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Hi, Little Richard.  I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and thepowerful music  you have produced.  I love your older songs such as Tutti Frutti and Good Golly Miss MollyYou are most definetely the King and nobody can ever change that!  Your music is very inspirational to me,cause when I was growing up I would listen to your music to help me cope with my problems.  I hope that you continueto make such outstanding music and to know that I love ya your music is the best!
Jon Fearonce 99-06-28

Hi, Little Richard.  My favorite song is "Tutti-Fruitti". I was watching the 'Brave Little Toaster' and they play that song.  I asked my mom to buy me a Little Richard CD - and I love every song on that CD (we play the CD at least once a day).  I love you Little Richard and I think your music is great!!  I am 5 1/2 years old.  Devin
Devin Sponseller 99-06-27

Hi Little Richard!My name is Madeleine and I am almost six years old.  I like the way you sing.  My Dad has a jukebox with your records on it.  I like to play "Rip It Up, Ready Teddy and Slippin" and Sliding."  My Dad says that the sax break in Keep A Knockin' is the finest in all rock and roll!  I like to watch you on Sesame Street.  I like Sesame Street.  Thanks for all the great music you have made.Madeleine
Madeleine Buck 99-06-26

Hello Little Richard and all the Fans !!I just like to give you my top-10 list of Little Richard´s best songs ever. If anyone has a different opinion so let the world know.1.Freedom Blues2.I Got It3.Lucille4.In The Name5.Crying In The Chapel6.Good Golly Miss Molly7.Hurry Sundown8.Tutti Frutti9.Bama Lama Bama Loo10.Try Some Of Mine
Robert Schultes 99-06-25

HI LITTLE RICHARD--MY NAME IS Donna--am the biggest fan of yours am also a radio dj here in calif.i play any thing i get my hands on (little richard) ive even seen you on tv and havent missed any program that you have been on I even stayed home from work a few times just to see you on tv--Am going to be at you Concord Pavillion concert--am bring my brotherand a couple of friends--am crossing my fingers i will get to meet you --that would fill my heart with joy--a real dream come TRUE--ive never wanted TO MEET ANYONE SO MUCH-JUST YOU RIGHT NOW AM SO EXCITED KNOWING ILL BE AT ONE OF YOUR CONCERI JUST LOVE THE SONG (BABY) and directy from my heart heart to you)any way --this is my chance of a life time a dream come true--I cant wait-ive telling all my dj friends that am going to see you in concert--and they say ( mercy your dream come true)it sure is --well bye for now --your in my heart forever--and ever--your the GREATEST--A FAN FOR EVER---DONNA THOMPSON(MERCYBABY RADIO NAME)
Donna Thompson 99-06-18

Bobby Doyle 99-06-18

Hello Little Richard !! I´m still your greatest fan and i´m still waiting for those fantastic Reprise albums to be released on CD. Please make it happen !!
Robert Schultes 99-06-16

Colleen and Joe 99-06-11

In 97 Little Richard came to Brazil and play your music in my city, Curitiba, I touch on your hand and he give me a autograph... Why you don't put this show in Brazil in your page? If you want this autograph, I can scan this and send to you by e-mail. Long Live Rock'n Roll !!!!
André Hüttener 99-06-10

i love your music rock on!
Suntana Craigen 99-06-08

You've got the best music ever!  You rock!
Jennifer Blaak 99-06-08

The best pianist of rock'n'roll.  We love your music here.  We are waiting for your in Argentina.
Jaime y Silvina Mazzoni 99-06-05

Well, Little Richard,...I have always wanted to tell you this and of course have been unable to, but thanks to modern technology (not always good) I can now say, I have always known that YOU ARE THE KING!  I expect to see you in more movies ("Down and Out....." the best, I watch it just to see you), more concerts and more records....oops, CD's., more Little Richard period.  Hang in there, we need you.  Billie Werenich
Billie Werenich 99-06-05

Great to see you online.  Have always loved your music.  Peace.
Peggy Dixon 99-05-31

What a great singer !!!!
Susana Medina 99-05-29

I just bought a Little Richard CD for £3.50 and its a clear recording, must have copied from early recordings. Played it! Now my hair is ah tingling!!
Pedro Antonio Perez 99-05-20

Hello all Mr. Penniman fans:In't this such a fabulous site, I visit quite regularly.To Jimmy who posted on doing some research on our hero, you maywant to check out the following book: The Life and Times of Little Richard : The Quasar of Rock by Charles White, Paul McCartney (Designer), it should be available in your local book shop, if notIt is a wonderful read indeed, and in Richard's own words.Hope I have been of some help. It's wonderful to read reviews from everyone I enjoy them immensely keep em' coming.And yes indeed I too would love to see someone do a tribute album to Mr. Penniman, I amthinking Bob Dylan would do a great job with this kind of project, just to think of both of them duetingon a couple of songs makes my spine tingle. In any event Bob has many wonderful words tosay about Mr. Penniman in many of his interviews, and on his Biograph vinyl & CD set. Richard was his idol as a young man.  Well here's to both my heroes Richard & Bob:May God Bless and keep you always and may you stay forever young". Richard you'd do a mighty fine job singing that song!!!!!!!!!!!Hope to see you here dear Richard in Ottawa for our Bluesfest,that will be a dream come true for me.God Bless,Ann McEnteeCanadagreat
Ann McEntee 99-05-20

I see you whole and well,at peace, and vibrant in every cell of your body, centered in Christ Consciousness now. All things in your life, and the lives of those around you, working for good.Wishing you all blessings, worldly and Divine.Love,PhilipMay 16, 1999
Philip DiCostanzo 99-05-16

I am doing a report about Little Richard.Could somebody tell me what his education background is? Thank you very much. Jimmy Sheng 99-05-15

Hi Richard. Greetings from Sioux country! I love your music.
Karen GreyEyes 99-05-13

I was just checking out my e-,mail and found this homepage.Just want to let you know you're still the King!!!Pam 5/12/99
Pamela Rhodes 99-05-13

I find you to be an interesting person.  I am doing a research paper on you and hope I will do well.  
Patti Rich 99-05-08

Let It Rock!!!
Wolfgang Guhl 99-05-08

Hi Cuz,Thew family says hi.
Robert Pennyman 99-05-07

As a great Little Richard fan,I'm proud to find this page on the net.Great job!
Alfons E.J. Geurts 99-04-29

Little Richards songs  and photos are beautiful.
Myisha Whitley 99-04-26

You can't play music without playing little Richards songs. He's one of the greatest
Little Ivar 99-04-24

All the best to my lifetime favourite!
Bo Olsen 99-04-19

little richard has some of the best hits . keep it up little richard we love you
Pryia Ramsaran 99-04-15

Little Richard put on a fabulous, exciting, wonderful show on October 18, 1997 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota Florida.  I will always remember that I came up on stage and shook your hand.  I don't know if you remember me but I was the "little lady" that came on stage to shake your hand.  I always talk about the wonderful show that you put on.  I hope that you and your entourage come back to play at the Van Wezel.  You are the best.   God Bless You.
Jenny Hebert 99-04-14

14 years old Richard fan from norway.Little Richard is the best.I play piano all day long(rock`n`roll).I will be happy to hear from other fans.
Daniel Røssing 99-04-12

Donna Thompson 99-04-12

Can't wait to see Richard in Manchester. Last saw him in Sheffield and he was brill.
Tony Francis 99-04-10

Liza Miller 99-04-08

Hey Richard when are you coming back to Australia
Philip Shoppee 99-04-06

Litle Richard or Richard Penniman, the hottest showman in the business then and still is today! The architect, we have to remember this."To give a 2 hour Rock and Roll show after 40 years and make children cry and screem nowadays deserves a medal", doncha think?
Robert van Beek 99-04-05

Little Richard, This all started out because of my grade 10 choir class had a project were we all started of doing our own individual reports on rock and roll legends. To be totally honest with you i really didnt know that much about you but ever since my moms boyfriend told me how great you were i decided to do you as my project. You are a wonderful and energetic performer.U R rock and roll. Keep up the awesome work. Your new fan Danica Bardenvancouver BC
Danica Barden 99-03-30

Tour Report:  The show at the old Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa was great.  Richard has a THIRTEEN piece band, and they rock!  TWO bass players, and two drummers.  Richard said, "There's so much bottom on the right side of the stage it's shocking!"  Made my big toe shoot up in my boot!  The Beauty is still on duty!  If you love a kick ass rock and roll show, don't miss this, he does not dissappoint!Ed
Ed Minton 99-03-30

March 27, we drove 2 hours to Tulsa at Cains Ballroom to see Little Richard. We were not there alone. There were people from 8 years old to 80. In a standind room only crowd of hundreds, we were all in for a wonderful experience. The years have done nothing less than make Little Richard better than he was in the 50's. The Little Richard Band was excellent, containing some of the industries best musicians.The younger adults, I'm sure were there mostly because of couriosity. But after watching the smiles on their faces and the movement of their bodies with the music, it was easy to see they were caught up in the same feelings that caught my generation nearly 45 years ago when I first heard Little Richard.Saturday night was the first time for me to see him in person. He was a very sincere man who showed compassion for the fans who still love to see and hear him perform,as well as the younger ones who came to see the man who started the music that today is still called "Rock And Roll". To see him touch hands with those that reached up to him and to take pictures with fans and their small children was very moving. Little Richard loves his fans and they love him.Thank you Little Richard For a show I'll never forget. Thank you for the many years of memories.God bless you, God bless your ministry, and may you rock & roll forever. Jay Sharp, Mustang, OK
Jay Sharp 99-03-30

Really nice site!  Had a blast last night atCain's--got great pictures and scored a handshakeand an autographed concert poster!  Richard stillrocks!!!
Garrett Weindorf 99-03-29

Great site. Looking forward to seeing Richard in Manchester England in May. Last seen in the 60's!!Good Luck and God Bless Rock & Roll
George Grimshaw 99-03-28

Just wanted to check in as I head out for a road trip to Tulsa to see the show at the old Cain's Ballroom.  This is my first opportunity to see Richard in person, and I can't wait.  Long Live Rock.  Ed
Ed Minton 99-03-28

You are the real king of rock and roll the master of it all. Keep on rocking and rolling. We like what you do. Good Luck from The Freemans.
Edward Freeman 99-03-27

A couple of years ago they did an Elton John-tributealbum. It contents songs written by Elton John & Bernie Taupin and are performed by artists like Eric Clapton and The Who. Wouldn´t it be great to see an album with artists singing Little Richard songs.Imagine hearing Billy Idol in "Slippin and slidin", Rod Stewart in "Lucille", Mick Jagger in "In the name", Michael Jackson in "Freedom blues", John Fogerty in "Bama lama bama loo", Van Morrison in "I don´t know what you´ve got" and Whitney Houston in "Never gonna let you go".It´s about time to let the world now how important Little Richard is and always been to other well-known artists of today´s music.Long live the King, long live Little Richard !!
Robert Schultes 99-03-27

There is a little girl with a home for children with disabilites  who wants Little Richard to know she loves his music!!  This girl has lost her eyesight completely now but his rock'n'roll makes her so EXCITED!! She and another girl, who is also blind and does not communicate verbally, get together and crank up his tunes in their room and they go crazy laughing and  rockin'n'rollin!!  Pretty soon the staff are all laughing and getting into the music with them!  I hope somehow Little Richard will find out he has brightened their lives with his music!Thanks from all of us who get to see these girls communicate through the universal language of music.
Cindy Fort 99-03-25

Hey,hey,hey,hey,heeeeyy child,hey now! nearly forty years ago I woke up that sleeping high school lunch room when i slipped a platter of dynamite Little Richard between some beach boys pablum. Woke those cats up,they actually started dancing instead of just listening. They never let me near the music room again,but it was worth it just to see that room come alive once. without Richard,there wouldn't be rock. I'll never forget the first time I heard Little Richard sing,"Shake A Hand". Stopped me in my tracks then,still does today.
Edd Nimm 99-03-23

I am very impressed from what I have seen of you in the last few years. It is thrilling for me to watch you praise God for your talent and your life. I think the world needs more of your enthusiasm for the Lord!
Ruth Fisher 99-03-21

Little Richard has ALWAYS been and still is one of my all-time favorite personalities and performers.  I was so thrilled to be able to finally see him live and even get his autograph last October when he was at Mystic Lake Casino in Minnesota.  It was a great show and I had the best time I have ever had at any concert.
Jeff Smith 99-03-20

Hallo Richard, I'm already 55 years old and still a FAN of You..Pls tell me, why are no new records available in the last years I`m sure you´re not too old to make some new CD`s in the style of your most successful ones.Having a mania for new stuff. Greetings from one of your plenty Fans from Berlin,GermanySaw you life last year at COLUMBIA-Hall at Tempelhof Airport and the year before at open air Wuhlheide East-Berlin too. Your are still the KING!!! Hope you come back!
Bernd Kluge 99-03-17

yor the greatest ever richard your my favoret classic singer. And if you see this I would apretiate it if you would E-mail me . I
Selby Cameron 99-03-08

Dearest Richard-Looks like you're in Europe again!  Gaynel Hodge(The Turks, Earth Angel, I'm A Fool)one of my Eugene's (Eugene Church) oldest homies is also there!  He's appearing at a Hotel in Switzerland and throughout Europe this whole year. Just want to send you much LOVE and pray for God's blessing for you , today, and ALL WAYS, Your Friend, Robin Reed...
Robin Reed 99-03-05

Mr. Penniman has been inspiring my guitar since "Long Tall Sally" was a new release.Thank you.
Robert Bradshaw 99-03-02

Dear Richard please tell Kevin Holly i said hello,if you can,i was friends with Scott Boyer and the band a few years ago,and i have lost touch,we played togather around Mobile , i sat in on harp a few times,with the guys,and i will never forget it,great musicians and friends,anyway God bless you peace and sucess,,tell Kelvin Danny said hello if you can,thanks Danny (Crockmier's) peace,,,,,,,
Danny Ishee 99-02-28

dear Richard, I'm 50 yr. old I have been a fan more than 40yrs. Please when are you comin' to milwaukee wi. keep on rockin' love ya gary
Gary Pfeiffer 99-02-25

You have the best page of Little Richard ever...Keep up the good work...I just love im...he is just so gooooooooood...-Mathieu
Mathieu Robert 99-02-25

It was very snowy outside, and I was very cold, too. I took a CD of Little Richard and got the song Keep A Knockin`. I was listening, and suddenly, I was stompin. I`ve never stomped so loud. I just would say, that Richard Penniman is the King of Rock`n`Roll. Now, and forever.
Orlando Miller 99-02-25

The greatest singer and personality of all time.
Richard Callaghan 99-02-24

He is and always will be a star.  That is all I have to say
Jo Button 99-02-24

You are the king
Peter Dimitrov 99-02-22

I am 32 years old, and love all music. I'd like to say that little Richard is not only the greatest musician of the 20th century, but of all times. His style, and well defined style has been an inspirationto me and other budding musicians.Rick James, and Prince got all their wild stage antics from him.Respect the Architec!!!!!!!!!!As long as there arefans like me, his music legacy and rightful place in music history will continue to live on.
Chuck Corley 99-02-20

Will you please ask Little Richard to send his biggest fan one of the little book's he passes out at his concert. please! 1380 East 13th Street. Suite 905, Cleveland, Ohio 44114-1830. Please see what you can do Please. Your's In Christ M.A.King
Marie King 99-02-19

You were great in "Why do fools fall in love" hope to see you in some more movies, For you are the KING!
Jeff Hutchinson 99-02-19

hi little richard thus is the one and only jeff your little baby bro in colorado just thought i would drop a line to tell you are the best and rock and roll just would not be rock and roll with out you lov ya jeff
Jeff Cayton 99-02-17

You ARE thee King of Rock'RollA long time fan Rory
Rory Garth 99-02-14

Hi Little Richardyou are the KING of Rock´n` Roll.Please come back to Switzerland.I am still waiting.
Simon Miller 99-02-13

i have always been a keen fan of littlerichard. a very good websight in particularthe photos are great
David Allen 99-02-13

hey wuz up everybody who is in here today sorry bout the adress
Heather Brebner 99-02-11

Hi it's me again ,just want ya to know your still the greatest. your friend,        selby cameron. 2/9/99
Selby Cameron 99-02-10

I realy think richard can sing good, in fact, I saw him on T.V and he was great
Selby Cameron 99-02-10

little richard, my friend ginny, ginny, ginny (the one who favors roseann) and i are waiting for you to come back to fayetteville, arkansas soon ! we loved your show at walton art center! say hi to big jaye'!
Miss Ann Smith 99-02-07

I wish I could put into works the effect you have had on my life over the last forty years. You shaped my taste in Rock and Roll early on because you are Rock and Roll. Thanks. Tom.
Tom Keating 99-02-07

This site is wicked!!!!!
Danielle Whittle 99-02-02

God is blessing you and I hope to be so blessed.Thank you and keep on letin it all hang out :)I watched your show in Bakersfield 1998- justgreat! Hey why do you use two bass players and drummers?
Keith Smith 99-02-02

I began playing the sax in 1956 as a result of your band. Lee Allen did a number on many of the young sax players those days! The energy of that New Orleans studio band and your vocal style had us dancing up and down the east coast. For that, I THANK YOU to this day. As a result of that inspiration, I added a photo of both you and Grady Graines [standing on your piano] in my book, "Rock & Roll Saxophone". Best of the future to you where ever you are!
John Laughter 99-01-30

hi Little Richard!!! please come to Russia(Moscow)I WILL BE WAITING........
Alex 99-01-25

Hi Richard  Went to your concert last year at Van Wezel in Sarasota, Fl.  Was so hoping you would come back this year, but no such luck.. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!  NEVER ENJOYED A CONCERT SO MUCH.  We were right in the front of the stage.  My husband is the one who took your picture.  Love,  MaryHi Richard
Mary Nelson 99-01-22

Zach Thompson 99-01-17

Little Richard,  your are the GREATEST,  I can only hope that I will get to see you in concert someday.  Your song "Lucille" has special meaning to me.... Going to High School in the mornings and that song would come on... forget school, let's just ditch and go to the beach or cruise with the radio blasting.... Long live King Richard.Betty
Betty 99-01-15

Little Richard, you're surely the King of Rock 'n' Roll.  I wish you a very Happy and Luck-filled New Year.  Hope to see you again in Denmark sometime.
Karl 99-01-13

Hi!  My name is Krystal and I just want to tell you that I just love your music.  Especially " Tutti Frutti " !!  Evertime it comes on the radio I just get wild.  Well, this is all I wanted to tell you. See Ya!!
Krystal 99-01-12

Love your site. We are big fans of yours. We hope to attend a concert in the No. Calif. or Nevada area some time. I can't get enough tutti, frutti. . . Love, John Sitting Bull, San Francisco.
John Sitting Bull 99-01-10

little richard.i just love you...little richard i've been a fan of yours since the 50's...i even married a man that looks just like both have those perfect eye brows are you sure your not related to anybody by the name of person? cause you just can't find eyebrows like that anywhere...i
Deborah Person 99-01-08

Does the King himself read this page?If so, please write to me at my e-mailaddress! I am fascinated by Little Richard and hismusic!
Jane 99-01-01

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