black history month I'm doing a project on you, Little Richard.
Diana Knipschield 2002-02-01

My letter to the L.A. Times. Re: "Berry Taps Into an Ageless Joy" 1-28-02Times Staff Writer Randy Lewis has done your readers a great disservice. His review of Saturday's show at the Universal Amphitheater was ridiculously slanted and totally inaccurate. His interview with Berry seems to have left him so star-struck and enamored with Chuck that he glorified Chuck's set and disrespected Little Richard's far superior show. I am a huge fan of both artists' rock hits. They are some of the best music ever recorded. Chuck Berry is one of the greatest songwriters of all time.While Richard really cares about his show, his music, his fans and has a "real band" of powerful players who are well rehearsed and in tune with him and the audience, Chuck hardly bothers and just "wings it" not even caring enough to put on a tight show. From Chuck's false start as the curtain was going up right on through him telling his band the keys of the songs they were to play and also calling for "Around and Around" after he had already played it, his set was amateurish at best. Having seen both artists several times I can assure Randy Lewis that this is common knowledge among "real rock" fans. The fans at the show loved them both and most of us paid a lot of money to be there. Thank you Little Richard for the talent, effort and love you put into your rockin show. Randy Lewis owes you a great big apology. Kevin FennellChatsworth, CA
Kevin Fennell 2001-01-31

You're preformance at South Carolina State Fair was very entertaining.  I really enjoyed the show.  Come again.
Latrice Scott 2001-01-30

Little Richard,  Was at your concert at the Universal Ampitheater last night 1/26/02.  You sounded great and your band was great too.  You need't worry about your voice.  It was as good as ever.  However, bringing your nephew on stage with no rehearsal and preparation was a bummer.  It changed the whole mood of the night and we were embarassed for the young man and for the band who had no idea what he was sinnging.  Next time either make sure your family has talent aor leave them offstage as it detracted from the evening's magic.  Lastly,  it would have been great to see you and Chuck Berry perform a song or two together.  Neither one of you mentioned the other on stage.  By the way, your bio page says you are Seventh Day Adventist,  but on stage last night you mentionred you were Jewish several times.   Which is it?
B Sumber 2002-01-27

It was a pleasure meeting you and the band at the Shreveport show. (friend of Chalmers Davis).
Wayne Ammons 2002-01-26

That was a great appearance on last night's Tonight Show. My greeting is "Sto Lat" (pronounced stoh laht), Just ask Bobby Vinton what that means, If not, I'll tell you, At any rate I think you'll appreciate it. And Dr. Phil McGraw, Last night's guest looks like comedian-actor Jeffrey Tambor, Agree?.
Bobby D. 2002-01-25

little richard is the bomb hes the greatsest singer of all time he envented rock and roll
Michael Leno 2002-01-24

Hey Little Richard.  You are the coolest of cool. I've been with you since the beginning.  So my friend when are you going to come to Spring Hill, Florida about an hour north of Tampa, Florida? Its been my dream to see you in concert for the first time. We have about 75,000 people in Spring Hill. It would be nice to see the greatest man in Rock and Roll. You are a legend, truly an icon of the greatest music in the world, Rock And Roll.....
Michael Kowalik 2002-01-20

Io credo solo che uno come Little Richard non riesisterà più.La sua grinta faceva saltare tutto in aria era il migliore e rimarra sempre il migliore.STEFY sono un collezzionista  se vendete qualche articolo su little mandatemi una a-mail
Stefy Smike 2002-01-20

Dear Little Richard, I have been searching all over the web to find a very nice picture of you to print and hang on my wall. I already have the one on the left of your website in a frame that I got a long time ago but I wanted a nice recent picture of you similar to that one but all I could find were concert photos where either you were behind the piano or the pose wasn't very good. My friends laugh at me whenever they come over to see your picture over my bedpost. They're all into the New people like Britney Spears and Nsync. But me ? I will always cherish the beautiful smile, magical voice, and talents of Little Richard. Whenever I feel down all I need to hear is the songs and voice of Little Richard to make my day a Tutti Fruiti day. Little Richard you're the best and I love you. P.S if it's not too much trouble could I get an autographed picture of you to keep forever ? Take care of yourself and other. May God Bless you and America !
Mary "Marina" Takahashi 2002-01-17

Saw your show recently in Tunica, Ms. You were great and have an excelent band. Come back soon and we'll see you again.
Louise Bybee 2002-01-13

Hi ! The best live-album in history must be "Little Richard's Greatest Hits -Recorded Live". Although it's recorded back in -67, the sound is great. The band is very professional and Little Richard's pianoplaying is outstanding. I can listen to that album non-stop for weeks without getting bored. His voice is in a very good shape, even if he's getting out of tune at the end of "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On" (maybe there is an missunderstanding with the band about the choice of chord). A fantastic album by a fantastic performer.Live to rock !!Robert in Sweden
Robert Schultes 2002-01-13

P.S.  Little Richard, since you are an ordained Minister, would you please perform my wedding?
Trixie Trailer 2002-01-12

I love you, Little Richard. I say you in your white limousine going down Hollywood Boulevard in front of Playmates at Cahuenga & Vine. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Universal Ampitheatre in January 2002. I've also written a childrens' story in which I created one of the characters with you as the pattern. Thank you so much for bringing the world your music.  Please come and play the Hootenanny 2002 in Los Angeles, and bring Wanda Jackson with you when you come!
Miss Denise Daniel 2002-01-12

your a real cool dud who has given me a lot of joy sence my teen in the 50,s thank you .terry
Terry Pribyl 2002-01-12

Hi!This page is very good, I'm doing a schoolwork about you. I've understand that it was Little Richard who 'made' the rock. I just wounder i you have done some other things, more than playing and singing!
Sofia Olausson 2002-01-10

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