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Richard you're still the best!! We Love You!
Todd C. Homer 2001-12-19

Hi Little Richard,I am 13 years old and I think that you and your music are fantastic. I Keep on singing songs like Tutti Frutti and Keep on Knockin.I tkink The Way you play the Piano is amazing, I play the piano as well and I try to copy what you do.I love Rock n roll and you are the king of Rock n roll. When I grow up I want to perform like you. You are my inspiration and keep on rockin the world.
Robert Gardner 2001-12-19

I am 46 years old, white male from South Carolina.  I went to the GA Music Hall of Fame and rekindled my interest in Little Richard.  Growing up with his music was great. (gosh, if you only could bottle that man's energy and sell it.) I'm looking forward to purchasing cds of Little Richard Music.  Keep rocking!!!
Shuler Harmon 2001-12-17

When I need energy and a smile, I listen to Little Richard. Always.
Julie Elstner 2001-12-16

Candy Herndon 2001-12-15

gggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddd  site
Cchristan Eriksson 2001-12-06

HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SWEET THING,hush!:) I & eleven other women danced with you on stage @ Ruth Eckard Hall in Clearwater FL, celebrating the 75th Birthday of Chuck Berry. I hugged you & said,"I was fat when I started down here." You repeated it to the audience(Yes, everyone laughed! You're SO good! Hush!).:) My late sister, Mary, introduced your music to me in the 1960's. She could Rock and she sure loved you.:)I know she & her, now late, son (Joshua) were looking down on us that OCT evening 2001(We all hugged you!).:) Thank you & thank you for your book & photo.:) "Good Golly Miss Molly" I sure can talk,...& rock,...hush!!!Peace & Love, Carol  
Carol Mstampared 2001-12-06

God you are so good, my inspiration,my mentor.
Pete Diamond 2001-12-05

I have a been a fan of Little Richard since 1959 when I bay my first L.P. with him.I am a very great fan of the fifties Rock'n'Roll and I have a Fan Club of Eddie Cochran here in Denmark.I saw Little Richard in Concert here in Denmark August 1998, and he was very great. My best wish
Jørgen Poulsen 2001-12-05

Happy Birthday Little Richard! I saw you at San Manuel and you put on the best show I have ever seen! I love you!
Junell / Sparkiee Hoch 2001-12-05

do you remember me i met you with a friend at the straford court hotel in oxford street london england on your very 1st visit to britain when you were touring with sam cooke you invited us to up to your hotel when i called you from a call box it was the same tour when billy preston played the organ would be great if you rememberedthat i was with another mate called andy you knewus as greek and jewish andy.
Andrew Chrisostomou 2001-12-02

Diamond Hopper 2001-12-02

Congratulations with your birthday on Wednesday the 5th. You have allways been The King and a true Male Scene Hit- the latter happening to be an anagram of this fan's name.
Michael Steen 2001-12-02

He's a genious. He's timeless. I'd love to see him live here in Brazil.Fernando Janson November 28, 2001
Fernando Janson 2001-11-28

you are my best friend in the hole wide world      were do you live? send us more pics and information ta ta
Michael and Martin Binfield and Martin 2001-11-27

Hello when i was a little girl my grandmother told me you was my cousin. Now i'm 18 years old and shes long gone. Let me tell you a little that i know about my grandmother. Her name was Jannie Crumpton(great-grandmother) her kids where Glady's Spencer(Died)my grandmother, Ruby Chambers-died(my auntie) Billy King, where the Sanders. We all came from Georgia. Will you please sent me a E-mail and let's chat . I attend Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia. A lot of our family been trying to get in touch with you so you could come to one of our family Reuions.
Ebony McMullen 2001-11-14

Dear Little Richard we came to your show on 11-11-01, in Jackson, CA and were very impressed.You truly still are the Rock'n'roll king. Please perform for the people as long as you can, as it would truly be a tragedy for your fans not to see you. Thank you for fifty years of entertainment, and if you come back up here, I will be there in the front row again. Luv ya! Patti Mae Williams
Patti Williams 2001-11-13

We saw you in Jackson, California, Nov. 11, 2001. Praise God, we got to see you for the first time ever. Rob has been a fan since he was 4 (1967) me more recently.  Our 4 year old LOVES Magic School Bus videos and we were thrilled when we realized you were the one singing the Magic School Bus song!  God has blessed you Little Richard, may He continue to Bless you as you get closer to "home" and we hope to see you there someday, but hopefully here on earth once again.  We love you.
Rob and Cheryl Dalton 2001-11-13

You have always been one of my favorites, and I'am looking forward to seeing you on Nov 11, 2001 at the Jackson Rancheria. My dream come true.
Patti Mae Williams 2001-11-07

He is the BESTfrom Swedenvisit this have mist some thing
Johan Arenander 2001-11-06

I don't have a message just I like you songs. I really like Boogie Woogie Choo-chooi Train.
Jessica Roit 2001-11-05

I'm a great fan of Rock and Roll Legends.. I salute you Little Richard..    God Bless........Edwin Matias - Philippines
Edwin Matias 2001-11-02

I AM 19yrs.OLD and i enjoy listening to your wounderful not boring music!
Crystal Martinez 2001-10-31

Wow! You are sooooo good LR! But I Just wish I could find a list of your songs could you send me one please.
Emily Workman 2001-10-29

I love Little Richard, I am 15 years old, I started lovin' Lil'Rich when I was 13, I love his music, I really hope LR will come and preform in Canada!!!!!!!!!Most singers dont have SOUL, LITTLE RICHARD IS ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!
Janessa McConnell 2001-10-28

Laura 2001-10-24

Roman Rastopchin 2001-10-21

Really would like to see/hear Little Richard singing a duet with Paul McCartney. I know how important Little Richard has been to Paul McCartney, so it would have been so much fun hearing those two genius playing together. What song should they choose ?? Well, maybe McCartney & Penniman could wright a brandnew chart-topper, if not, they could do a great version of "She's Together", "Dew Drop Inn" or "Get Out Of My Way" (McCartney).Bye bye.
Robert Schultes 2001-10-18

I have enjoyed Richard's music for years.  He was my very first celebrity interview when I was with KXYZ Radio in Houston, Texas, back in 1979.  Hope he is still hanging in there with the Lord.  
Joe Howard 2001-10-17

Hi Dear little you´ve showed lots of groups to perform , write and sing rock 'n' ya .
Rob Robert 2001-10-15

littli richard, you are definitely THE king of rock and roll! elvis was not even close.
Donald Marland 2001-10-05

October 16 marks the 50th anniversary  of Little Richard's first recording session - Get Rich Quick, Why Did You Leave Me, Taxi Blues and Every Hour, for RCA. A fantastic milestone - congratulations!
Michael Robinson 2001-09-30

I have been a fan for years and years.  I enjoy everything Little Richard ever sang.  He is the greatest of the great.  
Carrie Bingham 2001-09-28

Here's to the real King Almighty of RocknRoll! Would love to see & hear more of him.
Susan Silverstein 2001-09-23

made contact with granada tv about little richard / jerry lee tv show in the 60 s received the follwing reply :Thank you for your interest in the above programme.We are able to provide you with a VHS copy of the programme at a cost of£329.00 per programme (this includes VAT, transfer from Master tape, stockcharges, postage and packing).If you would like to proceed with your request please contact me with yourpostal address so I can send you a contract for you to sign.Cheerssam* 0161 827 2871*
Malcolm Crow 2001-09-10

Let it all hang out! "Freedom Blues" is now out on CD!! The double CD is called "Buried Treasure" (Warner Special Products/Collector's Choice Music)and disc #2 track 19 presents the great comeback hit which got airplay on pop, soul, and FM in '70.Maybe more LR Reprise songs will follow. I've been waiting for "Burning Up With Love" since '72 when the Quasar promo'd it on the Merv Griffin show.
Phil Silverman 2001-09-10

Hi Little Richard first heard you when I was 11 years old I am now 54 and still listen to you followed your carier most of my life saw you once at a concert in Manchester , England will you be touring here again ?keep on rockin !!!! from Joe (your no. 1 biggest fan )
Joseph Buyakowski 2001-09-08

Dear "Little Richard", It was such an honor to have served your crew some breakfast at the Dane County Airport in Madison, Wi. this morning. I (Eve, the blond) grew up with your music in Germany and always loved the shows that I got to see, although from very far away. To make a long story short, right before you left to catch your plane I had a short minute to shake your hand and thank you personally for signing the wonderful & inspirational book and the photograph. There were so many more things I wanted to say to you but time was short and I felt somewhat embaressed for having tears in my eyes from feeling so humbled to have finally shaken the hand of such an awesome talent and legend that you are. Love and Peace Eve & Betty
Miranda "Eve" & Betty 2001-09-02

The first time I heard "long tall Sally" iwas knocked out, BUT It was The Beatles Singing it, and I asked who wrote it, Then I found Little Richard's,Version BANG I was then a Little Richard Fan,he was King,  I have played in mant merseybeat bands in Liverpool since, and I have always insisted there was a LR number in the act. I would love a signed photo for my Arty of the Merseycats book(autographs) I am a member of the merseycats and we are all ex merseybeat performers coming together to perform and raise money for sick children, we have some old friends of yours performing, the likes of Kingsize TaylorFaron, of the Flamingos, Geoff of the Undertakers. Les M from Gerry & Pacemakers and many many more,, If you do read this and you can help me with a signed photo for the book which gets shown at all our charity shows, my address is 9 Rothesay Close, Castlefields, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 2HZ, England.. and other performers that might read this, we would welcome a signed photo from you, doesn't matter if you were big or small,  All the Very best  Arty Davies,ex drummer with Lee Curtis and the All Stars
Arty Davies 2001-08-30

Last time I saw you perform was at the Rock and Roll revival in Toronto in 1969 and I am going to Casino Rama to see you again and hope the show is as great as it was then.
Mark Johnson 2001-08-30

great site keep it up
Mike Davies 2001-08-26

this is a great site, you've given me alot of info 4 my highschool assignment!! luv u
Kel .D 2001-08-22

hello little richard,i have been a fan of yours for many years! i go to the library here in dayton ohio.and cheeck out most ofthe c.d.'s the offer and i enjoy hearing alot of your songs thankyou for being one of the earlistpioneers of the early  days.                 dan nyitrayps i enjoyed some of the movies you stared inlike the girl can't help and don't knock the rockand why do fools fall in love?pionners of" rock n roll"
Dan Nyitray 2001-08-14

iwould like to know if and when little richard will return to sams town las vegas for a concert
Mary Daily 2001-08-14

Hi, Just want to say that Little Richard brought me a lot of music enjoyment.  I was born in 1955 and listen to his music at an early age.  Even now, I think he is still a great Rock musician and individual.  All the best Little Richard!
Luc Pepin 2001-08-09

You Rule Richie, I Need To Know When The Saint Of Music Comes Out To Australia So I Can Show My Appreciation For The King Of Music
Matt Thoroughgood 2001-08-07

EN ARGENTINA HAY MUCHA GENTE QUE SABE QUIEN ES EL MAS GRANDE QUIEN ES EL REY.                                                    GRACIAS
Pablo Cano 2001-08-04

Keep on Rocking, never seen you live, went to see you once, but the show was cancelled, due to you falling off the piano the previous night. Best wishes, Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart.
Alan Knight 2001-08-02

Just stopping in to give the man his propers!! Viva Little Richard!!
Amy Lee 2001-07-31

I saw the KING of Rock and Roll and the KILLER of Rock and Roll at Lehman College in the Bronx on July 3, 2001.  It was heaven.  I'll never forget the evening.
Edward Aldarondo 2001-07-27

In the new cartoon film "the trumpet of the swan" Little Richard performs "Louie Louie Louie".you can hear him at the end of the trailer in:,1419,L-LATimes-Movies-X!ArticleDetail-32610,00.html#
José Stevens 2001-07-27

Your performance at my brother-in-law's party last Saturday night was fantastic!!!! I was thrilled to be one of the "fat ladies" dancing on stage. Our whole family had a terrific time - thank you so much.
Carol Treibick 2001-07-23

Hi little Richard this is the skateboarder in Beverly Hill and thank you for the picture and the book you gave to me and my friends that day.Later
Greyson Geary 2001-07-19

lilttle you are my best fan it's a ouciy that you amd my boyfriend have the same name Richard but I don't know your last name but his is Stoudt I always did think you playedgod in why do foolsfall in love. way  do folls inlove why do birds sing oh doa doa doa doa.why do fools fal in love!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Ariana Suttle 2001-07-17

I would like to send a detailed note onto him regarding his inspirational message that was sent out to me and he didn't even know it.  I saw him at the Miccosukee Indian Reservation & Casino on July 1, 2001, Miami, Florida and went up on stage to the FAT GIRL DANCE, wasn't embarrassed cause I wanted to meet him (no, not a stalker).  I was with MCA Music in NY 17 yrs ago and Mark Koren, John McClellan and Michael Millius gave me an instant intro to Little Richard cause I have never heard of him (I was 19 at the time) and wanted to meet him ever since, cause I just emulate his keyboard strokes, among other things.  Long story short, I got up on stage, I was the one with the purple striped pants, long blond hair, green eyes and told him "you better give me some" just like he said to others.  I also met with his sidekick for a while, the one with the light brown contacts & beige suit with melody pin, who has been with him for 26 1/2 yrs (can't remember his name).  Getting back to the point, the inspirational part is that since getting up and not really embarrassing myself cause I had such a good time (not thinking about all those in the audience watching it jiggle) and not losing it totally by doing a fat girl butt dance, I wanted to let him know that since then, I have decided that I am changing my ways completely so I can no longer qualify to be one of the FAT GIRLS on stage.  I just moved here to Florida one month ago from New York (born & bred) to pretty much start over with everything, just took myself and my two cats.  Looking for a job (type pretty fast due to all those piano lessons and playing Little Richard songs on the piano) and depressed about my life at a standstill and chaotic, but a little mustard seed of hope.  For whatever reason, the exuberance of Little Richard and the fact that I faced the weight problem (and other stuff going on with me) with no shame to my game somehow gave me strength and courage to make that lifestyle change.  I have since dieted, exercised, etc. and a small d!
rop in the bucket has happened, 16 pound loss (only 2 1/2 week so far), alot more to go.   I would like to know if Little Richard is interested in following my progress personally with me dropping notes and pix every 3 months or so and even possibly meeting with him when I attain my goal, perhaps he can show me his strokes then (keyboard strokes I mean).  Anyway, it's a nice fantasy, regardless, I am still inspired by his message -- "God's ambassador of peace," he says. "I want to travel the world and give people hope and joy where they have despair and discouragement. When the storms of hatred come and the earthquakes of doubt come and the rains of animosity come, we got to learn to put up the umbrella of peace."  Trust me, I am not a groupie, something in his words, music, and aura and having a small conscious contact with a higher power clicked at the same time and good results have come to it.  Does this message go to him?  If it does not, please tell me where I can send this info to him, even in snail mail form.  P.S. I know this should not be used for autographs, but since I did get up and do the FAT GIRL dance, don't you think I deserve one?  Met you briefly outdoors in back with an entourage where you waved goodbye but no signatures,  at least I tried.  (P.S. - again, I AM HARMLESS, AND NOT A STALKER)
Valerie (meowka) Braun 2001-07-16

Hello. I'm from Chile and hope to see Little Richard sometime.Check this
Ro Cabezas 2001-07-09

Hi!  Little Richard Thank YOU for your wonderful performance at Dublin, Ohio for the fourth of July! You made my trip from Indiana to see that show well worth it!   Just between you and me, I'll get fat since you love the fat ladies!!! I hope to see you soon at an indoor venue! And would just LOVE to be in the front row!!
Karen Holloway 2001-07-06

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